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Welcome to the Marion County Photo Gallery

Photo Album

Say Hello to our Ancestors and Help Us Identify Our Unknown Ancestors

If you have a photo that you would like to submit to our gallery please read the instructions and follow them carefully. Thanks Linda

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Groups & Places of Marion Co AR Class photos, other groups, houses, lakes, etc.

Alphabetic by surname click on the letters below to be taken to that section. Use your Find key to search for females (they are listed under their married name).
A B C D E F G H I J K L M Mc N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

A   Top
Adams, John Q Family From History of Marion Co
Allen, Elizabeth "Eliz" Jane Covington
Angel, John M & Parasidia Clementine (Garrett)

B  Top
Baldridge Family
Dink Berry & Laura Flossie Jenkins Family
Black, Josie
Blyeth Aaron & Missouri (Newton)
Brannan, Thomas & Luvenia Estes
Brantley, Benjamin & Annie (Vickers )
Brantley Clan:
Brantley, Charlie, Ethel, Claude & Unknown child
Bridges, James Edward
Bridges, James Edward & Eunice D. "Una" Martin Bridges Cantrell with unknown children
Bridges, Una, Sarah & Cynthia Crownover, Ed Bridges & John West
Briggs, Andy Children From History of Marion Co pg 140
Briggs, Martha Elmeda (Patterson) & daughters: Elmeda Mae, Lourene Lea & Hester Edith Rebecca
Brown, Barbara Elizabeth (Whitlock)
Brown, William Leiper
Burch, Murcer & Winnie (Mathes)
Burnes Family From History of Marion Co pg 146
Burns, Bradford & Jane (Falkenberry)
Burnes, Bradford Family
Burnes, Calvin
Burns, Charlotte Barbara
Burnes/Goodall Family
Burns, Thomas
Burns, Arizonia "Zonia"
Burruss, George Walter & Prilda (Maxey)

C  Top
Cain, Hester Clara & Rozell Buena
Cain, William Spencer & Mary Cordelia (Crownover) Family
Cantrell, Rhoda
Carson Daughters: Martha Ellen, Francis Jane "Fannie," Sara Mira, Malinda Elnora, & Alice Lee
Carson, Ken
Carson, Nancy Eliz. (Horner) & Neville Carson Moon
Carson, Oscar Jefferson, Jesse Franklin "Frank," & John William "Will"
Chappelle, George Elbert
Chappell, Mary (Fee)
Cheek, Susan (Thompson) Family
Cheek Family - Four Generations
Clark Family
Coker, Anna (Stinnett)
Coker, George W. & Family
Coker, Logan & William
Cornell, Cal & Emma Family From History of Marion Co pg 151
Covington, James Wesley & Eliza Jane (Allen)
Cowan, Margaret (Starnes) From History of Marion Co pg 155
Cowdrey, Elizabeth (outside link)
Crownover, Dara and Docie
Crownover, James Hiram & Lucinda Evelyn (Scott) Family
Crownover, Mary Cordelia
Crownover, Mary Coredila, Lucinda Evelyn (Scott) and Emma Lucinda Charles (Charlie) Cummings, Willie Parker Cummings & sons, Jones Woodson and William Woodrow Cummings

D  Top
Davenport (George & Martha) Family
Davenport, Mary C (Williams)
Davis, Doc AB & Sofronia Magness Family
Denison, Emmiline (Yocham)
Derryberry, Elizabeth (Sullivan)
Derryberry, Gilbert Family
Dobbs, Felix Family From History of Marion Co pg 161
Dodson, Eli, Jr. & possibly William Dees
Dodson, Eli, Jr. sitting in his chair
Dodson, Eli, Jr. & Cantrell, Mary Catherine
Dodson, Eli, Jr, some of his children
Dodson, Eli, Jr & Family
Dodson, Eli, Jr. Tombstone & Cemetery Information
Dowd, Cpt James (outside link)

E   Top
Estes, John Wesley & Dennis and Layton, Frank
Estes, Martin Oliver & grandson Alford, James
Estes, Marvin & Dennis

F  Top
Fee Family
Fee, Frank
Fee, Sarah (Talburt) & unknown people
Flippin, W.B. From History of Marion Co pg 168
Floyd, J. C. From History of Marion Co pg 171
Frost, Will & Pearl's Cabin

G  Top
Garrett, Henrietta (Hinson)
Goodall, James & Minnie (Wells) Family

H   Top
Hall, Luther B
Hampton, Martha Elizabeth (Williams)
Hand, Fate Family From History of Marion Co pg 176
Hand, J.H. (Henry) Family From History of Marion Co pg 175
Hart, Ellen Layton Estes & daughters
Henley, Samuel S
Henley, Thomas, Anna, Ross & Floyd
Henry, Flora Ann (Flippin)
Henry, James Anual & Jug Flippin
Hoodenpyle, Mary Elizabeth Forest
Horner Brothers
Horner, George, Lou Ada (Doshier) & Inez
Horner, Sara Mira
Horner, Thomas Jefferson Family
Horton, William
Hudspeth, John Wesley
Hurst, John & Amanda (Adams)
Hurst, Opal

I  Top
Ingle, Gaines Family

J   Top
Jackson, Emily (Noe) & daughters From History of Marion Co pg 233
Jefferson, Cowdrey, Estes and Woods Families (outside link - Rhio's site)
Jefferson & Cowdrey family plus unknowns
Jenkins, George W. & Sarah (Sanders) family
Johnson Family From History of Marion Co pg 191
Johnson, Henry Clay Family
Jones W R From History of Marion Co pg 193
Jones, Neva

K  Top
Keeter, Henry Clay Family
Keheley, Floyd
Kelley, Charles & unknown men

L  Top
Lemon, Chester Bill - 7 months old
Lewallen, Charles "Charlie"
Lewallen / McCracken Clan
Loffer-Adams Wedding
Lowery, Columbus & Julina (Elam)
Lowery, Franklin & Manerva (Tabor)
Lumpkin, John & Amanda (Brantley)
Lumpkin, Thomas & Martha (Starkey)

M  Top
Mathes, Michael & Winnie (Wood)
Martin, Coy & Lee Ellen Martin Hightower Davenport and others unidentified
Martin, Coy & Ula Holden
Martin, Loyd & Charlie
Fishermen Martin, Loyd & Rose, Fielding & Henry, James & William
Martin, Opal & Delmar Coffee
Martin, Samuel Lee
Matlock Family (outside link)
Matlock, Jess
Matlock, Sanford & Margaret (Mooney)
Mears, Cecil, Don, Bertha & Charlotte with early school bus
Medley, Lee
Merriman, Bryant & Alice (Henderson)
Morgan, Clara (Smith)

Mc  Top
McCracken, Elam Sulve Jr & Mary Kathern (King)
McCracken, Gus L. From History of Marion Co pg 213
McCracken, Pearl (Garrison), Lewallen, Virgie (White), McCracken, Sarah (Lewallen)
McCracken, Mary (Fee) & Roger
McCracken, Thomps, John & Joe Hull From History of Marion Co pg 209
McDaniel, Arthur
McEntire, George & Mary (Parker) Family
McEntire, Archibald
McEntire, Temperance (Casey)

N  Top
Nanny, Rupert
Newton, Ebenezer & Nancy (Jones)
Nix, Anna
Norton, James W.
Norton, James & Bernis - Tombstone

O  Top
Orcutt, Augustus & Mary (Cull)
Orcutt, Seymour Wooford & Marth Ann (Yocham) Family
Osbourn Family. From History of Marion Co pg 226
Osborn, Jones Family

P  Top
Pace, William Thompson "Thomps"
Pannell, George & Kirby
Parker & Hudson Family
Parker, James & Magdalene (Sanders)
Parker, James William "Bunk" & Nancy Paralee (Stills)
Parker, Johnathan Cole, Jr & Lucinda (Hampton)
Parker, Malissa & Sarah & William Brand
Pannell, George & Kirby
Parker, William "Billy" J.
Parker, William & Mary (McCracken)
Willie Parker Cummings, husband, Charles (Charlie) Cummings, & sons, Jones Woodson and William Woodrow Cummings
Patterson, Dallas Reynolds "Dale" & Lena Faye (Carter)
Patterson, George Marvin & Alice Lee (Carson) Wedding Day
Patterson, George Marvin & Alice Lee (Carson) 50th Anniversary
Patterson, George Marvin & Keeter, G. B. "Gatey" & Unknown Man
Patterson, Oscar, George Marvin, & Bob
Patterson, Rebecca Mariah (Dozier) Adams and Nina Brady
Patterson, Rebecca Mariah (Doshier) Adams & Children
Patterson, Rebecca and the women of her family
Perkins Family From History of Marion Co pg 270
Pilgrim, William & Mary Susan (Lowrance) Family
Pyle, George Martin Family

Q  Top

R   Top
Randle, "Grandma"(need info)
Ritter, Fate & Rachel Burch
Rose, Isaac "Doc" Family. From History of Marion Co pg 249

S  Top
Sanders, Callie with four of her children
Seay Family
Seay, Ervn & Betty
Smith, John & Julia Ann (Burns)
Smith, Sylvanas & Nancy (Walker)
Smith, Sylvanas and two unknown men
Smith, Sylvanas Family
Stanley, J D house Sherly would like confirmation this is the J D Stanley home
Stanley, Tom & Sara Mira (Horner)
Steudeman, Rosie (Gray)
Stinet, Ed & Dee
Stokes, John
Stonecipher, James & Sarah (Lowry) Family
Stonecipher, James Heywood Family Reunion
Sullivan, Augusty (Horton)
Sullivan, Clyde
Sullivan, Newton Cannon & Pinkney Monroe Daniel

T   Top
Talbert, John Hurst & Isabel (Erwin)
Talbert, John Hurst & unknown men
Talbert, John's home in Flippin

U  Top

V  Top
Vanzandt, Olden George L.
Vickers, Jim Taken at Rush Creek in 1935
Vickers, (Lovell) Maryan "Merm" and Volf family

W  Top
Wagoner, Emma
Waltman, Phillip & Catharine (Fink)
Ward Family
Weast, Dr L M & wife From History of Marion Co pg 265
Weast, Sophia
West, John P. and others
Whitlock, Arkie & Florence
Whitlock, Jasper J & Elizabeth (Ogle) Family
Whitlock, Roy & Jim & Jake Smith
Whitlock, William & Jass & others
Wickersham Photos (outside link)
Wickersham, Jasper Family
Wickersham, John Lessenger (outside link)
Wickersham, Laura A (outside link)
Willingham, C A Family From History of Marion Co pg 268
Wise, William Family Possible match with Unknown photo # 13
Wolf, Dow Family. From History of Marion Co pg 277
Wood, George Edward
Wood, Lee & E.B. From History of Marion Co pg 271
Wood, William Children. From History of Marion Co pg 272

X  Top

Y  Top

Yocham, James M, Matilda (Beasley) & George Richard Yocham
Yocham, James Allen Family
Younger, Claude E
Younger, Perilda Family

Z  Top

Dividing Line

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Linda Haas Davenport