Noble - Gravier Cemetery aka St. Paul’s Cemetery

Noble - Gravier Family AKA St. Paul's Catholic Cemetery

St. Paul’s Church was one the Earliest Catholic Churches in Richland Township, Jefferson County. It once stood in front of this unmarked cemetery which occupies 6/10 acre.  Highway 65 runs between the cemetery and the site of the church building.

The earliest burials in this cemetery were probably 1830 - 1840.  The church was built about 1851 before two acres were deeded in 1852 by Emma Kelly (Emily Callius), and was still in existence as late as 1878.

Some tombstones that once stood here have disappeared and some graves were likely never marked. 

Arkansas was ruled by France, Spain, and again France prior to the Louisiana purchase of 1803.  In 1819 it became the Territory of Arkansas and achieved statehood in 1836.

People of early Richland Township were mostly French, German, Spanish, and Indian.  Then came settlers of Scottish-Irish, English, and Italian extraction.  The resulting mixture of languages meant that many names had various spellings and pronunciations.

Noble Lake and Noble Community were named for the Noble Family.

Marker erected by Mary Place Chapter, Arkansas Society Colonial Dames XVII Century, Noble - Gravier Descendants, and Friends - September 4, 1988. 

Some headstone photos can be found here.

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