White Sulphur Springs

The White Sulphur Springs Post Office was created in 1855; and was discontinued in 1878. The orginal name of the community, was called Sulphur Springs, but the name was already taken, so the residents renamed it to White Sulphur Springs. The first settles of the area was the family of George Brummitt around 1844. During that year, much of the low lying areas around there had been flooded and this area was very hilly and wasn’t effected by the flood waters.

During the Civil War, White Sulphur Springs became a staging and training area for troops in the Pine Bluff unit. The Confederate Hospital was moved to White Sulphur Springs from Pine Bluff in 1862, and many died and were buried in the White Sulphur Springs Confederate Cemetery. In September of 1863 the Union Army burned the town, leaving nothing. Most area citizens abandoned or sold their land and left the vicinity. According to census records, almost none of those who lived at White Sulphur Springs in 1860 were here in 1870.

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