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Bramble Bush


Vol. 4, No. 1         January 1999         Yellville, Arkansas 72687

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By Vicki A. Roberts

       Long before Arkansas statehood and the creation of Marion County In 1836, there were numerous roads, tracks, and trails throughout this part of the country. At least portions of most of the roads had originally been trails made and used by wild game, Indians, and very early white hunters.
       During the first quarter of the 1800s the most accessible route Into the Upper White River Valleys the river itself. By the early 1830s some settlers began arriving by overland routes. For some time they came by either the Green's Ferry Road or the Falenash Military Road. Green's Ferry Road brought settlers to the prairie area around Springfield MO. The Falenash, named after Jehu Falenash who was a well known pioneer In the Izard County area in 1825, brought settlers to the southern portion of the White River watershed. The Falenash was later incorporated in the Military Road which ran west across the state through Shawneetown (Yellville), through Carrolton, and on to Huntsville.
       Probably the best known of the earliest "improved" trails is known as the Military Road. However, the Federal government had actually created two military roads in Arkansas, traditionally said to have been constructed primarily to more rapidly move the Eastern Indians to west of the Mississippi in the vary early 1800s. One followed the Arkansas River from its mouth westward into Indian Territory. The other, known a the North Arkansas Military Road or trail, originated at Memphis TN, crossed the Mississippi River, arid made a greet bow to the north, west and South to avoid the swamps. it finally reached White River In the vicinity of today's Batesville. Then It followed a northwesterly direction close to the east bank of White River, went through lzard County Courthouse, and into today's Baxter County. It touched Whiteville and crossed White River at a small ford close to where Talbert's Ferry - also called Mooney's Ferry, today's Denton Ferry a bit north of Cotter - was located. This ford was an old crossing used by Indians and early white settlers farther back In time than Man remembers. On Its westerly route through Marion County, it was the basis for Denton's Ferry Road and No.12 highway, or Arkoma Highway- today's US 62.
       No notations of a military road appear on township pIat maps created when Marion County was sectionized In 1829 and 1830. It is therefore, evident that the Felderal government converted the old tracks and trade around White River into the Military Road somewhere between 1830 and 1835. After 1835 government engineers changed part of the original Military Road to make it shorter as wall as to avoid Shawneetown (Yellville) because the white folks there were selling whiskey to the Indians being moved west by the Army causing all sorts of havoc. This new section left the old Military Road at Fallen Ash Creak near Flippin, followed the creek up the old Falenash road, and connected again with the old Military Road about half mile west of today's Summit. Many believe this same routes traveled by DeSoto a early as 1541. Around 1839 and 1840, during Andrew Jackson administration, large numbers of Cherokee end Creek Indians were brought through Marion County by the U. S. Army. Some estimate at least 3,000 Indian men, women, and children were walked along this Military Road.
       The old Carrolton Road was the primary east-west corridor through Upper White River country in ante-belium Arkansas. It followed a path from Lawrence County to Fayetteville, passing right across creeks and over some of the roughest ground in Marion County some ten miles south of the existing town of Yellville. It crossed Blue John Creek near Ware's Chapel, crossed Clabber Creek near Bluford Mears' place, traversed the south end of Cowan Barrens and the village of Weast City, ran just south of the Pat Carson place, and crossed Hampton Creek near Jefferson Hall. It possibly passed through Eros, crossed the Boone County line, end connected with the old Military Road near the old Harmon School site.
       With the growing number of In pioneers living along White River, travel increased on the roads, tracks, and trails and the establishment of a postal service was warranted. By 1835 Yellville, Carrrolton, and Huntsville were served by a mall route over the Falenash Military Road. Marketable goods such a furs, cotton, lead ore, and beeswax were hauled over this road for "downriver" shipment to the markets In Batesville, Memphis, and New Orleans. Hauled too were grain to the grist mills, logs to the sawmills, and assorted merchandise to and from White River and trading posts along the route. In time the mail hack or stage replaced the lone mail carrier on horseback. Circuit riders and missionaries used this road to care for their flocks.
       The old Salt Road, also a mall route, was cut from Old Buffalo Landing to Springfield MO by way of Gainesville MO. From the Landing, at the foot of Buffalo Shoals near Buffalo City, It went north to Liberty (Norfolk) arid generally followed today's Route 5 to Gainesville. It got its name from the ox wagons that hauled salt and other heavy merchandise, toiling laboriously over the steep upgraded hills, rolling cautiously through the valleys, and covering about two miles an hour. Despite a trip of several days, Springfield MO was the best and nearest market, exporting eggs at five cents a dozen and frying chickens at 10 cents apiece. It was also a good import market and eventually, whiskey became the best resale item. Stages hauled it to Springfield, usually leaving little space for passengers. This caused so many problems that the US Post Office ruled no mail coach would carry whiskey on the inside of the coach. Pulled by four mules which were changed very 15 miles the coach trip between West Plains and Yellville lasted for ten hours and covered 75 miles. The last trip was made in 1907. (to be continued)

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F R O M   T H E   E D I T O R

       1998 was a wonderful year for The Bush and for the Society. The Bush now reaches folks and gets response from folks all over the county, keeping our researchers and editorial staff busy as one-armed paper hangers with hives.
       The Society received fantastic donations - funds to print and bind a copy of all 28 volumes of Silas Claiborne Turnbo's manuscript for our research room; a crumbling ca 1916 plat map of Marion County, which we've restored and preserved, showing mines, roads, railroads waterways, schools, cemeteries, towns, post offices, and - best of all - where every landowner owned land; and the rights to the MCAR 1880 federal census transcribed and compiled by Gladys Horn Brown a well as the rights to her abstracts of The Mountain Echo. These are all such marvelous research aids, we hardly know how to say thank you for such thoughtful generosity and caring.
       1999 Is beginning to show promise of being another wonderful year now that the bitter-for-here cold that arrived with the New Year is subsiding ad the icy roads are a thing of the past. Society members and visitors, always a bit leery of new methods of research, are slowly losing their feelings of intimidation and going like 60 with the CD-ROM research capability recently added to our research room at the Marion Co. Library.
       The Supplement to Genealogies of Marion County Families 1811 -1900 is growing by leap. and bounds. Many of you have already contributed additions and corrections, for which we're thrilled. Lots more of you need to send us whatever you have on your families so they, too, can be Included. And, please, pass the word to all your friends and relatives, That would be a great help to the compilers and to all researching this terrific county.
          Vicki Roberts Editor

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       Since our beginnings In January 1990, the Marion County Library has allowed HGSMCA to use its mailing address. It was a great help back In the beginning, and we didn't get much mall then. Well, times have changed ad so has our address. From now one please send your mall to HGSMCA. PO Box 761, Yellville AR 72687.

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       This annual event will be held - again - at the Leslie Public School In Leslie AR. As usual, Thursday ad Friday, 3 and 4 June, will be the Side Show and Speakers. Saturday, 5 June, will be the Far and Ancestor Exchange. The schedule looks like this:

"Historical Background of Cemeteries In the Ozarks"' by Susan Young from Shiloh Museum.
"Physical Care and Restoration of Cemeteries" by Norton Arts and Tombstone Restoration.
"Legal Aspects of Cemeteries In Arkansas" by Winston Chandler.
FRIDAY - Speaker
Tom Dillard from the Butler Center for Arkansas Studies, Central Arkansas Library System, will be the guest speaker.
1. "Mountain Images: Photography in the Ozarks"
2. "Picture Stories: Using Photographs as Sources"
3. "Mountain Memories: Published Ozarks Memories"
4. "Ozarks Newspapers: Their History and Availability"
For more Information contact James J. Johnston, 2333 Eat Oaks Drive, Fayetteville AR 72703 e-mail <>

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       MARRIAGE INDEX: AR, MO, MS, TX 1766-1981; Selected counties. Family Archive CD 5. Donated to the Society
       MARRIAGE INDEX: IL, IN, KY, OH, TN 1720-1928 Selected counties. Family Archive CD2. Donated to the Society
       INDEX TO Bramble Bush Volumes 1,2, and 3. Created by the Society.
       1660 MCAR FEDERAL CENSUS transcribed by Gladys Horn Brown. All rights donated by the author.

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       HGSMCA Is now up and running with CD-ROM research capability. A computer and printer for this purpose have been placed in our Research Room at the Marion County library In Yellville. The decision to do this was based on both the limited space the Society has at the library and limited funds with which the Society functions.
       The amount of data contained on one tiny, thin CD Is amazing. For example, all 20 volumes of Virginia Genealogist by John Frederick Dorman PLUS "Genealogies of Virginia Families" from the William & Mary Quarterly PLUS Virginia Gleanings in England all fit very nicely on one CD instead of taking up most of a shelf. The cost of that one CD is less than one-quarter of the 20 bound volumes of Virginia Genealogist alone.
       This innovation will allow the Society to acquire research resources on a much broader scale instead of relying solely on books and microfilm. Material on states such as Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, North and South Carolina, Indiana, Alabama, Georgia, records of the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, the Civil War, genealogies, marriage records - whatever Is useful and appropriate - all of such importance to the stories of Marion County families - will be added to the research collection as soon as possible.
       Drop by the Society Research Room the next time you're In Yellville and check out this newest research aid. We hope you find doors through all those stone walls and go home gleefully grinning. Mysty McPherson, Purchasing

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L. Don Ott, 140 Blackberry Lane, Lakeview AR 72642

       On a cold, windswept cemetery hill near Flippin, Arkansas, on 28 December 1998, a small group of family and friends gathered to honor Charles Anthony Spear, a Civil War veteran. The ceremony was held to officially install a Civil Wan Veteran Memorial Marker vat the grave of Mr. Spear. Through the diligent efforts of Dewayne Treat of Marshall, Arkansas, and Troy Massey, a leader Iron the Harrison, Arkansas, chapter of Sons of Confederate Veterans, this marble plaque wee prepared and presented to the family for this purpose.
       Little is known of this men other than he was born in Tennessee, probably Giless County, on 19 December 1845 and fought In the Confederate Infantry Forces of Tennessee. He was probably a member of the 3rd Tennessee Regimental Infantry formed in Lynnville TN 19 May 1861. His pension application indicates that during the war he was wounded: 'Shell wound in the left leg about midway between knee and heel. Also, a saber wound in the forehead." He was discharged from the service on 1 March 1865 according to this same pension application.
       In Tennessee he married Sarah Ann Rowland and moved to Arkansas soon after the war. Their daughter Ida Lee Spear married WIlliam Wilson Treat, and many old timers In the Flippin area well remember Bilk and Ida.
       NOTE For those interested in markers for the graves of their Civil War ancestors who would like the Society to help, we can point family members in the right direction. L. Don Ott

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Contributed by Maclan & Angela Miller ""

The first son was usually named after the father's father
The second son was usually named after the mother's father
The third son was usually named after the father.
The fourth son was usually named after the father's eldest brother.
The fifth son was usually named after the mother's eldest brother.
The first daughter was usually named after the mother's mother.
The second daughter was usually named after the father's mother.
The third daughter was usually named after the mother.
The fourth daughters usually named after the mothers eldest sister.
The filth daughter was usually named alter the fathers eldest sister.
This pattern was not always followed exactly, but most would usually keep the pattern for the first three children. If there is a name that was found In every generation (sample John, William, Edward, Charles, etc), thin somewhere in their children you will surely find these names. If one Is stuck finding parents for an ancestor, try this pattern to give a suggestion of a name to search for. Maxine Crabtree. in "The Leftwich Heritage" Spring Edition 1996

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"Why waste your money looking up your family tree. Just go into politics and your opponents will do It for you" Mark Twain

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A list of 1891 Real Estate Transactions was included here - the list is on-line - Real Estate Tax Assessments

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A 1930s photo of Yellville's City Countil was included in here. It's now online in the Photo Gallery

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Mysty McPherson, 35 MC 6023, Yellville, AR"


       E-Mail received from Cathy Barnes 7 January 1999; subject Desmond Walls Allen;
       GREAT NEWS! Yes, I'm shouting! All the blood tests have come In from Desmond's trip to St. Louis in December. Demond is negative for leukemia! She will go January 21st for a stern cell harvest. It may take a week or so to complete the harvest and then the stern cells will be frozen. If the leukemia should ever come back, she will have her own blood marrow transplant. No one in her family was a match and there can be rejection problems in getting bone marrow from the bone marrow bank.
       E-mail received from John Groom 118 January 1999; subject Desmond Walls Allen;
       Desmond Walls Allen is an absolutely fabulous genealogist, well known throughout the world, of Conway, who's emphasis has always been upon Arkansas families, counties, other subjects, etc. There's hardly a soul she's met personally or via the web who she hasn't generously helped and encouraged. She's written literally dozens of publications which practically everyone studying genealogy in the Great State of Arkansas must surely have researched!
       Some time ago, we were hit with the bad news that Des had cancer, and, thanks to Cathy's message, we are now made aware that it appears she has beaten it! This has got to be another confirmation that God answers prayer, cuz I am confident that everyone who knows her has prayed, to their own God in their own way, for Des' recovery. She is a GIANT and a SAINT among those who know her, and I'm so thrilled tot her! Can't wait to hear she's back on the road lecturing, publishing more great sources of information.

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       1840 MCAR CENSUS - In 1840 there were six townships in Marion County AR. These were Blythe, Buffalo Fork, Little North Fork, Sugar Loaf, Union, and White River.
       Within these six townships lived 158 boys and 134 girls aged 5 and under; 110 boys and 98 girls aged 5-10; 87 boys and 81 girls aged 10-15; and 51 boys and 60 girls aged 15-20. And there were 122 men and 109 women aged 20-30; 57 men and 44 women aged 30-40; 30 men and 26 women aged 40-50; 21 men and 10 women aged 50-60; 10 men and 8 women aged 60-70; 2 men and 2 women aged 70-80; and 1 man aged 90-100. Added to this were 37 male and 28 female free white coloreds.
       Hence, four years after Arkansas became a state and Marion became a county, there was a total of 649 males from newborns to one nearing a century and 572 females living here. Of these, 669 were children and 522 were adults. Either way it adds up to a total of 1,221 people.
          Complied by Mysty McPherson.

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AR Democrat Gazette daily plus archived

Bureau of Land Management (BLM)

Links to census & land military records online

Lots of OK data - Linda Haas Davenport Archivist

Locate any Arkansas county

Baxter Co AR Historical & Genealogical Society

Newton Co AR Kathy Hudson Coordinator

Pope Co. AR - Jacquelyn Bonds, Coordinator

Polk Co AR Jerry & Lennie Howell Coordinators

Sasser family in Marion Co. AR

Lewallen +++ Linda Haas Davenport home page

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E-Mail list for queries etc. re genealogical researching (OK)

SMITH & LAFFOON - Clarissa Stuart -

LAFFON - James D. Laffoon -

E-Mail list for queries, etc Ann McDonald, list owner (Searcy) -

MALER - Barbara Graham -

WEAST - Don G Kirk -

EVANS, SPURLOCK, MAYNARD, TIPPIT - this is a change -

E-Mail list for queries, etc. Rhio Gillis list owner (Marion) -

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        Queries is published in Bramble Bush as a service to researchers who may wish to exchange information of mutual historic and/or genealogical interests. Queries from both members and non-members are accepted, and are published in Order of receipt, as space permits. If you respond to a query, kindly send a copy of your answer to Bramble Bush. Responsibility for accuracy of data in queries rests with the submitter.
       BURRIS - YOUNGER: Looking for any to exchange correspondence and/or email on the BURRIS and YOUNGER families. My grandmother, MOLLIE BELLE BURRIS married 1891 JOHN WILLIS YOUNGER. Seek ancestors and siblings of Mollie. Wilma Norton, 528 Tamarack Drive, Lodi CA 95240.
       BRIGHTWELL - DePRIEST: Seek ancestors/descendants of these families and/or connections with LANCASTER, RIGGINS, and ANGEL families to help trace my direct line ancestry to point and time of entry to USA and country/tribe of origin. Virginia Sue (Brightwell) Cook, 224 Little St. SW#2, Turnwater WA 98512.
       COWAN-LEWALLEN-PHILOCK: Seek proof parents of my father JESSE RAY COWAN (b prob St. Louis MO 20 Jan 1933 m CORAL ANN EMORY) were JOHN WILLIAM COWAN b Yellville 17 Jan 1866 d St. Louis MO 3 Nov 1941 and 2nd wife LULA (RIORDAN) PHILOCK. JOHN WILLIAM COWAN m/1 EMMA LEE LEWALLEN b 17 March 1867 d 19 June 1926. Children by 1st wife: Willie Belle, Elizabeth Nell, Charles Henry, Mildred H., Rachel R., Alfred H , John LeRoy, Innis lnez, Helen Beatrice. Children by 2nd wife: John Earl b Muskogee OK 18 Dec 1928, Ray b 20 Jan 1932/3, Inice b 17 June 1936. Amanda Ann "Mandy" (Cowan) Roberts, or HBSMCA, P0 Box 761, Yellville, AR 72687
       LOVELADY: Seek info JOHN and ELIZABETH LOVELADY. In MCAR 1900 with daughters FAYREAN, DOLLY, EDNEY, end ALLIE. The parents are not in the MCAR 1910 census and the children are living with relatives. When did the parents die and where are they buried? James Hurst, 302 N 8th, Tecumseh OK 74873.
       MARLER - CRUISE - YOUNG: Searching for obituaries or cemeteries for LUKE MARLER b 1797 d ca 1907, his wife REBECCA CRUISE b 1803, his son WILLIAM T. MARLER b 1833, and his wife ELIZA JANE YOUNG. Stella Thornburg. Rt2 Box 1050, Wister OK 74966-9725
       MATLOCK - SHELTON - CANNON - HAMM: Seek contact with descendants of SMITH MATLOCK b Humphreys Co. TN 1824-1826 d MCAR 30 March 1904 by Pleasant Ridge Cemetery m/1 LETSIE SHELTON; m/2 CASS CANNON; m/3 HARRIET HAMM.Caroll (Matlock) Moore, RT 1 Box 734, Glencoe OK 74032.
       PACE - STONE - LANTZ: Did JOSEPH PACE b MCAR 17 Oct 1853 m/2 ca 1871 JULIA A (STONE) LANTZ (sister of G W Stone, widow of Martin V. B. Lantz or William Lantz) b MO 1844 d MCAR bef 1880? Did they have children ELIZABETH JANE PACE b MCAR 1873 and WARREN PACE b MCAR 1879? I'm curious because this is what I've found in the old records of Mary Pace Andrews. Julie Predmore - - or HGSMCA, P0 Box 761, Yellville, AR 72687
       SANDERS - RANDALL - POPLIN: Seek info WILLIAM LEMUEL "Lumpy Bill" SANDERS living James Creek Township 1900 and 1910 m/1 8 Sep 1887 SUSAN L. RANDALL; m/2 2 March 1895 VINETTA POPLIN. Children: James Henderson/Harrison: Stephen Wallace: Ara Jane; William Allen, Faye (Sanders) Rhodes, 10708 NE 5th St, Midwest City OK 73170.

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       Families & Fairs is designed to announce dates and places of reunions, ancestor fairs, and historical commemorations wherever they may be held. The information must reach us no later than March 15, June 15, September 15, and/or December 15 to be included In the next issue of Bramble Bush. The name and address of a contact person must be included. This feature is free of charge.
       COBB - SASSER REUNION: Saturday, 26 June 1999. Meeting lodge at Wentz Camp, Ponca City OK. Contact Bobbie S. Grant -
       NORTH ARKANSAS ANCESTOR FAIR: Thursday 3 June thru Saturday 6 June 1999. Leslie Public School, Leslie AR Contact James J. Johnston. Email:johnston©
       OTT FAMILY REUNION: John and Sarah (Owens) Ott Family. Memorial Day Weekend in Marion Co. AR Contact Don Ott, 140 Blackberry Lane, Lakeview, AR 72642. Email

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       SERVICE DIRECTORY is published in Bramble Bush as a service to those who may Wish to advertise some of the many books, products, and services available that relate to historic and/or genealogical research. The charge per ad is $12 per year. Ads from both members and non-members are accepted The name and address of a contact person must accompany each ad.
       "EARLY DAYS OF MARION COUNTY" Lester & Marion Burnes, $25. Marion S. Burnes, P0 Box 365, Yellville, AR 72687
       GENEALOGICAL RESEARCH. Marion Co. AR and surrounding areas. Experienced researcher. $10 per hour plus copy costs and postage. Vicki Roberts, 2362 MC 5032, Yellville AR 72687; (501)-449-6195 aft 6:00pm CST
       GENEALOGICAL RESEARCH. Marion Co AR area. $10 per hour plus copy costs and postage. Experienced researcher. Mysty McPherson, 35 MC 6023, Yellville AR 7268Z (501)-449-5223. E-mail:
       "INDEX TO THE MOUNTAIN ECHO 12 March 1886 thru 26 June 1903." Births, marriages, deaths. $23.50 + $3 50 s/h. Margie Garr, 1505 Mistletoe, Mountain Home AR 72653, (870)-425.0405.
       IZARD CO. AR 1830 FEDERAL CENSUS, indexed, $4. Nancy A. Wood, 4643 S 28 Avenue Tulsa OK 74107
       MARION CO. AR 1840 FEDERAL CENSUS, indexed, $4. Nancy A Wood, 4643 S 28 Avenue, Tulsa OK 74107
       MARION CO. AR 1850 FEDERAL CENSUS, indexed, $10. Nancy A. Wood. 4643 S 28 Avenue, Tulsa OK 74107
       MARION CO, AR 1880 FEDERAL CENSUS, indexed, $21. G1adys Horn Brown. HGSMCA, P0 Box 781, Yellville, AR 72687.
       "MARION COUNTY CEMETERIES" Marion S. Burnes. $20. Mar/on S. Burnes, P0 Box 365, Yellville, AR 72687
       "MARION CO. FAMILIES 1811-1900." Genealogies of 400+ families settling in MCAR by 1900. Hardbound. $60. HGSMCA, P0 Box 761, Yellville, AR 72687
       "MARION COUNTY MARRIAGES 1888-1896" Marion S. Burnes & Vicki A. Roberts $12. Marion S. Burnes, P0 Box 365, Yellville, AR 72687.
       "MARION COUNTY MARRIAGES 1897-1906" Marion S. Burnes & Vicki A. Roberts $15. Marion S. Burnes, PO Box 385. Yellville, AR 72687.
       "MARION COUNTY MARRIAGES 1906-1911" Marion S. Burnes & Vicki A. Roberts $15. Marian S. Burnes, PD Box 385, Yellville, AR 72687
       "MARION COUNTY POST OFFICES" Mysty McPherson. $4. Mysty McPherson, 35 MC 6923, Yellville, AR 72687
       "MARLON COUNTY 1890 CENSUS." Reconstructed from 1880 & 1900 census; land, tax records, etc. Hardbound $40 Helen McMindes, 626 West South Avenue, Harrison, AR 72601.

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       Membership in the Historical Genealogical Society of Marion County Arkansas is $12 per year
       Membership for one year runs from 1 January to 31 December of that year.
       Membership includes the quarterly newsletter Bramble Bush.
       Membership begun later in the year includes all issues of Bramble Bush for that year.
       Make your check for $12 payable to HGSMCA and send to HGSMCA, P0 Box 761, Yellville, AR 72687-9612

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       Bramble Bush is published quarterly by the Historic Genealogical Society of Marion County Arkansas, PO Box 761, Yellville AR 72687. EDITORIAL STAFF: Editor, Vicki Roberts; Design/Production, Mysty McPherson; Art Work, Bonnie Sanders; Queries, Mary Birrer; Subscriptions, Barbara Holland; Printing, Quality Quick Printing, 828 Pine St., Harrison AR 72601; Contributing writers: L. Don Ott, Mysty McPherson, Janice Mears, Angela Miller. HGSMCA Officers: Chair Vicki Roberts; Vice-Chair, Don Duggins; Secretary, Mary Birrer; Treasurer, Barbara Holland; Grants/Purchasing Mysty McPherson.

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