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BARNES posted by Mt. Echo Newspaper on Saturday, February 1, 1892

Mt, Echo Newspaper: "Uncle Tom" Barnes, of Water creek township died last week. He was over 90 years old. We have not yet received an obituary.

ROY posted by Mt. Echo Newspaper on Tuesday, February 12, 1892

Mt. Echo Newspaper: The many friends of S. G. Roy, Sr., will be pained to learn of his death which occurred after a brief illness last Sunday. He was one of Boone's oldest citizens and, previous to the injury to his eyes several years since, a most active and successful businessman. Harrison Times.

BRUCE, COOPER, GLOERS, GLOWERS posted by Mt. Echo Newspaper on Saturday, February 22, 1892

Mt. Echo Newspaper: PROBABLY MURDER: Mrs. Sarah Cooper, who is in the hands of the sheriff, charged with the murder of her newly born infant in Flippin Barrens, on January 22. The facts are about as follows. Mrs. Cooper, a grass widow, her husband having deserted her about two years ago, since which time she has had a somewhat unsavory reputation, most of this time she has lived in Baxter county. Her maiden name was Bruce and she is related to the Gloers(sic) and several prominent people over there. About two months ago she came over into Marion county and took up residence (most of this is unreadable) on the night of January 22, she gave birth to a child. She claims that the child came before its time and was dead. Pasco and his wife said that Mrs. Cooper told them that the child was alive when it was not.......(rest of article at the bottom of the page and is distorted)

COLEY, MORGAN, VANSANT posted by Mt. Echo Newspaper on Tuesday, March 4, 1892

Mt. Echo Newspaper: Mr. Coley, who came from Alabama with Mr. Morgan and is living with him on the "Uncle Sam" Vansant place, lost his little boy this week. The little fellow died from the effect of measles. The family should receive the sincere sympathy of their neighbors as they are in a land of strangers. Arkansas people have warm, sympathetic hearts and they should take time to look after all sufferers around the, and more especially strangers.

WOODS posted by Mt. Echo Newspaper on Tuesday, March 25, 1892

Mt. Echo Newspaper: Mrs. Joseph Woods, an estimable lady of White River township died last week. Her obituary will appear next week.

HALBERT, PERRY posted by Mt. Echo Newspaper on Monday, April 2, 1892

Mt. Echo Newspaper: Died at her home near Dodd City, Ark. on the 2nd inst. in the 31st year of her age, Mrs. Clara Halbert, wife of H. S. Halbert, leaving in bereavement her husband, two infant children, one two years and the other a few days old, and other relatives and friends. Mrs. Halbert was born in Benton Co., Mo., and lived there until the time of her marriage in 1881 when she removed with her husband to Pettis Co., Mo. where she lived until their removal in 188? (can't read that year) to Marion Co., Ark., the adopted and prospective permanent home of her husband, self and family. She was a sister of Esq. R. W. Perry of this county, the only one of her own relatives in this state. Her father's family, however, was large. Both her parents died some years ago, but she leaves in Mo. four sisters, in Ohio one, and in Texas two brothers.

DEATH, HOLLIS, NOTICE, SNIPES posted by Snipes Hollis on Friday, April 12, 1892

Mt. Echo Newspaper: DEATH NOTICE: Mrs. Mary A. SNIPES, nee HOLLIS, wife of Joseph SNIPES, was born in Warren County, Tenn. July 17, 1851 and died April 12, 1892. In her death a faithful, helpful and affectionate wife was lost, seven precious children are made orphans and husband, host of relatives and friends stricken with grief. She had been a member of the M.E. Church South since 18?6 [unable to determine this date]. She was of gentle loving disposition, a consistent Christian and loved by all who knew her. She will be greatly missed in the church, community, and home circle. She was ill only a few days, yet she was ready and met death with praises and rejoices on her lips. She told her husband at the first of her illness that he need not send for a physician, that his medicines would not do her any good. She asked for the pastor to come that she might talk with him and he might pray with the family as before. She sung several songs awhile before she departed this life and among them that was remembered was "I have a sweet hope that in Heaven above my Saviour is waiting for me, and I have a home above." While we mourn that one so good should be taken from us, yet we recognize that our loss is her eternal gain. She died as she had lived in the pure atmosphere of Heaven. The burial services were conducted by Bro. Ross and the writer in the presence of a host of weeping friends. We say Goodbye dear friend! With the hope we will meet, may God comfort the grief stricken hearts. L. L. Seawel, Pastor.

WILLIAMS posted by Mt. Echo Newspaper on Tuesday, April 22, 1892

Mt. Echo Newspaper: Four men were placed in the Taney Co. jail charged with being members of the recent mob that murdered Deputy Sheriff Williams and his prisoner. The four men sued out a writ of habeas corpus and were released, two of them without bond and the other two under $1000 bond. Mob law is hard to overthrow.

JOBE posted by Mt. Echo Newspaper on Tuesday, April 22, 1892

Mt. Echo Newspaper: Dr. Jobe, of Prarie township, who has been suffering with dropsy for a long time, died last week. We have not yet received an obituary.

DYSON, YOUNGER posted by Mt. Echo Newspaper on Tuesday, April 22, 1892

Mt. Echo Newspaper: Dyson, who was murdered by Joe Younger, several months ago, and whose body has been searched for by all the officers and detectives in this section, has at last come back to his wife and is a very lively corpse. There is a lesson in this to officers and detectives in the future, especially detectives.

SMITH posted by Mt. Echo Newspaper on Tuesday, April 29, 1892

Mt. Echo Newspaper: The infant child of Geo. Smith was drowned last week in Buffalo river, near the mouth of Big creek. The little child was left in care of an older brother, who allowed it to crawl to the brink and fall in.

WILLIAMS posted by Mt. Echo Newspaper on Tuesday, April 29, 1892

Mt. Echo Newspaper: Week before last we recorded the death of "Uncle Jacky" Williams. Last week we ought to have recorded the death of "Uncle Tommy" Williams, brother to "Uncle Jacky." Their taking off was a sad affair. Both were poor men but pure gold also.

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