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Graphics by Rhio

The Rush Creek Bugle
Reveille Number Volume 1, Number 1
Page 2, Column 3
10 Sep 1916
Blown Every Once in a While in the Interest of Rush and Ten Other Creeks on Buffalo River

Transcribed by: Linda Haas Davenport

Transcribing old records represents many hours of hard work. Please respect the work of the transcriber. Feel free to use this information in your personal research records. Do not copy the content for any other use or place this content on any webpage/website. If you want to use this information please link to this page.

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This is an old yellowed brittle copy of a newspaper from the Mining era of Marion Co. It was sent to me by John Headrick. He tells me that he found it in his father's old papers. Many thanks to John for sharing this with us. I knew that some of the mining towns published newspapers but this is the first copy I've ever seen.

The photos in this newspaper are very dim. I've done the best I can with them.

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Page 2 - Column 3 Top of Page

Cartoon of Rush mine owners

Captions on the panels

     Top Row: LR - Capt Chase on Motor-car; Joe Reid trimming a boiler Morning; R M Fletcher starting the White-Eagle
     Row LR - Zimmerman, Schofield & Mattie May; J C Shephard building the Big Hurricane; W F Bray working the Ground Hog
     3rd Row: Rush Mining Camp
     4th Row: Jim Mcarty and the Yellow Rose; Grant Shephard opening up a new run on the Red Cloud; J C Shepherd strikes it rich in the Mackintosh
     5th Row: Carl Schiller running George Washington; Ambrose Estes and Edith (box "faster Edith faster"); Dr. Gray has lost his appendix

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Linda Haas Davenport