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Submitted by: Margaret Butler (

Dividing Line

NOTE !! This is a compilation of information only, and the reader must allow for errors. Because of past courthouse burnings, a large majority of coker information comes only from stories handed down through families and acquaintances. This genealogy is meant to be used simply as a guide. For additional information on the Cokers, look at the book on Marion County, AR families at the Marion County library.

* * *


born abt 1805 TN

died November 19, 1878, Osage, Carroll Co., AR

buried Sneed Cemetery, Carroll Co., AR

married July 1824 to CHARLES B. SNEED

Jane's husband, Charles Sneed, born abt 1801 in Kentucky and the son of William and Kiziah (Graham) Sneed, died in February 1865 in Carroll Co., AR. Charles was "the very first settler in Carroll County, Ark." In a Carroll Co., AR history book [Carroll County, Arkansas - An Outlander's History -??] on pages 313 and 314 is an article about Mr. Sneed. (I don't believe the following is a direct quote; rather, a synopsis of what it said.)

Charles Sneed . . . credited with construction of the first road to transverse Carroll County. It was called Dubuque Road (from Dubuque - a landing on White River near the present town of Lead Hill through Carrollton then followed an Indian trail that led into Ft. Smith). He was Postmaster (Liberty P.O. and Carrollton and Osage P.O.). Also second sheriff in Carroll County (elected). Two sons (S.G. was a circuit court judge) and Tilford Denton was county clerk and State Representative 1850-54. Charles married Jane Coker of the Coker family which is accepted by most historians as being the first permanent settlers in the Ozarks (Ark.). They [Charles & Jane] had 10 children. The first court session in Carroll Co. history was held in their home with Archibald Yell presiding and David Walker, prosecuting attorney. Charles died 2-18-1865 & is buried in the Sneed Cemetery of Carroll County. Jane died 11-19-1878 & is buried beside her husband.


1. NANCY SARAH SNEED, born May 4, 1826, Osage, Carroll Co., AR; died September 22, 1901, Carrollton, AR. Nancy married (1) Anderson COLLIER (b. 1824 TN and son of David & Mary Collier); (2) Henry BARR (b. 1825 VA). Anderson and Nancy's children were: Mary Jane, Sebron Yell, and William M. Collier. Henry and Nancy's children were: Samuel Linzy, Charlie, and Marinda America Barr.

2. SEBRON GRAHAM SNEED, born April 28, 1828, Osage, Carroll Co., AR; died August 17, 1871, Carroll Co., AR; married Easter Delina MORRIS, dau. of William C. Morris. Easter was born August 3, 1831 in TN and died August 2, 1902. Sebron & Easter's children were Hugh French, Louisa M., Jane Peel, Samuel W., Charles, and Nancy Smitha Sneed.

3. MARY SNEED, born April 30, 1830 (one source says April 16), near Osage, Carroll Co., AR; died March 25, 1907 at Alpena, AR. Mary married Tilford DENTON on November 8, 1848 at Osage, AR. Tilford was born November 22, 1817 in Warren Co., TN, and died August 16, 1896 at Alpena, AR. Mary and Tilford's children: John Rosson, an infant baby, William French, Sebron Sneed, Jane, Elizabeth, Jr. Tilford, Keziah, Robert E. Lee, Charles Sneed, Hugh Lawson, Volney Walker, and Wilburn Garland Denton.

4. KEZIAH/KIZZIAH R. SNEED, born January 22, 1831-32, Osage, Carroll Co., AR.

5. SAMUEL S. SNEED, born January 22, 1835, Osage, Carroll Co., AR; married (1) Henrietta CHANEY about 1859 (she d. abt 1865); (2) Dorcas Sophia McCRACKEN abt 1868. Samuel and Henrietta's children were Arminta F. and John Chaney.

6. WILBURN REAGAN SNEED, born March 20, 1837 (another source shows March 30), Osage, Carroll Co., AR; died September 27, 1906, Green Forest, Carroll Co., AR. Wilburn married Nancy Melrose McCRACKEN on February 14, 1869 at Madison Co., AL(?). Nancy was the dau. of Ewing & Emaline (Brown) McCracken. Wilburn & Nancy's children: Charles E., and Wilburn Lucius.

7. ELIZABETH SNEED, born November 13, 1839, Osage, Carroll Co., AR; married Thomas Washington FANCHER.

8. MARINDA "RINDY" SNEED, born January 15, 1842 (another source shows January 16), Osage, Carroll Co., AR; died December 16, 1928 AR. Rindy married Joseph Wesley BISHOP in August 1866 in Carroll Co., AR. Joseph was born February 13, 1833 in TN, and died March 7, 1919, Carroll Co., AR, and was the son of John & Nancy (Farmer) Bishop. Rindy and Joseph's children were Marinda, Edward Sinclair, Ophelia Mack, Mary Alice, Vard Ivey, Thomas Rosson, and Charles Seaburn Bishop.

9. MARTHA JANE SNEED, born January 23, 1844 (another source shows January 22), Osage, Carroll Co., AR; died January 31, 1877, Carroll Co., AR. Martha Jane married Jess Tucker SEITZ (b. September 13, 1844). Jess was the son of Jesse & Jane (Smith) Seitz. Martha and Jess's children: Henry Belle, Bailie, and Wilburn Sneed Seitz.

10. LOUISA ISABELLA SNEED, born November 28, 1846, Osage, Carroll Co., AR; died April 9, 1918 in Carroll Co., AR; married Lawson Henry SEITZ on February 9, 1867 in Carroll Co., AR. Lawson was born October 22, 1846 in Osage, AR; died April 14, 1918 in Carroll Co., AR. Lawson was the son of Jesse & Jane (Smith) Seitz. Louise & Lawson's children: Charles Sneed, Betty, Tiffie B., Jesse Tucker, Maudie, Jennie Denton, and Archa Seitz.

Nancy Jane Coker (Part 11)

Dividing Line

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