What's New

Feb 2018
Janice has updated Smyrna Cemetery.

Jan 2018
We have an updated list from Janice for Rhodes and Old Parker Cemeteries.

Nov 2017
Janice has updated Pleasant Grove and Rehobeth Baptist cemeteries.

Sep 2017
Janice has updated Craig and Pleasant Hill cemeteries.

Jul 2017
Janice has updated Parker's Chapel, Oak Grove and Philadelphia Baptist cemeteries.

Jun 2017
Janice has updated Teel, Olive Branch and Old Prebyterian cemeteries and added a listing for Pate Cemetery.

Mar 2017
Janice has updated Old Parker Cemetery, part 1.

Feb 2017
Janice has updated Old Parker Cemetery, part 2.

Jan 2017
Janice has sent updates for several cemeteries including LaPile, Daniels and Norris.

Jan 2016
I believe I have repaired the issues with the content wrapping to the bottom of the page; I'm truly sorry about that, it only takes one piece of code to mess up the look of a site.

May 2015
The site is getting a facelift and some corrections. Janice is updating her cemeteries.