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Submitted by: Robert Layton Hampton (
Wichita, Kansas

Dividing Line

1 Andrew HAMPTON

Birth: 1713/1715, Cecil County, Maryland

Death: abt 8 Oct 1805, Gilbert Town, Rutherford County, NC

Father: Noah HAMPTON (1693-1775)

Mother: Sarah (~1693->1744)


Spouse: Sarah

Birth: abt 1717, VA

Death: 1748

Children: Ezekiel (1734-1811)

Ephraim (1737-1813)

Zachariah (~1745-1771)

1.1 Ezekiel HAMPTON Sr.

Birth: 1734, Orange County, VA

Death: 1811, Jack's Creek, Yancey Co., NC

1 Ezekiel HAMPTON Sr./Sr.

Birth: 1734, Orange County, VA

Death: 1811, Jack's Creek, Yancey Co., NC

Father: Andrew HAMPTON (1713-~1805)

Mother: Sarah (~1717-1748)

1 NOTE 10 Aug 1760 This is the earliest date found in basic or primary records citing one Ezekiel Hampton. Traditional accounts have been more difficult to find. On 10 Aug 1760 Granville County, NC land records show a deed of gift of 200 acres to Ezekiel Hampton. The land was on the headwaters of the Tarr River, today near the county seat of Oxford, NC seat of Granville County, NC. Granville was formed in 1746. The county then was just south of the Roanoke River. Today it is on the border of VA just south of Clarksville, VA. The 1760 gift deed was from the father of Ezekiel, then Capt. Andrew Hampton (ca 1713-1805). The consideration recorded in the deed - "in consideration for the natural love and affection which he doth bear unto his son Ezekiel and for the better support and maintenance of him, --". On the same date and for the same consideration, Andrew Hampton by gift deed gave son Ephraim Hampton 400 acres, being part of a larger tract granted to Andrew Hampton on 11 Mar 1760, "on the south side of Tarr River at the Griggs Corner," in Granville Counrty, NC.

From the valley, Ezekiel probably moved with his father who was on land records in Brunswick County, Virginia by the year 1739-40. By 3 Mar 1746, the father, Andrew Hampton was selling in Lunenburg County, VA, the tract bought in Brunswick. Lunenburg had been formed from Brunswick. The land records in Lunenburg for 3 March 1746, show the sale of land, with the court ordering 2 justices to go to Sarah to get her acknowledgment of the sale, because. "Sarah the wife of said Andrew Hampton, cannot conveniently travel to our County Court of Lunenburg to make acknowledgement of the said conveyance.".

This Sarah ________ Hampton too ill to travel to the courthouse on 3 Mar 1746, was by best evidence the mother of Ezekiel, Ephraim, a brother, Zachariah Hampton (ca 1745-1781) and possibly a brother David Hampton.

By 1749 the father Andrew Hampton shows on land records in North Carolina and additional accounts has him married that year a second time to Catherine Hyder in North Carolina. The eldest son of the second marriage was Jonathan Hampton (1751-1843), executor of the 1805 Will of the elder Andrew Hampton. By most accounts the old Andrew Hampton had 19 children in two families. Ezekiel and fifteen half brothers and sisters, and apparently his son Andrew Hampton Jr. (1765-1861) was the only one to turn north into Virginia. 29 Dec 1760 Ezekiel and Ephraim Hampton show as witnesses to the Will of Isaac Bledsoe in Johnston County, NC. Johnston County adjoined Granville County. Whether the Bledsoe family was related to the Hampton family isn't known.

The wife of Ezekiel Hampton is known as Jenny or Jane as shown in land records. Their son, Andrew Hampton (1765-1 861) who came to the New River area in VA about 1785, by traditional accounts, named his daughter Jane Hampton. This Grayson County Andrew before leaving NC had married the widow Sarah Griggs. Sarah was the widow of John Griggs and had a small daughter named Tilithia Griggs who came to the area that later became Grayson County in 1793. John Griggs was the son mentioned in the 1760 Will in Granville County for old Minus Griggs, and his estate settlement is recorded in Rowen County, N C for 1778.

15 August 1765 Granville County NC deed records the sale by Ezekiel Hampton of 50 acres and 26 hogs to Ephraim Hampton (his brother), for fifteen pounds current money of Virginia and one shilling of proclamation money. Ezekiel's recorded livestock mark was a crop in the left ear and an oval slope in the right ear. Open ranges for livestock mandated recorded marks. The above deed was witnessed by Lemender Harris and her husband Robert Harris who, by his oath proved the deed for record.

About 1763, the brother Ephraim Hampton had married the daughter of Lemender and Robert Harris, the daughter was named Lemender also.

20 August 1765 Ezekiel Hampton and his wife Jenny, sold 130 acres to William Jones for 40 pounds of Virginia currency. The tract in Granville was described as on the north side of Indian field Creek. This deed was witnessed by one John Hampton, who in May 1765 had bought of Andrew Hampton, a tract on the south side the Indian Field Creek. This John Hampton was probably a cousin to Ezekiel.

25 March 1766 Ezekiel was witness in Granville to the deed and sale by his father Andrew Hampton, 200 acres to George Boyer. 10 January 1767 Ezekiel got 200 acres in Granville from his father Andrew Hampton for the sum of 50 pounds cash money to him in hand paid.

1769 Granville tax records show Ezekiel Hampton with one taxable, probably himself, wife and minor children not taxable.

1771 Granville militia records show Zekiel Hampton in company of Capt. Wm. Bueford.

22 Feb 1773 Granville deeds show Ezekiel Hampton and wife Jane sell 200 acres to one Samuel Adams for 100 pounds of proclamation money. In the August court of 1774, the deed was acknowledged by Ezekiel and ordered to be recorded, while in the same time the wife Jane was privately examined by John Young Esq.. She relinquished her right of dower to the land "by this deed conveyed" . The court gave the wife consideration. Evidence suggests that about this time Ezekiel and family removed from Granville further west to dairy at the Yankee River in balloting County NC.

The American revolution was not far away. The American, Army was established 14 June 1775. The Zekiel Hampton took the oath of allegiance to NC in the Rowen County court at Salisbury.

Having been ordered into court along with some 200 other residents of the County who had neglected or refused to appear before the justices of their respective districts on the day by them advertised. Minus Griggs was on the list shown about and he was also appointed to administrator the estate of his deceased brother John Griggs, by court order on the oath of one John Hampton to the effect that Sarah Griggs, widow of John Griggs deceased, relinquishes her right of administrator to the estate of the deceased.

No evidence has been found to support some traditional accounts that have the maiden name of Sarah Griggs to have been Minah. In Granville and on records with the Hampton family one does find the family name as Minor. One John Minor in 1778, had married Mary Hampton, a granddaughter of the elder Andrew Hampton.

Ezekiel Hampton shows on the Rowen County NC tax list with a valuation of 200 pounds, in the district of Capt. Eakle. One John Hampton was in the same district, and in neighboring districts the names of William, John, David, and Will Hampton show. Also in the same area at this time the name of Guthridge Garland shows. On 6 September 1778 in Rowen, he had married Bridget Hampton, born about 1757 by Garland family records. Ezekiel had been one surety at the marriage and Bridget named a son Ezekiel Garland. She was no doubt a daughter of a Ezekiel and sister to the Grayson County Andrew Hampton. The Garland family was in Tennessee by 1785 to work. Etheridge Garland was a constable. The 1850 U.S. census for Grayson County shows Griggs Hampton born in Tennessee. Possibly his parents Andrew and Sarah Hampton were visiting sister Bridget Garland at the time of Griggs Hampton's birth.

7 Oct 1760 The unrecorded Will of one Minus Griggs in Granville County, NC was witnessed by Andw Hampton, Jaret, Ephraim Hampton, and William Borry, Jurat. The Griggs land was adjacent to the land given Ephraim Hampton earlier that year, and the Griggs Will named a wife Jane, sons John and Minus Griggs, and provided for daughters without naming them. The Griggs land had been obtained by grant 25 Oct 1753, from the Right Honorable Earl Granville. Granville by direct grant from the King of England, once held about half of the land in present day North Carolina. The Griggs land was adjacent to the Hampton Lands, and was in the Parish of St. Johns, which was divided 20 Sep 1753 to form a new Granville Parish, and Andrew Hampton was then named as one of the 12 Vestrymen of the new Parish. A local map of the Granville area for that time period shows a Hampton Creek and Adcock Creek at the headwaters of the Tarr River.

In 1754, Captain Andrew Hampton commanded a militia unit in Granville. His Lieutenant was John Adcock and his son Ephraim was an Ensign in the company.

The exact date of birth for Ezekiel Hampton is not known.. The arbitrary date ca 1735 would give him an age of about 25 years at the time his father gave him the land. His Will was probated in 1811 in Buncombe County, NC. The date of the father Andrew Hampton's birth is not known. He was given the date of 1713, to accomodate the first land record of 3 Oct 1734, in the Shenandoah Valley.

On Oct 3, 1734, on the Orange County, VA Land Records, the father Andrew Hampton shows as a joint tenent with Benjamin Borden and David Griffith on a grant of 1122 acres west of the Shenandoah, today in West Virginia near Summit Point. Ezekiel Hampton was probably born in the Valley where his father was on land by 1734, and was appointed Constable in 1737. The joint patentee Borden was from New Jersey, where earlier land transactions show between older Bordens and older Hamptons.

In 1760, when Ezekiel Hampton got his land by gift deed, the population of Philadelphia was about 23,000. The largest city in the Colonies; Thomas Jefferson was a student at the College of William and Mary; and that was the year that Canada fell to the British.

Spouse: Jane (Jenny) GRIGGS
Birth: abt 1739, Granville County, NC
Father: Minus GRIGGS
Marr: abt 1757, Granville Co., NC
Children: Bridget (~1758-~1845)
Andrew (1766-1860)
Ezekiel (1770-1848)
Carolina (-1849)
1.1.1 Bridget HAMPTON
Birth: abt 1758, NC
Death: abt 1845
Spouse: William Gutridge GARLAND
Marr: 26 Sep 1778, Rowen County, NC
Children: David
Ezekiel (1782-1817)
John William (1785-1863) David GARLAND
Spouse: Sarah
Children: Charles (~1801-) Charles GARLAND
Birth: abt 1801
Children: William William GARLAND
Children: Charles Charles GARLAND Ezekiel GARLAND
Birth: 1782
Death: 1817
Spouse: Susannah GRINDSTAFF
Birth: abt 1784
Death: aft 1860 John William GARLAND
Birth: 14 Sep 1785, Washington County, TN
Death: 24 Oct 1863, Mitchell County, NC
Spouse: Rebecca STANLEY
Birth: 17 Jan 1795
Death: 24 Oct 1865, Mitchell County, NC
Marr: abt 1812
1.1.2 Andrew HAMPTON Jr./Jr.
Birth: 1766, Granville County, NC
Death: 28 May 1860, Grayson County, VA
Spouse: Sarah Minor GRIGGS
Birth: abt 1766, Greene, TN
Death: 1850, Grayson County, VA
Children: Levina (Lemmie) (1785-1831)
Wade (1786-1831)
Griggs (1788-)
Jane (~1791-)
Catherine (Kate) (1793-)
Sarah "Sallie" (~1796-)
Mary "Polly) (~1799-)
Patsy (~1802-)
Martha (~1802-)
Oiz (~1804-) Levina (Lemmie) HAMPTON
Birth: 1785, Grayson County, VA
Death: 1831
Spouse: David POOLE
Marr: 14 Jun 1814 Wade HAMPTON
Birth: 1786, Grayson County, VA
Death: 1831, Granville Co., NC
Spouse: Betsey BARBOUR
Father: Allen BARBOUR
Marr: 8 Dec 1825 Griggs HAMPTON
Birth: 22 Nov 1788 Jane HAMPTON
Birth: abt 1791
Death: Texas
Spouse: Samuel COX
Marr: 9 Oct 1810 Catherine (Kate) HAMPTON
Birth: 1793, Grayson County, VA
Spouse: McLEAN Sarah "Sallie" HAMPTON
Birth: abt 1796, Grayson County, VA
Spouse: CARSON a Mary "Polly) HAMPTON*
Birth: abt 1799, Grayson County, VA
Death: Grayson County, VA
1 NOTE: Is living in Tippah County, MS according to 1850 Census
Spouse: Thomas WHITEHORN
Birth: abt 1787, Sussex, VA
Death: 1832
Father: Philip WHITEHORN
Mother: Mary
Marr: 21 Sep 1818, Rutherford County, NC
Other Spouses George HACKLER b Mary "Polly) HAMPTON* (See above)
Spouse: George HACKLER
Marr: 11 Apr 1820
Other Spouses Thomas WHITEHORN Patsy HAMPTON
Birth: abt 1802, Grayson County, VA
Spouse: Daniel MOORE
Marr: 29 Dec 1822
Children: Bettie Bettie MOORE Martha HAMPTON
Birth: abt 1802 Oiz HAMPTON
Birth: abt 1804
1.1.3 Ezekiel HAMPTON Jr,
Birth: Oct 1770, Rutherford County, NC
Death: 1848, Jack's Creek, Yancey Co., NC
Burial: James Bailey Cemetery near the Osborne Briggs Residence in Jacks Creek
Reli: Methodist
Spouse: Susannah
Birth: abt 1776
Death: 1849, Jack's Creek, Yancey Co., NC
Children: John (1791-)
Delilah (~1793-1839)
Cecelia (~1796-~1848)
Mary "Polly" E. (1801-1868)
Alfred (1803-1892)
David S (1804-~1880)
Jane (Jennie) (1808-1899)
Wade (1813-1872)
Bridget (1816-)
Surena (1827-) John HAMPTON
Birth: WFT est 1791 Delilah HAMPTON
Birth: abt 1793
Death: 1839
Spouse: Peter HONEYCUTT
Birth: Day Book, Jacks Creek, Yancey County, NC Cecelia HAMPTON
Birth: abt 1796, Yancey County, NC
Death: abt 1848, Yancey County, NC
Spouse: Elisha HONEYCUTT
Birth: 1794, Yancey County, NC
Death: 1869, Yancey County, NC
Children: Vincent (~1818-1870)
Henderson (~1819-~1880)
Mary Ann "Polly" (1822-1915)
Elizabeth (~1825->1871)
Sarah "Sallie" (1826-1878) Vincent HONEYCUTT
Birth: abt 1818
Death: May 1870
Spouse: Mary "Polly" BYRD
Birth: abt 1810
Death: aft 1880
Children: Cecelia (~1836-)
Mary Aletha (~1840-)
George W. (~1841-)
Charles H. (~1843-1862)
John (1844-)
Louisa (~1854-) Cecelia HONEYCUTT
Birth: abt 1836 Mary Aletha HONEYCUTT
Birth: abt 1840 George W. HONEYCUTT
Birth: abt 1841
Spouse: Nancy ADKINS
Marr: 6 Jan 1859 Charles H. HONEYCUTT
Birth: abt 1843
Death: 25 Oct 1862, Beans Station, TN
Spouse: Lucinda BLEVINS John HONEYCUTT
Birth: Jan 1844 Louisa HONEYCUTT
Birth: abt 1854 Henderson HONEYCUTT
Birth: abt 1819
Death: abt 1880
Spouse: Marella Ann BYRD
Birth: abt 1820
Death: aft 1850 Mary Ann "Polly" HONEYCUTT
Birth: 11 Sep 1822
Death: 17 Jan 1915 Elizabeth HONEYCUTT
Birth: abt 1825
Death: aft 1871 Sarah "Sallie" HONEYCUTT
Birth: 27 Sep 1826
Death: 8 Apr 1878 Mary "Polly" E. HAMPTON
Birth: 1801, Grayson County, VA
Death: 1868
Spouse: Gabriel SAMS
Birth: 1798
Children: Anson B. (1819-1893)
Cecelia (1822-)
Susannah (1825-)
Jane (1826-)
Ezekiel G. (1830-1894)
Robert B (1832-1918)
Bridget (1835-~1880)
Margaret Elizabeth (1837-1891)
Nancy M. (1840-)
Gabriel C. (1844-1913) Anson B. SAMS
Birth: 1819
Death: 1893
Surgeon in the Union Army and later practiced medicine in Madison County, NC Cecelia SAMS
Birth: 1822 Susannah SAMS
Birth: 1825 Jane SAMS
Birth: 1826 Ezekiel G. SAMS
Birth: 1830
Death: 1894 Robert B SAMS
Birth: 1832
Death: 1918 Bridget SAMS
Birth: 1835
Death: abt 1880 Margaret Elizabeth SAMS
Birth: 1837
Death: 1891 Nancy M. SAMS
Birth: 1840 Gabriel C. SAMS
Birth: 1844
Death: 1913 Alfred HAMPTON
Birth: 1803, VA
Death: 1892, Jack's Creek, Yancey Co., NC
Spouse: Rebecca DEYTON
Birth: abt 1810
Death: abt 1870
Children: Lucinda (Cindy) (~1830-)
Thomas (1837-)
Milton Pinckney "Pink" (~1841-)
Harvey M. (~1844-)
Doctor M. (1850-1913) Lucinda (Cindy) HAMPTON
Birth: abt 1830
Spouse: McDaniel (Mack) McCOURRY
Birth: 1837 Thomas HAMPTON
Birth: 1837 Milton Pinckney "Pink" HAMPTON
Birth: abt 1841
Spouse: Amanda Jane SLAGLE
Marr: 22 Dec 1859
Children: Eugenia
Helen E.
Horace P.
Thomas N.
Alford (Alfred) C.
Charles S.
Wade (1879-1879) Eugenia HAMPTON Helen E. HAMPTON Horace P. HAMPTON Thomas N. HAMPTON Alford (Alfred) C. HAMPTON Charles S. HAMPTON Wade HAMPTON
Birth: Oct 1879
Death: Nov 1879
Died at age 1 month from inflamation of the brain Harvey M. HAMPTON
Birth: abt 1844
Spouse: Buenavista McKINNEY
Marr: 23 Aug 1868 Doctor M. HAMPTON*
Birth: 9 Jan 1850
Death: 29 Aug 1913
Spouse: Nancy Cordelia BAILEY
Other Spouses Martha Jane McCOURRY Doctor M. HAMPTON* (See above)
Spouse: Martha Jane McCOURRY
Other Spouses Nancy Cordelia BAILEY David S HAMPTON1
Birth: 1804, Jack's Creek, Yancey Co., NC
Death: abt 1880, Marion County, Arkansas
Burial: Old Hampton Cemetery, Marion Co. AR
BIOGRAPHY: DAVID S. HAMPTON BIOGRAPHY: David Hampton was a son of Ezekiel Hampton Jr. and grew up on Jack's Creek, Yancey County, North Carolina. He married Margret Slygar in Washington County, Tennessee on Jun e 7, 1832. Washington County and Yancey County were next to each other across the state line at this time. BIOGRAPHY: Around 1834 David exercised the warrent on 100 acres of the land that Ezekiel Hampton had entered previously and settled down to farm and raise a family. The warrent was finally issued on January 3, 1839. Also he was fairly prominent in the area as he was on the Boa rd of Jack's Creek school district for a number of years. BIOGRAPHY: David and Margret had the following children: Alfred, Ezekiel, Adam Bryles, Samuel Seth, Thomas M., John V., and Ann E. Hampton. BIOGRAPHY: David's father, Ezekiel, died in 1849 and left everything to David's brother, Alfred then around 1850 David sold out and packed up the family bag and baggage and moved to Marion County, Arkansas near the present town of Yellville and just east of the Indian nations which later became Oklahoma. Why he moved is unclear, but he becomes a house carpenter and his sons, Ezekiel and Adam start farming.
Spouse: Margaret SLYGAR
Birth: 1814, Washington County, TN
Death: abt 1880
Father: Christian SLIGER
Marr: 7 Jun 1832, Washington County, TN
Children: Alfred F. (1833-1906)
Ezekiel W. (1840-1903)
Adam Bryles (1842-)
Andrew (1842-)
Samuel Seth (1844-)
John V. (1853-1941)
Mary A. (1854-)
Ann Eliza Lee (1856-) Alfred F. HAMPTON
Birth: 11 May 1833, NC
Death: 7 Dec 1906, Pyatt, Marion County, Arkansas
Burial: Georges Creek Cemetery, Marion Co, AR
Spouse: Nancy M. LEDFORD
Birth: 19 Aug 1835, Yancey County, NC
Death: 3 Apr 1917, Pyatt, Marion County, Arkansas
Father: John LEDFORD
Mother: Minerva EVANS
Marr: 20 Apr 1856, Yancey County, NC
Children: Susan T (1857-<1870)
Hariette (1879-1969) Susan T HAMPTON
Birth: 1857, Marion County, Arkansas
Death: bef 1870 Hariette HAMPTON
Birth: 25 Aug 1879, Marion County, Arkansas
Death: 17 Mar 1969, Yellville, Marion County, AR
Spouse: Theophalis Lee ESTES
Birth: Feb 1866
Death: 25 Apr 1921, Yellville, Marion County, Arkansas
Father: James C ESTES
Mother: Mira M. MOORE
Marr: abt 1894 Ezekiel W. HAMPTON
Birth: Dec 1840, Rutherford County, NC
Death: 12 Sep 1903, Marion County, Arkansas
Burial: Reportably Georges Creek Cemetery, Marion Co. AR
1 NOTE: The 1860 census finds Ezekiel and Adam Bryles Hampton living together in Marion Count y, AR BIOGRAPHY: EZEKIEL W, HAMPTON BIOGRAPHY: the Civil War in U.S. history was a conflict that pitted the northern states of the American union against the southern states. The war raged for four years from 1861 to 186 5 and was marked by some of the fiercest military campaigns of modern history. large armies w ere involved in large movements, and entire populations were engaged in supporting the war effort of both sides. The war had international impact, not only because of the growing international stature of United States, but also because war threatened world access to the South' s cotton. Britain and France had particular interest in the war's outcome, but other nation s were also affected by it, BIOGRAPHY: Historians still argue over causes and effects of the war. A few have looked at the Civil War in a hemispheric and even world context. This perspective is enlightening for the American Civil War fits into a general pattern of Western hemispheric conflict in the 1 9th century that brought new political alignments to South America and new unity to Canada . The war's main effects however, were felt in United States, which entered the war as a nation on the threshold of industrial revolution and finished as a world power. The South entered as a loose collection of agrarian states devoted to almost feudal protocols and lost every thing. It is possible to view the Civil War as the war of American unification, because it forged a modern nation and wrought vast social and economic change. BIOGRAPHY: Although historians commonly traced the coming of the Civil War to the 1850s, some roots of separation were present as early as the colonial period. Troubles between Tidewater, (coastal region), and the Piedmont, (the interior), settlers often reflected difference s in philosophies of government: the Tidewater was an older, more settled region, and its citizens wanted little government interference; Piedmont people on the other hand, looked to government for protection along the frontier, for ready money and light taxation. Those differences shifted with time. Under the articles of Confederation, adopted while the American Revolution was still being fought, the" pluribus" theory of government prevailed. Sovereignty rested with the states, and they gave limited power to a weak central administration. With the adoption (1787) and ratification of the federal Constitution, however, the "unum" theor y came to the fore, and strong national government began in America. BIOGRAPHY: in the early 1860's Ezeliel Hampton married a half breed Cherokee Indian woman named Lucinda Wood and settled down to raise a family. But on June 28, 1862, Capt. Tate of the Confederate Army dropped by and drafted Ezekiel Hampton right out of the field. The horses and plow left standing in the field and it was two weeks before Lucinda knew what had happened to him. He was taken to Camp Bragg, Arkansas, and was turned into a blacksmith. Army life didn't agree with Ezekiel, so he went AWOL on 2-28-1864. Never kids There were kids to raise and fields to plow. Early in 1866, Alfred Franklin Hampton was born. the in addition to offer a day and John C., George Debbie and, can see a, Lucinda, Mary H., Marth a A., and Melvina Annie.
Spouse: Mary Loucinda WOOD
Birth: Apr 1843, Marion Co. AR
Father: John WOOD
Mother: Mary HUDSON
Marr: 1860, Marion County, Arkansas
Children: Elizabeth (1864-)
Adam Bryles (1842-)
Alfred Franklin (1866-1939)
John C. "Dutch" (1868-1891)
George W. "Doc" (1869-)
Kathy A. (1871-)
Lucinda (Loucinda) Sue "Susie" (1873-1914)
Mary Maranda (1875-1938)
Martha A. (1877-)
Melvina A. (1880-~1942)
Nancy Bell (1882-1883)
May H. (1888-) Elizabeth HAMPTON
Birth: 1864, Marion County, AR Adam Bryles HAMPTON Sr./Sr.
Birth: 20 Mar 1842, Shasta, North Carolina
1 NOTE: The 1860 Census finds Adam Bryles and Ezekiel Hampton living together in Marion Count y, AR
Spouse: Nancy Margaret MAGNESS
Birth: 3 Feb 1844, Marion County, Arkansas
Death: 15 Nov 1892, Valley Springs, AR
Father: John MAGNESS
Mother: Sarah WICKERSHAM
Marr: abt 1864, Marion County, Arkansas
Children: Henley (~1865-)
John D. (1867-)
Sarah H. (1870-)
Adam Bryles (1872-)
Nancy Jane (1874-)
Elzada (1878-1964)
William (1879-) Alfred Franklin HAMPTON
Birth: 22 Mar 1866, Yellvile, Marion Co., AR
Death: 29 Jul 1939, Borger, Hutchinson County, TX
Spouse: Miranda Jane LEE
Birth: 6 Dec 1867, Stone County, Arkansas
Death: 1 Mar 1937, Borger, Hutchinson County, TX
Father: Ezekiel "Luke" LEE (1845-1923)
Mother: Nancy Elizabeth BRANSCUM (~1855-)
Marr: 5 Feb 1886, Yellvile, Marion Co., AR
Children: George Washington (1887-1936)
Sally Agnes (Aggie) (1889-1945)
Grover Cleveland (1892-1961)
Celia Manilla (Helen) (1899-1968)
Gus Layton (1901-1973)
Nancy Ollia Elizabeth "Nadine" (1904-1940)
Lilly Viola (1907-1983)
William Jennings Bryan (1910-1998)
Walter (Stillborn Twin) (1910-1910)
Ella George Washington HAMPTON
Birth: 2 Apr 1887, Arkansas
Death: 7 Dec 1936
Spouse: Edith Alfretta COX
Birth: 15 Aug 1907
Death: 28 Apr 1970
Marr: 1924
Children: Living Hampton (1924-)
Alfred Finis (1926-1987)
Living Hampton (1928-)
Living Hampton (1930-) Sally Agnes (Aggie) HAMPTON
Birth: 28 Aug 1889, Arkansas
Death: 18 Jan 1945, Joplin, MO
Spouse: Joseph Irwin DAVIS
Birth: 1885, Cherokee Nation, OK
Death: 3 Jan 1932, Coffeyville, KS
Marr: 5 Jul 1908, Peggs, OK
Children: Hazel Gertrude (Gertie) (1909-1980)
Georgia Wilma (1913-1992) Hazel Gertrude (Gertie) DAVIS
Birth: 18 Jul 1909
Death: 10 Apr 1980, Joplin, MO
Spouse: Jack HILL
Birth: 24 Jul 1905
Death: 1 May 1978
Marr: 20 Oct 1930
Children: Living Hill (1931-)
Birth: 17 Jul 1931
Spouse: Calvin HILL
Birth: 1917
Death: 1994
Children: Living Male HJill
Dudley Jack (1955-1987)
Living Male (1962-) Georgia Wilma DAVIS
Birth: 11 Oct 1913, Peggs, OK
Death: 7 May 1992, Joplin, MO
Spouse: Homer Lynn JOHN
Birth: 30 Oct 1906, Alba, MO
Death: 5 Sep 1991, Joplin, MO Grover Cleveland HAMPTON
Birth: 30 Nov 1892, Arkansas
Death: 10 Dec 1961, Coffeyville, KS
Spouse: Lela Adeline McDANIEL
Birth: 6 May 1890
Death: 15 May 1958
Marr: 6 Jun 1913
Children: Helen (~1913-~1920)
Lily Mae (1914-1986)
Flossie Bernice (1916-)
Living Male (1923-)
Pearl Anna Jane (1925-1998) Helen HAMPTON
Birth: abt 1913
Death: abt 1920 Lily Mae HAMPTON
Birth: 21 May 1914
Death: 15 Oct 1986
Spouse: Rufas Ray FORD
Birth: 8 Mar 1905
Death: 4 Jul 1977
Children: Donald Dean (1935-)
Ronald Tell (1941-) Living Male FORD
Birth: 15 Aug 1935
Spouse: Betty Jeanine HAYDEN
Birth: 1934
Death: 1993 Flossie Bernice HAMPTON
Birth: 4 Jul 1916
Spouse: Benjamin ROWE Jr./Jr.
Birth: 24 Mar 1901
Death: May 1961
Children: Beverly Jean (1937-1987) Beverly Jean ROWE
Birth: 20 Oct 1937
Death: 16 Jan 1987
Spouse: Living SMITH
Birth: 1936 Celia Manilla (Helen) HAMPTON*
Birth: 18 Oct 1899, Arkansas
Death: 1968, California
Spouse: Herbert COX
Other Spouses John Edward ODEM Celia Manilla (Helen) HAMPTON* (See above)
Spouse: John Edward ODEM
Birth: 1870
Death: 1927
Marr: 1916
Children: Evelyn Vashati Berta
Franklin Archibald (1918-1992)
Living (1924-)
Other Spouses Herbert COX Evelyn Vashati Berta ODEM
Occ: Hairdresser
1 NOTE: Evelyn died at either 17 or 19 years of age. Franklin Archibald ODEM*
Birth: 24 Dec 1918
Death: Sep 1992 Franklin Archibald ODEM* (See above)
Spouse: Oma
Other Spouses Beatrice, Reba Franklin Archibald ODEM* (See above)
Spouse: Reba
Other Spouses Beatrice, Oma Gus Layton HAMPTON
Birth: 7 Sep 1901, Choska Bottoms, OK
Death: 13 Nov 1973, Wichita, Sedgwick County, KS
Burial: Garden of Prayer, Resthaven Cemetery, Wichita, KS
Spouse: Ethel Mae PATRICK
Birth: 1 Aug 1906, Galena, Cherokee County, KS
Death: 28 Feb 2001, Wichita, Sedgwick County, KS
Father: Morgan Charles PATRICK (1885-1932)
Mother: Mabel Claire HOLDEN (1889-1969)
Marr: 12 May 1923, Miami, OK
Children: Dixie Joan (1924-)
Imogene (1926-1998)
Robert (Bob) Layton (1928-)
Helen Joyce (1930-1973) Dixie Joan HAMPTON
Birth: 1 Mar 1924, Treece, Cherokee County, KS
Spouse: Edward J. WEIPPERT
Birth: 21 Feb 1924, New York City, NY
Marr: 30 Jan 1944, Wichita, Sedgwick County, KS Helen Joyce HAMPTON*
Birth: 5 Feb 1930, Wichita, Sedgwick County, KS
Death: 29 Nov 1973, Wichita, Sedgwick County, KS
Burial: Resthaven Cemetery, Wichita, KS
Spouse: Living
Birth: 1930, Wichita, Sedgwick County, KS
Children: Living (1949-)
Living (1950-)
Other Spouses Living" PENDERGRASS Nancy Ollia Elizabeth "Nadine" HAMPTON
Birth: 7 Mar 1904, Cherokee County, (20 miles out of Tallequa, OK
Death: WFT est 1940 - 1981, Borger, Hutchinson County, TX
Spouse: Frederick HOWARD
Death: 1945, Borger, Hutchinson County, TX
Marr: 27 Jun 1939 Lilly Viola HAMPTON
Birth: 7 Oct 1907, Peggs, OK
Death: 18 Sep 1983, Borger, Hutchinson County, TX
Burial: Borger Cemetery
Spouse: Cecil S. MYERS
Birth: 23 Aug 1900, Rogers, AR
Death: 30 Nov 1940, Phillips, TX
Marr: 23 Nov 1923, Miami, OK
Children: Living (1928-)
Birth: 28 Dec 1928, Columbus, KS
Spouse: Albert Larry KEHOE
Birth: 17 Jan 1927, Texline, TX
Marr: 1 Nov 1950, Portales, NM William Jennings Bryan HAMPTON
Birth: 2 Feb 1910, Peggs, OK
Death: 15 Aug 1998, Fritch, Hutchinson County, TX
Burial: Borger, Hutchinson County, TX
Spouse: Francis Barbara HUBBY
Birth: 9 Jun 1914, Wood Haven, Long Island, NY
Death: 9 Oct 1985, Borger, Hutchinson County, TX
Father: Ralph Eugene HUBBY
Mother: Daisy Mae HAWKS
Marr: 19 Jul 1935, Borger, Hutchinson County, TX
Children: Living (1938-)
Living (1941-) Walter (Stillborn Twin) HAMPTON
Birth: 2 Feb 1910
Death: 10 Feb 1910 Stillborn HAMPTON Ella HAMPTON John C. "Dutch" HAMPTON
Birth: 1868, Marion County, AR
Death: 1891, Marion County, AR
1 NOTE: FROM THE "MOUNTAIN ECHO NEWSPAPER" JANUARY 1891 "Dutch" Hampton, son of "Zeke" Hampton, met with a fatal accident while working in a shaft belonging to the N.Y. Company on Georges Creek. He had been let down into the shaft in a mining bucket, and as the bucket, which weighs about 75 lbs., was being drawn back, it slipped off the hook on the rope and fell on his head from a height of about 25 feet, injuring him so badly that he died the next day. This is one of the saddest accidents that has yet occurred in our mines.
Spouse: Mary Etta STEIN
Marr: 4 Dec 1887, Marion County, AR George W. "Doc" HAMPTON
Birth: Jan 1869, Marion County, Arkansas
Spouse: Sarah M.
Birth: abt 1873, Arkansas
Children: Quimby (1889-)
Viola (1893-)
Ollie (1895-) Quimby HAMPTON
Birth: May 1889 Viola HAMPTON
Birth: Aug 1893 Ollie HAMPTON
Birth: May 1895
Birth: 1891
Mother: Martha Jane PASCOE Kathy A. HAMPTON
Birth: 1871, Marion County, Arkansas Lucinda (Loucinda) Sue "Susie" HAMPTON
Birth: 31 Mar 1873, Marion County, Arkansas
Death: 22 Jan 1914, Marion County, Arkansas
Burial: Georges Creek Cemetery, Marion Co, AR
Spouse: Jonathan Cole PARKER Jr./Jr.
Birth: 17 Nov 1864, Marion County, Arkansas
Death: 7 Nov 1952, Harrison, AR
Father: Jonathan PARKER Sr./Sr.
Mother: Mary Elizabeth BOWEN
Marr: 11 Jan 1891, Marion Co. AR
Children: Euna Ethel (1891-1982)
Joe (1893-1974)
Olla Belle (1895-1992)
Lavena (1897-1981)
Bert Elmer (1901-1957)
Georgia Golden (1903-1989)
Minnie Elizabeth (1907-) Euna Ethel PARKER*
Birth: 8 Dec 1891, Marion Co. AR
Death: 5 Jul 1982, Harrison, AR
Spouse: George Kirby DOBBS
Birth: 4 Dec 1890, Marion Co. AR
Death: 12 Jan 1919, Yellville, Marion County, AR
Marr: 21 Aug 1910, Marion Co. AR
Other Spouses Arvin MOORE Euna Ethel PARKER* (See above)
Spouse: Arvin MOORE
Marr: 21 Aug 1910, Marion County, Arkansas
Other Spouses George Kirby DOBBS Joe PARKER
Birth: 27 Jul 1893, Arkansas
Death: Feb 1974, Ada, OK
Spouse: Virgie FLIPPIN
Birth: 1900
Marr: 12 Oct 1921, Yellvile, Marion Co., AR Olla Belle PARKER
Birth: 16 Jul 1895, Arkansas
Death: Oct 1992, Phoenix, Arizona
Spouse: Jesse ROBERTS Lavena PARKER
Birth: 23 Jul 1897, Arkansas
Death: Mar 1981, South Gate, CA
Spouse: Thomas MALONE
Marr: 28 Jun 1920, Harrison, AR Bert Elmer PARKER
Birth: 10 Oct 1901, Yellville, Marion Co., AR
Death: 2 Nov 1957, Ft Smith, AR
Spouse: Lois Inez PIERCE
Birth: 26 Apr 1918, Marguerette, TX
Death: 16 Jul 1993, Tulsa, OK
Marr: 2 Jun 1942, Crosbyton, TX
Children: Lavena Jewel (1943-1996)
Living Lavena Jewel PARKER
Birth: 13 Mar 1943, Clovis, NM
Death: 16 Feb 1996, Lexington, KY
Spouse: Living FANNIN Living PARKER
Spouse: James "Jim" AINSWORTH
Death: 29 Jun 2002
Children: Living
Jeffry Garrett (1964-1981) Jeffry Garrett AINSWORTH
Birth: 26 Aug 1964, Marietta, GA
Death: 19 Aug 1981, Tulsa, OK Living PARKER
Spouse: Living DICKERSON Georgia Golden PARKER*
Birth: 27 Mar 1903, Arkansas
Death: 21 Mar 1989, Dallas, TX Minnie Elizabeth PARKER
Birth: 8 Aug 1907, Arkansas
Spouse: ????? DANIELS Mary Maranda HAMPTON
Birth: 7 Mar 1875, Marion County, Arkansas
Death: 20 Jul 1938, Seminole, OK
Spouse: Joseph Cephius PARKER
Birth: 29 Nov 1873, Boone County, AR
Death: 13 May 1941, Seminole, OK
Father: Joseph Cephius PARKER
Marr: 23 Dec 1896, Marion County, Arkansas
Children: Harvey Ezekiel (1897-1972)
James Irwin (1899-1961)
Alfred (1901-1901)
Oliver Monroe (1903-1978)
Zelphita (1905-1977)
Ruth (1907-1996)
Martha Mahalia (1909-1984)
Virgie Dee (1913-1984)
Evea Lucinda Harvey Ezekiel PARKER
Birth: 18 Dec 1897, Marion Co. AR
Death: 19 Jun 1972, Washington James Irwin PARKER
Birth: 23 Apr 1899, Marion County, AR
Death: 7 Feb 1961, Miami, OK Alfred PARKER
Birth: 1901, Marion Co. AR
Death: 1901, Marion Co. AR Oliver Monroe PARKER
Birth: 17 May 1903, Wagner, OK
Death: 20 Dec 1978, Marion Co. AR Zelphita PARKER*
Birth: 17 May 1905, Marion Co. AR
Death: 24 Sep 1977, Oklahoma
Spouse: ??? BARTLETT
Other Spouses Herbert MALLONEE Zelphita PARKER* (See above)
Spouse: Herbert MALLONEE
Marr: 23 May 1926
Other Spouses ??? BARTLETT Ruth PARKER
Birth: 14 Oct 1907, Flippin, Marion County, AR
Death: 26 Apr 1996, Yakima, Washington
Spouse: Ambrose Fred WOOD
Birth: 4 Dec 1902
Death: 4 Jul 1991 Martha Mahalia PARKER
Birth: 11 Nov 1909, Marion Co. AR
Death: 3 Nov 1984, Henryetta, OK Virgie Dee PARKER
Birth: 11 Apr 1913, Marion Co. AR
Death: 29 Jun 1984, Ellensburg, WA Evea Lucinda PARKER Martha A. HAMPTON*
Birth: 1877, Marion County, Arkansas
Spouse: Sylvester "Buck" CLARKSTON
Children: Ethel
Lula Belle
Other Spouses Henry BRAZIL Ethel CLARKSTON Bertha CLARKSTON
1 NOTE: Was deaf all her life. Lula Belle CLARKSTON Martha A. HAMPTON* (See above)
Spouse: Henry BRAZIL
Other Spouses Sylvester "Buck" CLARKSTON Melvina A. HAMPTON
Birth: Jan 1880, Marion County, AR
Death: abt 1942
Spouse: Edward HUGHES
Children: Claude
Dora Jane Claude HUGHES Clarence HUGHES Sinda HUGHES Dora Jane HUGHES Nancy Bell HAMPTON
Birth: Aug 1882, Marion County, Arkansas
Death: WFT est 1883-1942
Children: Ruby
Chester Ruby Avis Pearl Earnest Earl Tray Chester May H. HAMPTON
Birth: May 1888
Children: Ethel
Lula Bell
Sylvester Ethel Bertha Lula Bell Sylvester Adam Bryles HAMPTON Sr./Sr.
Birth: 20 Mar 1842, Shasta, North Carolina
1 NOTE: The 1860 Census finds Adam Bryles and Ezekiel Hampton living together in Marion Count y, AR
Spouse: Nancy Margaret MAGNESS
Birth: 3 Feb 1844, Marion County, Arkansas
Death: 15 Nov 1892, Valley Springs, AR
Father: John MAGNESS
Mother: Sarah WICKERSHAM
Marr: abt 1864, Marion County, Arkansas
Children: Henley (~1865-)
John D. (1867-)
Sarah H. (1870-)
Adam Bryles (1872-)
Nancy Jane (1874-)
Elzada (1878-1964)
William (1879-) Henley HAMPTON
Birth: abt 1865 John D. HAMPTON
Birth: 1867, Marion County, Arkansas Sarah H. HAMPTON
Birth: 1870
Spouse: W.T. Swanigan
Marr: 21 Oct 1890 Adam Bryles HAMPTON JR./JR.
Birth: 9 Sep 1872, Boone County, AR
Spouse: Sarah Agnes PERRY
Birth: 15 Sep 1878, Georges Creek, Marion Co, AR
Death: 6 Dec 1956
Father: Rowland PERRY
Mother: Mary ROBERTSON
Marr: 22 Nov 1894
Children: Zesta Alberta (1895-)
Minnie Pearl (1897-)
Iva Lorene (1900-)
Virgie Ellen (1903-)
Ruby Velcie (1905-)
Alba Bennion (1908-)
Lonnie Angus (1910-)
Royal Wilford (1913-) Zesta Alberta HAMPTON
Birth: 15 Aug 1895, Valley Springs, AR Minnie Pearl HAMPTON
Birth: 12 Dec 1897, Valley Springs, AR Iva Lorene HAMPTON
Birth: 28 Oct 1900, Lee's Mountain, AR Virgie Ellen HAMPTON
Birth: 8 Feb 1903, Georges Creek , Marion Co, AR Ruby Velcie HAMPTON
Birth: 18 Jul 1905, Georges Creek , Marion Co, AR Alba Bennion HAMPTON
Birth: 26 Jan 1908, Georges Creek , Marion Co, AR Lonnie Angus HAMPTON
Birth: 31 May 1910, Georges Creek , Marion Co, AR Royal Wilford HAMPTON
Birth: 9 Mar 1913, Georges Creek , Marion Co, AR Nancy Jane HAMPTON
Birth: Mar 1874, Blyth Township, AR
Spouse: Thomas H. STOKES Jr./Jr.
Birth: Mar 1866, GA
Father: Thomas STOKES Sr./Sr.
Mother: Mary ALLEN
Marr: 8 Jul 1888
Children: Mittie Gertha (1891-)
Kirby (1893-1982)
Clem (1898-) Mittie Gertha STOKES
Birth: Jul 1891, Marion County, Arkansas Kirby CURBY STOKES
Birth: 15 Oct 1893
Death: 3 Apr 1982, Marion County, Arkansas
Burial: Patton Cemetery, Marion Co. AR
Spouse: Bessie Bula ROSE
Marr: 23 Jul 1916, Marion County, Arkansas Clem STOKES
Birth: Aug 1898 Elzada HAMPTON
Birth: 1878, Marion Co. AR
Death: 28 Jul 1964, Gorman, TX
1 NOTE: Moved to DeLeon, TX in 1908
Spouse: John Robert PERRY
Birth: 23 Feb 1871, Marion Co. AR
Death: 27 Nov 1942, Gorman, TX
Father: Rowland PERRY
Mother: Mary ROBERTSON
Marr: 17 Nov 1903
Children: Homer (1896-) Homer HAMPTON
Birth: 4 Feb 1896 William HAMPTON
Birth: Oct 1879, Arkansas Andrew HAMPTON
Birth: 1842, NC Samuel Seth HAMPTON
Birth: 1844, NC John V. HAMPTON*
Birth: 1853, NC
Death: 1941, Marion County, Arkansas
Burial: Layton Cemetery, Marion Co. AR
Spouse: Mary
Birth: 1854, Alabama
Children: David G. (1870-)
Sarah A. (1872-)
John M.H. "Emps" (1875-1931)
Ezekiel W. (1877-)
Calvin Neil (1879-)
Other Spouses Rachel Ann STALCUP, Nora LANE, Emma Wagoner CANNON David G. HAMPTON
Birth: 1870 Sarah A. HAMPTON
Birth: 1872 John M.H. "Emps" HAMPTON*
Birth: 1875
Death: 1931, Marion Co. AR
Burial: Old Hampton Cemetery, Marion Co. AR
Spouse: Emma CUMION (CANNON)
Birth: abt 1869
Death: bef 1920
Marr: 6 Jun 1891
Other Spouses Nora LANE John M.H. "Emps" HAMPTON* (See above)
Spouse: Nora LANE
Birth: Apr 1876, Searcy County, AR
Marr: abt 1900
Other Spouses Emma CUMION (CANNON) Ezekiel W. HAMPTON
Birth: 1877 Calvin Neil HAMPTON
Birth: 1879 John V. HAMPTON* (See above)
Spouse: Rachel Ann STALCUP
Father: Charlie STALCUP
Mother: Winnie WOOD
Children: Emse
Other Spouses Mary, Nora LANE, Emma Wagoner CANNON Emse HAMPTON
Children: Loys Loys John V. HAMPTON* (See above)
Spouse: Nora LANE
Other Spouses Mary, Rachel Ann STALCUP, Emma Wagoner CANNON John V. HAMPTON* (See above)
Spouse: Emma Wagoner CANNON
Birth: 1869
Death: Marion Co. AR
Marr: 7 Jun 1891, Marion County, Arkansas
Children: Ollie (~1894-)
Oma (1895-1992)
Dewey (1897-1961)
Pinkey (~1902-)
Vena (~1904-)
Pearl "Peachie" (~1909-)
Orpha (~1913-)
Other Spouses Mary, Rachel Ann STALCUP, Nora LANE Ollie HAMPTON
Birth: abt 1894 Oma HAMPTON*
Birth: 1895
Death: 1992, Marion Co. AR
Burial: Layton Cemetery, Marion Co. AR
Spouse: Van BILLINGS
Other Spouses Freeman GARRIGUS Oma HAMPTON* (See above)
Spouse: Freeman GARRIGUS
Other Spouses Van BILLINGS Dewey HAMPTON
Birth: 3 Jun 1897
Death: 22 Apr 1961, Marion County, Arkansas Pinkey HAMPTON
Birth: abt 1902 Vena HAMPTON
Birth: abt 1904 Pearl "Peachie" HAMPTON
Birth: abt 1909 Orpha HAMPTON
Birth: abt 1913 Mary A. HAMPTON
Birth: 1854, Marion County, Arkansas
Spouse: William J. PAXTON
Birth: 1848, TN Ann Eliza Lee HAMPTON
Birth: 1856, NC
Spouse: Lee LOVELL
Children: Ellen
John Wesley Ellen LOVELL
Spouse: C.C. ESTES
Marr: 1898 John Wesley LOVELL Jane (Jennie) HAMPTON
Birth: 1808, Yancey County, NC
Death: 1899, Yancey County, NC
Reli: Methodist
Spouse: Charles Avery BYRD
Birth: 12 Jul 1802, Yancey County, NC
Death: 1891
Children: Elizabeth "Betsy" Marinda (1830-1907)
Susannah (1831-)
Mary (1833-)
Jane Melissa (1835-)
William (1837-)
Litha (1838-)
Ezekiel (1840-)
Margaret Louise (1842-)
Charles (1843-)
Myra (1845-)
Mitchell (1846-)
Haskew (1849-)
George (1852-)
Helen (1855-) Elizabeth "Betsy" Marinda BYRD
Birth: 19 Feb 1830, Jack's Creek, Yancey Co., NC
Death: 22 Apr 1907, Jack's Creek, Yancey Co., NC
Burial: Peterson Hill Cemetery, near Jacks Creek
Spouse: Sydney Stokes PETERSON
Birth: 15 Oct 1824, Buncombe Co., NC
Death: 13 Mar 1902, Jack's Creek, Yancey Co., NC
Father: Rev. PETERSON
Mother: Mary McKINNEY
Marr: Jack's Creek, Yancey Co., NC
Children: Mira Adelaide
Charles Nelson (1851-1903)
Moses Jefferson (1852-1941)
Logan Clingman (1855-1946)
Teresa Jane (1858-1931)
Mary "Polly" (~1860-) Mira Adelaide PETERSON Charles Nelson PETERSON
Birth: 23 Feb 1851
Death: 13 Feb 1903 Moses Jefferson PETERSON
Birth: 15 Nov 1852
Death: 26 Sep 1941 Logan Clingman PETERSON
Birth: 5 May 1855
Death: 17 Apr 1946 Teresa Jane PETERSON
Birth: Jun 1858
Death: 27 Jun 1931 Mary "Polly" PETERSON
Birth: abt 1860 Susannah BYRD
Birth: 1831 Mary BYRD
Birth: 1833 Jane Melissa BYRD
Birth: 1835 William BYRD
Birth: 1837 Litha BYRD
Birth: 1838 Ezekiel BYRD
Birth: 1840 Margaret Louise BYRD
Birth: 1842 Charles BYRD
Birth: 1843 Myra BYRD
Birth: 1845 Mitchell BYRD
Birth: 1846 Haskew BYRD
Birth: 1849 George BYRD
Birth: 1852 Helen BYRD
Birth: 1855 Wade HAMPTON
Birth: 1813, Jack's Creek, Yancey Co., NC
Death: 24 Aug 1872, Yancey County, NC
Spouse: Rutha BYRD
Birth: 1813
Death: 8 Mar 1897, Yancey County, NC
Father: Rev. BYRD
Mother: Polly BRIGGS
Marr: 1829
Children: Polly (1831-1916)
Samuel (1831-1916)
Ezekiel H. (1835-1925)
Mary E. (1837-1924)
Susannah Luseba (1838-1909)
Oliver S. (1843-)
Aldecha (1845-)
Munetta (1848-)
Goodson McDaniel Fulton (1850-1896)
Cornelius Price (1854-1919)
Ann T. (1859-) Polly HAMPTON
Birth: 25 Apr 1831
Death: 26 Jul 1916
Spouse: Reuben PETERSON Sr./Sr. Cecelia HAMPTON Rev. Samuel HAMPTON*
Birth: 25 Apr 1831, Buncombe Co., NC
Death: 26 Jul 1916, NC
Occ: Served in the 29th NC Regiment of Confederacy
1 NOTE: Was in the 29th NC Regiment of Confederacy
Spouse: Rachel PETERSON
Birth: abt 1834, Buncombe Co., NC
Father: Rev. PETERSON
Mother: Mary McKINNEY
Children: Ruth
Wade (~1852-)
Christine "Teena"
Other Spouses Mary A CASADA Ruth HAMPTON
Spouse: Robert McALISTER Wade HAMPTON
Birth: abt 1852
Spouse: Abigail DOCKERY
Birth: abt 1856
Marr: 21 Nov 1875, Yancey County, NC Christine "Teena" HAMPTON
Spouse: Wesley ELLIOTT Rev. Samuel HAMPTON* (See above)
Spouse: Mary A CASADA
Birth: abt 1843
Marr: 10 Jul 1887
Other Spouses Rachel PETERSON Ezekiel H. HAMPTON*
Birth: 1835
Death: 1925
1 NOTE: Was wounded in Civil War action as a soldier for the Confederacy near Atlanta, GA in June or July 1864. Was in the 29th NC Regiment in Confederacy
Spouse: Charlotte Elizabeth PATTERSON
Marr: 19 Sep 1878, Yancey County, NC
Other Spouses Char;lotta PATTERSON Ezekiel H. HAMPTON* (See above)
Spouse: Char;lotta PATTERSON
Other Spouses Charlotte Elizabeth PATTERSON Mary E. HAMPTON
Birth: 1837, NC
Death: 24 Feb 1924
Spouse: Reuben PETERSON Sr./Sr.
Birth: 25 Apr 1831, Buncombe Co., NC
Death: 26 Jul 1916
Marr: 1 Jan 1852 Susannah Luseba HAMPTON*
Birth: 9 Nov 1838
Death: 19 Jul 1909, Jack's Creek, Yancey Co., NC
Spouse: Aaron Joshua BURTON
Death: Jack's Creek, Yancey Co., NC
Other Spouses John BAILEY Susannah Luseba HAMPTON* (See above)
Spouse: John BAILEY
Children: James O
Nancy Jemersine (~1866-)
Other Spouses Aaron Joshua BURTON James O BAILEY Alfred BAILEY Nancy Jemersine BAILEY
Birth: abt 1866
Spouse: David McKANDAS
Birth: 20 May 1853, Yancey County, NC
Death: Macon or Swain Co. NC Oliver S. HAMPTON
Birth: 1843
1 NOTE: Was wounded in the Battle of Murphreesboro, TN in December1862.. Was captured by Union Forces in July of 1863 at Yazoo City, MS. Served in the 29th NC Regiment of Confederacy. Aldecha HAMPTON
Birth: 1845
Spouse: Ephraim M. HONEYCUTT Munetta HAMPTON
Birth: 1848 Rev. Goodson McDaniel Fulton HAMPTON
Birth: 6 Dec 1850, Jack's Creek, Yancey Co., NC
Death: Nov 1896
Occ: Methodist Minister
Reli: Methodist
1 NOTE: Rev. Hampton was Baptized with the names of two honored members of the Holston Conference-Goodson McDaniel and Creed Fulton, of precious memory. We know not the time or the particulars of Brother Hampton's conversion, save that it was when he was quite young, and was thorough genuine and satisfactory. He was licensed to preach when but 18 years old by the quarterly conference of the Burnsville circuit, Dec. 12th 1868
Spouse: Althea Amanda PROFITT
Father: William PROFITT
Mother: Manerva BILLINGSLY
Marr: 20 Apr 1875, Yancey County, NC
Children: Georgia (1876-1975)
Nan (1880-)
Hattie (~1883-)
Althea (1885-1980) Georgia HAMPTON
Birth: 1876, Burnsville, Yancey County, NC
Death: 1975
Spouse: James B. HENSLEY
Birth: Burnsville, Yancey County, NC Nan HAMPTON
Birth: 1880, Burnsville, Yancey County, NC
Spouse: Robert BURTON
Birth: Yancey County, NC Hattie HAMPTON
Birth: abt 1883
Spouse: Charles HORNER Althea HAMPTON
Birth: 1885
Death: 1980
Spouse: Fred PROFFITT Cornelius Price HAMPTON
Birth: 28 Aug 1854, Jack's Creek, Yancey Co., NC
Death: 16 Apr 1919, Jack's Creek, Yancey Co., NC
Occ: School Teacher
Spouse: Susan Myrah HIGGINS
Birth: 15 Jul 1864
Death: 28 Mar 1945
Mother: Polly HIGGINS
Children: Ruth Lillian (1889-1981)
Anne E. (1890-)
Hattie J. (1893-1918)
Oliver Merrit (1895-)
Naoma Aldecha (1897-)
Berliss Molt (1900-1962)
Ida B.
Paul Ruth Lillian HAMPTON
Birth: 13 Oct 1889
Death: 14 Sep 1981, Yancey County, NC
Burial: Cooper Cemetery, Behind Harrison Cooper's House, Yancey Co. NC
Occ: Registered Nurse
Spouse: Elbert SHELTON
Marr: 5 Mar 1905, English, NC
Children: Mary Ethel (1906-) Mary Ethel SHELTON
Birth: 6 Jan 1906 Anne E. HAMPTON
Birth: Dec 1890, Tennessee
Spouse: Latt HONEYCUTT
Children: Macie
Birth: 2 Mar 1893
Death: 7 Dec 1918
Spouse: Austin WILSON Oliver Merrit HAMPTON
Birth: Mar 1895, Tennessee
Spouse: Fuschia HENSLEY
Children: Laymon
Maphry Lee Laymon HAMPTON Ralph HAMPTON Jolene HAMPTON Maphry Lee HAMPTON Naoma Aldecha HAMPTON
Birth: Oct 1897
Children: Norma Norma CONGELTON Berliss Molt HAMPTON
Birth: 12 Feb 1900
Death: 16 Nov 1962
Spouse: Silas HENSLEY Charlie HAMPTON
Spouse: Ruth Paul HAMPTON Jr.
Spouse: Cindy McINTOSH
Children: Paul
Anna Laura
Birth: 6 Jan 1859
Spouse: Edward M. (Ned) WILSON Bridget HAMPTON
Birth: 19 Nov 1816 Surena HAMPTON
Birth: 1827
1.1.4 Carolina HAMPTON
Death: 1849, Jack's Creek, Yancey Co., NC
1.2 Ephraim HAMPTON Sr./Sr.
Birth: 1737
Death: 1813, York, SC
Spouse: Lemenda HARRIS
Father: Robert HARRIS
Mother: Lemanda
Marr: 1763
Children: John David (1765-)
Andrew (1766-1860)
Ephraim (1774-1821)
Oliver (1775-1868)
David (1776-1826)
Frances (1780-1843)
Martha (1780-)
Robert (1784-)
Henrietta (1784-)
Lemanda (1784-)
1.2.1 John David HAMPTON Sr.
Birth: 1765, Granville County, NC
Death: Lawrence, SC
Spouse: Elizabeth Ann SMITH
Children: Ephraim (1802-) Ephraim HAMPTON
Birth: 12 Jan 1802
Spouse: Lucinda DOSS
Marr: 7 Nov 1849
1.2.2 Andrew HAMPTON Jr.
Birth: 1766, Granville County, NC
Death: 28 May 1860, Grayson County, VA
Spouse: Sarah Minor GRIGGS
Birth: abt 1766, Greene, TN
Death: 1850, Grayson County, VA
Children: Levina (Lemmie) (1785-1831)
Wade (1786-1831)
Griggs (1788-)
Jane (~1791-)
Catherine (Kate) (1793-)
Sarah "Sallie" (~1796-)
Mary "Polly) (~1799-)
Patsy (~1802-)
Martha (~1802-)
Oiz (~1804-)
1.2.3 Ephraim HAMPTON Jr./Jr.
Birth: 22 May 1774, Granville County, NC
Death: 26 Dec 1821, Jefferson, KY
Spouse: Elizabeth ENOCHS
Marr: 28 Mar 1794, Rowen County, NC
1.2.4 Oliver HAMPTON
Birth: 4 Feb 1775, Rowen County, NC
Death: 28 Jan 1868, Harrison, MO
Spouse: Elizabeth BYRON
1.2.5 David HAMPTON Sr.
Birth: 13 May 1776, Rowen County, NC
Death: 10 Jan 1826, Oldham County, KY
1.2.6 Frances HAMPTON
Birth: 1780, Rowen County, NC
Death: 12 Apr 1843, Rowen County, NC
Spouse: Adamson Tannehill SHAW
Marr: 1798, Rowen County, NC
1.2.7 Martha HAMPTON
Birth: 1780, Rowen County, NC
Spouse: Isaac SMITH
1.2.8 Robert HAMPTON
Birth: 1784, Rowen County, NC
Spouse: Polly MARSHALL
Marr: 18 Jul 1808
1.2.9 Henrietta HAMPTON
Birth: 1784, Rowen County, NC
Spouse: James C. BROWN
Marr: 25 Mar 1812, NC
1.2.10 Lemanda HAMPTON
Birth: 1784, Rowen County, NC
Spouse: Richard HILL
Marr: 28 Feb 1811, NC
1.3 Zachariah HAMPTON
Birth: abt 1745, VA
Death: 8 Sep 1771, Killed In Revolutionary War at Fuetawville, SC
1 NOTE: Zachariah was killed in Revolutionary War. He enlisted in the cofederate army on 6/ 3/1781 in Capt, Lytle's Company 10.
Spouse: Mary Duran KNOWLAND
Marr: 1769
Children: John (1771-)
Nolan (>1771-)
1.3.1 John HAMPTON
Birth: 1771
1.3.2 Nolan HAMPTON
Birth: aft 1771

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