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Mt. Echo Newspaper
December 1889 Issues
Abstracted & Copyrighted
by Gladys Horn Brown

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December 6, 1889 Issue

[Front page, top of 4th column]

The Echo office had the honor of being visited last Friday by Mrs. J. H. Berry, Mrs. A. S. Layton and Mrs. Amanda Macy, and on Saturday by Misses Ada Layton, Carrie Oliver and Virgie Layton. We are always glad to have the ladies visit us.


Dr. J. J. Morrow has removed from Leslie, Searcy County, to Gassville.

Mrs. Amanda Macy and Mrs.(sic) Carrie Oliver went up to Oakland last Sunday.

William Richardson of Dugge(?) mill lost two fine horses last week with blind staggers.

Jake Butler got back from Texas last Saturday. He says he left his father's family well. Jake will remain here till next spring.

W. T. Davenport brought a turnip to The Echo office last Monday that was 23 inches in circumference and perfectly sound.

Ida Carter, who learned to set type at The Echo office, often drops in and assists us, for which we return thanks.

Allen Tatum took dangerously sick very suddenly last Tuesday morning. It was thought he would die, but he is better now.

"Grandpa" Ladd, of this place, will probably be dead by the time this reaches our readers.

J. T. Dysart, of DesMoines, Iowa, and two other gentlemen of St. Louis, are here looking after our mineral.

The public school at this place closed last Monday. John O'Neal, the teacher, has given good satisfaction and from what we know the school has been a perfect success. Mr. O'Neal will devote his entire time to the practice of law.

Dr. Pierce has been appointed by the Secretary of Agriculture as Statistical

Correspondent to Marion county. He has appointed R. J. Hurst, W. T. Gooch and Hon. T. H. Flippin assistants. With this corps of correspondents, Marion county will be well represented, to quote "Uncle" Jerry Rusk.

J. T. Montgomery met with the most painful accident last Monday. He was laying brick on the new (?) building and jumped off a little (?) [unreadable] throwing his whole weight on a board which had a nail projecting out of it about two inches. The nail passed entirely through his hand where it joins with the wrist. He has not been able to work since he has suffered greatly.


[This marks the end of abstracts for December, 1889. Many issues this year have been faded, difficult to read, and some incomplete. An earlier issue proposed the editor would collect a listing of Marion County citizens living elsewhere, and print that list between Christmas and the New Years. Hopefully these listings will show up in some of the 1890 issues.]

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