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Cemetery Gate

by Linda Haas Davenport

Flowers Dividing Line

       When Bull Shoals Reservoir was built in 1948-1950 the Corp of Engineers surveyed each cemetery that was found in the area where the new lake would be. Each of these cemeteries was surveyed, a map was made showing the location of each gravesite, each gravesite was numbered on the map and the information about the grave was recorded.
       Once the cemetery was mapped the removal of the bodies began. Either the bodies were re-interned in an existing cemetery or a new cemetery was built. In either event a map was made of the area or new cemetery and as the bodies were re-interned the location of the new gravesite was recorded and cross-referenced. As much as possible the relationship of graves was maintained in the new location. If the original gravesite had a tombstone it was moved along with the body.
       The end result of the movement of all of these cemeteries is 91 pages of maps and lists of names.
       I'm going to try to get the maps online. If a map is online a link will be shown on the cemetery listing and on the index. If you would like to have a map that is not yet online send me an email and I'll send them to you.
       Shortly after I placed these cemetery listings online I received an email asking me "What possible use are these lists since they don't contain the information found on the tombstone?" It's true the lists contain only names, but the location of the original cemetery will give you a clue to the area in which your ancestor lived since most people were buried close to their home. The location of the new cemetery and grave location will allow you to locate the grave. If the list give a name then it is probable there was a tombstone in the old cemetery and it has been relocated to the new one. By using the lists, which are in the order found in the old cemetery, clues to relationships may be found, an unmarked grave found with other family members may be your missing ancestor, and the list of uses goes on and on.
       Many of the original cemeteries were small family cemeteries - Glover, Long, Hawkins, etc. but do not assume that your ancestor will be found only in a family cemetery bearing his/her surname. For example there are no Parkers in the Parker Cemetery, but there are several McCrackens. Use the search engine on the main page or browse the lists.

Dividing Line

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Linda Haas Davenport