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Mt Echo Newspaper & Frankie Seay

Dividing Line

(From the Mt. Echo Newspaper, Nov 2, 2000 issue - pg 7, column by Frankie Seay #302) "In the Echo we received today, the picture of cotton pickers on Greasy Creek was sent to me by my cousin and her husband, Stanley and Rexene Adams and I sent it to the Echo and want to acknowledge Stan and Rexene and her mother, Edit (Evans) Adams, all of Tucson, Ariz. Edith is in a nursing home and subscribes to the Echo, was raised in Marion County and remembers many people she reads about and she can tell Stan and Rexene all about her old home and the people there. Her husband, the late Rex Adams, passed away a few years ago and their son Tom lives in Seattle. Thanks to Rexene's interest in her dad's family, we're finding lots of old pictures of our ancestors and enjoy them."

(From Oct 12, 2000 issue of The Mt. Echo) This photo, taken in 1910 shows several Marion County residents in a cotton field on the John ! Adams farm on Greasy Creek. As best the family can identify them they are pictured from left: Tom Brown and Jim Adams on cotton wagon; (back row) John Q Adams Sr., Ezra Adams, Walter Adams, Joe Adams, Mary Adams, Noah Dennington, Belle Dennington, Emmaline Adams (middle row) Nellie Adams, Ora Adams, Pearl Dennington, unknown, (front row) unknown, Elmer Adams and Rex Adams.

A family spokesperson said, "This cotton crop and many others, provided the money for Uncle Vic (Dr. A.V.) Adams to atend medical school, after which he came back to Marion County to practice medicine. He was the doctor for the CCC camp at Everton, worked and lived on a Navajo Indian Reservation in Arizona, then had his last office in the basement of the Marion County Courthouse as Marion County Health Officer."

Dividing Line

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