The King Brothers of Union County, Arkansas

John Coleman King and William Augustus King

According to info from Betty Grimmett Steel of Tulsa, Oklahoma, William Augusta (sp?) was the youngest child of James & Katherine Coleman King of Conecuh County, Alabama.

From old letters taken from the bible of Katherine Coleman King, it appears that William Augustus was the first brother to journey from Conecuh County, Alabama to Arkansas. A letter dated Jan. 1, 1845 from El Dorado to John C. King in Belleville, Conecuh County, AL indicates that William had been in Arkansas for at least several months. He speaks of much bad weather, sleet, and snow, but says notwithstanding so many disadvantages, "I have put me up a split log house 16 by 18 and got into it the day before Christmas. I have nothing more to build but a wagon shelter."

A second letter dated March 9, 1845, James King (Jr.) wrote from Society Hill, Darlington District, SC to his brother, John C. King at Belleville, AL to ask "whether Brother William has gone to Arkansas and if you are going and if any of your neighbors are going." William Augustus King and some of the neighbors were already in Arkansas at that time.

On June 24, 1846, William A. King wrote from Champagnolle, AR to John King at the Belleville address. He speaks of the corn crop being "uncommonly fine" though "my new ground is covered with green trees. He mentions two neighbors, Lewis Mays and William Bell.

On Nov. 11, 1848, William A. King wrote from El Dorado, to his brother, John in Alabama. "From your letter to me and from brother James, I suppose you will move in January. James has bought him a place four or five miles from ours, as a good a place as this section affords. I have hired James' three boys to help me put up some buildings to have ready by the time you come or as near as possible. James has picked out a place for you near mine and of the two, he thinks it is the best situation." " Tell mother I am glad to know she will be with us again and although she will not have the conveniences at first, she can soon get fixed and I think she will be much better satisfied that she can be on those worn off hills and broom straws."

Notes for Sarah E. King: Following the death of her husband, Wm Augustus King, in June 1858, Sarah King married K. David Stevens on 12 July 1860 in Union County, AR. See David Stephens family on 1860 Union CO, AR census records.

Children of William Augustus King and Sarah E. are:

41 i. John Thomas4 King, born Abt. 1843 in Alabama (Source: 1850 Union CO - Franklin Twnsp, Arkansas Census.); died November 11, 1881 in Union CO, AR (Source: Union County Administrator's Bond/Hiram King, dated 3 Dec. 1881.).
He married Unknown Unknown.
Notes for John Thomas King: John T. King first appears at age 7-AL on the Union CO, AR, Franklin Twnsp. Census Record of 1850. Next appears as Thomas King, at age 17-AL on the Union CO, Franklin Twnsp. Census Record of 1860.
On 1860 census, 'Thomas' is shown as head of Family #467, his father had died on June 28,1858. Children shown in the home were: William (11), Cornelia (8), Octavius (6), Fanny (5) and Augustus (3).
Administrator's Bond of $3000 was filed on 3 Dec. 1881 at New London, Union County following the death of Thomas King. Hiram King is named as administrator. Heirs named were: Amanda King, Martha King, Bettie King & Marcus King. Thomas King died on 11 Nov. 1881.
John T. King served in Confederacy with the 3rd Arkansas Regiment during the Civil War. He enrolled at Champagnolle, Union CO in 1861 at the age of 18, as a Private for the 'duration of the war'.
He fought in most of the major battles of the war (including The Wilderness, Gettysburg and many others) as a member of the 3rd Arkansas Regiment assigned to the command of Colonel Hood of Texas.
He was paroled at Appomattox when General Lee surrendered in 1865, holding the rank of Sergeant. His military service record indicates that he was hospitalized for wounds at least twice during the war.
Bill King has his complete service record, obtained from Little Rock Civil War Archives, June 28, 1998.

Received from the Little Rock Archives the military service cards for John T. King, enrolled as a Pvt. by Capt. Thomas Nolan, Co. 'E' at Chapagnolle on June 20, 1861. His Muster-In roll indicates that he was 18 years of age(born about 1843), which will rule him out as being my 2nd Gr grandfather - who was John T. King (born in Darlington District, SC in 1816). However, in searching our family archives, we find another John T. King (b. about. 1843), son of William Augustus King (b. abt. 1816 in SC). William Augustus was the son of James King and Catherine Coleman. The family of this John Thomas King lived in Union County, very near Chapagnolle on the Ouachita River, where the enrollment took place.
John T. King, Pvt Soldier to 4th Sgt
Co 'E', 3rd Regiment Ark Infantry
John T. King (age 18) was enrolled as a Pvt. Soldier, at Champagnolle, Arkansas on June 20, 1861 by Capt. Thomas Nolan for the duration of "The War"
Pvt. John T. King was mustered in at Lynchburg, Va. on July 2, 1861.
Listed on Co 'E' muster roll for July 2 to Aug 31, 1861- Present
Listed on Co 'E' muster roll for Jan & Feb 1862 - Absent-sick at Berryville, VA
Admitted Mar 7, 1862 to Chmmborazo Hospital #1, Richmond (convalescent),
returned to duty Mar 10, 1862
Listed on Co 'E' muster roll for March & Apr 1862 - Present - Pvt.
Listed on Co 'E' muster roll for Nov & Dec 1862 - Present -
Appointed to 5th Sgt from 3rd Cpl Dec 1, 1862
Listed on Co 'E' muster roll for Jan & Feb 1863 - Present - 5th Sgt
Listed on Co 'E' muster roll for March & Apr 1863 - Absent, sick at Petersburg since Apr 7, 1863
Admitted to CSA Gen. Hosp. Farmville, VA on Apr 18, 1863 for Chronic Diarrhoria'.
Returned to duty May 5, 1863
Reported to Duty, Co 'E', Capt. Stevens, May 5, 1863
Listed on Co 'E' muster roll for May & Jun 1863 - Present
Listed on Co 'E' muster roll for July & Aug, 1863 - Present
Admitted Floyd House & Ocmulgee, Hosp, Macon, GA, wounded, Admitted Sept 30, Trans to Fort Valley on Oct 3, 1863
Listed on Co 'E' muster roll for Jan & Feb 1864 - Present
Appears on Clothing Receipt Roll Apr 23, 1864
Listed on Co 'E' muster roll for Apr 30-Aug 31, 1864 - Absent, wounded May 6th. Absent with leave 20th June '64.
Detailed S.O. #45/6 Dept/Army -VA/Lee, Feb 17, 1865
Appears on Register of Medical Director's office, Richmond, admitted March 3, 1865 to Barracks -'Disentery'
Appears on list of Casualties of 3rd Ark Regt since May 6, 1864, 'wounded At Wilderness, Virginia'
Appears on List of Prisoners of War, belonging to the Army of the Confederacy, surrendered by Gen. Robert E. Lee, CSA to Lt. Gen. U. S. Grant, commanding Armies of the United States. Done at Appomattox Court House, VA on Apr 9, 1865

From the Ed Gerdes Civil War History Web Page
Bryan Howerton, Researcher
John Thomas King -- Enlisted in Co. E, 3rd Regiment Arkansas Infantry, at Champagnolle, Arkansas,
June 20, 1861; promoted to third corporal and fifth sergeant; wounded in The battle of the Wilderness (Virginia), May 6, 1864; promoted to fourth sergeant; surrendered at Appomattox Court-House, Virginia, April 9, 1865, and was paroled on April 12, 1865.
I show him listed in the Union county 1860 census as Thomas King, age 17, born c. 1843 in Alabama. He appears to have gone by the name Thomas King.
Note: James Grooms (cousin of John T. King) also served in the 3rd Ark Infantry Regiment, also enlisting at Champagnolle on June 20, 1861. He was the son of Sarah King Grooms, and was raised in the Union County home of his uncle, John Coleman King.
As far as the other two Kings in the 3rd Ark Regt Infantry, Henry F. and Berry H. King (born in GA). I have searched both the 1860 and 1870 Calhoun County Census Records with no luck in locating either. I plan to search Union County (1850-60-70). I also searched the printed 1850 "All Name" Census list (Calhoun CO), but did not discover either Henry F. or Berry H. King there either.
It would seem pretty amazing for all 3 of these Kings, enrolled at Champagnolle in 1861, to be paroled at the end of the war. With Co 'E' casualty numbers, it would be very amazing ! But possible, nevertheless.
John T. King's cousin, William J. Witherington (brother of Martha Caroline), was also enrolled by Capt Nolan at Chapagnolle June, 1861. Witherington was born 1836, so he would have been about 25 at the time. Witherington lived in the same general area, but in South Calhoun County, down below the old community of Artesian, and only a few miles across the Ouachita River from the community of Champagnolle in Union County. This information has been developed by Bill King, Houston, TX

42 ii. Catherine King, born Abt. 1845 in Alabama (Source: 1850 Union CO -Franklin Twnsp, Arkansas Census.); died Unknown. She married John B. Neighbors January 01, 1860 in Union County, AR (Source: Union CO Mar. Records).
Notes for Catherine King: Union County Marriage Index- Book 'B', Page 42, 1860.
Notes for John B. Neighbors: John Neighbors (21) and Kate King Neighbors (16-AL) are found living with the William A. Bell family on the 1860 Union County Census, Franklin Township - Champagnolle. John neighbors married Catherine King, born about 1844-45, dau of Wm Augustus King.
1860 Union County, Franklin/Champagnolle Census (taken 14 Aug 1860) also shows the following:
The Children of Augustus Levan Witherington & Martha K. Lovett: Betty (12-AL), Sarah S. (11-AR), and Arlina Witherington (7-AR) are also found living in the home of William A. Bell (51-GA) and wife M.A. (41-AL). (Dwelling #423)
W. B. Witherington (4-AR) is found nearby in the home of William C. Lovett (30-AL) and wife, E. A. (21-AL). (Dwelling #463). Lovett is likely the brother of Martha K. Lovett Witherington.
Charyler (Charlie) Witherington (5-AR) is found in Dwelling # 464, the home of Richard Lovett (41-AL) and wife, Mary (32-LA). Richard Lovett is likely the brother of Martha K. Lovett Witherington.
However, all of the above Witherington children are also enumerated with The family of Gus Witherington and new wife, Mary Emma Finch, living at Pigeon Hill, Union County. Evidently, following the death of Martha Lovett, the children also spent time in the homes of the above families.

43 iii. William C. King, born Abt. 1849 in Union County, AR (Source: 1850 Union CO-Franklin Twnsp, Arkansas Census.); died Unknown. He married Nancy C. Smith January 30, 1865 in Union County, AR (Source: Union CO Mar. Records.).
Notes for William C. King: Union County Marriage Record: William C. King, 21, Union County to Nancy C. Smith, 17, Union County. Married by William C. Johnson, 30 Jan. 1865. Filed 31 Jan 1865, Page B-306, Union County, AR.

44 iv. Cornelia King, born Abt. 1852 in Arkansas (Source: 1860 Union County AR Census, Franklin Township.); died Unknown. She married W.A. Lovett 1890 in Union CO, AR (Source: Union County Marriage Records.).

45 v. Octavius King, born Abt. 1854 in Arkansas (Source: 1860 Union County AR Census, Franklin Township.).

46 vi. Fanny King, born Abt. 1855 in Arkansas (Source: 1860 Union County AR Census, Franklin Township.); died Unknown. She married Thomas Thompson 1880 in Union CO, AR (Source: Union County Marriage Records.).
Notes for Fanny King: Union County Marriage Index, Book 'E', Page 240.

47 vii. Augustus King, born Abt. 1857 in Arkansas (Source: 1860 Union County AR Census, Franklin Township.).
Notes for Augustus King:
Desmond Wall Allen's Ark Death Index has a Gus King with date of death as 7/13/1916 in Calhoun County.

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