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CHOAT, MEEKS posted by Mt. Echo Newspaper on Tuesday, May 27, 1892

Mt. Echo Newspaper May 27, 1892 Issue: (The top of the following article starts at the bottom of the page and is cut off.) ...... little boys, one of Mr. Choat's, two of Mr. Wm. Meeks, were playing at sheriff with a pistol, and when it came Mr. Choat's son's time to make an arrest, he thought to examine the pistol to see if it was loaded. On looking into the muzzle of it, it went off, sending the bullet through his brain, killing him instantly. This should be a warning to parents; never leave a revolver in the reach of children. - Boone Banner.

BYLER posted by Mt. Echo Newspaper on Tuesday, June 17, 1892

Mt. Echo Newspaper Jun 17, 1892 HORRIBLE An Arkansan kills Sheriff Byler in his fearless attempt to execute the law. From the Baxter County Citizen. This evening, a posse of men came up from Gassville after Sheriff Byler to assist them in arresting J. B. Roper, who is wanted on an indictment for carrying a pistol, and who is also accused of robbing a house at Gassville last week. He resisted arrest by Officer Combs, at Gassville, Tuesday, drawing his pistol and swearing he could not be arrested. Combs was unarmed and could not effect the capture. (Read full story in Jun 17, 1892 Issue of the Mt. Echo)

THOMPSON posted by Mt. Echo Newspaper on Tuesday, June 24, 1892

Mt. Echo Newspaper Jun 24, 1892 Issue: The sad news reached town last Monday morning that "Uncle John" Thompson was dead. He seemed to be as cheerful Monday morning as he had been for a long time, but the hour for the end of his sufferings had arrived and he peacefully passed away. He was one of the oldest and highest masons in north Arkansas. He was also a consistent member of the Christian Church and was universally loved by all who knew him. He was buried with masonic honors at Yellville last Tuesday evening in the presence of a large concourse of brethren and friends. We hope his relatives will hand in a short obituary next week.

BAKER posted by Mt. Echo Newspaper on Tuesday, July 1, 1892

Mt. Echo Newspaper Jul 1, 1892 Issue: G. M. BAKER and family got back this week from a visit to Searcy county. Mr. Baker's father, Littleton BAKER, died while he was there. Mr. BAKER will teach at the new school house near Mrs. Pope's on Lee's Mountain.

THOMPSON posted by Mt. Echo Newspaper on Tuesday, July 15, 1892

Mt. Echo Newsaper Jul 15, 1892 Issue: RESOLUTION OF RESPECT At the last meeting of the Yellville Lodge No. 117 of F.A.M. the following resolution was presented and adopted: WHEREAS, the All-Wise Creator and Architect of the Universe has seen fit in his wisdom to remove from our midst our much esteemed and well beloved brother, John H. Thompson, Sr., who departed this life near Yellville, Ark., June 20, 1892, ripe in age and bright in Masonry; one who bore up under the most severe bodily afflictions with a religious fortitude and cheerful resignation almost unparalleled in the history of human endurance. [incomplete]

TWIGGS posted by Mt. Echo Newspaper on Tuesday, July 15, 1892

Mt. Echo Newspaper Jul 15, 1892 Capt. Twiggs killed and Joe Twiggs was wounded while resisting arrest by the officers. An account of the trouble from the Baxter County Citizen. Another chapter has been added to the tragedy of Sheriff Byler's assassination four weeks ago. Last Saturday evening a little before sundown just across the line to Fulton county witnessed a battle with Winchesters between the sheriff's posse from this county, and Capt. W. A. Twiggs and his son, Joe Twiggs, who resisted arrest, the former being killed and the latter wounded and captured. Twiggses were charged with being accessories to the assassination of Sheriff Byler, and the governor had offered a reward of $200 each for their arrest and conviction. (See Mt. Echo Newspaper - link is on main page - for the rest of the story)

HOOKER posted by Mt. Echo Newspaper on Tuesday, July 29, 1892

Mt. Echo Newspaper Jul 29, 1892 Issue: Rev. Hooker, of the M. E. Church South of the Mountain Home circuit, died last week. He was a promising young minister and his loss will be seriously felt

BOMER posted by Mt. Echo Newspaper on Tuesday, July 29, 1892

Mt. Echo Newspaper, Jul 29, 1892 Issue: Tandy Bomer, of Baxter county, got into a difficulty with a fellow near Calico Rock and got himself killed, being cut to pieces with a knife. He cut the other fellow so badly it is thought he will die.

HUDSON posted by Robert McLain on Tuesday, January 20, 1893

Mt. Echo Newspaper; Feb. 3, 1893 issue: Little Pearl, daughter of Kenneth and Essie HUDSON, born February 25th, 1888, died January, 20, 1893. Little Pearl the joy, pride and hope of loving parents and relatives has gone to God, to the beautiful dwelling-place of the angels. Bright and intelligent; she promised to be a great earthly comfor, but God claimed her as one of his jewels, and the bright, happy spirit has returned to the God who gave it. Dear sorrowing parents, reason and religion whisper to you that your child will grow brighter and be happier in Heaven that with you on earth surrounded by earthly pleasures. You will not be comforted. Your grief is a natural one; but think, she was taken away from evil to come. Had she lived to make the journey of life she would have had to suffer the agony of spirit you now suffer, for in this world ever abideth sorrow. In that land of untold beauty she will always want to stay. She would not return to earth. No not for a moment suffer your thoughts to hover around the grave; she is not there, all that made her the bright little creature she was to you, is now where there are none but the pure and holy. You now have a strong tie binding you to the invisible world. Perfect faith in the goodness, power and wisdom of your Heavenly Father will give you the blissful assurance you have a child in heaven. She has left a world of sorrow, Of which she little knew. In your hearts has pierced an arrow, But God is drawing you.

CROW posted by Reta DeShields Parton on Saturday, January 1, 1894

Minutes of the Annual Session of The Buffalo Baptist Association of Primitive Baptists, Held with Macedonia Church, Boone County, Ark. September 18th, 19th, and 20th, 1897. NANCY CROW, wife of the beloved brother, Jas. Crow, was born in Marion Co., Tenn, June 20, 1828. Joining the church with her husband in 1865, she lived a true Christian life, always discharging her duty with alacrity and delight. thereby proving what she claimed. She departed this life in Jan. 1894, leaving a companion, several children and a host of relatives and friends to mourn her absence.

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