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Submitted by: Rita F Wallace (

Dividing Line

Brother Noe was born in the State of Virginia on the 19th day of July, 1823, and at an early age moved to the State of Kentucky, and in 1851 he came to Yellville, Arkansas, which place has been his home ever since that time. He has been a member of the Methodist Church for a number of years -- he was made a Master Mason in this lodge in 1868, and was an honorary member at the time of his death which occurred on the 30th day of April 1899, and was in his 76th year at the time of his death. For three long years he was confined almost wholly to his room with slight changes in his condition; and gradually loosing (sic) the remnant of his strength. Through the long months of last winter he conversed much and at times cheerfully with his friends. Although he did not expect a restoration to his health he cherished the hope that the mild season of spring, as he expressed it, would bring to him strength enough to get out in town one time more. But alas! Spring that brings life to all nature, brought no life, nor hope to him. After the month of March, his vital powers rapidly wasted away. For weeks he lay patiently awaiting the stroke of death. But the approach of the Grim destroyer had no terrors for him -- no clouds hung over his future -- he met the end with resignation and composure and his pathway to the grave was brightened by the immortal hopes which springs (sic) from the Christain (sic) faith. It will assuage the grief of his family to know that he looked hopefully beyond the tomb and his far away friends will rejoice to hear that in his last hours he reposed with simplicity and confidence upon the promises of the Gospel. During periods of his long confinement, his suffering was heart rending. No circumstances of torture or of horror was omitted from the awful ordeal through which he slowly passed. He sought the aid of science, for life was sweet to him. But finally, for months before he passed in under the deep shadow of death, he told his friends that he was ready to submit to the decree of providence -- that he had suffered a thousand deaths.
Committee: B. F. Fee, A. S. Callahan, R. F. Patterson, Hi Fee, S. W. Woods, and James Mears.

SOURCE: Located in the miscellaneous papers of B. F. Fee. Published in the Arkansas Family Historian, Vol. 21 (4), Dec 1983


Dividing Line

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