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In 1889, Goodspeeds' Publishing Company sent out one or more traveling salesmen-interviewers into Northwest Arkansas for the purpose of selling local "histories" that included biographies of local individuals and their families. TheGoodspeeds' Historiesare often called vanity books because the salesmen-interviewers would pre-sell the books to the individuals whom they had interviewed with the promise of including their biographies. Unfortunately, some interviewees exaggerated, hid and/or neglected to mention some facets of their ancestry. Some named only still-living members of their family, whereas others named sons-in-laws, but not daughters. Added to that are errors made by the interviewers and the typesetters -- all of which tends to place the facts garnered from these histories more in the category of family lore than documentation. Nevertheless, the Goodspeeds' Histories are a valuable tool for Southern researchers and historians, particularly since so many Southern courthouses were burned during the Civil War, but also because they contain histories of the counties and communities in addition to the individual biographies.

The Madison County, Arkansas Online Researchers is to bring to life the pioneer men and women who came to Northwest Arkansas - many of them long before roads had been built - on horseback, in oxcarts and on foot -- bringing little in the way of furniture, but driving cattle and pigs, hauling sacks of grain and corn, carrying toddlers, bearing infants alongside the trail - These Were Our Ancestors:

The Early Settlers of Madison County, Arkansas,

Index to Biographies
Primary Individual 
Associated Surnames
ADAIR, Prof. W. C. McTyer, Sanders
ANDERSON, Francis M. Blevins, Burkett, Hunt, Kirkpatrick, Montgomery, Stewart
BERRY, Gunter T. Harrell, Johnson, Peel, Proctor, Stovall
BEVERS, Joseph D Halliday, Vaughn
BLEVENS, Rev. Daniel  Collins, Evans, Forbush, Hendrickson, Hight, Jenkins, LaMasters, Osborn, Patrick, Pennington, Tackett 
BOHANNAN, John H. Harp
BOLINGER, Andrew J. Hunter, McKedy, Newport, Smith, Sumner, Walker 
BOYDSTUN, David M. Cecil, Chote, Owens, Suggs, Walls, Whettley, Wilkerson
BRANNON, J. S. Bishop, Carlisle, Gramlin, Hammett, Reagain, Slay
BRASHEARS, Jesse C. Bright, Combs, Hogg
BRASHEARS, William R. Bright, Cornett, Summer
BREWER, John Robins, Thurman
BUNCH, Joel N. & John A. Boatright, Maxwell, Ogden, Reeves, Stamps
BURGE, Henry H. Allen, Bates, Leatherman, Long, Massey, Walker
BURNEY, James Wesley Cook, King, Neal, Norris, Renick, Wethers 
CAIN, James Boren, Dickey, Hargis, Hawkins, Sikes, Hargis
CARTNER, Thomas H. Dye, Goodnow, Reed 
CLUCK, Brantley B. Driver, Martain, Granger, Price, Robinson, Spurlock 
CLUCK, Daniel M. Cole, Forbes, Granger, Harrison, Robinson, Stephens 
CLUCK, William Granger, Robinson
COMBS, Capt. Hiram Grigsby, Harding, Prater, Roark, Walker
COMBS, John D. Armstrong, Bell, Clark, Gage, Holt, Johnson, King, Lane, McElhaney, Rhodes,. Sanders
DABNEY, Dr. William P. Ellis, Keith, Sears
DAVIS, Basil B. Brazeile, Gipson, Hawk, Long, Thompson
DISNEY, Dr. B. J. Grimes, Morey, Smith, Wilson
DORSEY, Alexander Boyd, Dennis, Hillis
DOTSON, William Abraham Burgess, Easterling, Glen, Lankford, Lyman, Philips
EUBANKS, Felix G. Johnson, Parker, Ray, Young
FAUBUS, Ellis Ellis, Parsley
FITCH, Catlett Bell, Green, Jones, Phillips, Smith, Vaughn, Wilkes
GAGE, William A. Clement, Hargis
GILLILAND, James Keeling, McFerren
GIPSON, Green B. Combs, Davis, Dodson, Fox, Gibson, Hawk, Johnson, Lawson, Long, Moore, Thompson
GRIGG, Samuel B. Clark, Cook, Gurley, Hardy, Moore, Reynolds
HARRELL, Judge Elias Austin, Berry, Martin, Pollard, Sams, Southerland
HAWKINS, James M., Sr. Dillon, McMurray, Routh
HEDGPETH, W. R., M. D. Hayes, Emmonds
HIGHT, Dr. John P. Cummings, Patterson
HOLT, James T. Combs, Gage, Kelley, Rhodes
JACKSON, Thomas C. Elsey, Ledbetter, Maize, Spurlock
JOHNSON, Maj. Francis M. Calico, Dunigan, Lollar, Worthington
JOHNSON, Col. James M. Dunigan, Lucas, Worthington
JOHNSON, John Coleman Hall, Kennan, Leonard, Shipley, Young
JOHNSON, Richmond Bailey, Burchett, Combs, Hawk, Neal, Sims, Sullivan, Titsworth, Womack 
JOHNSON, Robert L. Beard, Clark, Combs, Drake, Henderson, Phillips, Ross, Walker 
JOHNSON, Thomas M. Allison, Calico, Combs, Ham, Hawk, Kilpatrick, McMurry, Sams 
JONES, William N. Lewis, Tallent, Thompson 
KENNAN, John Evans, Fulkerson, Gardiner, Phillips, Reeves, Roberts, Shumate, Stewart, Wilson 
KENNAN, William A. Parker, Shumate 
KEENEY, Charles S. Barry, Boatright, Dutton, Harris, Leach, Taylor 
KNIGHT, Dr. Monroe James, Lear 
LANE, Thomas R. Berry, Harris 
LAWSON, Capt. William R. Gibson, Gray 
LEDBETTER, Harvey C. Bowen, Chesser, Elsey, McElhaney
LESTER, Rev. C. J. Burns, Cox, Shoemaker
LOLLAR, Frank M. Homesley, Johnson, King
LONG, Rev. J. C. McChristian, Sanders, Skaggs
LOWE, Augustus Baird, Berry, Lockhart, Murphy, Woodruff
MARRS, William A. Anthony, Bolinger, Lear, Newport, Williams
MASSIE, F. O. Grissom, Parsons, 
McCRACKEN, John Boatright, Coker, Costen, Harper, Henderson, Henry, McClure, Snead
McGALLIARD, Joseph F. England, Marrs
McGINNIS, Elisha Clark, Herndon, Pickett, Shaw, Vaughn, Zimberlake
MOORE, Hon. Hiram M. Brashears, Bunch, Chapin, Jackson, Nunley, Smith
MORGAN, William H. Cain, Guffee
NANCE, Frank Alderson, Ashley, Basham, Bolinger, Cecil, Gage, Morris, Shasted, Stephens
OGDEN, John H. Akin, Allen, Beam, Cantrell, Cook, Dennis, Dillahunty, Dodsn, Goad, Green, Hunt, Hunter, Jordan, Keck, King, Maxey, Miracle, Muncy, Murray, Page, Parkey, Payne, Snodgrass, Stewart, Titsworth 
OLINGER, John Drain, Gamble, Harrison, Hoyel, Moore
PHILLIPS, George W. Alburty, Berry, Dyer, Long, Sanders
PHILLIPS, Pleasant R. Berry, Kennan, Williams
PHILLIPS, William R. Gage, Johnson, Sanders, Williams, Wilson
PLUMMER, Dr. J. E. Erwin, Gray, Miller
POWELL, George N., M. D. Counts, Davis, Keeney, Nail, Reeves
PRATER, George W. Combs, Griffie, Salyer, Thompson 
PRESLEY, M. B. Crowell, Terry, Walden
PROCTER, John F. Gilliland, Hays, McConnell
ROBERTS, Rev. Joel V. Bugg, Herriman, Spencer
ROBERTS, William H. Kennan, Smith
ROUTH, Levi W Boyd, Brooks, Carroll, Perkins
SALYER, John P. Abner, Estep, Hale Harris, Hill, Montgomery, Sparks
SANDERS, C. B. Best, Brodie, Cope, Polk, Waits
SISEMORE, John Fields, Gibson, Hawk, Newman, Seamans, Thomas, Warren
SMITH, Capt. G. W. R. Bollinger, Cluck, Drake, Graham, Hooper, Keck, Lee, McConnell, Pharris, Robinson, Seals, Stotts, Sumner, Williams 
SPURLOCK, Andrew Jackson Jackson, Maize, Sewell, Stilley
STOTTS, W. M. McConnel, Shepherd
SUMNER, W. B. Bolinger, Marrs, Robinson, Smith, Thompson 
TAYLOR, Robert J. Kay, Secrest
THOMAS, Joseph Sr. Bailey, Ball, Combs, Johnson 
THOMPSON, A. L. Bollinger, Lewis, Massey, Mills, Pool, Prater, Summer, Thompson, Thornsbury, Van Hoose, Wilson
TUCKER, William McKinney
VAUGHAN, Christopher C. Carrol
WALKER, Hon. John T. Dixon, McKay
WALKER, Allen W. Johnson, Rainey
WELTON, Samuel N. Marrs, McMillian, Shustied, Stokes
WILLIAMS, Garret Byrd, Sherrod, Wilson
WITHROW, T. J. Bivens, Clark, McConnell, Proctor
YOUNG, William H. Robinson, Seitz
YOUNGMAN, Mark A. Bevens, Fitch, Hands, Miles, Vaughan

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Note: The Goodspeeds' biographies included herein were excerpted from theHistory of Northwest Arkansas, Goodspeeds' Publishing Company, 1889. A very few original editions are still extant; however, although presently out-of-print, Southern Historical Press, Easley, SC, issued a reprint in 1978 that is available in many public and or genealogical society libraries.

Also Note: All bracketed items are the authors' entries, not the original interviewer's.

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