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Submitted by: Linda Haas Davenport (

Dividing Line

If anyone has any information on this Allen family please contact Linda.

John Allen was born 2 Jul 1813 in TN (county unknown), he died 7 Jul 1895 in Marion Co, AR and is buried in Lee's Mountain Cemetery in Marion Co, AR. He married Sarah Elizabeth Vance in probably probably Independence Co AR. She was born ca 1819 in TN, the daughter of David Vance and Annie (unknown) or Susanna Pope.

Notes for John Allen

    The Allen name is still found in Marion County, centered around Summit and Lee's Mountain (which is outside of Summit). There are many Allens buried in the cemetery on Lee's Mountain. As we were driving through Summit on our way to the Lee's Mountain Cemetery it seemed as if every other business had Allen in its name.
    I'm hoping that one of the current Allens in the area may be able to help clear up the question about John's wife or wives.
    I'm probably one of the main culprits in the confusion surrounding John's wife/wives. When I first started researching the Allen family many years ago (when I was brand new to genealogy and there was no ancestry or footnote available) I found a marriage record in Williamson County, TN showing John Allen married Emeline Gibson (1) 31 Jan 1838 and jumped to the conclusion that she was John's first wife. Our family's records report the mother of Emily Angeline Allen to be Sarah Elizabeth Vance and I thus assumed Elizabeth was John's second wife. Knowing so little about anything as I was setting up Family Tree Maker I accidently hit the wrong button and submitted my early research to This partially finished, filled with errors research ended up on one of ancestry's CDs. Unfortunately my early asumption was picked up by other researchers and I submitted it to the Marion Co Genealogy Society for inclusion in "Genealogies Of Marion County Families 1811-1900". Today the on-line family trees on show John as married twice with no supporting documentation.
    Now after 30+ years of experience (and the explosion of online resources) I believe my early assumption is wrong based on the following:
    Although I haven't yet found a source document for the marriage of John Allen and Elizabeth Vance my family records show John Allen and Elizabeth Vance as the father and mother of my great-grandmother Emily Allen born in Marion Co AR 26 Mar 1861.
    I started my search for John in Williamson Co TN because of the marriage record for John Allen & Emeline Gibson in 1838 and because John was married and heading up his own family by the 1840 census. John would have been 17 in 1830 so I checked the 1830 Williamson Co TN Federal Census for an Allen family that included a male in the (15-20) age category. I found seventeen Allen families on the 1830 Williamson Co TN census. Of those seventeen families seven had sons John's age (15-20)- George, George Sr, James, John, Joseph, Lawson & William T. Without extensive research in Davidson Co there is no way of proving or disproving my John is a son of one of these seven men. I decided to look for Elizabeth Vance instead.
    Sarah Elizabeth Vance is reported as the daughter of David Vance. She was born ca 1819 in TN. Searching the TN 1820 Federal census I found a David Vance in Galatin, Summer Co TN with a daughter under 10, but I couldn't find David in TN in 1830. However, my search for David Vance in 1830 turned up a Revolutionary War pension application for a David Vance filed in Independence Co AR in 1833. In checking the Indepence Co AR 1830 census I found a David Vance living in Ruddell township, Independence Co, AR with two females in the 10-15 age category (b. 1816-1820) in his household. Elizabeth was born in 1819 making her 11 years old in 1830. On the same census I found seven Allen families (Aaron, Abraham, Andrew, Christopher, Jason, Samuel & William.) Of these only Aaron (2) had a son aged 15-20, my John's age, in his household and he is listed a few families away from David Vance. If this is my John (which I believe him to be) 17 years old with Elizabeth Vance a short distance away I find it highly doubtful that he actually went back to TN eight years later to marry Emeline Gibson.
    In any event by 1840 (4) John Allen is found in Cadron township, Conway Co, AR with one male under 5. John's oldest child, George W, was born ca 1838 and his second child, Christopher although born in 1840 was born after the census was taken. By 1850 (5) John and family were living in Carrol Co AR. The 1850 census was the first time individuals living in the household were listed by name and John's wife's name is listed as Elizabeth.
    During the latter part of 1859 or early part of 1860 John purchased land (6) in Marion Co AR. From 1860 (7) up to his death in 1895 John Allen lived in Marion Co AR. On the 1860 census records John's occupation is Mechanic, but on subsquent censuses John's occupation is shown as Farmer

Generation No. 1

Many researchers show the first six children as the children of John Allen and Emeline Gibson

1. George W. Allen born 20 Nov 1838 in AR, died unknown.

2. Christopher Columbus Allen born 29 Aug 1840 in Conway Co, AR, died 21 Feb 1903 in Lee's Mountain, Marion Co, AR. Buried in Lee's Mountain Cemetery. He married 1st Elizabeth M Estes ca 1866 in probably AR. She was born 10 May 1852 and died 3 Aug 1896 in Marion Co AR, buried in Lee's Mt Cemetery. Married 2nd "Eliza" Lou Johnson (Taylor), 24 Nov 1896 in Marion Co, AR. She was born ca 1866 and died 21 Feb 1937

3. Nathaniel G Allen was born ca 1842 in Conway Co AR and died 15 Aug 1864 in Searcy Co AR. He married Margaret Sims 7 Feb 1863.

4. Rachel L. Allen was born ca 1844 in AR.

5. James M Allen was born ca 1847 in AR

6. Elizabeth (Eliza) Allen was born ca 1849 in AR

7. William W Allen was born ca 1851 in AR

8. Sarah Emeline Allen was born ca 1853 in AR. She died 16 Feb 1937 in Boone Co AR. She is buried in Holmes cemetery. She married Martin Pope. He was born ca 1850 in Logan Township Reynolds Co MO

9. John S. Allen was born ca 1855 in AR.

10. Mary Elizabeth Allen was born 27 Nov 1857 in AR. She died 20 Nov 1931 in Scurry Co TX. She married Franklin Lafayette Davis, 21 Mar 1880. He died 18 Jul 1945 in Scurry Co TX

11. Emily Angeline Allen was born 26 Mar 1861 in Marion Co AR. She died 25 May 1925 in Bronson, Burton Co, KS. She is buried in Henrietta, OK. She married 1st Charles G Lewallen son of Joseph G Lewallen and Elizabeth Due. He was born ca 1853 in TN and died 20 May 1886 in Flippin, Marion Co, AR. She married 2nd Eli Henry McCracken 15 Nov 1888 in Flippin, Marion Co. AR. He was born 28 Aug 1854 in Murfreesboro, Rutherford Co, TN and died 15 Jan 1933 in Simnole, Okmulgee County, OK

12. Francis M Allen was born ca 1864 in Marion Co AR

Generation No. 2

2. The children of Christopher Columbus Allen and Elizabeth M Estes are:

i. Rhoda Allen

ii. John E Allen born 1868, died in probably Pauls Valley OK. He married Mary L Evans 17 Aug 1890. She was born Nov 1863

iii. Mary Estice "Molly" Allen born 1871 in Marion Co AR. She married John L Johns 22 May 1893 in Marion Co AR. He was born ca 1872

iv. Andrew Jackson "Jack" Allen was born Feb 1875 in Marion Co AR, died 1 Apr 1959 in Harrison, AR, buried Rose Hill Cemetery.

v. William Martin Allen was born 4 Apr 1879 in Marion Co AR, died 29 Jan 1969 in Marion Co AR, buried Patton Cementary. He married Melissa Gilley 5 Jan 1912. She was born 4 Jul 1888

vi. George Allen was born 28 Feb 1882 in Marion Co AR, died 15 Jul 1883 in Marion Co AR, buried Lee's Mt. Cemetery

vii. Jesse James Allen was born 11 Apr 1885 in Marion Co AR, died 3 Apr 1951 in Marion Co AR, buried Lee's Mt Cemetery. He married Ollie Taylor

viii. Russell "Ross" Allen was born 11 Jul 1888, died in a train accident 29 Nov 1920 in OK

2. Children of Christopher Columbus Allen (John) and Elizabeth "Eliza" Lou Johnson Taylor are:

ix. Charley E "Taylor" Allen was born 24 Oct 1893 in Marion Co AR, died 5 Sep 1939 in Marion Co AR, buried Pleasant Ridge Cemetery in Marion Co. He married Sadie Doshier born 26 Feb 1894 in Marion Co AR and died 13 Dec 1946 in Marion Co AR, buried Pleasant Ridge Cemetery.

x. Nathaniel Grant Allen was born 3 Feb 1898 in Marion Co AR, died 10 Oct 1919 in Pitcher OK, buried in Lee's Mountain Cemetery, Marion Co AR.

xi. Benjamin Franklin Allen was born 12 Mar 1899 in Marion Co AR, died 10 Oct 1913 in Marion Co AR, buried Lee's Mt Cemetery

xii. Marion Thomas Allen was born 8 Apr 1900 in Eros, Marion Co AR, died 1 Dec 1972 in Marion Co AR, buried Lee's Mountain Cemetery in Marion Co AR. He married Gracie Susan Richardson 25 Feb 1922. She was born 15 Dec 1899 in Summit, Marion Co AR and died 2 Nov 1989 in Summit, Marion Co AR, buried Lee's Mountain Cemetery.

xii. Luther Hobart Allen was born 27 Aug 1902 in Eros, Marion Co AR, died 13 May 1984 in Marion Co AR, buried Pleasant Ridge Cemetery. He married Effie Nanny 7 Aug 1925. She was born 30 Sep 1905, died 29 Oct 1999, buried Pleasant Ridge Cemetery.

3. The child of Nathaniel G Allen (John) and Margaret Sims is:

i. Hight Mary E Allen born 29 Mar 1864

11. The children of Emily Angeline Allen (John) and Charles G Lewallen are:

i. John Howard Lewallen was born on 1 Nov 1877 in Marion Co, AR. He died on 4 Jun 1958 in Tulsa, Tulsa Co, OK (buried Flora Haven Cem, Broken Arrow, OK). He married (1) Louise Grayson Deere (widow of unknown Deere, Creek Indian) 21 Aug 1900 (2) Dolly Hawkins ca 1907 (3) Lavada Lasiter 17 Mar 1914.

ii.. Floyd Sylvester Lewallen was born on 6 Sep 1879 in Marion Co, AR. He died on 6 Aug 1964 in Owasso, Tulsa Co, OK. He married Sara Belle McCracken the daughter of Eli Henry McCracken and Isabel "Belle" Osborn on 9 Sep 1900 in Hoyt, McIntosh Co, Indian Territory (OK). She was born 6 Nov 1881 in Marion Co, AR and she died 23 Feb 1964 in Owasso, Tulsa Co, OK.

iii. William Wallace Harrison Lewallen was born on 29 Dec 1881 in Marion Co, ARk. He died on 30 Aug 1970 in Tulsa, Tulsa Co, OK. He is buried in Rest Haven Cemetery, Sperry, Tulsa Co, OK. He married (1) Mable Hawkins Jul 1908 in McIntosh Co, OK (Bk 1, pg 184). She died in 1924 in Brush Hill, McIntosh Co, OK. He married (2) Eula unknown in probably Tulsa Co OK.

iv. Elsie Mae Lewallen was born on 21 Mar 1884 in Marion Co, AR and died on 12 Jan 1969 in Collinsville, OK. She is buried in Floral Haven Cemetery, Broken Arrow, OK. She married Charles Johnson in Jun 1902 in OK.

v. Virgie Charlie Lewallen was born 18 May 1886 in Flippin, Marion Co, AR and she died 13 May 1978 in Tulsa, Tulsa Co, OK. She is buried in Memorial Park Cemetery, Tulsa, Tulsa Co, OK. She married (1) Daniel Lafayette White the son of Pascal White and Nancy Hazeltine Justice on 28 Sep 1902 in Brooken, Indian Territory (OK). He was born 15 Aug 1879 in Bates, Scott Co, AR and died 26 Mar 1956 at his home outside of Turley, Tulsa Co, OK. She married 2nd Thomas Shealy ca 1970 in Tulsa, Tulsa Co OK

The children of Emily Angeline Allen and Eli Henry McCracken are:

vi. Lee Jewel McCracken born 6 Aug 1889 in Marion Co AR, died Apr 1943 in OK, married Bessie Arvelee Thomas 31 Mar 1912 in Frame, McIntosh Co Ok. She was born 12 Jul 1891 in Logan Township, Reynolds Co MO.

vii. Francis Marion McCracken was born 27 Jul 1891, died 9 Aug 1944 in VA Hospital, Muskogee, Muskogee Co, OK. He married Mattie McClain

vii. Pearl Caprice McCracken was born 9 Oct 1893, died 9 Sep 1971 in Oklahoma City, OK. She married John Lawrence Garrison, 6 Nov 1918 in Muskogee, Muskogee Co, OK.

viii. James Ira McCracken was born 25 Oct 1895, died Feb 1897

ix. Lucy M McCracken was born 4 Jul 1897 and died 3 Apr 1961 in Oklahoma City, OK. She married Harlan Houston Parsons

x. Dossie M McCracken was born 8 Jan 1900 in Indian Territory (OK), died 17 Nov 1977 in Alsip, Cook Co, IL. She married 1st Fred Johnson, 2nd Harlan Houston Parsons

xi. Lena Arretta McCracken was born 21 Apr 1902 in Indian Territory (OK), died 2 Sep 1903 in Indian Territory (OK)

xii. Azza Jane McCracken was born 31 Dec 1904 in Indian Territory (OK), died 30 Jan 1938 in Brighton, Jefferson Co, AL. She married 1st Clyde Bannister, 2nd Herman Dawes


    (1) TN State Marriages: 1780-2002: "John Allen married Emeline Gibson 31 Jan 1838 in Williamson county, TN: #2 John allen & Emeline gibson, license issued 30 Jan 1838 Came to hand Januuary 31st 1838 and the rites of matrimoney solomized between the within named persons on said day. M S. Andrews (MG)" (2)
    (2) 1830 Federal Census, Ruddell Township, Independence AR Territory. (page 222, ancestry image #7 - next to the bottom of page)
    (3) Independence Co AR Tax Lists 1823-1838. and UsGenWeb Indpendence AR History of Independence County.
    (4) 1840 Census: Cadron Township, Conway Co AR; pg 63, (ancestry image pg 3)John Allen 1 male under 5; 2 males over 20, under 30; 1 female over 20 under 30
    (5) 1850 Census: Jefferson township, Carrol County, AR Pg 171, visitation date 16 Oct 1850; Lines 37-42 pg 171b & line 1 -2 on pg 172a; dwelling & family 657 (Next door in dwelling 658 is John R Vance 32 (b) TN)
    (6) Bureau of Land Management ( Patentees: John Allen & Thomas F Austin Warrentee: Answell Griffith military rank Private. Issue Date: 15 Aug 1860. 80 acres: S1/2 of SW qtr, Sec 29, TS 19N, R16W. "Answell Griffin, Private, Captain Carucher's Company, TN Militia, War 1812 The said warrant having been assigned by Thomas F Austin, administrator, to John Allen whose favor the said tract has been located."
    (7)1860 census Marion co AR, White River township, Yellville Post Office # M653 #46, date 5 Jul 1860, page 83 dwelling 596, family 1. John listed as Mechanic.
        1870 Census Marion co AR, Union Township Yellville Post Office Roll # M598 Enumeration date 22 Aug 1970: Page 14 family & dwelling 100 (ancestry under Madison Co image 14)
        1880 Census, Union Township, Marion Co Ar, Page 13 (ancestry district 108, image 6) visitation date 10 Jun 1880 dwelling 133 family 134

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Linda Haas Davenport