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Mt. Echo Newspaper
February 1892 Issues
Abstracted & Copyrighted
by Gladys Horn Brown

Dividing Line

February ___ 1892 Issue


Little Neil Winner had the misfortune to fall off a horse last Sunday and get his arm fractured.

"Uncle Tom" Barnes, of Water creek township died last week. He was over 90 years old. We have not yet received an obituary.

We regret to hear that Judge W. E. Walker, of Valley Springs, has been ill again lately. He has a very serious bone disease which has cost him the loss of several toes. Boone Banner.

Dr. W. T. Bryan, has placed all his accounts in my hands and notified me to collect at once. Those who are owing him will save costs only by making immediate payments. B. F. Fee.

Dr. A. J. Vance, assisted by Drs. Sims, Elam, Brooksher and Pierce, removed a large tumor from the left side of Mrs. Pierce, together with the entire breast. The operation was performed at Dr. Pierce's residence and the patient was doing well when last heard from. Harrison Times.

The little six year old son of John Ivey, living one mile west of town, died on Monday. In last September, the little fellow was bitten on the leg by a cat as he was going down the road to school. It was thought that the cat had hydrophobia .. (the remainder is cut off the bottom of the page.)

Born to Mr. And Mrs. John Nanney, on the third, a girl.

Look out for the washing man. Will remove dirt, grease, and everything that anybody wants removed from clothing. Will call on the people of Yellville soon. Give him a trial.

Last Sunday night, the store house of Black and Milum, of Powell, was burned with most of the contents. The stock, we understand, was insured. There will be considerable loss, however. It was the work of an incendiary. Is there no way to put a stop to this devilish work in North Arkansas?


February 12, 1892 Issue (Top)


The Normal School is rapidly filling up and much interest is being manifested. The following is a list of students in attendance.

Johnson County
J. H. Johnson, Hagarville

Newton County
C. W. Thompson, Cave Creek

Boone County
T. N. Rogers, Harrison
Claude Smith, Harrison
L. H. Potts, Watkins
J. D. Mashburn, Watkins
R. L. Derryberry, Lead Hill

Baxter County
Miss Mattie Lewis, Mt. Home
E. C. Henderson, Mt. Home
Miss Lillie Nelson, Buford
Van M. Tate, Buford
Miss Maggie Evens, Gassville
W. H. Coffee, Gassville
J. M. Arnold, Iuka
J. H. Cunningham, Iuka
W. B. Emory, McPherson

Izard County
O. S. Goodman, Calico Rock
H. H. Goodman, Calico Rock
Mabel Harris, Melbourne
W. B. Harris, Melbourne

Searcy County
N. M. Bratton, Leslie
W. A. Bradley, Snow Ball

Fulton County
S. W. Perryman, Mitchell
W. V. Perryman, Wild Cherry
G. H. Perryman, Wild Cherry

White County
W. Wilson, Searcy

Phillips County
J. H. Porter, Poplar Grove

Marion County
All below of Yellville
Ellen Hudson
O. D. Wiggins
W. I. Callahan
C. T. Linville
Ambrose Estes
David Pierce
Hattie Cowdrey
Ida Carter
Barbara Thompson
W. E. Jones
J. M. Nowlin
Willie Hudson
B. F. Thompson
G. M. Baker
Wm. Carter
J. T. Estes
Joe Fee
Jno. Hurst
Virgil Weast
T. B. Harris
K. L. Estes
John Music
J. H. Sims
C. E. Wilson
W. E. Noe
J. P. Wilson
Mary Estes
Omah Woodward
Lizzie Adams
Cora Wickersham
Florence Thompson
Emma Hudson
Jennie Hudson
Lillie Carter
W. F. Higgs, Flippin
W. B. Lewallen, Flippin
W. J. Barnette, Flippin
R. C. Thompson, Rush
Sadia Thompson, Rush
G. H. Perry, Georges Creek
J. W. Coker, Bruno
D. S. Nowlin, Bruno
J. H. Dugger, Eros
Mettie Jobe, Eros
J. H. Pigg, Eros
Hattie Linton, Powell
L. E. Linton, Powell
Roscoe Hensley, Oakland
Mary Dowd, Oakland
Miss Mary Keesee, Protem, Mo.

There are ten counties represented and 79 in attendance. In both the Normal and Institute, there are 149 in attendance. Omitting those students who attended, only the public school, over 200 have matriculated since this annual session.

The prosperity of the school is clearly indicated when we consider that only 134 students were enrolled last year. There are now in attendance 27 teachers who are better preparing themselves for efficiency in the public school works. About 50 others are preparing to teach during the coming summer. The faculty is making a special effort to prepare these young teachers for successful work. They are drilled not only in the branches to be taught, but in methods of teaching and in school management.

LOCAL ECHOINGS (Feb. 12, 1892)

John Covington is building an addition to his black smith and wagon shop.

Rev. J. M. Cantrell, agent of the Quitman College, was in town last week.

The grand jury got closely after the whiskey traffic and those who tamper with it. Boone Banner.

Frank Pace, of Yellville, has been spending several days among his Harrison friends. Boone Banner.

Mrs. Cora Williams is having a new dwelling put up on a lot purchased from "Uncle Jim" Wickersham, west of the parsonage.

We learn by private letter from Dr. R. J. Pierce, of Marion county, of the speedy recovery of Mrs. Pierce, of whom mention is made in another column. Boone Banner.

Our last grand jury returned 113 indictments. This is the largest number ever found by any grand jury of Boone county heretofore. Boone Banner.

Eld. H. W. Moore, pastor of the Christian Church at Harrison, is holding a series of meetings at Yellville. He is a very pleasant gentleman, well informed and is evidently imbued with the spirit of progress. We acknowledge a pleasant call.

C. J. Edney will soon have his new dwelling and jewelry shop completed. He will also soon have a splendid foot bridge across the branch north of Lefever's and Hutchison's Black Smith Shop. Mr. Edney is a hustler and a useful citizen.

Bro. A. C. Hull's Baxter county friends will be glad to add their endorsement to the eulogy paid him by a correspondent to the Arkansas Democrat and published today in the Citizen. Mr. Hull would sweep north Arkansas should he become a candidate for Secretary of State. Baxter Citizen.

The many friends of S. G. Roy, Sr., will be pained to learn of his death which occurred after a brief illness last Sunday. He was one of Boone's oldest citizens and, previous to the injury to his eyes several years since, a most active and successful businessman. Harrison Times.

Mr. J. W. Black, of Powell, who called on us yesterday informed us of the burning of the store and stock of Black and Milum at that place last Sunday night, supposed to have been the work of an incendiary. The loss aggragated $2700. Insurance $1800. Harrison Times.

J. E. Johnson, of West Plains, is figuring on putting in a telephone line from West Plains to Yellville. See what even the hope of a railroad puts into motion?

Last Sunday night it is thought someone tried to sink the Steamer Eagle near McBee's Landing. Two charges of dynamite were exploded just ahead of the boat but too far away to do any harm. Cause unknown.

We are requested to state that in addition to the organization of a Democratic club at Georges creek school house Saturday night, good speakers will be present and a lively time is expected.

We this week published quite a list of names to the call for a World's Fair meeting at Yellville. They are all progressive citizens and their interest is, therefore, natural. If the progressive citizens of Marion county do not turn out in great numbers, we shall be greatly surprised.

Greasy creek and its tributaries is coming to the front as a mining district. Splendid finds are being made almost everyday. The nearest finds to Yellville are near the old Methodist camp ground. "Uncle Jim" Adams, John Q. Adams, J. T. Collier, John Nowlin, and others have made good finds. We see no reason why Greasy creek should not have as good mining ground as any other creek in the county.

The Ralph is in trouble again. This time the Springfield stockholders, who own a minority of the stock, seem to have overruled the majority, who are upper White river men, and ousted Capt. Shipp and put in a new set of men. Ingle and Cravens now have charge of the boat. The trouble is, the Springfield stockholders wanted the boat run in the interest of the Brinkley road, while the majority wanted it run in the interest of the upper White river country. The matter will be settled in the Federal Court at Little Rock.

P. N. Thompson was taken out at the jail last Thursday and furnished a room in the jailer's residence where he could receive proper nursing. He was very bad for several days and thought he was going to die. He is much better now and his wounds are healing up nicely. Mr. W. H. Tharpe, of Lone Rock, has been waiting on him. A good many of Thompson's neighbors think he was justifiable in killing Rodgers and express an opinion that if the Thompsons get justice, they will come clear. There is some strong evidence on both sides. Baxter Citizen.

Mrs. Barnett, whose paramour was assassinated by her father and brother in Baxter county last week, was a passenger on the Ralph when the boat landed here Monday. She is a comely young woman and was accompanied by her son, a bright looking boy of nine. The murdered man, a desparate character, and having a family himself, had run her husband off, and the woman said she was on her way to join him in Memphis. Her father was badly wounded in the affray and her brother is in jail at Mtn. Home, and it is said a warrant is out for her arrest, but no effort was made here to detain her. She talked very freely about the affair and left here with her boy on the train on Monday afternoon. Batesville Guard.

        Dr. J. E. Andrews, Dentist, of Harrison, Ark., will be in Yellville on February 22 to remain six days.

       Notice is hereby given that there will be a meeting of Democrats, of Blytheville township, at Georges creek school house Saturday night, February 13, for the purpose of organizing a Democratic Club and attending to any other business that may come before the meeting. All Democrats, and those who wish to become Democrats, are invited to be present.
       James Brady
       J. W. Black
       Jasper Burleson
       R. J. Pierce
       I. N. Linton
       R. W. Perry
       And thirty "uthers."

       Notice is given to all persons in the counties of Baxter, Searcy, Marion, Newton and Boone, that are desirous of having our Zinc, Lead, Onyx, Marble and Oil Stone on exhibition at the World's Fair at Chicago, Ill. to meet at the courthouse at the town of Yellville, Ark., on Monday the 7th day of March, 1892 at 1 o'clock p.m. of said day, to devise ways and means to have the mineral of said counties so exhibited.
Wm. Keener
R. B. Weaver
J. T. Penn
H. C. King
H. C. Tipton
E. B. Reeder
F. M. Garvin
J. E. Wilson
G. S. Rosson
F. L. Hamilton
S. W. Allen
E. J. Rhodes
G. W. Penn
R. F. King
A. C. Hull
S. W. Reeder
R. D'Ailly
A. J. Nicholson
J. B. Hayles

       Notice is hereby given that the following Administrators and Guardians have filed their accounts current for settlement and confirmation at the May term of the Marion Probate Court to wit:
       Account current of Jack Dowd, Admr. Of the estate of Levi Pearson, deceased, for annual settlement. Account current of C. C. Poynter, Admr. of the estate of Sarah Haskel (or Hasket) deceased for the final settlement.

       Isaac W. Pangle against John T. Dysart and Lewis O. Smith. The defendants, John T. Dysart and Lewis O. Smith, are warned to appear in this court within thirty days, and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, Isaac W. Pangle.
       A. W. Wickersham, Clerk, this 14th day of January, 1892.

Marion County Tannery, Flippin, Arkansas, Thomas Higgs, Manager.
Yellville Roller Water Mill, J. W. Harris
Yellville Mill and Gin, R. W. Bussey
I. N. Linton, Mineral and Real Estate Agent, office at Powell, Ark.
L. G. Gray's Cheap Cash Store, Dodd City, Ark.
Harrison and Yellville Stage Line, Thos. Wooten, Prop.
Dodd City Nursery, A. L. Dirst, Prop.


February 19, 1892 Issue (Top)

(The top is off of this page but I think it is the Local Echoings)


J. W. Vansant writes us to send his paper to Duval Bluff this State. John is a good citizen and will likely return to Marion county.

Henry Maxey, who left this county a short time ago and stopped at Carrollton, writes us that he is now on his way to Texas.

A Democratic Club was organized in Blythe township last Saturday night. The Democracy of that township is awake and ready for the fray.

The report that an attempt was made last week to blow up the Steamer Eagle with Dynamite, was without any truth whatever. The explosion was over a mile away.

We forgot to make mention that Miss Ida Carter, one of our typos, had entered the Normal School. Miss Ida was in The Echo office nearly three years and her presence is badly missed.

Mr. White, who is selling in this county, a preparation for washing clothes and cleaning articles of furniture, etc., is offering to the public what the folks at my house, and especially the housekeeper, thinks is a "sure enough" great help. I take pleasure in endorsing Mr. White to this extent. T. W. Harris.

A. _ Dirst's little son, who run a nail in his leg six weeks ago is confined to his bed, but is gradually improving under care of Dr. Pierce. Dr. Brooksher, of Oakland, was called in consultation last Thursday when it was decided to wait one week, and if then deemed necessary, an operation would be performed on the knee.

       Mrs. Sarah Cooper, who is in the hands of the sheriff, charged with the murder of her newly born infant in Flippin Barrens, on January 22. The facts are about as follows. Mrs. Cooper, a grass widow, her husband having deserted her about two years ago, since which time she has had a somewhat unsavory reputation, most of this time she has lived in Baxter county. Her maiden name was Bruce and she is related to the Gloers(sic) and several prominent people over there. About two months ago she came over into Marion county and took up residence (most of this is unreadable) on the night of January 22, she gave birth to a child. She claims that the child came before its time and was dead. Pasco and his wife said that Mrs. Cooper told them that the child was alive when it was not.......(rest of article at the bottom of the page and is distorted)


Friday, February 26, 1892 Issue (Top)


James Young is the happy father of a bran new boy, and the boy's name is George Washington.

No more wood will be taken on subscription. Corn or fodder will pay any debt due this office if brought in within the next ten days.

R. W. Bussey will, during court week, feed everybody's horses at the stable in the gin lot. Price, cheap as the cheapest.

Eld. Henry Sasser will preach at the Presbyterian Church at Yellville on the first Sunday at 11 and Sunday night of each month.

The members of the Christian Church will erect a new house of worship in Yellville, just east of the Methodist Church. They will erect a neat frame building.

DeRoos Bailey will address the Democratic Club of Blythe township at Georges creek school house next Saturday night. Let everybody go out.

B. T. Thompson, who came up from Izard county a few weeks ago and went into business relations with J. P. Covington, is dangerously sick.

F. A. Bruton, of Sebastian county, brother-in-law to Wm. Evans, arrived in this county and will make it his future home. He settled on Greasy creek.

I pay 5cts per lb. for try hides at Bruno. Also the best prices for eggs and other country produce. Buy furs, genseng, etc. H. P. Ogden.

Newt Matthews informed us last week that he would soon leave for Van Buren, where he will work on a newspaper that Rev. J. B. Baldwin has lately secured control of.

A. A. Thompson, late of Izard Co., has brought his wife to this county and will make Yellville his future home. He will ------ to ----- as soon as he can get a house.

Hez Davenport left at our office this week a beautiful specimen of the black marble that is found on Buffalo river. We predict that this will be the most valuable stone in the county, if it can be found in sufficient quantity.

John Goforth, a young man living about two miles south of Powell, was starting to Springfield last Monday in a wagon. He jumped out of the wagon to get something when a pistol which he had in his pocket ------- out on the ground ---- the wound was dangerous ---(can't read further.)

Banner acknowledges a very pleasant and agreeable call from Dr. R. J. Pierce of Georges creek, Marion county, Monday. The doctor is a thorough going and useful citizen of our neighbor county, and a staunch Democrat. Boone Banner.

Dr. Wm. B. Brooksher, who has been for some time located at Oakland, Marion county, has been in town several days this week, and a frequent caller at our office. He is here with a view to locating. He is a graduate of the Kentucky School of Medicine, having last year won a fine gold medal as a graduate of second honor there. He is an energetic young man and we would be glad to see him cast his lot with us. Boone Banner.


Miss Belle Coker, daughter of Rev. John Coker of Bruno, entered school Monday. There are 165 students in school, about 80 in the Normal department.

S. L. Brooksher of Georges creek entered school this week.

Mr. C. S. Buckalew, an insurance agent of Eureka Springs, entered school this week.

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