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Mt. Echo Newspaper
June 1921 Issues
Abstracted & Copyrighted
by Lois Sullivan Stradley

Dividing Line

JUNE 2, 1921 Issue

Local & Personal:

Mr. J. F. CARSON , cashier of the Citizens Bank visited Springfield, Mo., last week on business.

After having spent several days in Yellville with friends, Ralph MORRIS returned Saturday to his home at Mountain Home.

Little Miss Marjorie COWDREY of Aurora, Mo., is visiting her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. J. S. COWDREY in city.

Miss Irene FARRIS who had been the guest for a number of days of Misses Betie and Amber CARSON returned Tuesday to home at Batesville.

Miss Neville WILSON who has been attending school at Mountain Home, returned to her home in this city last week.

Fred BERRY has returned from Big Heart, Okla., where he has been looking after business for the past several days.

Miss Faye MARTIN and Thelma LACK of Buffalo, were guests of Mrs. Ewell FEE in this city for a few days last week.

Mrs. J. C. BERRY entertained the Epworth League in her home on Friday evening of last week, and the members report a nice time.

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond WILSON of Springfield, Mo., are visiting Mr. and Mrs. C. C. WILSON and other relatives and friends in Yellville.

Mrs. Roy THOMPSON and children of Harrison are visiting Mrs. THOMPSON'S parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. P. CONVENTON and other relatives and friends in Yellville.

Hon. T. H. FLIPPIN who has been visiting his son, H. P. FLIPPIN at Okmulgee, Oklahoma, for the past several weeks, returned to Yellville last Saturday.

Miss Fay CARTER who has been attending the Agricultural College at Russellville, arrived home Sunday. She was accompanied by little Miss MaryDell WARD who will spend some time with her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. W. R. JONES

Judge MATLOCK is yet confined to his room, but improving slowly.

Esq. D. J. MCCARGER of Rush, who has been in poor health for some time was able to come to Yellville Tuesday.

After having visited relatives and friends in Yellville for a day or two, Mrs. Cam WEAST returned Monday to her home at Aurora, Mo.

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred WATTS attended decoration services at the Osbou graveyard, near St Joe on the 21st, Mr. WATTS said there was a large crowd present, and everyone had a nice time.

Mr. and Mrs. Christy KING of Kingdon Springs was in Yellville Wednesday of last week. Mrs. KING who was suffering with some kind of eruption on her face came in to consult a doctor.

Mrs Hattie PINKSTON and children of Crane, Mo., spent a few days with her mother, Mrs John ROBERTS and other relatives and friends in Yellville last week.

Mrs. J. J. STOKES and her daughter, Miss Zula, of Leslie are spending a few days in Yellville, visiting Mrs. STOKES' parents, Mr. and Mrs. John HORNER

Mr. George ROBERSON shipped a car load of fat cattle to butchers at Springfield, Mo., the first of the week. These cattle had grown fat on the open range, and yet it is only the first of June. Mr. ROBERSON said he had not been out much, and was surprised to find cattle so fat and nice. But here in the Ozarks where our range is fine, and where cattle have free access to all the pure running water they take on flesh very fast, and make the very best of beef.

Mr. and Mrs. Mel CHEEK formerly of this county, but who have made their home at Eureka Springs for the past five years, are spending a few days with their son-in-law and daughter Mr. and Mrs. Jess MATLOCK a few miles south of Yellville. Mr. CHEEK said he went to Eureka springs for his wife's health, and that she has improved greatly.

Eld. HOBSON of Alabama a Minister of the Baptist church, has been conducting a series of meetings for the past several days at the Lime Kiln school house about 4 miles south of Yellville. Those who have heard him say he is a very fine speaker, and that great interest is being manifested in the meeting. We also understand that Mr. HOBSON is contemplating bringing his family here and locating in Marion County.

Mr. W. R. JONES President of the Citizens Bank, went to Batesville last Friday on business and returned home Sunday. Mr. JONES has not been feeling well for some time, and while in Batesville he had Dr. DORR examine him, and diagnosed his case as chronic malaria, and prescribed a six week's guinine treatment.

Roney HAND who has been employed on the Batesville Record for the past several months, has resigned his position there, and accepted a position with the Calver-McBride Printing Co., at Fort Smith, and left for that city last Saturday. His family will spend a few days with relatives in and near Yellville, and join him later. Roney is a very efficient printer, and an all-round man in a print shop and his friends congratulate him on having secured this job.

Uncle Pet TUCKER an exconfederate soldier who is past eighty-nine years old, after spending a few days with his son, Jim, just west of Yellville returned to his home near Pyatt last Sunday. While Mr. TUCKER is nearing the century mark, he is enjoying fairly good health.

When the guessing contest at the Yellville Drug Company closed last Saturday afternoon it looked as if the minds of quite a number of folks had been running in the same channels, judging from the number who had guessed the same numbers in several cases. There were 261 guesses made, ten of whom picked the lucky number... 14. After talking the matter over with all of the lucky ones possible, the manager decided to write all the names on slips of paper, rolled them up and had a disinterested party draw from a cigar box, which he did, and Pierce CARSON was the name drawn; therefore, he is the possessor of a new Iugersoll watch, which was the prize given to the one making the lucky guess.

Mr. M.D. SETZLER our county agent, whose duty calls him to almost every section of the county says there are not more than 35 per cent of the acreage planted in cotton this year that there was last, and perhaps not more than 25 per cent. He says farmers are diversifying their crops more than ever before. He says there is lots of last year's cotton crop stored in the bale, on the farms where it grew. The farmers seem to be thinking more about making their feed and food on their farms, and less about growing cotton, the price of which is very uncertain.

Messrs. Eli MEISER and J. F. HOPLINS of Green county, this state, were looking over the country the latter part of last week, and were pleasant callers at the Echo office

Mrs. Bert LEWIS returned Wednesday of last week from a visit to Fort Worth, Texas, where she had gone to have some dental work done

Jess DOWNUM and Murphy ESTES of this place, who have been working on the bank building at Flippin for the past several weeks.

The old adage that "trouble never comes singly" was verified a few days ago in the life of Mrs. Tucker LINDSEY who lives on Fallen Ash a few miles north of Yellville. On Thursday, May the 19th, her mother, Mrs MCMAHAN died at her home on Big Flat, and on Friday the 20th her daughter, Mrs Alex NORMAN died at her home near McPhearson, in Baxter. We have not learned the cause of the death of her mother, but we understand that her daughter, Mrs NORMAN bad been sick for several weeks with a complication of diseases and a few day before her death she was taken to Batesville where an operation was performed.


JUNE 9, 1921 Issue (Top)

Mrs. A. G. RIPPETOE who had severe attack of appendicitis last week, is convalescent.

Eld. Arthur HURST went to Zinc Saturday to fill his regular appointment, and to assist Rev. STARR in a protracted meeting.

There will be a series of meetings begin at C. M. Church on Friday night before the 3rd Sunday in this month. Rev. R. J. STARR and wife will have charge Everybody is cordially invited. T. L. WILSON pastor.

Mr. I. N. LINTON of Kingdon Springs was in Yellville Thursday last week. He is very optimistic in regard to the future ahead of us, Mr. LINTON has the happy faculty of looking on the bright side of life.

Mr. Russell MELTON who went to Oklahoma a few days ago, informs relatives here that he and Jesse AKINS a former Marion county boy, have bought a grocery store at Davidson Oklahoma and are doing a good business. Their many friends in Marion hope they will make a great financial success out of their new venture.

Mack PHILLIPS says he has been an awful busy man for the past week or two, having painted all of the wood work on the inside of Mr. Arthur MCVEY 's house at Summit and repapered it throughout. He has also painted and papered Mr. John HORNER 's house in Yellville, and built a concrete walk for Mr. Wm. CUNNINGHAM from his gate to his house, besides doing a lot of other work.

Mrs. WILSON is a great lover of nature, flowers and art, and she spends many pleasant hours fashioning into works of art the pebbles, stone and mineral which nature has given her. Great indeed is Marion county, her resources, and her people

Mrs. Alice DOSHIER left Thursday for a few days visit with her son, Harve on Hull bottom, and her son Boone, at the mouth of Crooked creek. She was accompanied by her sister Mrs. BRIDGES

Mrs. W. H. TAYLOR after spending a few weeks with relatives, left Thursday for Keifer, Okla. He says he expects to return to Arkansas soon, as he left his children with his sister, Mrs. Cal DOSHIER at Mountain Home.

Diplomas will be given to thirteen graduates of Calico Rock High School on the evening of June 15th. Hon. Tom J. TERRAL former secretary of the State will deliver the class address.

Mr. and Mrs. Ab WATTS came up from Buffalo Saturday, and spent Saturday evening and night with relatives in Yellville, and attended decoration services at Pleasant Ridge Sunday.

Mr. Fred SANDERS of the Hudson hotel has been doing some valuable improvements around his premises which has added much to its appearance.

Dr. MCKAY has got his sanitarium fitted up very nicely, having recently had it repapered and painted throughout. He has a reception room, an operating room.

Our friend, Leonard MATLOCK sent us a few days ago, several copies of the Tulsa World; giving a full account of the race war in that city last week in which several white men and more negroes were killed. They also showed pictures of much of the destroyed negro district.

Misses Naoma BLANCH and Clara SIMS of Pyatt returned Monday to their home at Pyatt after having spent several days here with relatives.

Owing to the fact that Judge Matlock is confined to his room at his home a few miles south of town with typhoid fever, and some matters pertaining to the duties of his office needed attention, Gov. MCRAE appointed Mr. J. H. BLACK as special Judge to serve until such a time as Judge MATLOCK recovers sufficiently to resume his duties. Judge BLACK is this week presiding over the regular term of the Probate court, and dispatching considerable business.

Floyd AVEY who was convicted of first degree murder at the last term of the Stone Circuit Court for Killing Garfield NORMAN has returned home after having been released on a $10,000 bond in the Norman case and $1,000 bond in the STEVENS case. At the same time he killed NORMAN he killed STEVENS His attorneys have filed notice of appeal to Arkansas Supreme Court. If he had killed a half dozen men he would doubtless have been given a pension.

Mr. W. R. JONES and J. F. CARSON and Atty. Sam WILLIAMS left Sunday for Oklahoma City, where the Citizen Bank is plaintiff in a law suit which is to be tried in the Circuit court there this week.

Mr. L. M. MESSICK of Grassville, spent a few hours in Yellville Sunday having driven over with Mrs. CARSON who was called here on account of illness of her sister, A. G. RIPPETOE Upon her arrival here, however, she found her sister very much improved, which was very gratifying to her.

Floyd SLAGLE who has been teaching at Davidson, Oklahoma, for the past two years, arrived with his family at Buffalo the first of last week to visit his father-in-law Mr. and Mrs. Ab WATTS Soon after his arrival there he received a telegram from St. Joe, Ark; stating that his mother was not expected to live but a few hours and to come at once. He came to Yellville and got a horse and rode over to St. Joe. Upon his arrival there, he found his mother resting very well, but weak, having suffered a severe hemorrhage of the lungs.

Miss Mabel MCCARTY who has been attending Central College at Conway, arrived home Monday.

Miss Georgie PARKER will leave Friday of this week for Talequah Okla., where she has a good position.

Miss Neva BERRY who has been studying music in Little Rock for sometime, arrived home Monday.

Leland DOSHIER left Tuesday for Houston Texas where he will spend sometime in the U. S. Hospital.

After having spent a few days in Yellville with her mother, Miss Velma ALEXANDER left Saturday for Denver, Colorado, where she has a splendid position.

Mr. and Mrs Mel CHEEK of Eureka Springs are visiting their daughter, Mrs. Jess MATLOCK of Ralph, and Mr. CHEEK'S parents Mr. and Mrs. S. CHEEK of Weast City.

After having spent several days with his friends in Yellville, Master Dan GLASS has returned to his home in Harrison.

Mrs. Zula MCKENNON and Mrs. Donna PHILLIPS of Oklahoma City are visiting their parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. M. KEETER of Flippin.

Mrs. Russell MELTON left Thursday of last week for Davidson Okla., where she will join her husband who is in the grocery business.

Last week Oscar COKER painted Willie FISK 's new residence in Cowan barrens.

Will COWDREY and George ROBINSON last week bought a car load of hogs from the farmers near Yellville.

Clarence MCCARTY arrived Sunday from Conway, where he has been a student in Hendrix college during the past term.

Dr. and Mrs. Wallie GRIFFIN of Mammoth Springs are visiting Dr. GRIFFIN'S parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. N. GRIFFIN at Flippin.

Mr. and Mrs. E. C. RAMBO of Little Rock spent a few days with Mrs. RAMBO'S mother, Mrs. J. B. WILSON and other relatives and friends in Yellville last week.

Uncle Jack MCLEAN and wife of Calico Rock passed through Yellville a few days ago enroute to Maumee, where they will visit relatives for some time. Uncle Jack is one of the pioneers of Marion county, having spent his early days in Liberty township.

A recital was given at the Electric Theater on Monday night of this week by Misses Duff HARLIN and Frances GUM of West Plains, Mo. Miss HARLIN who is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joe HARLIN and grand daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. N. GRIFFIN of Flippin, is a reader of rare talent, and while she is only 14 years old.

Eugene JOHNSON of the Flippin Valley Stock Farm was in Yellville Saturday, and said his pure bred pigs and calves and pure strain chickens are coming on nicely and are doing fine.

F. B. BUTLER OF Baxter county who was enroute to Oklahoma was a pleasant caller at the Echo office Tuesday morning.

Mr. I. W. PANGLE who has been quite sick at his home on Georges creek, is reported as being better.


JUNE 23, 1921 Issue (Top)

Thurman LANCASTER who is one of the good teachers of the county will teach at Eros this year.

Bert PARKER who left here a few days ago, wrote his father from Great Lakes, Ill., that he had joined the Navy at that place and was well satisfied.

Mr. Ben WILLIAMS and his family of Oklahoma City drove into Yellville last Friday, where they sold their car. and went by train on down to Handford, Stone county, where Mr. WILLIAMS expects to homestead some land and build for himself a home.

Mr. R. L. BERRY went to Little Rock Thursday of last week to attend a meeting of the Arkansas Abstractors Association. He returned Monday.

Dr. DENTON of Flippin, spent a few hours in Yellville last Thursday on business. He said their town was enjoying quite a building boom just now.

Mr. C. A. MULHOLLAND proprietor of the Cash Commissary at Rush, spent a day or so in Yellville the latter part of last week looking after business interests.

Claude DOSHIER is now putting the stone on the ground with which to build a cobble stone house, on the lot just east of J. B. TATUM residence. The building will be 28 feet square, and as near modern as he can build it.

Mr. John BROWN of Kings Prairie was in Yellville last week and stated the clover and timothy hay in his section was practically ruined by the late freezes and extremely cold weather in the last spring.

Walter WALTON left Wednesday of last week for Little Rock to look after business matters and to visit relatives for a few days.

Luther EVANS was in Yellville Friday of last week and informed us that he and Russell STICE are putting up a garage building is finished they will.

The walls of the Weast building are completed and the roof is on and the concrete floor is being put in. The walls of Mrs. HUDSON 'S two story hotel are nearing completion.

Gus BUTLER 's cobble stone residence is completed.

Rev. and Mrs. I. L. CLAUDE are the proud parents of a new boy baby which arrived on last Saturday the 18th. All parties are doing well and the father seems to be perfectly happy.

Mr. P. V. Blankenship who is principal of the zinc public and high school while in Yellville last week ordered a lot of printed stationery.


JUNE 30, 1921 Issue (Top)

Frank PACE Jr. of Little Rock is visiting relatives in Yellville this week.

Mr. J. F. WATTS who has been quite sick with fever for several days, is reported as being some better at present.

Mrs. Grover JAMES and children of Joplin arrived in Yellville on Thursday of last week for a visit with relatives and friends.

Pure Apple Vinegar, per quart 25c. Chris MOORE

Mr. J. W. RAGAN of Batesville spent a day or two in Yellville this week looking after business.

Mr. H. R. RECORD of Mountain Home came over Friday, and remained until noon Monday visiting friends.

Mrs. MOSSMAN will have some nice rooms for rent at the Hartford hotel property during the Institute.

Wanted:-An reputable girl to live with us and take care of children, will pay well to right girl. Write or telephone me at Flippin. V. M. PHIIIIPS

Mr. and Mrs. Sam WILLIAMS went to Fort Smith Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs Rolleigh MATTHEWS of Flippin, were the proud parents of a new baby girl which arrived Friday of last week. All parties doing well.

Ebben WOOD of Flippin who owns the Barb farm on White river was in Yellville Saturday. he said there has been good rains in that section and that corn and cotton are looking fine.

Mr. Rosco HENSLEY of near Peel was in Yellville Saturday and said they had the best prospect for a bumper corn crop they had had in years, and that cotton was also looking well, but the acreage was greatly reduced as compared with last year.

Mrs. Gus PIERCE and Mrs. Ed SMART and two daughters, Minnie and Lectie, of Pyatt, were visiting in Yellville a few days last week.

The school in District No. 16, Summit, Ark. will start on Monday July 11th. J. W. CARSON Pres. W. M. INGRAM Sec.

Mr. J. D. HARDY of Kingdon Springs was transacting business in Yellville Saturday. He said crops in that section were looking fine, but business was quiet.

I will give special rates to all teachers attending Institute in July. Call and get my rates when you arrive. Mrs MALLOY at Arcade Hotel.

Next Sunday at the C. M. Church I aim, the Lord willing to preach and give an opportunity to any one wishing to unite with the C. M. Church, at 3 p.m. T. L. WILSON Pastor.

County Superintendent, Lonnie BRIGGS accompanied by Joe PARKER , Cam COWDREY and Aud MELTON went over to Springfield one day last week and bought a new Ford car and drove it home. Mr. Briggs will use his car in making his visits to The various school districts throughout the county.

Mrs. Perilda BRIDGES left Sunday for Claremore, Okla., to visit her daughter, Mrs. Wesley KEETER

Mrs Nancy CARSON left Sunday accompanied by two of her little grand children, to visit her daughters, Mrs Bob MORROW and Mrs R. F. DILLAHUNTY and her son Pet. She will be gone several weeks.

On last Saturday Eld. PARROTT went to the home of Mr. Wm. BUTLER near Hall Mountain to conduct the funeral service of Mr. BUTLER'S wife, before the funeral party left for the cemetery at Yellville. He started to accompany the party to Yellville, and while crossing the Crooked creek he got into deep water, and came very near being drowned, and was forced to return to his home.

Dick WEAST who has been confined to his home for the past several weeks with a severe case of rheumatism, was able to come down town Saturday and said he was feeling fine, as compared with a few days ago.

Mrs Harold CARTER and baby of Russellville are visiting relatives in Yellville.

Mrs W. R. JONES returned Sunday from Jonesboro where she attended the funeral of her mother.

Mrs W. B. RIDDELL of Batesville, came up Wednesday of last week and will spend a few weeks here visiting her daughter, Mrs. Don MATTHEWS.

Pierce CARSON who has been employed as assistant book-keeper in the Citizens Bank, left Tuesday for McAllster, Oklahoma, where he has a position with the Griffin Wholesale Grocery Company.

Prosecuting Attorney Karl GREENHAW was looking after official business in Judge SUMMER 's court last Monday.

Mr. SETZLER says aside from the number of hogs he has vaccinated and immune from cholera in this county within the last year.

Rev. and Mrs. R. J. STARR of Texas, closed a 10 day's meeting at the C. M. Church in this City Sunday night.

Mr. and Mrs Brun BLACK and little daughter of Cement, Okla, have been visiting sometime with Mr. BLACK 'S parents, Rev. and Mrs. J. W. BLACK at Cotter, and his brother, J. H. BLACK in this city. Brun has been engaged in school work in Oklahoma for a number of years and will be superintendent of schools at Cement the next season. He is recognized as a splendid school man and his friends here in his old home are glad he has made good.

Mr. Wm. COWDREY received a letter a few days ago from his son, Roy who is working for the Exeter Lumber Company.

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