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<Myths, Legends and Stories of Marion Co AR
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As we research our families we need to have more than just the bare bones of dates and places. It takes stories and history to flesh out those bare bones to be able to see the people. To give us an understanding of how they lived and the times they lived in. Along the way we gain a better understanding of ourselves by learing who we come from.

This Page is devoted to stories about Marion County. If you have a story you wish to share please set it up in your word processing program and send it to me to be as an attachment.

A note about Copyright: Keep in mind these stories belong to the submitter. Please do not copy them (except for your own personal use) without permission of the submitter. If you want visitors to your website to see something here please link to it - do not copy the item and place it on your site.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I've changed the link name on these articles so they will gain a higher ranking in the search engines. If you have any of these stories bookmarked please be sure to change them.

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Marion County History:
     Marion County As She Was in 1836
     How Marion County Was Formed
     A Brief History of Marion County
     A bit of Marion County's Past
     Shawneetown (Yellville) Arkansas

About Life "Back Then"
     Excerpts from Wild Sports in the West by Friedrich Gerstacker
     Mountain Life in the Ozarks

The Tutt-Everett "War" of Marion Co:
     The Tutt-Everett-King War of Marion Co
     The Tutt-Everett War"By a Decendent of the Sheriff
     The Tutt-Everett War Another Version
     Jesse M Everett Did not kill Hamp Tutt

Shared Memories
     Memories of Wilma Catherine Morrow
     Memories of Pearl McCrackin Garrison
     My First Trip to Yellville & the Fair
     Twelve Years Old and Living in the Woods of Marion Co AR
     JC Cheek's Roots in Marion Co
     Sweet Memories of a Marion Co
     Newspaper Article about Doretha Shipman
     Old Dillar Settlement 2000 by Doretha Simpman
     Old Dillar Settlement Jan-Jun 2001 by Doretha Simpman
     Old Dillar Settlement Jul-Dec 2001 by Doretha Simpman
     Old Dillar Settlement 2002 by Doretha Simpman
     Old Dillar Settlement 2005 by Doretha Simpman

History & Memories
     Early Days & War Times by Thomas Jerome Estes (1852-1938)
     Old Times & Families on the Buffalo
     Transcription of W.B. Flippin's Articles in the Mt. Echo
     Transcription of W R Jones Articles in the Mt. Echo
     The Turnbow Manuscripts

Civil War Times
     Civil War Letter Describing the Peace Society
     Arkansas Anti-Civil War Sentiment

     Signed with an X and Missing Marriage Records
     Giving Thanks to Ancestors
     Trail of Tears thru Marion Co.
     "The Murder Done by Hiram Bais, Jr.
     The Murder of Charley L. Hampton
     The Yocum Silver Dollar from another perspective
     Elmira Wagoner Aged 114
     The Legend of "Bucket Joe"
     The Naming Of Oakland, Marion County, AR
     Dodd City - A Small Forgotten Town In Marion Co, AR
     Cotter AR Historical District
     Life in the Ozark MountainsMountain Home History Center

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