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Marion County, AR 1850 Census Records
Abstract of Families 301-363
Enumerated by: James M Cowdry
Transcribed by: Constance Ortiz & Linda Davenport

Dividing Line

The Enumeration Date for the 1850 Census was 1 Jun 1850 with five months to complete the census. All information was to be accurate as of June 1, 1850.

Need to know more about the 1850 census? Go here

IMPORTANT NOTE: The families on this census were not visited in any kind of order. Pay close attention to the Township designation. When several families are found (one after the other) in the same township it is possible they are neighbors. Otherwise you cannot assume that the people listed next to each other are neighbors. Also from notes made on the census schedules it's apparent that Mr. Cowdrey transcribed his original schedules to produce a copy and it is the copy that was microfilmed.

Columns -
1= Townships: U=Union; W=White River; B=Buffalo; N=North Fork; P=Prairie; S=Sugar Loaf
2=Dwelling number & family number. When two or more families live together each family was to be assigned a number. Mr. Cowdrey did this for only one family.
3=Individual's Last Name. Names in ( ) are maiden names submitted by Constance
4=Individual's First Name
5=Age at last birthday. For children less than one year old their age is given in months (m=Months). The 1850 Census year is Jun 1849-May 1850. A child listed as 1m (1 month old) would have been born in Jun 1849.
6=Individual's Sex
7=Individual's Occupation & other information. Occupation or trade was to be listed for all males over the age of 15. A wife's occupation is assumed to be "Keeping House" and is not listed. The race for non-White free individuals. Medical Condition if any. M-Y=the individual was married within the Census year.
8=Value of the individual's Real Estate. Ten't=Tenant; Rent=Renter
9=State (or country) the individual was born in. It is difficult to decipher the state. For example MO & MS are almost impossible to tell apart. unk=unknown
10=Education: If the individual attended school at any time in the census year (school). For all individuals over the age of 20 whether they can Read & Write. NoRW=the individual cannot read & write.

Page numbers: The 1850 census schedules were printed on both sides of a page and were bound together. The front of a schedule page has a stamped page number located on the upper section on the right side of the page and the backside of the schedule page is not numbered. The page with the number is designated as A and the back undernumber page is designated as B. Marion County's census begins on page 309A. I have numbered the pages of the census in order and included the stamped numbers. example: Page 1 (309A)

The date shown beside the page number is the date the family was visited. (Keep in mind the information was to be accurate as of June 1st and not the visitation date)

Clicking on a link will give you more information on the individual. If you have corrections or information to share please send it to me. Thanks Linda

Dividing Line

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Page 44 (330B) - Nov 29 - Top of Page
P 301-302 Davis William 41 M Farmer 1000 TN
Pamela A 36 F TN NoRW
Thomas B 10 M TN school
Nancy R 9 F TN school
Elizabeth A 4 F TN
William A 1 M TN
Rogers William 25 M Teacher AL
Gilliam Jacob 21 M Farmer AL
P 302-303 Gourd Richard 30 M Blacksmith Rent VA
Mury E 26 F NC school
Mary F 6 F TN
Sarah e 4 F TN
P 303-304 Hudson Seaborn 19 M Farmer 50 AR
Jane 50 F TN NoRW
Emerline 17 F AR
Gibson 13 M AR
John 11 M AR
Durrell 8 M AR
P 304-305 Bradshaw James L 27 M Farmer 125 NC
Martha 24 F TN
Nancy E 1 F AR
P 305-306 Willbourne Fielding 45 M Farmer 1000 GA
Francis 43 F GA NoRW
John U 23 M Farmer AL
Amanda M 15 F AR
Joseph 14 M AR school
Emily A 12 F AR school
Juliann 8 F AR
Fielding C 4 M AR
Berry W 2 M AR
John M 15 M Farmer AR school
P 306-307 Taylor Sylvester 28 M Farmer Ten't TN
Sally Ann 20 F TN
Robert M 1 M AR
Elizabeth 2m F AR
P 307-308 Langston Richard 42 M Farmer 1000 VA
Elizabeth 48 F KY NoRW
Nancy 18 F MO
Davis Mary F 6 F AR school
Page 45 (331A) - (cont'd)
Clement Nathan 30 M Farmer NY
Elizabeth 20 F KY NoRW
Sarah L 11m F AR
Herd John 13 M AR
Page 45 (331A) - Nov 30 - Top of Page
P 308-309 Martin Samuel 32 M Farmer Ten't AL
Sarah 30 F TN
James C 9 M TN
Mary R 7 F TN
John M 5 M TN
Louisa J 3 F TN
Jonathan D 1 M AR
P 309-310 Batterfield Phillip 36 M Frmr/NoRW 100 * *Germany
Deborah 23 F AR NoRW
Alexander 8 M AR
Philip 5 M AR
Malinda J 2 F AR
Frances M 8m F AR
P 310-311 Conley Rhoda 45 F Farmer 200 GA NoRW
Barnet 23 M Farmer AL
Keriah 18 F AR
James 16 M Farmer AR
P 311-312 Coker George W 37 M Farmer 800 TN
Nancy 30 F AL NoRW
Joel S 10 M AR
Francis R 8 F AR
Mary J 6 F AR
George W 4 M AR
Emerline 3 F AR
Margaret E 2 F AR
Eliza 3m F AR
Shelton John 18 M Farmer TN
P 312-313 King Joel 60 M Farmer 2000 VA NoRW
Nancy 58 F VA NoRW
Barnette B 19 M Farmer AR school
Eliza Jane 15 F AR
Rose Benjamin 13 M TN
Cheatham Avis 60 F VA NoRW
P 313-314 Arnold John 31 M Farmer 50 AL
Elizabeth 26 F TN NoRW
Ralph 7 M AL
Mahala C 5 F AL
William 3 M AR
Page 46 (331B) - (cont'd)
Sarah Ann 1 F AR
Page 46 (331B) - Nov 30 - Top of Page
P 314-315 Arnold Ralph 33 M Farmer 300 MO
U 315-316 Everett Leah 47 F Farmer 200 KY NoRW
Jasper 20 M Farmer / NoRW KY school
Minerva 19 F AR school
Nancy J 17 F AR school
George C 14 M AR school
Sarah Ann 12 F AR
James H 10 M AR
Simeon A 8 M AR
Elizabeth C 6 F AR
U 316-317 Farmer James 37 M Farmer 300 KY
Mary Jane 34 F VA
Nancy H 12 F AR school
Abram B 10 M AR school
Martha C 8 F AR school
James Wm 6 M AR
John W 4 M AR
William B 1 M AR
U 317-318 Estes Edward 54 M Wagon maker 200 TN NoRW
Sarah 37 F AL NoRW
Sarah 30 F TN NoRW
Jane 17 F TN
Jasper N 12 M TN school
Pleasant B 2 M AR
Beicher Elizabeth 15 F AL
Jane 12 F AL
David 10 M AL
Brooks Elizabeth 36 F TN NoRW
Jacob 13 M IL
Nancy J 10 F IL
Sarah J 6 F IL
Reyburn 2 M AR
U 318-319 Wilson Elisha 32 M Farmer Ten't NC
Agness 32 F NC
James A 7 M NC
William A 5 M NC
Cyrus C 3 M AR
George 1 M AR
U 319-320 Mathis Michael 32 M Blacksmith 2000 TN
Winney 26 F TN NoRW
Mary 10 F AR
Page 47 (332A) - (cont'd)
Jane 8 F AR
Winney 6 F AR
Henry C 4 M AR
Catherine 2 F AR
Page 47 (332A) - Dec 2 - Top of Page
W 320-321 Murphy Thompson 47 M Farmer 200 unk
Sarah 40 F IL NoRW
Matilda 14 F AR
John 10 M AR
Williams James 17 M Farmer MO
Francis 15 M Farmer MO
Sarah Jane 13 F MO
Mary J 11 F MO
B 321-322 Ray John K 34 M Farmer 500 KY
Martha L 30 F TN NoRW
John C 14 M IL
Malinda 12 F IL
Tramnrel 10 M IL
Wilson F 8 M IL
John C 6 M IL
Leonard 4 M IL
Amanda M 2 F AR
Jenominata 6m F AR
U 322-323 Stephens Henry 32 M Farmer 300 TN
Margaret 20 F AR NoRW
Isaac 3 M AR
Sarah Jane 2 F AR
U 323-324 Martin James D 40 M Teacher & Meth Ten't AR NoRW
Mary B 45 F    Preacher KY
Sarah E 14 F AR
Daniel H 12 M AR
Mary Jane 7 F AR
B 324-325 Knight James 48 M Farmer 300 VA NoRW
Elizabeth 18 F TN
Mary 14 F TN
Margaret 12 F TN
Sciottia 10 F TN
Jerusha 8 F TN
B 325-326 Burchell Joseph 55 M Farmer 100 NC
Mary 54 F SC NoRW
Joseph 22 M TN
Page 48 (332B) - (cont'd)
Burchiett Elijah 20 M Farmer AR
Page 48 (332B) - Dec 7 - Top of Page
B 326-327 Cunningham Joseph 26 M Farmer 200 TN NoRW
Catherine 23 F TN NoRW
Sarah C 3 F AR
John Wesley 1 M AR
B 327-328 Smith William 24 M Farmer 50 AL NoRW
Elizabeth 23 F TN NoRW
B 328-329 Smith Riley 44 M Farmer 200 SC
Aury 42 F KY
Catharine 21 F TN NoRW
Mary Jane 20 F TN NoRW
Jefferson 17 M Farmer TN
George 11 M MO
B 329-330 Cooper James 36 M Farmer Ten't MO
Martha A 28 F TN NoRW
Nancy J 3 F AR
John F 1 M AR
B 330-331 Dickson James P 35 M Farmer 150 VA
Elizabeth 24 F KY
Jerome 3 M AR
Mary C 2 F AR
Sarah E 11m F AR
B 331-332 Ingram John B 56 M Carpenter/Frmr 300 SC
Mary 43 F KY
Catherine 23 F KY
Mary 22 F KY
James 12 M AR
Ephraim 7 M AR
Eli 6 M AR
Henry 2 M AR
B 332-333 Ely Elgin 35 M Farmer 50 VA
Elizabeth 33 F VA
Eliza 14 F KY school
Cinderilla 12 F KY school
Joseph 11 M KY school
Lucinda 9 F KY
Volney 6 M KY
John A 3 M AR
B 333-334 Moore Jonas 32 M Farmer 200 TN
Elizabeth 26 F TN NoRW
Martha J 8 F AR
Cinderilla 6 F AR
Page 49 (333A) - (cont'd)
James F 4 M AR
William N 3 M AR
Joshua M 11m M AR
Page 49 (333A) - Dec 9 - Top of Page
B 334-335 Woodcock Henry 45 M Farmer 700 VA
Deborah 26 F (Twin see 341) KY NoRW
Modena F 19 M Farmer TN
Riley S 17 M Farmer TN
Matilda 15 F TN
William H 13 M TN
Andrew M 11 M TN
Joel N 9 M TN
Paralee S 8 F TN
Marcus M 6 M TN
Sarah S 4 F KY
Mary J 3 F KY
Wiley R 1 M AR
B 335-336 Avey John 50 M Farmer 600 SC
Jane 45 F TN NoRW
Jacob 16 M Farmer NO
Elizabeth 7 F MO
Mary 5 F AR
B 336-337 Avey Andrew 31 M Farmer 400 TN NoRW
Harriet 29 F AR NoRW
Daniel 26 M Farmer KY NoRW
William J 6 M AR
Catharine J 3 F AR
Sarah E 1 F AR
B 337-338 Avey John Junior 28 M Farmer 250 KY NoRW
Sarah 26 F OH NoRW
George 9 M NO
Malinda J 7 F AR
Mary Ann 5 F Twin AR
Elizabeth 5 F Twin AR
Martha 2 F AR
B 338-339 Avey Peter 21 M Farmer 150 KY NoRW
Mary Jane 20 F TN NoRW
James J 1 M AR
B 339-340 Herod Levi 47 M Farmer 50 TN
Rhodice 50 F TN
Elizabeth 20 F TN
James 12 M TN
Josiah 12 M (orphan) TN
Page 50 (333B) - Dec 9 - Top of Page
B 340-341 Combs Robert 23 M Farmer 100 KY NoRW
Elizabeth 19 F AR
B 341-342 Minnick Avery K 49 M Farmer 75 TN
Sarah 52 F VA
King Samuel 22 M Farmer/M-Y KY
Elizabeth 17 F M-Y AR
Mary 26 F (Twin see 334) KY
Burchet 20 M Farmer KY
Jane 18 F KY
David 16 M Farmer KY
Ephraim 15 M Farmer KY
Nancy 13 F KY
B 342-343 Yokum William 33 M Farmer 150 AR NoRW
Emily 30 F AR NoRW
James H 13 M AR
Harriet 8 F AR
Michael 4 M AR
B 343-344 Linscot Eli B 30 M Farmer 200 OH
Nancy 26 F TN NoRW
Green 3 M AR
Lysander R 1 M AR
B 344-345 Doyle Gregory F 28 M Farmer 100 KY
Pamela 29 F KY NoRW
Sarah 8 F KY
John W 7 M MO
Nancy J 5 F MO
Lurana M 4 F AR
James M 1 M AR
B 345-346 Earle Wyatt 65 M Farmer 25 KY NoRW
Helen 40 F KY NoRW
Alfred 12 M MO
Lavinia 10 F MO
Juliet 8 F MO
Andrew 6 M MO
Nancy 4 F AR
Neoma 1 F AR
B 346-347 Earle Willis 31 M Farmer 300 KY NoRW
Anna 30 F IN NoRW
Andrew 14 M IN
James 12 M IN
Lucinda 10 F IN
Elizabeth 4 F IN
Page 51 (334A) - (cont'd)
Susan S 2 F AR
Page 51 (334A) - Dec 9 - Top of Page
B 347-348 Mooreland William 60 M Farmer 1000 ITN
Susan 57 F NC NoRW
Agness 20 F AR NoRW
Susan 14 F AR
Hogan William 29 M (brder)Merchant 300 TN
B 348-349 Goodman Henry 29 M Farmer 100 KY
Irene 22 F TN
James 3 M AR
Lucinda 2 F AR
B 349-350 Gray James H 29 M Merchant Ten't PA
Malinda 19 F TN NoRW
B 350-351 Mooreland John 40 M Farmer 400 TN
Polly Ann 32 F KY NoRW
William J 10 M AR
John B 8 M AR
Margaret A ? F AR
B 351-352 Goodall Joseph 29 M Farmer 300 KY NoRW
Harriet 26 F TN NoRW
Robert 8 M AR
Caroline 6 F AR
William M 2 M AR
U 352-353 Slape William 57 M Farmer Ten't VA NoRW
Mary 47 F TN NoRW
Elizabeth A 18 F TN
Sarah J 15 F TN
Cavanaugh 11 M TN
William 7 M TN
John 23 M Farmer TN NoRW
U 353-354 Slape Thomas 25 M Farmer TN NoRW
Esther 24 F TN NoRW
Mary E 4 F TN
William F 2 M TN
George C 7m M TN
U 354-355 Estes Edward 24 M Farmer TN
Mary 22 F TN
John G 8m M AR
U 355-356 Estes John 45 N Blacksmith 150 SC
Charlotte 35 F NC NoRW
Caroline E 16 F TN
Catharine 14 F TN
James 12 M TN school
Page 52 (334B) - (cont'd)
Benjamin 8 M TN
Nathaniel 6 M TN
William 6m M TN
Page 52 (334B) - Dec 13 - Top of Page
U 356-357 Thompson Gideon 27 M Blacksmith Ten't TN
Margaret 22 F TN NoRW
John 5 M TN
Sarah E 3 F TN
U 357-358 Wilson James A 29 M Attorney 2500 NC
Temperence A 22 F NC
Richmond P 3 M NC
Mary Ann 4m F AR
U 358-359 Young Jesse 46 M Farmer 100 NC
Mary 46 F NC
W 359-360 Keeny John 30 M Farmer Ten't TN
Eliza 27 F TN
John D 6 M TN
Charlotte 4 F TN
Benjamin 2 M TN
W 360-361 Keeny James 33 M Farmer Ten't TN
Serena 25 F TN NoRW
John F 5 M TN
Rhoda 3 F TN
Elizabeth 2 F TN
W 361-362 Keeny William 26 M Farmer Ten't TN
Lorinda 22 F TN
John F 3 M TN
William S 1 M TN
U 362-363 Cowdry James M 55 M Physician 1000 SC
Agness 36 F KY
Harriet H 15 F AR
James Wm 13 M AR school
E. Arkansas 11 F AR school
Henry W 9 M AR school
Mary A 7 F AR school
John S 5 M AR
Carolina P 3 F AR
U 363-364 Slape Samuel 26 M Farmer Ten't TN NoRW
Martha 20 F TN NoRW
End of 1850 Marion Co AR Census Top of Page

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Linda Haas Davenport