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Submitted by: Renée Cone Pero (

Dividing Line

Generation No. 1

1. WILLIAM1 DODSON was born Abt. 1590 in Wakefield Yorkshire England.


Information from: Noah Smother


2. i. THOMAS2 DODSON, b. Abt. 1619, Wakefield Yorkshire England.

Generation No. 2

2. THOMAS2 DODSON (WILLIAM1) was born Abt. 1619 in Wakefield Yorkshire England. He married JUDITH HAGGAR. She was born Abt. 1621 in Wakefield Yorkshire England.


i. WILLIAM3 DODSON, b. 1647, Wakefield Yorkshire England.

ii. THOMAS DODSON, b. 1648, Wakefield Yorkshire England.

3. iii. CHARLES DODSON, b. 1649, Wakefield Yorkshire England; d. February 06, 1704/05, Richmond County Virginia.

iv. JOHN DODSON, b. 1652, Richmond County Virginia.

v. MARGARET DODSON, b. 1654, Richmond County Virginia.

Generation No. 3

3. CHARLES3 DODSON (THOMAS2, WILLIAM1) was born 1649 in Wakefield Yorkshire England, and died February 06, 1704/05 in Richmond County Virginia. He married ANN ELMORE Abt. 1678 in Richmond County Virginia. She was born Abt. 1654.


We first find Charles Dodson in Old Rappahannock County (which is now Richmond County) where he leased land on July 8, 1680. We also find him in Pennsylvania, Halifax, Henry and Patrick Counties Virginia. Spelling of Dodson could of been Dotson.

Charles Dodson left a will, leaving all land to his son's and all moveable property to wife and daughters.

This information from (book) The First Generations Descended From Charles Dodson Sr. of Richmond County Virginia.

Children of CHARLES DODSON and ANN ELMORE are:

i. CHARLES4 DODSON, b. Abt. 1679, Rappahannock Virginia.

ii. THOMAS DODSON, b. Abt. 1681, Richmond County Virginia.

iii. BARTHOLOMEW DODSON, b. Abt. 1683, Richmond County Virginia.

iv. WILLIAM DODSON, b. Abt. 1685, Richmond County Virginia.

v. JOHN DODSON, b. Abt. 1687, Richmond County Virginia.

4. vi. LAMBETH DODSON I, b. Abt. 1689, Richmond County, Virginia; d. Abt. 1777, Halifax, Virginia.

vii. ANNE DODSON, b. Abt. 1692, Richmond County Virginia.

viii. ELIZABETH DODSON, b. Abt. 1695, Richmond County Virginia.

Generation No. 4

4. LAMBETH4 DODSON I (CHARLES3, THOMAS2, WILLIAM1) was born Abt. 1689 in Richmond County, Virginia, and died Abt. 1777 in Halifax, Virginia. He married SARAH HARRIS Abt. 1720 in Richmond County, Virginia, daughter of PHILIP HARRIS. She was born Abt. 1693 in Richmond County, Virginia, and died February 21, 1735/36 in Halifax, Virginia.


Lambeth Dodson November 11, 1747 bought a plot of land, Feb. 17, 1755 bought a plot of land. Tax Records for 1753 in Halifax Virginia. Living in North Franham Parish Rappahannock County Virginia.

His father's will states he left him 100 acres of land .

This information from Charles Dodson Sr. Book.


i. JOHN5 DODSON, b. Abt. 1720, Richmond County Virginia.

ii. MARY DODSON, b. April 03, 1724, Richmond County Virginia.

iii. CHARLES DODSON, b. April 03, 1724, Richmond County Virginia.

iv. ISAAC DODSON, b. Abt. 1730, Richmond County Virginia.

5. v. LAMBETH DODSON II, b. Abt. 1732, Richmond County, Virginia; d. Abt. 1789, Henry County, Virginia.

vi. ANN NANCY DODSON, b. July 20, 1734, Richmond County Virginia.

vii. DANIEL DODSON, b. Abt. 1735, Richmond County Virginia.

viii. GEORGE DODSON, b. Abt. 1722, Richmond County Virginia.

Generation No. 5

5. LAMBETH5 DODSON II (LAMBETH4, CHARLES3, THOMAS2, WILLIAM1) was born Abt. 1732 in Richmond County, Virginia, and died Abt. 1789 in Henry County, Virginia. He married ELIZABETH Unknown.


Residence: Lived in Virginia and North Carolina


i. ESAU6 DODSON, b. 1754, Virginia.

ii. RICHARD DODSON, b. Abt. 1755, Virginia.

iii. CHARLES DODSON, b. Abt. 1756, Virginia.

iv. LAMBETH DODSON III, b. Abt. 1752, Virginia.

v. REUBEN DODSON, b. Abt. 1750, Virginia.

6. vi. WILLIAM DODSON, b. March 29, 1758, Virginia; d. Aft. 1830, White County Tennessee.

Generation No. 6

6. WILLIAM6 DODSON (LAMBETH5, LAMBETH4, CHARLES3, THOMAS2, WILLIAM1) was born March 29, 1758 in Virginia, and died Aft. 1830 in White County Tennessee. He married (1) TIBITHA HENDRICK. He married (2) MARTHA PECK. She was born Abt. 1760.


Military service: Revolutionary War

More info on children: None of his daughter's have been found.


i. SIMON7 DODSON, b. Abt. 1780, Virginia.

ii. WILLIAM "BUCKY" DODSON, b. February 02, 1793, Halifax Virginia; d. May 09, 1861, Elamsville ,Patrick County Virginia; m. JUDITH DIXON, Abt. 1817.

7. iii. ELI DODSON, b. 1798, Halifax County, Virginia; d. March 17, 1828, White County, Tennessee.

iv. DANIEL DODSON, b. Abt. 1790, Virginia.

Generation No. 7

7. ELI7 DODSON (WILLIAM6, LAMBETH5, LAMBETH4, CHARLES3, THOMAS2, WILLIAM1) was born 1798 in Halifax County, Virginia, and died March 17, 1828 in white county, Tennessee. He married MARY POLLY GOAD July 04, 1822 in White County Tennessee, daughter of JAMES GOAD and MARGARET SHOCKLEY. She was born Abt. 1807 in Virginia, and died October 12, 1831 in white county, Tennessee.

Notes for ELI DODSON:

Date of marriage of Eli Dodson Sr. is from family bible page. (Owner is Renée Cone Pero)

The Eli Dodson Jr. family bible page was written in Eli Jr. own hand writing. The page has marriages and births on it. The bible page was given to his daughter Missouri Emoline Dodson Dees.

Then Missouri gave the bible page to her daughter Arria Viola Dees (ire).

Then Arria gave the bible page to her grand daughter Renee Cone Pero.

Then in the year 2002 Renee contacted a cousin by email named Martha Wilson. She stated that she had the bible page of Eli Dodson that was of deaths and one birth. Martha Wilson and her husband came to Wichita, Kansas to visit Arria and Renee. They compared the Bible Pages. The water marks that was on them was identical to each other. They were from the same Bible.

More About ELI DODSON:

Occupation: Farmer

Residence: Spencer Tennessee

Will: I have a copy of it from Martha Wilson.

Child of ELI DODSON and MARY GOAD is:

8. i. ELI8 DODSON II, b. May 22, 1828, white county Tennessee; d. February 26, 1921, Yellville Marion County Arkansas.

Generation No. 8

8. ELI8 DODSON II (ELI7, WILLIAM6, LAMBETH5, LAMBETH4, CHARLES3, THOMAS2, WILLIAM1) was born May 22, 1828 in white county Tennessee, and died February 26, 1921 in Yellville Marion County Arkansas. He married (1) RHODA CAROLINE CANTRELL May 13, 1847 in Aurora Madison County Arkansas, daughter of ABNER CANTRELL and MARY MAXEY. She was born November 11, 1827 in Marion County Arkansas, and died April 14, 1870 in Yellville Marion County Arkansas. He married (2) SARAH E. HASTINGS July 30, 1870. She died February 16, 1871. He married (3) MARY CATHERINE CANTRELL March 30, 1871 in Yellville Arkansas, daughter of ABNER CANTRELL and MARY MAXEY. She was born August 04, 1845 in Madison County Arkansas, and died October 27, 1901 in Arkansas.

Notes for ELI DODSON II:

All of the Birth dates of Eli Dodson Jr. family were taken from his family bible Page. The dates were written in his own handwriting.

Renee Cone Pero has the Eli Dodson Jr. family bible page for births and marriages. Then her cousin Martha Wilson has the Eli Dodson Jr. family bible page of deaths and one birth.

Arkansas History Commission Information On Eli Dodson Jr. ; Eli Dodson last address Hasty Arkansas. Date of birth 22 may 1828 at Spencer in the county of Vanburen the state of Tenn. Full name of father was Eli Dodson born at Halifax, Va. He lived at Spencer Tenn. He was the son of William Dodson of Vanburen Co. Tenn. Maiden name of subjects mother Mary Goad she was the daughter of James Goad and Margarett who lived in Warren Co. Tenn. Eli Dodson Jr. went to school at Madison county Arkansas. Teacher's Scott, Sarton, and Carlock. Studied law at Yellville Arkansas under Mr. D. C. Williams. Entered the practice of law in 1858 in Marion county Arkansas. First Circuit Clerk of Marion County in 1856-1860. State Judge of Boone County 1892-1896. Se stator in 1872-1880 for Marion and Searcy Counties. County Judge of Marion County for years 1880-1882. Colonel of the 14th regiment Arkansas in M. C. Calloughs command. Served from June 1862 - July 10, 1863. Resigned in Tupalo, Mississippi on account of wounded in the line of duty and ill health. Mr. Dodson was a Democrat, attended The Baptist Church regularly, and was a member of The A. F. & A. M.. Was 97 years old when he died.

This is a story told to me (Renee Cone Pero) by my Grandmother Arria V. Dees and Leola Harris a cousin. This story is about Eli Dodson Jr. and William Andrew Dees. Eli Dodson Jr. and William A. Dees fought in the civil war. They fought on opposite sides at the beginning. William A. Dees was fighting for the north and Eli Dodson Jr. was for the south. Eli Dodson had captured a lot of men from the north and was moving them south. He got to the point he needed recruits to keep going. So Eli Dodson Jr. recruited the men he and his company captured. So instead of turning the ones in they caught, Eli Dodson Jr. swore them into his company and they fought for the south against the north. They fought at the Battle Of Pea Ridge together. In the men that were captured was William A. Dees, who Eli knew. Later in life William A. Dees wanted his pension for fighting in the civil war. The pension for the south was more than the north. So he went to get his pension and the Judge said he had fought for the north not the south. William A. Dees went and got Col. Eli Dodson Jr. and Eli told the judge that Mr. Dees had fought with him at the Battle Of Pea Ridge on the side of the south and that he would swear to that. Because of Eli Dodson Jr. being in good standings with the court, they believed him and granted Mr. William A. Dees his pension from the south. Of course they lost the Battle Of Pea Ridge, and both of them came home alive, to tell this story to their kids and grandchildren, so future family members would know what happened.

My Grandmother Arria use to sing this song to us that her grandfather Eli Dodson wrote about his twin girls.

The boys and girls they used to go a fishen in the brook,

with spools of thread for fishen line and bended pins for hooks.

They always wished for me to go but they always wished in vain,

for I'd rather be with Lilly Dell a swinging in the lane,

and yet I'd give this world to be with Rosa Nell again.

I'll never never shall forget out swinging in the lane.

Mr. Eli Dodson jr. was born on his father's farm in white county Tennessee. He was the only child of Eli Dodson Sr. and Mary Goad Dodson. Eli Dodson Sr. died right after his son was born, and Mary Goad Dodson died two and half years later. Eli Dodson jr. was raised by his Uncle Alexander Goad of white County Tennessee and later moved to Madison County Arkansas, and then to Yellville Marion County Arkansas. Worked in several counties, Searcy, Marion, and Boone.

I have so much information on Eli Dodson, articles from the Mt. Echo Newspaper at Yellville Arkansas. Census records for 1860, 1880 and 1910. Application for pension records, land plots he bought, proof of service for the state of Arkansas, physician records, obituary, infantry papers, Marion county cemetery records, judge records, family bible pages, newspaper article, pictures of cemetery, pictures of Eli Dodson, Mary Catherine Cantrell Dodson, Sarah Virginia Dodson Young, Eli Dodson and Missouri and her girls, Alice Dodson, Bina Dodson Crain, Missouri E. Dodson Dees, a group of six Dodson brother and sister's, and of Arria V. Dees.

Of course I had a lot of help from family and Relatives in the past 30+ years. To name a few, Floyd H. Cone, Arria V. Dees, Marilyn Crawford, Sharon Pratt, Martha Wilson, Linda Fry, and William Barron. (Thank you to all of you for your help. Renée Cone Pero)


Burial: February 1921, Eli Dodson Family Cemetery Yellville Marion County Arkansas

Military service: Civil War

Occupation: judge


Burial: April 1870, Eli Dodson Family Cemetery Yellville Marion County Arkansas


To lay to rest the question about the name of Eli Dodson jr. second Wife.

The Eli Dodson family bible page very plainly says Sarah E. S_ slen .

On marriage page,It says: Eli Dodson jr. & Sarah E. S_ slen was married July 30 1870.

On Death page,It says: Sarah E. Dodson died Feb. 16 1871.

Now Sarah was married before to a William Hastings or Hasten. Can't prove either name at this point.

Some people say Eli Dodson jr. buried Sarah E. Dodson by her first husband. Now my Grandmother Arria V. Dees says she is buried behind where Eli Dodson jr. is buried. In fact she says all three wives are buried around Eli Dodson jr.. One on each side of him and one behind him, that makes three wives.

First wife= Rhoda Caroline Cantrell, Second wife = Sarah E. S_slen, and Third wife= Mary Catherine Cantrell. Yes Rhoda C. Cantrell and Mary C. Cantrell are sisters.

There is a book ( A reminiscent History of the Ozark Region Written in 1894) that says Eli Dodson jr. second wife is Mary E. Hastings. I can not say this is wrong, but i can say my bible page that was written in Eli Dodson jr. own hand says different. Plus my Grandmother Arria (Who at this date (Feb. 2004) is still alive at almost 101, with a very good mind) says the second wives name is Sarah. How dose she know? Eli Dodson jr. was her grandfather and Eli use to live with them in his old age. Census records of 1910 Newton county Arkansas proves this, that Eli was living with daughter Missouri and her husband John Alvin Dees. Not that I dispute what my Grandmother says, it just gives more proof.

Then there is the story of the Old Tom Woods Cemetery. Where William Hastings or Hasten is laid to rest. Now I do know it was an Indian Cemetery before the white man used it. Which is just up the hill from the Eli Dodson Cemetery in a very wooded area. But as to if Sarah E. Dodson is buried there ? All I can say is she is buried with her second husband Eli Dodson jr.. Will we ever know for sure where Sarah is buried? Take your pick.

Information from Martha Wilson; Page from cemetery book of Marion county for Eli Dodson Cemetery.

The left side of the stone reads; First wife Caroline. The backside of the stone reads; Second wife Sarah. The right side of the stone reads; Third wife Catherine.

Arria Viola Dees said the front side was for Eli Dodson information when he died. Then Arria told me that The State was thinking about putting a lake or a dam in very near the Dodson cemetery. The state started moving a lot of the people that were in the graveyard. That Garland and Bob Cecil moved the headstone of Eli Dodson Jr. to his barn for safekeeping. But the state decided not to do what they had planed and did not move anymore people from the cemetery. To say the least Eli Dodson headstone never got put back. So what has happened to the headstone of Eli Dodson Jr. we don't know. But Martha Wilson went to the government and got a civil war headstone put on Eli Dodson Jr. grave.

One more small tidbit of information. Through the years the family has past down information on each other. There is a story that Sarah E. Dodson died while pregnant, neither her nor the baby lived.


Burial: October 1901, Eli Dodson Family Cemetery Yellville Marion County Arkansas

Photos: I have in my possession a large charcoal picture of Eli Dodson Jr. and Mary Catherine Cantrell Dodson. It was give to me (Renee Cone Pero ) from my Grandmother Arria Viola Dees.

Children of ELI DODSON and RHODA CANTRELL are:

9. i. WILLIAM Y.9 DODSON, b. April 23, 1848, Yellville Marion County Arkansas; d. July 28, 1928, Lawton County Oklahoma.

ii. MARY DODSON, b. November 17, 1849.


Spouse: Christian King

iii. MARGARET DODSON, b. March 22, 1851; d. Adkins Arkansas.


Spouse: George Young

iv. JAMES DODSON, b. December 31, 1852.


Spouse: Mary

v. ELIZABETH J. DODSON, b. December 30, 1854; d. Bellefonte Arkansas.


Spouse: John Wesley Cecil

vi. MARTHA D. DODSON, b. November 10, 1856; d. Cotter, Arkansas.


Spouse: James Phillips

vii. RHODA ANN DODSON, b. September 03, 1859; d. Dover Arkansas.


Spouse: LaFayette Laffoome/Laffroome/Laffoon?

viii. SARAH VIRGINIA DODSON, b. September 12, 1861, Yellville Marion County Arkansas; d. February 12, 1954, New Madrid County Missouri.

ix. ALICE J. DODSON, b. September 28, 1863.

x. ELI SIDNEY DODSON, b. April 01, 1866; d. Gabrel Oklahoma.


Spouse: Nancy

xi. MELVINA R DODSON, b. February 21, 1868; d. Oklahoma City , Oklahoma.


Nickname: Bina or Bine

Spouse: Mr. N. C. Crain

xii. LEOTIE I. DODSON, b. November 29, 1869; d. September 12, 1871.

Children of ELI DODSON and MARY CANTRELL are:

xiii. ELLEN9 DODSON, b. February 19, 1872; d. December 19, 1875.

xiv. LENA MAY DODSON, b. September 12, 1873; d. Bellefonte Arkansas.


Spouse: James Bredwell

10. xv. MISSOURI EMALINE DODSON, b. January 18, 1876, Yellville Marion County, Arkansas; d. April 26, 1954, Eureka, Kansas.

xvi. TENNESSEE C. DODSON, b. August 15, 1878, Olvey Arkansas.


Nickname: Katie

Spouse: William Mills

xvii. HATTIE G. DODSON, b. April 18, 1881; d. September 5, 1881.

xviii. ROSIE NELL DODSON, b. October 18, 1882; d. October 31, 1882.

xix. LILLY DELL DODSON, b. October 18, 1882; d. Nov. 1 , 1882.

xx. FLOYD R. DODSON, d. Died three years of age..

xxi. LOVETTA A. DODSON, d. Very young.

Generation No. 9

9. WILLIAM Y.9 DODSON (ELI8, ELI7, WILLIAM6, LAMBETH5, LAMBETH4, CHARLES3, THOMAS2, WILLIAM1) was born April 23, 1848 in Yellville Marion County Arkansas, and died July 28, 1928 in Lawton County Oklahoma. He married SARAH E. GOAD May 30, 1903 in Valley Springs Marion County Arkansas. She was born Abt. 1846 in Tennessee, and died September 30, 1920 in Lawton County Oklahoma.


Nickname: Willie


i. WILLIAM JEFFERSON10 DODSON, b. December 15, 1879, Valley Springs Marion County Arkansas.


Spouse: Lillie Ruching

10. MISSOURI EMALINE9 DODSON (ELI8, ELI7, WILLIAM6, LAMBETH5, LAMBETH4, CHARLES3, THOMAS2, WILLIAM1) was born January 18, 1876 in Yellville Marion County, Arkansas, and died April 26, 1954 in Eureka , Kansas. She married (1) JOHN ALVIN DEES February 26, 1891 in Bellefonte Arkansas, son of WILLIAM DEES and MARGARET CHOAT. He was born April 30, 1868 in Bellefonte Arkansas, and died September 23, 1916 in Bellefonte Arkansas. She married (2) BEN CARVER after 1916.


Missouri Emaline Dodson Dees Carver. Was a hard working woman and always put her family first. When Homer and Haskel would play their guitar and banjo she would dance and ask everyone to join in.

She liked to dip the snuff a little. Had a hard time sleeping, which carried over to her daughter Arria V. Dees, and grand daughter Renee. Never spoke an ill word of anyone. Even when she was sick with leukemia she had a smile on her face.


Add info: Died of leukemia

Burial: 1954, Dees Cemetery Bellefont, Arkansas

Information from: Missouri kept her first married name to be buried with, and was buried along side first husband, John Alvin Dees.

Nickname: Zue

Spouse: (1) John Alvin Dees (2) Ben Carver


John Alvin Dees son of William Andrew Dees and Margaret Choat Dees. Stood about 6 foot tall, with dark Auburn hair and brown eyes. Lived on and worked on a farm owned by Ben Carver and got paid one dollar a day, that was for him and his son Herby. Sometimes worked for the lumber mill for extra money. He could figure out how much lumber to build a house almost to the board. He never had an education but he could sign his name and he could figure out how much lumber you needed to build anything. He use to go hunting with Arria for squirrels and possum, and loved to fish. He was close to his brothers Pete and Jesse Dees. He was never mean like his dad William A. Dees. All of his children had a least a third grade education. Only got to go to school three months out of the year, the rest of the time they all worked in the fields, the girls were not paid even a dime. Every Sunday they would go to church. Missouri could cook the best cornbread in a old iron skillet. They would go to crooked creek and wash cloths with an old scrub board and big iron pot to heat water in over an open fire.

After the death of John, Missouri could not make it on her own. When Ben Carver ask her to marry him she said yes. Ben Carver was a mean man and life only got harder for Missouri. Ben Carver bought a house from Lucy Harding. Missouri was living there with her kids and Mary Alls. They were paying by the month for it. Behind her back Ben Carver deeded it to Missouri's son Haskel Dees. Missouri or Mary heard that Ben was going to sale the house. Mary had $100.00 and was willing to pay it off for Missouri.

When they went to Lucy Harding to pay it off, she would not take the money. Missouri and Mary went to a lawyer and told him the story. He said to take two witnesses and if Lucy would not take the money the house would be paid off and Haskel would woe nothing else. So off they went with there two witnesses to Lucy Harding's to pay the house off. Which this time Lucy took the money and Haskel Dees owned the house now. When Ben Carver found out he was so mad he through Mary Alls out. Ben and Missouri was not married to much longer, because he died. Mary Alls went to live with her nephew Pete. Pete and Mary had a fallen out and Pete through Mary and her feather bed out on the front lawn. When Jesse Dees and Lavona Dees Mitchell heard about this they went to get her, she was curled up on her feather bed like a baby, (it was winter) and took her home to live with them until her death.

Addendum: [the above information was told to me by my grandmother Arria Viola Dees, daughter of John Alvin Dees and grand daughter of William Andrew Dees. Arria was 13 years old when her father John Alvin Dees died and Arria was 20 when her grandfather William Andrew Dees died.]


Add info: I Renée Cone Pero have the original marriage license for John A. Dees and Missouri E. Dodson.

Burial: September 1916, Dees Cemetery Bellefont Arkansas

Census: 1900, and 1910.

Occupation: Farmer

Photos: Wedding Picture of John and Missouri. John, Missouri, Herby and Pearl Dees.

Residence: Bellefonte Arkansas

Children of MISSOURI DODSON and JOHN DEES are:

i. HERBY ALBERT10 DEES, b. December 06, 1891, Harrison Arkansas; d. 1923, Arkansas.


Add info: His grand daughter is Sharon Pratt.

ii. TILLIE PEARL DEES, b. December 05, 1893; d. June 16, 1965, Oklahoma.


Spouse: Russell Paul Grover

iii. BOY DEES, b. April 1896; d. April 1896, Harrison Arkansas.

More About BOY DEES:

Add info: Child was never named. Buried in Dees Cemetery.

iv. BESSIE PARLIE DEES, b. June 15, 1897, Harrison Arkansas; d. August 07, 1960, Toronto, Kansas.


Add info: Some family members think her middle name is Pearl. That is not right, it is Parlie. Info from sister Arria V. Dees.

Spouse: Glenn Totten

v. LENA MARY DEES, b. February 13, 1900; d. May 04, 1984, Eureka, Kansas.


Nickname: Kay

Spouse: Fred Harding

11. vi. Living DEES, b. March 10, 1903, Bellefonte Arkansas.

vii. RUBY FAY DEES, b. January 23, 1906, Hasty Arkansas; d. November 1994, Keneia, Alaska.


Spouse: Mr. Truelove, Mr. Earl Jackson, and Mr. Awtry.

viii. Living DEES, b. May 30, 1909, Hasty Arkansas.

ix. HOMER FLOYD DEES, b. August 14, 1912, Hasty Arkansas; d. July 18, 1981, Tulare, California.


Spouse: Living Walker

x. JOHN HASKEL DEES, b. April 30, 1914, Hasty Arkansas; d. May 02, 1980, California.


Spouse: Frankie Woodruff d. 2000

Generation No. 10

11. Living10 DEES (MISSOURI EMALINE9 DODSON, ELI8, ELI7, WILLIAM6, LAMBETH5, LAMBETH4, CHARLES3, THOMAS2, WILLIAM1) was born March 10, 1903 in Bellefonte Arkansas. She married HOWARD HENSLEY CONE April 17, 1920 in Arkansas, son of BERRY CONE and IRENE HICKEY. He was born July 16, 1896 in Gaither Arkansas, and died April 12, 1979 in Harrison Arkansas.

Notes for Living DEES:

I Renée Cone Pero have many memories that are wonderful of my grandmother, but I think the most memorable one is that:

Every other weekend when I was little , my brother Ralph and two cousins James, Leisa and I would spend the night with grandma. She would let us climb trees, play space ship on her sewing machine, told us stories and played games with us. We would walk to the old giant store to get ice cream and root beer to make shakes. She always made work seem like play and she always let us help in everything she did. She had the patience of Jobe. As we grew up she was always there to lend an ear, and simple advice to help us through. When I had children of my own, she baby set and spoiled them as she did all of us.

Now that she is 100, the tables are turned, and we are taking care of her. It is a pleasure to have such a wonderful grandmother that's always been there for all of her grandchildren and children. She is very Precious to all of us.

More About Living DEES:

Add info: As of this date Feb. 2004 she is still alive and doing great. Her mind is good and she is making quilts.

Divorced: Abt. 1934

Spouse: Howard H. Cone


Burial: April 16, 1979, White Church Cemetery Gaither Arkansas

Children of ARRIA DEES and HOWARD CONE are:

i. HAROLD HERBERT11 CONE, b. February 02, 1921; d. June 24, 2002, Wichita, Kansas.

iii. RALPH HOWARD CONE, b. September 21, 1927; d. October 02, 1952, Gunison Colorado - Car wreck.

iv. BOYD HASKELL CONE, b. January 04, 1931; d. March 19, 1951, Wichita, Kansas - car wreck.

12. v. FLOYD HERMAN CONE, b. March 07, 1934, Everton Arkansas; d. February 01, 1975, Wichita, Kansas.

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