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Graphics by Rhio


Submitted by: Don G. Kirk (

Dividing Line

This photo was furnished by Brandy Walker Parks. She is a descendant of Benjamin Weast, son of Adam Weast. The photo was identified on the back as the Weast Hotel. The Weast Hotel was a Confederate recruiting office in 1861, was probably burned during the Civil War and rebuilt, and was still standing on the upper end of Main Street in the 1950's. On the 1900 census, Leonard Weast, also son of Adam Weast, was shown to own a hotel, had four other family members, nine hotel boarders and two servants. That is a total of 16 and we can count 15 in the photo including the man on the horse. It is not known what year this photo was made but it was evidently before the 'horseless carriage' became popular.

Update from Don: Recent information from Floyd Burleson of Yellville: "I would say the picture was made in the early 1900's. It was built in 1866 or 1867 and was torn down about 1948. At that time a man built a gas station and operated it for a short time. In 1952 it was tore down and Russell Evans built a new motel and it was called the Ozark Motel and in 1997 Charles and Madelyn Carlton remodeled the Ozark Motel and called it the Carlton Marion Inn. They are still operating it at the present time."

(The Carlton Inn motel is located behind the library at the upper end of Yellville. Linda)

Dividing Line

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Linda Haas Davenport