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Submitted by:Vicki Roberts

Flowers Dividing Line

       A lost cemetery has been discovered on Lee's Mountain. Since this cemetery is on Lee's Mountain and the Davis Family owned most of this land at one time we feel that it is fitting to call it the Lee's Mountain/Davis Cemetery. If anyone out there knows the real name please feel free to let me know so the signs can be completed correctly
       The cemetery was bladed off in the early 1970's and the Lee's Mountain Estates were started and sold. Lot 48 on the top of Lee's Mountain was purchased with the impression that there was at least one pioneer grave on this land. The purchaser came to the Heritage society asking us to re-mark and re-dedicate this cemetery. Carl McBee, Barbara Armsfield, Mickey Wagoner, Deputy , Mike Moffet, Investigator, three inmates and myself worked most of the day on Tuesday May 6, 2008 to mow, weed-eat, and set markers for this lost cemetery. In going back through old records I was able to find the names of several buried there.
       We know for a fact that W.C. WHITLOCK, d. 1863, killed by bushwhackers, found by his wife where the killers had left him. She carried him towards home and Cinda STINNNETT; a colored woman helped prepare him for burial. According to S.C. Turnbo he was buried on Lee's Mountain over looking the new town of Flippin.
       His daughter, Sarah Emiline d. 1857, her body was first buried in the yard of their home, but after the war and Mr. WHITLOCK's death, Mrs. WHITLOCK had the body moved to it's final resting place by her father in 1870.

Other's buried in this cemetery:

Perry Davis Died March 1891 at the age of 1 or 2. The son of Andy DAVIS and Roseanna KIMBRELL. ( Mt. Echo 1891 and great uncle to Carl McBee)

Perry DAVIS, infant son of Boyd and Ella DAVIS b. March 1910 MCAR d. before 1920 MCAR (Boyd was a brother of the first Perry.)(Mt Echo)

DAVIS Mamie, d/o Boyd and Ella DAVIS. b. July 1908 d. shortly after 1910. (Mt Echo)

DAVIS Infant of Boyd and Ella DAVIS no date. (Mt Echo)

Rebecca KLUTTS DODD 25 July 1832 NC 28 May 1871 MCAR ( S.C. Turnbo)

JOHNSON Infant d. Feb 1895 child of John JOHNSON ( Mt. Echo 1895)

William PHILLIPS d. June 1900 Typhoid Fever (Mt. Echo)

Mary BAKER w/o L.F. BAKER d. May 1899 ( Mt. Echo)

Wife of James JOHNSON d. 10 Mar 1886 ( Mt. Echo

Ole Man JOHNSON d. 16 July 1886

Wife of G.T. ROBINSON d. 1891 Fallen Ash

Baby ROBINSON, Infant of G.T. ROBINSON d. 1891 Fallen Ash

Loranzo D. TERRY killed on the side of Lee's Mountain during the Civil War

Unknown Child d. 1863 starved to death

Unknown Child d. 1864 Starved to Death.

       We have some information that over 54 of these graves were those of people who died between 1905 and 1907 from some type of fever or epidemic.
       As you can see all of these graves are very old. I believe the last graves were about 1907 or 08.
       We may never know who all the graves belong to but we can safely say that there are 82 graves on that hill and after May 6, 2008 they will be remembered and their last resting-place will be marked.
       If any of the readers out there have knowledge of this cemetery their input would be welcome.
       My information comes from Mt Echo obits and news, S.C. Turnbo and the Davis family records.
           Thanks for your help.
           Vicki Roberts

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