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The Rush Creek Bugle
Reveille Number Volume 1, Number 1
Page 2, Column 2
10 Sep 1916
Blown Every Once in a While in the Interest of Rush and Ten Other Creeks on Buffalo River

Transcribed by: Linda Haas Davenport

Transcribing old records represents many hours of hard work. Please respect the work of the transcriber. Feel free to use this information in your personal research records. Do not copy the content for any other use or place this content on any webpage/website. If you want to use this information please link to this page.

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This is an old yellowed brittle copy of a newspaper from the Mining era of Marion Co. It was sent to me by John Headrick. He tells me that he found it in his father's old papers. Many thanks to John for sharing this with us. I knew that some of the mining towns published newspapers but this is the first copy I've ever seen.

The photos in this newspaper are very dim. I've done the best I can with them.

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Page 2 - Column 2

Satire and Otherwise (cont)

The hotels in Rush are run on the square. A square meal at any place in town.

Rush has two lawyers that keep the creek in a peaceful, tranquil, complacent spirit.

Abrose Estes is sore. Ben Carney from up the creek has been down flirting with Edith.

Redheaded girls are unpopular on the lower end of the creek.

The dogs all talk in a whisper in Rush, after 10:30 p.m.

Mr. Hale's megaphone announcer for the picture show has a grand opera tenor voice. Rush should be proud of its Caruso.

Photo of Yellow Rose mine Just a precautionary whisper. What the Nolen Bros. Lack in size they make up in spirit. Don't aggravate 'em.

There seems to be quite a rivalry between the picture show and the gravel bar at the mouth of the creek. This is more pronounced on moonlight nights.

Jim McCue and wife made a big strike last month. It was a ten pound boy. It has made them rich beyond the dreams of expectations.

The Mackintosh, that has been suffering from the hookworm disease, has recovered under the jackhammer treatment, and is up and doing business again.

Ed Zimmerman is becoming quite a social favorite. He has lately been elected president of a social club in the lower end of the camp.

Dr. Robbins has denied that his valued sojourn in this vicinity is for the purpose of making a study of the foot disease of snakes and eels.

Peter, the new butler at the Shepherd's is one of the noisiest eastern tenderfeet that ever hit the creek. If J.C. don't muzzle him he will find himself up before the local J.P. some day for disturbing the peace.

Cow creek has just had a calf. The little fellow is known as the Fox Den. Since it arrived there has been quite a noticeable increase in production at the Bonanza, Ground Hog and others.

For information of strangers on the creek we want to state that Mr. Cockrane is on nowise related to Mr. Cockroach.

Rush is bound to be a clean camp now. Dr. Drennon, lately appointed sanitary inspector, states he will keep it as clean as his conscience.

Doc Melton is taking a fat reducing treatment. Fleas. He highly recommends it as a safe, sane method.

E.J. Loop, the Cotter banker, has been in bed for a few days. He fed the crusher two hours at the Bonanza one day recently and it got his goat. He will get his goat back again, however, and will be up and around raking in money at the same old window.

Walter Layton of the Bank of Yellville was a visitor on the creek yesterday. He drove down behind Beck, his gasoline propelled mule. Beck contracted a case of heaves while here, but John Pickern, local veterinarian, got him in shape to make the return trip all right. Come again, Walter.

Ike Schofield has a pleasant way swearing in Norwegian. It takes well with the ladies.

Mrs. Chas. LaVassuer has raised a protest. The Captain is devoting too much of his time to Edith.

Deacon Hill, the well known evangelist of the Red Cloud camp, will hold a protracted meeting in the near future.

Wanted - I am on the market for a pair of young timber wolfs. Must be the regular Ozark mountain breed. Will pay top price for good specimens. See or write J.C. Shepherd, Rush, Ark.

Caballero Peters of the Shepherd haciendo has retired from active duty for a few weeks in order to complete his anthology of Rush creek mules. The volume promises to be quite interesting.

Frank Carson, the genial, rotund cashier of the Miners and Citizens Bank, dressed in patent leather shoes, a red necktie, and other clothes, made a money lending trip to the creek yesterday. He left a trail of happiness and prosperity behind him.

The results of recent experience in research work are scientifically presented in an article which Dr. Horner has prepared for one of he leading medical journals, the following extracts being especially apropos in this climate and at this season:
     "Never take a quinine pill upside down. Always be sure to take the pill facing you when you swallow it. Taking a quinine pill backward is apt to cause serious consequences. It is best to approach quinine pill from the left side, as this distributes its weight more evenly."

B.F. Stewart, the popular constable is indefatigable in his efforts to make this town the bluest of the Blue Lawed. We have watched him handcuff the brass, muzzle the speak-easies, silence the stud-pokers, and many other notable performances; but when he sleuth-hounds the icicles to prevent their wetting the streets on Sunday - have a care, constable, have a care.

A party of Esquimo arrived here last night from Crokerland. Mr. Wallace of the Rush Promotion Company took them up to Buffalo on foot to show them a very promising prospect which the company had for sale. The thermometer was around 100. After they had gone a couple of miles he looked around to see how his clients were standing the trip. They were not in sight. Going back a few hundred yards he fond a big wet spot in the ground where they had melted. As the company had already spent the expected commission it leaves them in a devil of a fix.

Column 3 (under cartoons)

Mr. Partee, bookkeeper at the Shepherd haciendo, is in bed with writers' cramp, contracted from figuring shipments from the Big Hurricane.

Lee Lackey admits that "Bevo" has its place, but is unable to find where that place is in the life of a busy protector of the lawful and unlawful. He says it tastes all right, but there is no conversation in it. Come have one with us, Lee.

Vital Cowah is setting a splendid example to many of the residents of the town in taking up with his customary assiduity the study of the sign language. All candidates for the new town council have pledged themselves to pass the ordinance prohibiting profanity.


J.T. Nolen
Staple And Fancy Groceries
Rush, Ark.

Always well supplied with every-
Thing to eat. I buy for cash and
Am in a position to give you un-
usually close prices on everything.

Don't fail to come in and see me
If you wish to save money.

I am located in the heart of the
Heart of the city, owning my own
Property. I pay no rent.

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Linda Haas Davenport