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---* Abe Allen/Pettigrew Cemetery----17 MAY 2011
---* Academy Cemetery, Evansville; 354744N  0942859W----17 MAY 2011
About 1 mile East of Evansville, top of the hill. Named for the Evansville Academy, which once shared the hilltop.
---* Allen Graves
---* Allen Blakemore Farm Cemetery--See Blakemore Farm Cemetery
---* Antioch Cemetery, Morrow----03 JUN 2007
---* Austin Cemetery


---* Backbone/Graveyard Point/Stenfield Cemetery
---* Baker Cemetery, Onda----28 APR 2007
---* Baker Cemetery, Strickler;  355205N  0941728W
---* Baldwin Cemetery
---* Bales Cemetery----20 MAY 2007
---* Baptist Ford Cemetery--Fayetteville/Greenland----29 FEB 2008
About 1.3 miles south of the stoplight in Greenland on US Hwy 71, there's a road (Baptist Ford Road?) that turns sharply to the right, almost a double-back. Baptist Ford Church and Cemetery are located on the left a few hundred yards down this road. You will probably want to slow down as you're coming out of Greenland, and just after the road curves to the left and you pass the grove of trees, you will be able to look back to your right and see the cemetery. If you are coming from the south, you can see the cemetery from the road with no problem.  [Thanks to chiggerware@yahoo.com for this info]
---* Barron Cemetery, Hwy 265--Is located on Hwy 265 past the Sonic at the Greenland exit about 6 1/2 miles on the left side of the road. It is in a pasture. -B. Phillips --19 May 2011
---* Bean Cemetery, Lincoln;  355655N  0942501W----08 JUN 2007
---* Beatty Cemetery, near Rhea;  360118N  0942817W ---
-* Beaty/Beatty Cemetery, Lincoln;  355908N  0942709W----03 JUN 2007
---* Bell/Point Cemetery, Wheeler;  360326N  0942006W
---* Bethesda Cemetery #1, Lincoln;  355242N  0942713W----08 JUN 2007
---* Bethesda Cemetery #2, Morrow
---* Bethlehem Cemetery, Evansville;  355205N  0942733W----29 FEB 2008
---* Bettis Cemetery
---* Billingsley Cemetery, Prairie Grove;  355448N  0941618W----08 JUN 2007
---* Black Oak Cemetery, Greenland;----16 MAR 2007
County Road 243 on the west side of Greenland.  It is a 3-acre hilltop cemetery  containing some 300 graves from about 1843 to the mid-1930's.
---* Black Oak Cemetery, Wyola----12 MAR 2007
ESE from the one near Greenland
---* Blackburn Cemetery----12 MAR 2008
Blackburn Cemetery is on the road between Westfork and Devil's Den State Park. Going to the park it sets on the left of the road. Per records I wrote down from cemetery book its on Hwy 74 6-7 miles w of Winslow in Sec 7 R30W T31N.  [Thanks to Loretta for this info] 
---* Blakemore Farm Cemetery----18 MAR 2007
---* Bluff Cemetery, Springdale;  361135N  0940758W----03 JUN 2007
From US 71B (also known and N. Thompson) in Springdale near downtown, take Huntsville Avenue to the east. Approximately 0.3 miles after the turn off of 71B, turn north on Shiloh Street.  There is a small green city sign  directing you to Bluff Cemetery at this intersection. As soon as you turn  onto Shiloh, you will be able to see the cemetery along with its original entrance ahead on the right about 0.2 miles. Follow the road around to the left for the main arched entrance. This is for all practical purposes, the "city cemetery", and it is definitely the largest in Springdale. It is very well maintained, and the office is great when it comes to locating folks interred at the cemetery.  Contact info: 509 East Grove Avenue, Springdale, Arkansas 72764-4612 / (501) 750-8170.  [Thanks to chiggerware@yahoo.com for this info]
---* Boone Cemetery, near Greenland; 355917N  0941131W----24 MAY 2007
---* Boone Cemetery, near Elkins;  360059N  0940220W----30 SEP 2008
---* Boston/Collier/Yoes Cemetery--See Collier Cemetery
---* Boyd Cemetery
---* Brannon Cemetery
---* Brentwood Cemetery----02 JUN 2007
This cemetery is located on the west side of US Hwy 71 in Brentwood. It has a yellow brick sign with black lettering identifying it as Brentwood Cemetery. 
-[Thanks to chiggerware@yahoo.com for this info]
---* Brewster Cemetery----29 MAY 2007
---* Bridger Cemetery
---* Bryan-Rutherford-Martin Cemetery--See John A. Rutherford Cemetery
---* Buckeye Cemetery----04 JUN 2007
---* Buckner Cemetery, Fayetteville;  360321N  0940730W----04 JUN 2007
---* BugScuffle/Wickwire Cemetery----12 MAY 2007
---* Burk/Echo Dell Cemetery
---* Burk Shed Cemetery----29 FEB 2008
---* Burkhead Cemetery, Elkins;  360045N  0940221W
---* Burris Cemetery----01 JUN 2007
---* Butler Ford Cemetery


---* Campbell Church Cemetery, West Fork; 355730N  0941125W----30 MAY 2007
---* Cane Hill Cemetery, Lincoln;  355445N  0942356W----14 MAY 2007
---* Carnahan Cemetery----08 OCT 2008
---* Carney Cemetery
---* Carrell Cemetery, Sonora----26 MAY 2007
---* Cemetery Hill Memorial Park, Fayetteville;  360103N  0941409W----08 MAY 2007
---* Chandler Cemetery----03 MAY 2007
---* Cheatham Cemetery, Lincoln;  355703N  0942427W----10 MAY 2007
---* Cheshire Cemetery, Black Oak--See Bales Cemetery
---* Choate Cemetery
---* Cincinnati Cemetery----31 MAY 2007
---* Clark Cemetery #1
---* Clark Cemetery #2
---* Cloer Cemetery----08 FEB 2008
---* Cloer-Harp Cemetery
---* Coil Cemetery----08 OCT 2008
---* Colbaugh Cemetery
---* Collier/Boston/Yoes Cemetery, Winslow;  354739N  0940921W----31 MAY 2007
---* Combs Chapel Cemetery, Fayetteville;  360224N  0940827W----19 JUL 2008
---* Confederate Cemetery, Fayetteville;  360341N  0940908W
On College Avenue south of Fayetteville, approximately 0.1 miles after the Intersection of College and Mountain (on the right), turn east on Rock Street. This will be just as College starts down the hill and to the right. The road is hard to see until you're right on it, so you probably want to be in the turn lane (if heading south) assoon as you pass Mountain. There is a sign that directs you to the  Confederate Cemetery, but it can only be seen from the south. :-) After you turn east on Rock Street, you will head down a steep hill, and you will come to an  intersection (where you have a yield, if I remember correctly), and the road will go south and continue east. You will continue east and proceed up a LONG and steep hill. Just as you reach the top of the hill, the cemetery will be on the left. 
You will be able to see the native stone wall around it as you approach the top of the hill. They don't allow car traffic (or I've never seen the gates open, at least),  ut there are plenty of places to park by the gates.  [Thanks to chiggerware@yahoo.com for this info]
---* Cowan Cemetery, Lincoln; 360355N, 942347W----19 MAY 2007
Also known as Mount View Cemetery
Go Highway 62 (runs west from Fayetteville to Lincoln). In Lincoln, go right on Washington County Rd 33. Go about 10 miles on Rd 33. If you arrive at Lake  Wedington, you've gone too far. Located between Lincoln and Lake Wedington (near Fayetteville, Arkansas).
Watch the right side of the road for a small sign near the cemetery entrance. The sign is somewhat small and could be easily missed, so look carefully. Turn right onto the driveway near the sign, and go up a small hill. 
---* Cox Cemetery, Lincoln;  355157N  0942356W----08 JUN 2007
---* Crawford Cemetery, Rhea;  360139N  0942339W----02 JUN 2007
---* Cremations----23 APR 2007
---* Crittenden Cemetery
---* Crosses Creek Cemetery
---* Culwell Cemetery, Goshen;  360436N  0935806W
---* Cumberland Presbyterian Church Cemetery


---* Dale Family Cemetery
---* Davis Cemetery, Sonora;  360910N  0940030W
---* Deen Cemetery----28 MAY 2007
Located about a mile southwest of the old Black Oak school building.  Only eight graves are there. This cemetery is surrounded by a good metal fence, placed there by Miss Dora Deen and her sisters, Margie, & Edith Deen & Mrs. Ray  Larrabee in loving memory of their parents and twin sisters who are buried there.
There is also a marker for a coal black dog Angus - A Friend - 05 APR 1936--22 NOV 1952
---* Denny Cemetery
---* Dibler Cemetery, Sonora;  361415N  0940026W
---* Dobbs Cemetery, Evansville;  354551N  0942516W--See Shady Grove Cemetery
---* Dowell Cemetery----08 OCT 2008
---* Drake/Sardis Cemetery, Lincoln;  355352N  0942656W--See Sardis-Drake
---* Dripping Springs Cemetery
---* Dunagan Cemetery, Evansville;  354809N  0942700W----22 MAY 2007
Located 6 miles south of State Hwy 45 on Washington County Road 3. The turnoff from 45 to 3 is about 5 miles east of the intersection of 45 and State Hwy 59 (the intersection is at Dutch Mills). The road is on the south side of 45. Continue on 3 through Morrow. The road will turn to dirt approximately 4.5 miles after the turn off of 45. The cemetery is located on the right side of the road, almost exactly 6  miles from the turnoff. It is just after a curve to the right, so you have to watch closely.  The cemetery is pretty well kept, considering its location. The most recent interment I could find is 1962, and there are burials as old as the late 1880s.  Many of the stones are illegible, and there are quite a few fieldstones. [Thanks to chiggerware@yahoo.com for this info]
---* Dunkard Cemetery, Strickler;  354639N  0941918W----04 MAY 2007
---* Dutch Mills Cemetery, Lincoln;----06 OCT 2008
---* Dyer Cemetery


---* Echo Dell/Burk Cemetery, Elm Springs--See Burk/Echo Dell Cemetery
---* Edmiston Cemetery, Evansville;  355138N  0942525W----29 MAY 2007
It is near Morrow, one mile east, just off Washington County Road 8, 1/4 mile past a yellow two story house. There is an iron name over the gate stating "Edmiston".  [Thanks to Bill F. Edmiston, Jr. for this info.] 
---* Eighty-Six Cemetery, Strickler;----03 JUN 2007
---* Elm Springs Cemetery, south side of Elm Springs----29 FEB 2008
On the south side of Elm Springs on Arkansas Hwy 112, turn east on School Street.  Follow the road about 0.2 miles. It will make a turn to the right and  become Lake Road. At this turn continue straight on Lawn View Street.  This will lead straight into the cemetery. The cemetery is very well maintained. 
-[Thanks to chiggerware@yahoo.com for this info]
---* English Cemetery, Evansville;  355158N  0942650W
---* Episcopal Cemetery, near Winslow----02 JUN 2007
---* Essex Grave
---* Evansville Cemetery----06 OCT 2008
---* Evergreen Cemetery, Fayetteville;  360353N  0941008W----29 FEB 2008
From College Avenue (Hwy 71B) in Fayetteville, turn west on Dickson Street.  Follow the road approximately 0.7 miles and through 2 stoplights. Just before the third stoplight, turn south on Arkansas Avenue.  The cemetery is located about 0.2 miles down on the right. There are no signs indicating the name of the cemetery, but it's easily found. This cemetery has many old graves in it, one of the most notable being Archibald Yell, Governor of Arkansas from 1840-1844. 
-[Thanks to chiggerware@yahoo.com for this info]


---* Fairview Memorial Gardens, Fayetteville;  360511N 0940808W----18 JUN 2007
From the intersection of State Hwy 45 and State Hwy 265, take Hwy 45 South for about 0.9 miles. The cemetery is on the right. This cemetery is very large (by Northwest Arkansas standards), and is very well maintained. Just outside the main gates is a white building that serves as the office. They are very helpful when it comes to helping you locate graves. The office is open from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. Contact info: 1728 Mission Blvd, Fayetteville, Arkansas 72703-3044 /  (501) 521-8701. [Thanks to chiggerware@yahoo.comfor this info]
---* Fall Creek Cemetery, Strickler;--See Strickler Cemetery
---* Farmington Cemetery, Farmington----30 SEP 2007
---* Fitzgerald Cemetery, east of Springdale
From the intersection of Emma Street and Hwy 265, east of Springdale, follow 265 north approximately 1.1 miles. Just before the road makes a wide turn to the right, turn west on Randall Wobbe Lane. The cemetery is located just off Randall on the left approximately 0.3 miles after the turn from 265. 
-[Thanks to chiggerware@yahoo.com for this info]
---* Flynn Family Cemetery
---* Forest Park Cemetery, Bethel Heights; 361209N  0940811W----03 JUN 2007
From US Hwy 71B, just north of Springdale, turn east on Randall Wobbe Lane (next
to the Pizza Hut). The cemetery is about 0.1 miles down Randall on the right.  [Thanks to chiggerware@yahoo.com for this info]
---* Friendship/Friendship Church Cemetery; Springdale,----08 OCT 2008
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From US Hwy 412 east of Springdale, go about 0.3 miles east past the intersection of  412 and Butterfield Coach Road. Turn north on Friendship Road (also known as  Washington County Road 571). The cemetery is located on the left, about 0.3 miles down Friendship Road. It is situated right next to Friendship Church. [Thanks to Rosa Cline for this info]
---* Funkhouser Cemetery, near Sugar Hill; See Sugar Hill Cemetery


---* Ganderville Cemetery, Summers; 355809N  0942959W----03 JUN 2007
Founded in 1870-Located approximately a half-mile west of Summers, AR on Highway 62. Turn south on Highway 456. Go down this small dirt road for about one mile; the cemetery can be found at the end of the road. 
---* Garrett Creek Cemetery, Evansville;  354616N  0942245W----18 MAY 2007
---* Gayler Cemetery
---* Gehring's Chapel Cemetery----29 FEB 2008
---* Gibson Cemetery, Cincinnati----27 MAY 2007
---* Gilliland Cemetery Gilliland Cemetery location: Just south of Greenland on the Dr. Maurice Ray farm.  [Thanks to Kate Maynard for this info]
---* Goddard Cemetery, Evansville; 354755N  0942749W
---* Gollahar-Peerson Cemetery, Fayetteville;----24 MAY 2007
---* Goshen (Kelly) Cemetery, Fayetteville;----08 OCT 2008
---* Grave Of Revolutionary Soldier
---* Graveyard Cemetery ---* Graveyard Point/Backbone/Stenfield Cemetery


---* Habberton/Mount Vernon/Slaughter Cemetery--See Slaughter Cemetery
It is located 6 miles east of the highways 45 and 265 intersection from Fayetteville east toward Goshen. After passing the Goshen city limits sign at the bottom of Slaughter Mountain, turn left on County road 89 also known as the Habberton Road to Springdale. Go 1/2 mile south the cemetery is located next to the Mt. Vernon Baptist Church.on the right side of the road.On a local map it is Section 35-Township 17-Range 29..There is a yearly cemetery meeting held at the Habberton Church of Christ located at 430 East Habberton Street.  Contact J.C. or Mamye Ferguson for the yearly date.  [Thanks to Linda Oxford for this info.]
---* Harold Cemetery, Watts; 360426N  0943025W
---* Harrell Cemetery, Cincinnati----17 MAY 2007
---* Hart Cemetery----02 JUN 2007
---* Hash Cemetery
---* Hazel Valley Cemetery
An unmarked grave remains of an early-day star-route carrier known to most everyone as "Fritz." He began talking as soon as he rode within sight & was talking when he rode out of sight, but to stop him between post offices was another matter!!
---* Head Cemetery; Sonora;  360936N  0940044W----27 MAY 2007
---* Hendrickson Grave
---* Hester Cemetery, Elkins;  360305N  0940525W----30 SEP2008
---* Henson Farm
---* Highland Cemetery----31 MAY 2007
---* Holcomb Cemetery, Springdale;  361058N  0940837W----29 MAY 2007
This cemetery is located on the west side of Pleasant Street in Springdale, immediately across from the gym and football practice field. You will need to walk across some private property to get to it (I will get the house numbers at a later date), and it is common courtesy to ask before crossing. The cemetery is very old, and hasn't had any new burials since approximately 1889. It is likely this cemetery houses some of the founders of Springdale (then called Shiloh), but many of the stones are missing or removed from the graves. Add in the number of fieldstones or unmarked graves, and there could be any number of people here. The cemetery is maintained by the city, so it should not be a problem getting through it.
[Thanks to chiggerware@yahoo.com for this info]
---* Holt Cemetery
---* Howe Cemetery----27 MAY 2007
---* Howell Cemetery, near Hogeye;  355420N  0941701W----20 MAY 2007
From Fayetteville, AR, take Highway 62 west to Prairie Grove, AR. In Prairie Grove, turn south on County Road 28. Then take County Road 265 south for a few miles--cemetery on your right. The cemetery is visible from the highway.
---* Hutch/Reagan Cemetery
---* Hutchens Cemetery


---* Illinois Chapel Cemetery, Prairie Grove;  355825N  0941551W----18 JUN 2007
---* Jameson Family Cemetery
---* Johnson Cemetery, Spring Valley;  361248N  0935927W----29 FEB 2008
---* Joyce Cemetery, Spring Valley;  360950N  0935843W----20 FEB 2008
South of Hwy 412, 3 miles SW of Spring Valley. Take Hwy 412 to Co Rd 97,  then S past Co Road 381


---* Karnes Cemetery----08 JUN 2007
---* Kelton/Winslow Cemetery, Winslow;  354753N  0940819W
---* Kenney Cemetery
---* Kidd Cemetery, Lincoln;  355401N  0942414W
---* King/King's Cemetery, Black Oak;  355938N  0940440W----20 MAY 2007
Located about 1 1/2 miles north of the Black Oak church, on the west side of the road.
---* Kinnibrugh Cemetery, Farmington; 360227N, 941507W----18 MAY 2007
---* Koyle Cemetery, Brentwood;  354722N  0940621W


---* Langley-Jones-Bell Cemetery----20 FEB 2008
---* Leeper Cemetery, Fayetteville
---* Lewis Cemetery, Evansville;  354734N  0942915W--See Evansville Cemetery
---* Liberty Cemetery, Strickler; 354704N 0941729W
---* Liberty Hill Cemetery, Just into Crawford County, AR
---* Lincoln Cemetery----30 SEP 2008
---* Low Gap Cemetery #1
---* Low Gap Cemetery #2
---* Lutheran Cemetery, Springdale
From US Hwy 71B (also known as N. Thompson) in Springdale near downtown, turn west on Huntsville Avenue. Follow the road through the first stoplight.  Approximately 0.1 miles after the first stoplight, the cemetery will be on the left. The total distance from the turn off of 71B is about 0.6 miles. Elmdale Baptist Church is located across the street from the cemetery. This cemetery is not very big, but is very well maintained.  [Thanks to chiggerware@yahoo.com for this info]
---* Luttrell Cemetery, Calvin


---* Malloy Cemetery, Durham----04 MAY 2007
---* Mason Cemetery
Located south of the Mason Branch & west of the Black Oak-Sulphur City Road
Mostly members of the D.C. Mason family are buried there
---* Mateer Private Cemetery
---* Mayfield Cemetery, Spring Valley;  360759N  0935724W----20 FEB 2008
---* McClellan Cemetery, Lincoln;  355405N  0942422W----29 FEB 2008
---* McCord Cemetery----01 JUN 2007
---* McDonald Cemetery, Prairie Grove;  355250N  0941648W
---* McGarrah Cemetery----02 MAY 2007
---* McGrew Cemetery
---* Miller Cemetery
---* Miller's Chapel Cemetery, near Winslow, AR----12 JAN 2006
To drive to Millers Chapel/School house - and cemetary exit off of I-540 at exit 29. TR on 282 East. TL on 71 North. TR on County road 126. County rd. 126 will turn to gravel and eventually into old logging type dirt road. When you pass the junction of County 126 & 129 you are 3.2 miles from Millers Chapel - continue on 126.  (Note you will at one point as of this writing 1/24/04 have to cross through a creek that runs over the road) Millers chapel will then be just up the hill on the left side of the road. [Thanks to Stephen Schneiderfor this info]
---* Mineral Springs Cemetery, West Fork;  355536N  0940804W----25 MAY 2007
---* Missionary Baptist/Summers Cemetery--See Summers Cemetery
---* Moore Family Cemetery
---* Morris Cemetery; Spring Valley;  361059N  0935435W----19 MAY 2007
---* Morrow Cemetery #1, Strickler;  355057N  0942017W
---* Morrow Cemetery #2
---* Mossville Cemetery
---* Mount Comfort Cemetery, Fayetteville;  360535N 0941256W----08 OCT 2008
From US Hwy 71 west of Fayetteville, take exit 46 (Marked as Porter Road) and turn north on Mount Comfort Road (watch the road signs closely at this intersection;  Porter Road goes the other direction).  Approximately 1.3 miles after turning, the 
cemetery will be on the right. The cemetery was founded in 1828 and is very  well maintained.   [Thanks to chiggerware@yahoo.com for this info]
---* Mount Olive Cemetery----30 MAY 2007
---* Mount Pleasant Cemetery
---* Mount Salem/Salem Cemetery; 355815N  0940138W----30 SEP 2007
Located about 2.5 miles from Elkins, Arkansas on top of  Mt. Salem Hill on the county road leading to the Sulphur City community.
---* Mount Vernon/Habberton/Slaughter Cemetery--See Slaughter Cemetery
It is located 6 miles east of the highways 45 and 265 intersection from Fayetteville east toward Goshen. After passing the Goshen city limits sign at the bottom of Slaughter Mountain, turn left on County road 89 also known as the Habberton Road to Springdale. Go 1/2 mile south the cemetery is located next to the Mt. Vernon Baptist Church.on the right side of the road.On a local map it is Section 35-Township 17-Range 29. There is a yearly cemetery meeting held at the Habberton Church of Christ located at 430 East Habberton Street. Contact  J.C. or Mamye Ferguson for the yearly date.  [Thanks to Linda Oxford for this info.]
---* Mount Zion Cemetery----02 JUN 2007
---* Mountain Top Cemetery, Evansville
---* Mountain View Cemetery, Lincoln--See Cowan Cemetery
---* Murphy Family Cemetery


---* National Cemetery, Fayetteville; 360309N  0941002W;
From south College Avenue in Fayetteville, turn west on State Hwy 16 (also known  as Sixth Street). Approximately 0.2 miles west of the intersection, turn south on Government Avenue. There are signs pointing the direction to the Fayetteville National Cemetery. This road will lead directly into the  cemetery.  Just as you enter the main gates, there is a brick building to the left. In the breezeway of this building is a book with an alphabetical listing  of all interments. It will specifically tell you which section and number where the deceased is located.  Around the cemetery, they have small markers along the road  signifying which section is which. I could not find a map anywhere on the premises, but one may be available during normal business hours.  Just before you enter the main gates, there is a road that goes to the right.  They recently opened this section,and many of the more recent interments are located here. I believe they start with section 25. The cemetery is very well maintained, as many national cemeteries are.  [Thanks to Rosa Cline for this info]
---* Neale Cemetery, Springdale----24 MAY 2007
---* New Hope Cemetery, Prairie Grove;   355407N  0942058W
---* Nickell Cemetery
---* Norwoord/Trident Cemetery, Rhea;  360602N  0942828W----08 JUN 2007


---* Oak Cemetery
---* Oak Grove Cemetery, Winslow----29 MAY 2007
---* Oakland Cemetery, east of Springdale----29 FEB 2008
From US Hwy 412 East of Springdale, turn south at Butterfield Coach Road. The cemetery is on the right about 2.2 miles down Butterfield Coach. It's right on a curve,with a sign by one of the south entrances to the cemetery. On the way to the cemetery, you will pass another on the right, about 1.4 miles after you turn off of 412. This is Zion Cemetery, and not the one you're looking for. :-)
[Thanks to chiggerware@yahoo.com for this info]
---* Oakwood Cemetery
---* Ogden Cemetery
---* Old Bethlehem Cemetery
---* Old Mayfield Cemetery--See Mayfield Cemetery
---* Old Union Cemetery, Watts; 360147N 0943018W--See Cincinnati Cemetery
---* Oxford Bend Cemetery, Goshen;  360607N  0940146W----08 OCT 2008
The Oxford Bend Cemetery is located 8 miles east of the highway 265 and 45 intersection going east out of Fayetteville toward Goshen. It is located on the farm of Dr. Brian Buell of Goshen. It set on the North side of Highway 45 east in a large grove of trees on the left side of the Buell driveway..It may be located on local maps by Section 36-Township 17-Range 29. The OXFORD Family Association has registered the cemetery with Washington County and the State of Arkansas so the cemetery is protected by the State cemetery laws..
Any one wishing to visit the cemetery should contact Dr. Brian Buell or the
OXFORD Family Association.  [Thanks to Linda Oxford for this info.] 


---* Parks Cemetery, Winslow--Highway 265----02 JUN 2007
---* Pea Ridge Cemetery----26 JUL 2007
---* Peden Cemetery---20 MAY 2007
---* Pense-Reed Cemetery
---* Pettigrew/Allen Cemetery--See Abe Allen Petigrew
---* Phillips Cemetery, Hogeye----06 OCT 2008
---* Point/Bell Cemetery
---* Pool/West Cemetery
---* Prairie Grove Cemetery----28 FEB 2008
---* Prairie View Cemetery


---* Reagan/Hutch Cemetery
---* Reed Colclasure Cemetery
From Strain one would go east about four miles and north about one mile to the Reed-Colclasure Cemetery
---* Reed Family Cemetery
---* Reece Cemetery, Lincoln;  355242N  0942258W
---* Reece Cemetery, Sulfur City----27 JUL 2007
---* Rheas Mill Cemetery, Sulphur City355657N  0940321W----31 MAY 2007
---* Richardson Cemetery, Sulphur City;  355506N  0940310W
---* Rieff's Chapel Cemetery, Fayetteville; 360057N  0941230W----08 OCT 2008
---* Robbins Cemetery--See McCord Cemetery
---* Roberson Cemetery
---* Rock Springs Cemetery
---* Rose Cemetery, Wheeler;  360204N  0942121W
---* Round Mountain Cemetery, Elkins;  360359N  0940102W----09 MAY 2007
---* Russell Cemetery, Lincoln;  355328N  0942506W
---* Rutherfords buried in Washington County----26 OCT 2005
---* Rutherford Cemetery, near Bayless;  355550N  0941657W----22 FEB 2006
---* Rutherford, John----28 APR 2007
(Rutherford/Martin Cemetery.) The cemetery is probably about 2/3 mile from I-540. When you are heading south out of Fayetteville on 540, and you are getting closer to West Fork, you will see a brown sign that says Devils Den State Park next 2 exits. When you see that sign, there is a service road on the right (west) side of the road coming to a dead end. The service road will dead end & keep following it. There is a sign there that says county maintenance ends. At this point, the pavement ends and it is gravel. You have to drive across a dry creek bed, low water crossing. You will come to some mailboxes on the right. You go past those to the next set of mailboxes & 2 houses. (about 100 yards) You will be in the private drives of these two houses at this point. The cemetery is located on a flat spot on the ridge of a hill. [Thanks to Darren Jerome for this info]


---* Saint Joseph Cemetery
---* Saint Joseph Cemetery, Elkins;  360524N  0940630W
---* Saint Joseph's Cemetery, Fayetteville----20 APR 2007
---* Saint Joseph's Cemetery, Tontitown--Entrance----20 APR 2007
---* Saint Paul's Episcopal Church Cemetery
---* Saint Thomas Episcopal Church Columbarium, Springdale;
---* Salem Cemetery, Sulphur City--See Mount Salem Cemetery
---* Salem Lutheran Church Cemetery, Springdale
---* Sardis/Drake Cemetery, Lincoln;---20 MAY 2007
---* Scott Cemetery, Strickler;  355133N  0942046W----06 MAY 2007
---* Shady Grove Cemetery, Springdale; 360846N 0940854W
On the south side of Springdale, from US Hwy 71B turn west on Shady Grove Road.  The cemetery is approximately 1.5 miles down the road on the right, located slightly up a hill. 
[Thanks to chiggerware@yahoo.com for this info]
---* Shady Grove/Dobbs Cemetery----01 JUN 2007
Odell Oountain aprox 6.5 miles S.E. of Morrow
---* Shaeffer/Stelle Cemetery, Fayetteville;  360023N  0940859W----20 MAY 2007
---* Sharp Cemetery, Prairie Grove;  355622N  0941658W----29 FEB 2008
---* Shipley Cemetery
---* Shumate Cemetery, Durham;  355548N  0935752W----30 MAY 2007
---* Silent Grove Cemetery, Springdale
---* Sisemore Cemetery
---* Skelton Cemetery
---* Slaughter/Habberton/Mount Vernon Cemetery----05 MAY 2007
It is located 6 miles east of the highways 45 and 265 intersection from Fayetteville east toward Goshen. After passing the Goshen city limits sign at the bottom of Slaughter Mountain, turn left on County road 89 also known as the Habberton Road to Springdale. Go 1/2 mile south the cemetery is located next to the Mt. Vernon Baptist Church.on the right side of the road.On a local map it is Section 35-Township 17-Range 29. There is a yearly cemetery meeting held at the  Habberton Church of Christ located at 430 East Habberton Street. 
Contact J.C. or Mamye Ferguson for the yearly date.
[Thanks to Linda Oxford for this info.]
---* Smith Cemetery, Goshen;   360249N  0935908W
---* Smith/Smith-Bishop Cemetery
---* Sonora Cemetery, Sonora----30 SEP 2008
From US Hwy 412 in Sonora, if you are heading east, there is a gravel road on the right just before the sign telling you that County Road 2018 is coming up. The road is between a row of trees and Friendly's Restaurant (which is now closed, but the signs are still up). If you slow down as you approach Friendly's you will be able to see the cemetery to the right about a block down the gravel road. If you are heading west, you should slow down and look for the road on your left just after you pass the city limits sign. After the sign, you will see a paved road leading to a subdivision, followed by the row of trees, the gravel road, and
Friendly's.  [Thanks to chiggerware@yahoo.com for this info]
---* Sons Chapel Cemetery, Fayetteville--36 06 06N; 94 04 58W----28 FEB 2008
Son's Chapel Cemetery is located 4 miles east of the highway 45 and 265 intersection toward Goshen on the south side of highway 45 east. Across the Street from the Sons Chapel Church. The location on local maps is section 36-township-17-range-29.  Decoration day is the 4th Sunday
in May, 1:30 P.M.  [Thanks to Linda Oxford for this info.]
---* Spring Creek Hill Cemetery, Springdale
---* Spring Valley Cemetery----29 FEB 2008
---* Springdale Cemetery, Springdale
---* St. Joseph's Cemetery--See Saint Joseph's Cemetery
---* Stearns Cemetery, Fayetteville;  360654N  0940823W
---* Stelle/Shaeffer Cemetery--See Sheaffer Stelle Cemetery
---* Stenfield/Backbone/Graveyard Point Cemetery
---* Stokenbury Cemetery, Elkins;  360052N  0940028W----04 JUN 2007
---* Stokes Cemetery
---* Stone Cemetery
---* Strain Cemetery----19 JUL 2008
About 3 miles west of Elkins, & just across the road E of Middle Fork of White River
---* Strickler Cemetery----01 JUN 2007
---* Stubblefield Family
---* Stuckey Cemetery, Springdale;  360818N  0941112W----16 JUL 2007
From Hwy 71 south of Springdale, take Exit 50 (Johnson) and turn west. The cemetery  is approximately 0.25 miles west of the bypass on the left. I could not find any signs  stating the name of the cemetery. It is right past the Williow CreekWoman’s clinic/hospital.  This hospital went in about 5 years or so ago, and you can see it from the bypass. It’s the MAIN hospital for Fayetteville/Springdale area that delevers babies and has two gynecology clinics in it etc. So it’s a pretty popular clinic/hospital. You can’t miss the hospital entrance, so if you drive on past the hospital then you will see the cemetery on the same side of the road.
[Thanks to Rosa Cline for this info]
---* Sugar Hill/Funkhouser Cemetery, Lincoln355517N  0942807W----13 MAR 2007
---* Sugar Mountain Cemetery
---* Summers/Missionary Baptist Cemetery, Summers----18 MAR 2007
---* Sunset Cemetery, east of Winslow----20 MAY 2007
Sunset Cemetery is located approximately 8.5 miles east of Winslow on Washington County Highway 38 (also called Sunset Road). The turn to the east off Highway 71 is about one city block south of the FINA gasoline station at the bottom of the hill in Winslow. There are also signs indicating that Wash. County. 38 is the route to White Rock Wildlife Refuge. Simply stay on the blacktop as it meanders generally east and south until you reach the road intersection where the pavement ends. The cemetery will be fifty yards to your left and is easily visible from the road. There is an abandoned one-room school building and a well-executed cemetery map posted near the entrance to the cemetery. This map makes locating specific graves quite easy.  The Sunset rural fire department building is located across the road to the east of the cemetery.  [Thanks to Robert King for this info] 
---* Swain Cemetery


---* Temple Hill Cemetery, Delaney;  354546N  0935928W
---* Tennant Cemetery
---* Terry Cemetery, Brentwood;  354740N  0940054W
---* Tharp Cemetery, Fayetteville;  360318N  0941203W----19 JUL 2008
From US Hwy 71 in Fayetteville, take the exit for US Hwy 62. Depending on which way you are coming will depend on where you go next. There is a feeder road on the west side of Hwy 71 called Shiloh. You will want to take this road and head north.  If you were heading south when you took the exit, just turn right at the stop sign at the end of the exit. If you were heading north at the time, you will need to go under the overpass (heading west), and turn north at the first stoplight on the west side of the underpass. About 0.1 miles north on Shiloh, you will turn west on Old Farmington Road. The turn is between Hampton Inn and Park Inn Limited. The cemetery is located approximately 0.3 miles down this road on the left. It has a nice arch with the name of the cemetery on it, along with a chain link gate.  Inexplicably, when I was there last, the gate was closed, but there is no fence around the cemetery. :-) Don't know exactly what they were trying to accomplish. The cemetery is reasonably well maintained, and there didn't seem to be a lot of fieldstones or unmarked graves. 
Contact info: Hayden Stout, 2014 North Easy Avenue, Fayetteville, Arkansas 
72703-2416 / (501) 442-5791  [Thanks to chiggerware@yahoo.com for this info]
---* Thomas Cemetery
---* Thornsberry Cemetery, Springdale----01 JUN 2007
---* Towler Cemetery, Elkins----10 NOV 2008
Located east of Fayetteville, near Elkins, on the Frank Makepiece property. Highway 74, east about 1/4 mile, on top of hillside, east of the White River bridge
---* Trammel/Tramel Cemetery
---* Trident Cemetery--See Norwood Cemetery
---* Tucker Family Cemetery
---* Tuttle Cemetery----08 JUN 2007
---* Twin Oaks Cemetery----29 FEB 2008


---* Union Cemetery, West Fork;  355850N  0941026W
---* Union Point Cemetery
---* Union Star Cemetery, West Fork;  355332N  0941212W----29 MAY 2006
---* Unknown Cemetery----29 FEB 2008
A list of people known to be buried in the county, but don't know where
---* Vaughan Cemetery----08 JUN 2007
---* Vineyard Cemetery, Evansville----02 MAY 2007


---* Wade Cemetery
---* Walker/Sutton Cemetery, Fayetteville;  360339N  0940905W----25 APR 2007
---* Walnut Grove Cemetery----04 MAY 2007
---* Ward/Ward Buffington Cemetery, Evansville
---* Wax Family Cemetery
---* Weddington Cemetery----29 MAY 2007
---* Wesley Cemetery----04 JUN 2007
---* West Cemetery, Cane Hill----29 FEB 2008
---* West-Pool Cemetery----08 JUN 2007
---* West Fork Cemetery, West Fork;  355557N  0941137W----04 JUN 2008
---* White House Cemetery--Photo--Photo donated by: Janet Messer---31 MAY 2007
---* White Oak Cemetery, Tontitown----29 JUL 2007
---* White Rock Cemetery, Hwy.59; Lincoln; 355354N  0942923W----06 OCT 2008
---* Wickwire Cemetery--See Bug Scuffle Cemetery
---* Wild Cat Cemetery, Elm Springs
---* Williams Pioneer Cemetery
---* Williford Cemetery, Baldwin----25 APR 2007
---* Wilson Cemetery, Greenland----25 APR 2007
---* Wilson Family Cemetery, Fayetteville; 360034N  0940818W
---* Windham Family Cemetery
---* Winn Cemetery
---* Winslow/Kelton Cemetery
---* Woolsey Cemetery, West Fork;  355301N  0941001W----29 FEB 2008


---* Yates Cemetery, Lincoln;  355306N  0942446W
---* Yoes/Boston/Collier Cemetery--See Collier Cemetery
---* Zinnamon Cemetery----03 JUN 2007
---* Zion Cemetery, Springdale/Sulphur City; 355630N  0940247W----08 OCT 2008
From US Hwy 412 East of Springdale, turn south at Butterfield Coach Road. The cemetery is on the right about 1.4 miles down Butterfield Coach. I could not see any signs signifying that as the name of the cemetery, but there may be some.
[Thanks to chiggerware@yahoo.com for this info]

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