Noble, John


John Noble (June 1798 - October 1843)

June 3, 1798-John Noble was born in province of Cumberland, Tn., son of  Mark Noble (Revolutionary War Patriot) and Catherine Elliott (Hellett).

May 11, 1799-Baptized at Arkansas Post by Spanish Priest, Father Pedrow Janin.

November 20, 1819-In first edition of Arkansas Gazette at Arkansa Post, Noble's mother (Mrs. Catherine Dudley) and his half-sister Catherine Gossieau (Gocio) were listed under "marriages."

February 4, 1822-Noble helped establish mail route from Arkansas Post to Ouachita, Louisiana, now Monroe, Louisiana.

June 9, 1823-Was appointed to Grand Jury Duty, Circuit Court, Arkansas County.  1830 was appointed to First Grand Jury, Jefferson County.

ca 1824-Married Francis Gravier at Arkansas Post, Arkansas Territory.

January 1829-Arkansas Gazette article lists Noble in Richland Township.

1830s-Tradition says he was accessory in building First Catholic Church in Ark. (St. Mary's"; Also St. Peter's Catholic Church.

September 5, 1842-Received land grant from Pres. Tyler adjacent to this cemetery.

ca October 1843-Family knowledge-John Noble was buried in this cemetery.

RR built 1852-68 had depot on Noble's Land and Spur to Noble Lake.

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