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Decendants of Bailey Bales
Submitted by: Pam Long (

Dividing Line

Generation No. 1

1. BAILEY2 BALES (BALES1) was born Abt. 1825 in ?Taney CO???,-- MO, and died Bet. 1861 - 1865 in Jimmies Creek Township, AR (Marion co) - Fairview Cemetary. He married MARY BEAN Abt. 1840 in Mo, Ark?. She was born Abt. 1822 in mo. or Ark, and died Aft. 1865 in AR?.

NO - Bailey Bales in Marion Co. in 1850.
1850 Marion - no Bales or various sp. listed
1860 Marion Co, AR - Yellville Union Twp, P.O. Yellville
p. 8, 2 June 1860
#45 Wm. B. Weast 30 m fmr 300/700 NC
Malinda Jane 21 f "
Rosalie L. 6 f AR
James A. 4 m "
Sophia A. 2 f "
Cuba 6/12 f"
William E. Bales 19 m TN


1860 Marion Co, AR - Jimmy's Creek Twp, P.O. Yellville, p. 128, 25 July 1860
#890 Bailey Bales 35 m wheelwright /$100 MO **
Mary 38 f b. MO
Elizabeth 16 f b. MO
Lydia 15 f b. MO
Hannah 12 f AR
Thomas C. 11 m b. ARk
Sarah 9 f b. MO
" Polly A. 7 f b. MO
" Rachael 4 fMO

1880 Marion Co., AR - James Creek Township
33-33 Bayless, S. H. 32 frm GA GA GA
Chastine L. 22 wife AR AR AR
Victoria 2 dau AR GA AR
Vinsant, Wash 10 bdr AR unk unk


61-61 Bayless, W. P. 67 frm TN TN TN
cont'd Miranda 41 wife TN TN TN
Emily J. 21 dau GA TN TN
Barton L. 14 son GA TN TN


Bales, Bailey -1500- 1990 Worldwide- Pedigree cd # 15
Bales, Bailey - 1860 Ark census- Census cd# 318 -( confirmed this ours)


According to S. C. Turnbo's - Tales of the Ozark Biographical Sketches, pg 80
tells of the death of Bailey Bales during Civil war battle at Jimmies Creek Township, Marion Co, Ark.


15 June 1998- via email -According to information from Blanche Sirmans -
Did I send you a copy of the tombstone of Bailey Bales?. It is one furnished by the government for Confederates who died serving their country.(Confederate States of America) Of Course, no one knows where he was actually buried so this is placed in a cemetery in Marion County. I can tell you the name of the cemetery when
I look it up in some papers that I have.
------------Email from Blanche Sirmans - Jan 1998-- 1880 cesus of Marion County. I find the oldest child of Thomas and Martha to
be William J. age11. Other children listed were George W., my grandfather, Mary Jane
>>> (caled Jane by the family) Henry, Sarah Ellen. (called Ellen)


Email received on 14 July 1998- from "Troy Massey" <>--
My name is Troy Massey and I put up the Confederate VA marker for Bailey
Bales at the Fairview Cemetery about 7-8 years ago. I obtained the
permission of Mrs. McCracken (Curly's mom) and advised her that these two
Confederates (as per the Turnbo book) were killed and left out in the
woods, near Jimmie's Creek.
This request had been sent to me by a lady in the United Daughters of the
Confederacy, from Oklahoma, who was the granddaughter of Bailey Bales. If
I recall she said her grandmother removed the family to Indian Territory
after the War and they have been there since. For me to locate her name
might take awhile. Assuming she might take the local paper, an inquiry
might receive quicker action than for me to dig through my files at this
Hope this helps you on your inquiry.
J. Troy Massey


14 June 1998 - email
Don Ott <>
Thanks for the question. The Marion County Historical and
Genealogical Society in cooperation with Mr. Troy Massey of
Harrison arranged for the stones to be placed in the Fairview Cemetery
which is about 4 miles north of Flippin, Marion, Arkansas on Highway
178. The old Wildcat Cemetery which was down on Jimmies Creek was
moved when Bull Shoals Dam was built because that area was to be
covered by water. It was incoroprated with the Fairview Cemetery
which is now a large very well kept cemetery.
As the Turnbo account says, no one knows where the two men
were buried, probably somewhere along the Jimmies Creek. That area
would now be covered by Bull Shoals Lake. I do not expect that
they were in the Wildcat Cemetery, but just included that for your
The two stones were placed in the Fairview Cemetery in
memory of the two service men who lost their lives in the service
of their country by the "Sons of Confederate Veterans". Mr Massey
has been very diligent in recognizing service men who fought for
their country on both the Confecerate and the U.S. side. He may have
done some research on these two men to get his organization to
provide the stones. I suggest that you contact Mr. Massey, who is
currently a national officer in "Sons of Confederat Vetrans".
Troy Massey <>
Mysty McPherson from our group in Marion County may also
have some more data on this:
Mysty McPherson <>
Hope this helps.
Don Ott


15 July 1998 - email received from Mysty -
-Found Bailey Bales in 1860 in Jimmies Creek Township, wheelwright,
35 MO with Mary 38 MO, Elizabeth 16 MO, Lydia 15 MO, Thomas C. 11 AR, Sarah
9 AR, Polly A. 7 AR, Ruchard 4 MO, and Hannah 12 MO. They're not in the
1870 so I'd guess they went back to MO, hooked up with kin, and went on to
OK. There's also an Elisa Bales 33 TN (widow, I'd guess) 1860 in Union
Township with kids 2-16 all TN plus William E. 19 TN in W. B. Weast
household plus Alexander 18 TN in James Hemphill household - both obviously
older sons of Elisa. If Mary & Elisa are somehow kin (sisters-in-law?),
they may have gone to OK together.


Turnbos Tales
One among the roughest streams in North Arkansas is Jimmies Creek in Marion County, which empties into White River just below the mouths of the Two Sisters Creeks. Jimmies Creek is noted for its many rugged mountains gulches and rough hollows, but never the less it is inhabited by several industrious families and a few people settled along this water course several years before the war. One among the roughest streams in North Arkansas is Jimmies Creek in Marion County, which empties into White River just below the mouths of the Two Sisters Creeks. Jimmies Creek is noted for its many rugged mountains gulches and rough hollows, but never the less it is inhabited by several industrious families and a few people settled along this water course several years before the war.

list of the 14th Ark infantry.... lists Bailey Bales


From: "Troy Massey" <>
Date: Sat, 27 Feb 1999 23:29:05 -0600
The other man with Private Bales was Sam Madell. I know that Turnbo says
both were in Co. A, 14 Arkansas Infantry but I can only find Bailey listed
not Sam. I had the local monument dealer make Mr. Madell a marker so I could
place both in the cemetery side by side since both were killed together.
This cemetery where they are buried has other members of their unit close by
which I felt appropriate.
JT Massey


S. C. Turnbo, quite a good historian in his time, recorded in his unpublished manuscript several of the events of this period. Of one he wrote: "I well remember being at Yellville one day in the month of July 1861 when a call was made for volunteers to join the Confederate Army. A company of men raised in Marion County and the southern part of Taney County, Missouri, were present. These patriotic citizens had volunteered their services to defend the Southern cause. Their commanding officer was Captain William C. Mitchell4, whose company afterward formed part of the 14th Regiment of the Arkansas Infantry. Captain Mitchell marched his company back and forth through the streets to the music of two violins in the hands of Dan Coker and "Yellville" Bill Coker, who were members of the company:
As the soldiers marched along with the colors flying at the head of the column, both officers and men extended invitations to the men present to enlist in their ranks. A number of those gallant young men responded to the call of their friends and fell in line, willing to shed their blood for the "Sunny South."


Burial info: Abt. 1849, moved to Ark - from ??
Census: 1825, b. Tn, possby Sumner Co
Fact 6: Abt. 1856, moved to Mo - where??
Fact 7: Abt. 1860, Marion Co., Ark Census- #890, Jimmy's Creek Township
Fact 8: 1860, Wheelwright, on census, age 35,
Fact 9: 08 July 1861, Enlisted in Yellville, Ark
Fact 12: Turnbo's Tales of the Ozarks, Biographical Stories edited by Desmond Walls Allen
Fact 13: tells of Bailey Bales death, buried @ Jimmie's Creek
Soc SEc #: Bet. 1861 - 1865, Private, Co A, 14th Ark Infantry


according to notes from Trudy Cox - July 2000
father of Mary Bean - possibly Joab??? b. TN 1788/89


More About MARY BEAN:
Census: maiden name came from death certif. of Hannah Bales
Children of BAILEY BALES and MARY BEAN are:

i.ELIZABETH3 BALES, b. 1844, MO.

ii.LYDIA BALES, b. 1845, Mo.

2.iii.HANNAH BALES, b. 1848, MO.

3.iv.THOMAS C. BALES, b. December 1849, AR; d. Abt. 1923, Pittsburg Co, OK.

v.SARAH BALES, b. 1851, Ark.

Notes for SARAH BALES: - June 21 2000

Arkansas marriages 1863 - 1900 -

This database is a collection of marriage records from Hempstead, Pike, Washington, and Yell Counties between 1851 and 1900. Taken from microfilm copies of original county documents, each record provides spouses' names, marriage date, and county of residence. Hempstead County records span 1851 to 1899. The county is located along the Little River in southwestern Arkansas, near the border with Texas. Hope is the county seat.

B. F. LEWIS md SARAH E. BALES -- 25 Jan 1866 -- Hempstead AR

vi.POLLY A BALES, b. 1853, Ark.

vii.RACHEL BALES, b. 1856, MO.

Generation No. 2

2. HANNAH3 BALES (BAILEY2, BALES1) was born 1848 in MO. She married (1) WATKINS. She married (2) JOHN SILVER HARRIS Abt. 1868 in Polk Co, ARK?? see birth of Mattie.

email from Blanche Sirmans - Jan 1998
I have the address of a descendant of Hannah,one of Bailey Bales's daughters. In
> > fact, it was her grandmother,s death certificate that gave us the name
> Mary Bean as his wife. You may want to write to her,although she can go no
> > farther back than we can. Her grandmother
was Hannah Bales.


March 2000
Given Name: Bailey
Surname: Bales
Sex: M
Marriage 1 Mary Bean
Hannah Bales


ID: I431
Name: Hannah Bales
Given Name: Hannah
Surname: Bales
Sex: F
Note: Hannah later married a Watkins and had two children one a male Randolph was approximately eighteen years younger than Mattie, sex of the other child is unknown. Change Date: 29 DEC 1997 at 00:00:00

Father: Bailey Bales
Mother: Mary Bean
Marriage 1 John Silver Harris
!John left Hanna before their first child Mattie was born, why is unknown.
!Information from Elaina (Nichols) McGuire.
Information as of Feb. 1993.
Mattie Lucinda Harris b: 4 MAR 1899 in Mena,Polk Co,Ar.


Children of HANNAH BALES and WATKINS are:

i.RANDOLPH4 WATKINS, b. Abt. 1918, ArK?.

ii.ONE MORE WATKINS, b. Prbably ARK.


4.iii.MATTIE LUCINDA4 HARRIS, b. 04 March 1899, Mena, Polk Co, Ark.

3. THOMAS C.3 BALES (BAILEY2, BALES1) was born December 1849 in AR, and died Abt. 1923 in Pittsburg Co, OK. He married MARTHA JANE TYLER 1869 in ARk, probably Marion Co, daughter of JOHN TYLER and JANE REYNOLDS. She was born June 1847 in Marion Co, ARk, and died Abt. 1923 in Pittsburg Co, OK.


According to letter received from Blanche Sirmans - May 1990 and also told to me by Lydia Bishop - " Thomas and his mother, had nothing to eat except turnip greens or maybe turnips for an entire winter during the Civil War..., the girls weren't mentioned, but, guess Thomas and his mother were the ones doing the providing."

Also, information from Bea Cochran - 1986 " during civil war, house burnt down by Sherman. Used to have to go out and pick cotton, sometimes only a yam for a meal"


This is not all that surprising, especially since we know that Bailey Bales was killed during the Civil War. Thomas was the only son and would have been roughly between the age of 16 - 20. So the responsibility and necessity, would have been there for him to provide for his mother and his sisters.

Turnbos Tales of the South
An old timer of Marion County Ark. who has lived on Jimmies Creek since the early fifties has this to say of hard times at the close of the war between the states, "I and my wife lived 3 weeks at the close of the war without the least bit of bread. We were compelled to live on anything that we could use at all that had any nourishment about it and was not poisonous, wild onions and wild salad were hunted for and gathered all over the woods


According to conversation with Lydia Bishop (her father was 1/2 brother of Sarah Bales, wife of William Jackson Bales)- 1988.

"Thomas Bales and Martha, went to OK, when still a territory in covered wagon. Came from Briggsville, Ok and settled near McAlester, and farmed in area called "High Hill", near Haileyville. Later, were very poor and cared for by spinster daughter, Ellen and youngest son, John. (Both Martha and Thomas smoked Pipes)

Thomas and Martha Bales died approx. 1922-23, OK, buried in High Hill Cemetary."


Feb 1990
Letter from Sandra Buckley-
1860 Marion County Census
two Bales in Union Township....probably Elisa Bales, and a couple of boys living in different households. Also Jimmy's Creek Township (Bailey BAles )


345-389 Bailes,Thomas C. 29 frm AR MO AR
Martha 32 wife AR MO AR
William J. 10 son AR AR AR
George W. 8 son AR AR AR
Mary Jane 6 dau AR AR AR
Henry 3 son AR AR AR
Sarah E. 1 dau AR AR AR
note the spelling of the name is BAILES
also note there are a number of tyler households as well.......martha jane tyler, thomas's wife...


Found on 1900 Marion Co, Ark census- James Creek Township
entry # 219
Bales, Thomas - Head- m- w- born Dec 1849- married 30 years- born Ark
both parents born Tennessee- no cannot read or write, - farmer
Martha J - wife - w- female- b. June 1847 ARK - children born 9/ living 8
father born TN mother born AR
James - son - w- male- b. Aug 1883 - age 16 - b ARK -no read or write
Lucinda - daughter- w- female -b. 1886 - 13-- b. AR - no read or write
John C - son- w - male- b. 1890 - age 9 - b. AR - no read or write
Henry - son - w- male - b. 18-7 - age 22 - b. AR - looks like M for married-
no read or write -


The area that includes present-day Pittsburg County was part of the Choctaw Nation until Oklahoma statehood in 1907.

The Choctaw Nation extended from the present Arkansas border westward to near Ada, and extended south from the Canadian River to the Red River. The geographic area included three district designations, which were further broken down into county-level areas. The Moshulatubee District contained Gaines County, San Bois County, Skullyville County, Sugar Loaf County, and Tobucksy County. Apuckshunnubbee District contained Boktucklo, Cedar, Eagle, Nashoba, Red River, Towson, and Wade counties. Pushmataha District contained Atoka County, Blue County, Jack's Fork County, and Kiamichi County. Pittsburg County, Oklahoma was created from portions of Atoka, Gaines, Jack's Fork and Tobucksy counties of the Choctaw Nation, and was named for Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.

Bache is located 7 miles E of McAlester, and had its post office established on February 26, 1903. It was named for Franklin Bache, a local mining operator. The community was one of the stops along the interurban streetcar route between McAlester and Hartshorne.

Haileyville sprang from the coal mining fields east of McAlester at the turn of the century, and was named for Dr. Daniel Morris Hailey, who obtained mineral leases from the Choctaw, Oklahoma, and Gulf Railroad. The post office was established April 20, 1901.

Hartshorne is located E of McAlester on Highway 270 and was incorporated March 1, 1900. It was named for Dr. Charles Hartshorne, a railroad official. The post office was opened March 5, 1890 with Henry Martyn as Postmaster.

McAlester is the county seat and economic hub of the area, located at the crossings of State Highways 69 and 270. Before the highways, McAlester could be found at the crossing point of the Texas Road and the California Trail. Both were wagon roads used primarily by migrating families; the Texas Road ended in Dallas, Texas while the California Trail crossed the Southwest by way of Fort Smith, Arkansas and Albequerque, New Mexico. J.J. McAlester was the namesake of the town. He was a merchandising frontiersman from Sebastian County, Arkansas, who set up a general store in an area now called North McAlester, or "Old Town." His marriage in 1872 to a member of the Chickasaw Nation allowed him to take up legal residence in the

Choctaw Nation.

His already profitable business was further enhanced by the decision of the Katy Railroad (Missouri, Kansas, & Texas -- MKT) to develop a line from Kansas to Texas through Indian Territory. The line ran right by McAlester's store. In 1889, the Choctaw Coal and Railway Company completed a line that connected the Frisco with the MKT by way of an East-West track. A disagreement with McAlester over right-of-way permits caused the railroad to look elsewhere for land. They found it a mile and a half to the south of McAlester's store and the young community. Fritz Sittel, the son of a German immigrant who had come to the area with the Katy construction, gave the new line right-of-way through land he owned in exchange for business contracts with the railroad. The community that quickly grew up alongside the new line became known as South McAlester, and a post office was established in 1890.


2 BALES listed in my Cemetery records book.
Elmwood Cemetery, Hartshorne, Pittsburg Co., OK
BALES, John E. 1861 -1934; begin curb
BALES, Mrs. Kizzior Mar 15 1867 - Dec 10 1962; end curb


Burial: 1923, Believed buried Red Oak Cemetary, Bache, OK - no stone
Census: 1900, James Creek Township, Marion Co, Ark --- entry # 219

Children of THOMAS BALES and MARTHA TYLER are:

5.i.WILLIAM JACKSON4 BALES, b. 29 September 1869, AR (possibly Yellville, Ark); d. 26 October 1947, Los Angeles, CA- buried Sunnyside Cemetary, Long Beach, CA.

6.ii.GEORGE W. BALES, b. 07 October 1873, Marion Co, Ark; d. 03 May 1938.

7.iii.MARY JANE BALES, b. 1874.

8.iv.HENRY MATTHEW BALES, b. 03 March 1878, Marion Co, Ark; d. 05 July 1955, Traver, Tulare Co, CA.

v.SARAH ELLEN BALES, b. 1879, Marion Co, Ark; d. Aft. 1920, OK?.

per Blanche Sirmans 20 May 1990, Ellen never married, but lived with brother, John, after her parents died.

Census: Never Married, supposedly nursed parents Social Security Number: Then helped raise Nephew, Bonnie Bales

vi.JAMES BALES, b. August 1883; d. 1922, OK, supposedly in gunfight, possible over still.

Notes for JAMES BALES:

According to letter dreceived fro Mike Deckard- dated 4 Mar 1990-
"I asked my Dad about that Bales Boy that was killed in 1922- or 1923. He said they were working in a field and a man rode up on a horse, told them to run cause if they did not he was going to kill them, one ran the other didn't"
According to letter received from Blanche Sirmans - dated 20 May 1990,
"Jim buried Red Oak Cemetary, Jim killed in field by man- Ed Cole- I think they were drinking- I don't know exactly, what they got into it about. Jim never married."

Census: 1922, supposeldy buried Red Oak Cemetary
Social Security Number: killed in field by man, Ed Cole

9.vii.LUCINDA BALES, b. September 1886, Marion Co, Ark; d. Bet. 1914 - 1915, McAlester, Pittsburg Co, OK.

10.viii.JOHN CALVIN BALES, b. 16 July 1890, Yellville, Marion Co, Ark; d. 01 September 1975, Borger, Hutchinson Co, TX.

Generation No. 3

4. MATTIE LUCINDA4 HARRIS (HANNAH3 BALES, BAILEY2, BALES1) was born 04 March 1899 in Mena, Polk Co, Ark. She married SHOURD ELSWORTH WILLIAMS Abt. 1925, son of CHARLES WILLIAMS and RHODA DOWNING. He was born 18 June 1899 in Eaglebent, MN, and died 20 July 1974 in Ft. Smith, Sebastian Co, Ark.

Burial: Arkoma, Le Flore Co, OK

5. WILLIAM JACKSON4 BALES (THOMAS C.3, BAILEY2, BALES1) was born 29 September 1869 in AR (possibly Yellville, Ark), and died 26 October 1947 in Los Angeles, CA- buried Sunnyside Cemetary, Long Beach, CA. He married SARAH E. WEBSTER 01 January 1893 in Marion County, Ark, daughter of WEBSTER and MARY ELIZABETH. She was born 08 May 1866 in AR, and died 24 April 1959 in Long Beach, CA / Buried Sunnyside Memorial Park, Long Beach, CA.

Did find William J and Sarah in the 1910 and 1920 census.
1910 shows children Charles 16,Vergie? 14,Lillie10?,Grace 6,



According to information from Bea Cochran -1986 - " Bales from Georgia, to Ark, Ok, AZ. Gpa Jack Bales (William Jackson), worked til 78 years old, @ SEligman roundhouse, was an engineer. Was mathmetics whiz, but, with no formal education."


Information from Oscar Dowell "William and Sarah, very illiteriate, Gpa Jack, retired 1943-1944. Had 1927 Chrysler in garage, but, didn't know how to drive. Gpa Jack would not let daughter Gertie drive it. Once she took it out and ran over the outhouse.
House burnt down in Seligman, in 1939 and Gma Sarah, moved to Long Beach to live with daughter, Virgie.


According to Lydia Bishop: Wm Jackson Bales, went to OK, when still a territory, later brought his family out. Lived High Hill, and helped his parents farm. Went to work in Joplin, Missouri, for awhile, because Charlie (son) had job for him, but, did not work out. Moved back to Haileyville, OK. Worked at coal mines. Lived east of Haileyville- near Dalle Lake. (2 Hills- one closest to Haileyville, where Sarah and Jack lived. Lydia remembers going there to play croquet with Virgie and Grace. Virgie and Grace use to go to Medthodist Church in Haileyville. Brother, Walter ( Bud) used to walk across the hills with lantern to go to church with them. Lydia thought Bud, something special. Said when she graduated high school in 1924 in Seligman, her gave her toilette set- of brush, comb, mirror and nail file set, powder box, etc.
Says all Bales in AZ by 1922-4. Says CHarles went to Seligman, during RR strike, was scab, and then hired as car inspector.
Wm Jackson Bales, came to Seligman 1922-23, but, had to go back to OK, when his parents died. 1937- all coal mines closed in OK.


According to Oscar Dowell- 1987- Sarah came from Van Buren, Ark, and maiden name was Webster. Wm JacksonBales, came from Little Rock, Ark. Wm Jackson, drove freight carts between Ok and ARk.

Gpa Jack (Wm Jackson Bales) went to AZ about 1920-21 and sold little farm to McCutchins. Gpa Jack came to OK, when they opened the Cherokee Strip.


Email from Blanche Sirmans - aug 1998

I never did write any more about their leaving Arkansas. I do not believe that it had to do with their making whiskey, although I have no doubts about their making it there. I don't know that they did., but I would not be surprised. However I think they left because of something more serious. It seems that I heard that they got into a fight at a dance and hurt someone and left to keep from being arrested. It wasn't murder. I think that some of the boys, the ones wanted, left for Oklahoma, and their parents and the others came later. Jack came through with the parents, so apparently he wasn't involved. This may not be true. I vaguely remember some such thing. Maybe it isn't true, so unless you can find confirmation somewhere else


Mountain Echo, appears to be the oldest newspaper for Yellville area.


Burial info: Buried Sunnyside Cemetary, 4725 Cherry, AVE, Long Beach - Azalea, 04, I
Census: 1910, Pittsburg Co, OK
Death Record: CA Deat Certif # 186736, died at age 78
Nickname: Was always called Jack
Occupation: Worked for Santa FE Railroad, was Roundhouse engineer in Seligman, AZ
Residence: Abt. 1923, Moved to Seligman, AZ from McAlester, OK
Social Security Number: 708-16-7630

According to phone call with Grace (Bales) prior to Sept 1987 -
Grandma Sarah Bales had older and younger brother. There has always been some question about the last name whether is Haskell or Webster.


1870 - Marion Co., Ar- Census in Flippen Barns Township :
#68 - Webster, Mary E. - age 23 - b. ARK
Webster, Sarah L. - age 2 - b. ARK
Haskett, James - age 9 - b. Ark
If the above reference is our Mary, and Sarah, then is possible that the name should be Haskett, not Haskell. Also, is possiblilty that James Haskett could be her brother instead of her son.......making her maiden name "Haskett". (See info on Mary)


Also note the middle initial for Sarah, and also note that birthdate for Sarah would be totally out of whack, as sources say that Sarah was born in May 1866, and the above Sarah, would be born 1868......... needs further looking into.


According to letter received from Robin Christopherson from Sponberg Mortuary, dated 27 April 1987 that handled the service of Sarah Bales - name was Sarah E Bales, b 8 May 1866, born in Webster, Ark, d 24 April 1959, age of 92--- informant was daughter Virginia Johnson.


According to Oscar Dowell- 1987- Sarah came from Van Buren, Ark, and maiden name was Webster. Wm JacksonBales, came from Little Rock, Ark. Wm Jackson, drove freight carts between Ok and ARk. Gpa Jack (Wm Jackson Bales) went to AZ about 1920-21 and sold little farm to McCutchins. Gpa Jack came to OK, when they opened the Cherokee Strip.


Sex: F
Spouse: J. W. BALES
Marriage: 1 Jan 1893
Marion, Arkansas
Source Information:
Batch number: M586211


Census: possibly from Van Buren, ARk
Social Security Number: Buried Forest Lawn - Azalea, 037, D

rcvd 15 august 1999 from a researcher look up for Marion Co.
"Mysty McPherson" <>
"Marion Co. Marriage Records 1887-1896" by Marian Burnes & Vicki Roberts says on p 41: W. Bales 23 Yellville m MCAR 1 Feb 1893 Sarah Webster 22 Yellville. They were married by R. F. Patterson, Justice of the Peace. A copy of this record can be found in Book F on p 57. You can order it from the Marion Co. Clerk, Marion Co. Courthouse, Yellville AR 72687. Her name is Mary Jo Layton.



i.GIRL5 BALES, b. Abt. 1890, Ark..

ii.TOMMY BALES, b. Aft. 1893, Ark ?; d. Ark ?.

iii.WALTY BALES, b. Aft. 1893, Ark ?; d. Bet. 1905 - 1907, Ark ? or OK.

14.iv.CHARLES AGUSTA BALES, b. 19 July 1893, Yellville, Ark - Marion Co; d. 23 April 1960, San Bernadino, CA - San Bernadino Co.

15.v.VIRGINIA BALES ( VIRGIE), b. 14 December 1896, Fayetteville, ARK; d. 03 July 1970, Long Beach, CA, buried Westminster Cemetary, WEstminister, CA. MAY BALES, b. 29 December 1899, Ark- probably Marion Co; d. 17 June 1924, Los Angels, CA - Buried Odd Fellows Cemetary, Whittier, CA- LA CO.

17.vii.GRACE BALES, b. 20 December 1903, Olney, OK - Coal Co; d. 14 September 1987, Long Beach, CA - LA Co.

18.viii.WALTER (X) BALES, b. February 1906, Pittsburg Co, OK; d. 29 September 1980, Los Angeles, CA - Buried in Westminster Cemetary, Westminster CA.

19.ix.JOHN LEROY BALES, b. December 1909, Pittsburg Co, OK.

x.GERTRUDE ALVERTA BALES, b. 12 July 1912, Pittsburg Co, OK; d. 15 March 1955, Long Beach, CA- buried Sunnyside Cemetary, Long Beach, CA - LA CO; m. DONALD ARTHUR RYAN (ART); b. 07 April 1901, NEB.; d. 14 June 1955, Long Beach, CA- buried Sunnyside Cemetary, Long Beach, CA - LA CO.

letter from Atchison, Topeka, Santa Fe Railway Co, dated 23 Feb 1990- from a R. L. Dixon, states " Gertrude Bales is written about in book written by Mrs. G. T. Moore, Lucy, 509 W. 3rd , Winslow, AZ 86047 about the history of Seligman, Az. Gertie is mentioned as very much a part of the school history, and also, that she worked at the Seligman Roundhouse

According to Lydia Bishop - Gpa Jack (Wm Jackson Bales), had bought a Model T, but, could not drive it. Walter (Bud) drove it and Gertie always mad that they wouldn't let her drive. One day Walter, shaving and Gertied harassing him aobut driving, he threw keys at her and told her fine, go drive. she didn't really know how and in her attempt, knocked over the outhouse!

According to Notes from Oscar Dowell - 1987- Possible Gertie and Arthur never married. Also, possible his name was not really Art Ryan, but, instead, Don Arthur. A Professional gambler, was a small man, about 5 3", Irish. Charles Bales, Sr, said that Art was very crooked. Also, he told me that after Wm Jackson Bales, died, Gertie continued to cash Gpa's RR pension checks, that Sarah, did not receive until after Gertie died.

Census: Buried Forest Lawn - Erica 71, Ia

According to information notes 1987 - After Gertie died, Art was so distraught....that when he died he was found on top of Gerties grave.

According to Notes from Oscar Dowell - 1987- Possible Gertie and Arthur never married. Also, possible his name was not really Art Ryan, but, instead, Don Arthur. A Professional gambler, was a small man, about 5 3", Irish. Charles Bales, Sr, said that Art was very crooked.

Census: Buried Forest Lawn - Erica 71, Ib.

6. GEORGE W.4 BALES (THOMAS C.3, BAILEY2, BALES1) was born 07 October 1873 in Marion Co, Ark, and died 03 May 1938. He married MINTY C. RADFORD (MINNIE) 20 August 1893. She was born March 1875 in Ark.

Notes for GEORGE W. BALES:
Found on the 1900 census
Union Township, Marion Co, Ark
entry # 1289
George Bales- Head of household-w-male-b.Oct 1873 - age 26- married 7 years
yes can write-yes can read- farmer
Minnie - wife - w - female- b. Mar 1875, age 20 - 3 children born/3 living,
yes read yes write
Andrew - son- w- male - b. Aug 1894 - age 5
Ada - daughter - w- female - b. June 1896 - age 4
William - son - w- male - b. Oct 1899 - age 1/12


Census: 1880, Marion Co, Ark

Children of GEORGE BALES and MINTY (MINNIE) are:

20.i.ANDREW J5 BALES, b. 04 August 1894, Marion Co, Ark; d. 22 June 1933, McAlester, OK.

21.ii.ADA DELILAH BALES, b. 29 January 1896, Ark; d. 1931, Ok?.

22.iii.WILLIAM BALES, b. 11 October 1898; d. 28 July 1974.

iv.MARY L. BALES, b. 22 December 1901; m. (1) JACK LEVANS; m. (2) FRANK FAIN; d. Ft. Smith , Ark; m. (3) CHARLES NOWLIN.

23.v.GEORGE BALES, b. 26 July 1903; d. 22 July 1955.

vi.VIRGIE BALES, b. 14 July 1905; d. 03 August 1991; m. JOHN J. TURNER.

24.vii.ETHEL BALES, b. 02 May 1908; d. 18 May 1926.

25.viii.AMBROSE/ AMBES BALES, b. 28 October 1913; d. 22 February 1983.

7. MARY JANE4 BALES (THOMAS C.3, BAILEY2, BALES1) was born 1874. She married (1) CHOATE. She married (2) EARLS 1890.

8. HENRY MATTHEW4 BALES (THOMAS C.3, BAILEY2, BALES1) was born 03 March 1878 in Marion Co, Ark, and died 05 July 1955 in Traver, Tulare Co, CA. He married CORA BELLE CALDWELL Abt. 1895. She was born in TX, and died 1911.

According to letter by Blanche Sirmans - May 1990- " You really missed something not knowing Uncle Henry. He was a favorite with all of us children- just like a grandfather to us. When he was old , his hair was still dark, and he had a full head of hair. He would tell us stories and take me riding piggy back when I was small"

Census: Lived Kingsburg, CA
CA death certif # 55-062334, age 77

9. LUCINDA4 BALES (THOMAS C.3, BAILEY2, BALES1) was born September 1886 in Marion Co, Ark, and died Bet. 1914 - 1915 in McAlester, Pittsburg Co, OK. She married JOHN W. PALMER 19 June 1909 in Ok?. He was born Bet. 1874 - 1875 in Alabama.

According to letter from Blanche Sirmans- June 1990- "Lucinda (Lou), married John Palmer. She had 2 sons, Joe and Claud Palmer. I think, Claud died as a school child, and Joe may have lived with his grandparents, Tom and Martha Bales and later with John Bales (Uncle)
Nov 1994, possible descendant of Joe Palmer in San Jose, CA, may be doing some research. (I, Pam, do not know name or address)

10. JOHN CALVIN4 BALES (THOMAS C.3, BAILEY2, BALES1) was born 16 July 1890 in Yellville, Marion Co, Ark, and died 01 September 1975 in Borger, Hutchinson Co, TX. He married MAY TYLER Abt. 1912 in Hot Springs, Ark, daughter of JACK TYLER.

Social Security Index, shows the following ---
JOHN BALES 16 Jul 1890 Sep 1975 79007 (Borger, Hutchinson, TX) (No Location
Given) 432-24-4667 Arkansas Before 1951

Census: Soc Sec # 432-24-4667- enrolled before 1951

Child of JOHN BALES and MAY TYLER is:

30.i.BONNIE5 BALES, b. 04 June 1914, Ok; d. 04 June 1977, Borger, TX, Hutchinson Co.

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