Unity/Statham Cemetery

All Photographs submitted by Richard Meador in October 2008
(There are around 2 dozen plain stone graves, marked with a head & foot stone, of mostly children.
It was very grown up with brush & briars - Richard

Original Listings submitted by: Roy Statham
Statham Family History Project
4458 Addison Way
Pleasanton, CA 94588
(510) 462-0695 - Tombstone Inscriptions as of May 1995

The steel “Unity Cemetery” sign was hand forged by William Harrison Statham of Hartford, Arkansas, who was the great great grandson of the R. D. Statham buried there. William Harrison Statham is buried at Hartford Memorial Park with others in his family. “Unity” was the name for the local area and its school, hence the name “Unity Cemetery.” The Cemetery is located on the farm once owned by Richard H. Statham family.

Directions to Unity Cemetery: Proceed 1.5 miles South of the town of Hartford on “Old Hartford Road.” At the three way intersection, turn onto “West Creek Road.” Proceed past the 2nd gate on your left (which occurs at approximately 1.5 miles). Go another 1/10th of a mile and the cemetery is on your left, located approximately 50-75 yards from the road. Maud Heavener-Efurd of Mansfield occasionally ties “survey marker tape” on the fence to mark the location. You will need to cross a barbed wire fence for access to the cemetery.

Richard D. Statham and George Spotswood Statham were born in Virginia and migrated to “Sugar Loaf Township” around 1840-50. George Statham’s grave was thought to be marked by a “G. S.” marker which has disappeared over time. Recent information received from his great great granddaughter Linda Sadler Myers indicates George Spotwood Statham is buried in Elmwood Cemetery in Hartshorne, Ok. This "G. S." marker 'may' have been the grave of an infant named after George Spotswood.
Name Dates Comments Marker Photo
Davis, Mary Elizabeth Statham MY 23, 1857 - Jun 9, 1894 wife of Benjamin Davis Marker Photo
Statham, Almeda May 26, 1837 - Aug 30, 1887 (the date on the stone shows 1867-note from lr) wif of R.H. Statham Marker Photo
Statham, George H. Mar 25, 1865 - Mar 15, 1882   Marker Photo
Statham, Herman Feb 8, 1890 - Oct 9, 1893 son of R.H. & Lucy Marker Photo
N.S.   small tablet only - believed to be Nathaniel Statham Marker Photo
Statham, R.D. Jul 3, 1814 - Jan 20, 1858   Marker Photo
Statham, R.H. Dec 31, 1861 - Apr 1915   Marker Photo
Statham, Sarah Ann Apr 4, 1816 - Jun 4, 1863   Marker Photo
Statham, Warren F.** Jan 8, 1875 - Nov 7, 1891   Marker Photo
Strickland, Neoma** Jan 25, 1917 - Apr 4, 1917 dau of C. Matties Strickland Marker Photo

** (As of 3-14-1997, still trying to find relationship to the Statham Family)

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