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Submitted by: Kim Semaan (

Dividing Line

David Hall was born about 1783 in North Carolina, then went to Tennessee. From there He moved to White River, Marion County, Arkansas.

He was a free black.

He married Sarah Williams, she was born about 1789 in North Carolina. She is believed to have been Cherokee Indian.

David Hall was written about in the Turnbo Stories.

Also his son's Joseph (my great great great grandfather) and Willoby Hall his brother.

Joseph was born in White River, Marion, Ark. He was married twice his first wife was Lovelia last name unknown. She was born 1825 in Tennessee and died bet. 1850-1860 in Marion County, Arkansas.

She was believed to have been 1/2 black and 1/2 Cherokee Indian. She was buried in Pontiac, MO.

Joseph and Lovelia had eight children together, one of them was my great great grandfather, Henderson Allen Hall. Born July 24, 1841 in White River, Marion, Arkansas

Joseph died January 18, 1877 in Ft. Scott, Kansas.

Joseph was married on September 24, 1864 in McGhee County, Kansas to Susan Caroline Jennings.

1860 Census showed Joseph living with his sister Lydia Turner in McGhee County, KS

Joseph was also know as Allen. He was a Farmer and teamster. Was a stockman and owned a ranch near Ft. Scott, Kansas. He had a government contract to haul freight during the Civil War. He was black and Indian. Evidence points to KKK locking him in a shed and burning the shed. He died 2 months later. No obituary. He is buried in Union Bend Cemetery, also known as Hell's Bend or Hall's Cemetery which is located about 3 miles southwest of Ft. Scott, KS.

1870 census shows property value $6000

After Joseph's death, his widow, Susan Caroline Jennings became administrator of the property and had an estate sale.

Henderson and Susan had five Children together:

Mary Ann Hall, Sarah Elizabeth Hall, Elijah Daniel Hall, Esther Jane Hall, and Naomi Adeline Hall (my great grandmother).


Descendants of David Hall
1 David Hall b. 1783-? md. Sarah Williams b. 1789-?
2 Amanda Hall md. (Unknown) Brown *2nd husband of Amanda Hall: + Richey
2 Thomas Hall b. 1804- md. Nancy
2 John Hall b.1805- md. Louisa J.
2 Absalom Hall b. 1806-
2 David Hall, Jr. b. 1814- md. Margaret
2 Willoby Hall b. 1816- md. Tildy
2 Margaret Hall b. 1817- md. John Turner
2 Joseph Hall 1820-1900 - md. Lovelia 1825-1850
3 Lucinda Hall
3 Sarah J. Hall
3 William Hall
3 Lydia Hall md. Jesse Turner
4 Lovey Turner 1857-
3 Henderson Allen Hall 1841-1877 md. Susan Caroline Jennings 1847-1907
4 Mary Ann Hall 1865-1865
4 Sarah Elizabeth Hall 1866-1935 md. James Robert Smith 1859-1937
4 Elijah Daniel Hall 1869-
4 Esther Jane Hall 1871-1956 md. William H. Loyles
4 Naomi Adeline Hall 1873-1962 md. William Thomas Lawson 1866-1928
3 Wiloby Hall 1846-1870
3 Madison Hall 1847-
Jessee Hall 1848-
2 James Hall 1823- md. Salena
2 Henderson Hall 1824- md. Sarah
2 Sarah Hall 1836- md. Francis Nesbit
2 Nancy Hall 1827-

If you have any corrections or additions please contact me. Thanks Kim

Dividing Line

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