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Arminta Francher Coker

Submitted by: Lynn-Marie Fancher (
Caretaker Old Fancher Cemetery KNA
"Colonel James Fancher Homestead Cemetery"

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With regard to Arminta Fancher Coker . . .

She was the daughter of Col James Fancher and his wife, Elizabeth Carlock Fancher. His middle name was not Alexander. James Fancher he had a brother Alexander Fancher who died in the Capps area between 1844 and 1846. That Alexander Fancher lost two sons at Mountain Meadows

Col James Fancher had another brother, Isaac Fancher, who's son was the Captain Alexander Fancher that led the ill-fated wagon train into Mountain Meadows Utah. There is no Captain Charles (Charley) Fancher associated with the MMM. That is an error that came out of Utah that has been perpetuated from old accounts. Newer books have the names correct.

Ariminta Fancher Coker died in 1848, from complications of childbirth. She had four children, all of whom were raised by James Fancher and wife Elizabeth, Ariminta's parents. Ariminta Coker's husband,"Prairie Bill" Coker, ran off with two Indian women, which made the conservative Fancher's pretty unhappy. Ariminta Coker and her older sister Asenath Fancher Morris are buried in the "Old Fancher Cemetery" in Osage at the foot of Sarah Journegain (Jarnigan) Fancher's grave. They are in unmarked graves, but well known by family members to be there. Very recently, someone from the Alexander Fancher family put a marker up for Alexander over the graves of these two ladies. It is unclear at present how that will be resolved, but Alexander Fancher, the brother, is not buried in that cemetery at all. He is presumed to be in the Capps area with his wife and oldest son.

Interestingly, the baby that was born in 1848 was named George M. Dallas Coker. He was named this by Elizabeth Carlock Fancher who had lost her own last baby the year before (1847) named George M Dallas Fancher. He only lived to be 10 months old. So the name was recycled for Arminta's baby.

The children did grow up to know their father and in later years, enjoyed his company.

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