Jesse C White Probate Records

Jesse White Probate

Handwritten on cover of tri-folded document:


In the Matter Est
Jesse C. White, Dec’d
James E. White, Adm
Ptn to set aside widow’s Dower

(illegible) 18478

Filed 11/2/07
T. W. Williams

In the matter of the Estate
Jesse White, deceased

In the Union Probate Court,
Honarable A. P. McMahon, Judge

Comes now R. M. White and shows to the court that she is the widow of the said Jesse White, deceased, late of Union County, Arkansas, and that Letters of Administration upon the estate of the said Jesse White, deceased, were issued to J. E. White on the 20 day of Oct 1907. That said Administrator made an inventory of the personal estate of said decedent, and had an appraisement made thereof according to law, which Inventory and Appraisement is filed herein made a part of this petition. And your petitioner would show to the Court that the estate of the said Jesse White is solvent, and that the amount of the personal estate is only $451.85. That as the widow of the said Jesse White, she is entitled under law (Sec. 72-74 and 2708 Kirby’s Digest) to all of said personal property of the said decedent, as her absolute property.
Wherefore she asks an order of this Court vesting in her as such widow the title in and to all the property in said Inventory and Appraisement enumerated and set forth as follows, towit:

No. on Appraisement Name of Article Appraised Value

1 cow Brindle color 20.00
1 Heifer 3 yrs old 12.00
1 Heifer 1 yr old 5.00
1 Heifer (illegible) 2.00
(illegible) forward

On cover of tri-folded document:

In the Matter of the Estate of
Jessie C. White

Filed 10/25 1097
Recorded in Book ___ Page ___
T. W. Williams, Clerk

Oct Term 1907



County of Union

WE, Richard C. Head, George F. Hendrix and James H. Teal householders of the above named County, having been chosen by James E. White as Administrator of the Estate of Jesse C. White, deceased, to view and appraise such Estate, do severally, upon our respective oaths, declare ourselves not to be interested in said Estate, nor of kin to any of the heirs of said deceased, or the legatees of his will; and we further declare that we will, to the best of our abilities, view and appraise all personal property belonging to said Estate, which shall be produced to us by said Administrator James E. White.

(Signed J. H. Teal, G. F.
Hendrix, R. C. Head)

Subscribed and sworn to before me this 22 day of Oct 1907.

(Signed C. A. Love, J.P.)

1 Large Cow 20.00
1 Heifer 3 years old 12.00
1 Heifer 1 year old 5.00
1 Heifer small 2.00
6 Head Goats 3.00
1 crop lent saw (?) 1.00
1 Lot Plow Tools 10.00
1 Pr Small Balancers 1.00
1 " Large " 1.00
2 axes .50
2 Pitch forks & Post Hole digger & Hoes 2.00
1 Wheel Barrow .35
1 Grind Stone 1.00
2 Wash Kettles 2 Tubs 2.00
1 Kit of Tools 7.50
1 set Buggy Harness 12.00
1 sausage Grinder & mole Trap 1.50
1 Side Saddle & cot .50
1 Buggy 10.00
1 Wagon 25.00
1 oat (illegible) 10.00
Total Forward $124.35

Claims against Jesse C. White Estate (hand-written bills found with probate documents):

R.C. Head $3.77 12/30/1907
Strong Drug Co. 12.70 12/19/1907
H.H. Gray 551.46 12/19/1907
J. P. Powell/Colvin & Powell 30.00 12/30/1907
Dr. White 147.00 12/19/1907
(house calls in 1907: 9 in May, 4 in June, 5 in July, 27 in August, 15 in Sept.)
Wood & Nelson Hardware 68.20 12/19/1907
Phillips, Gorman & Sons Dry
Goods 34.75 12/19/1907
F. P. Stevenson – General
Merchandise 12.40 12/30/1907
(burial clothes and lace)
Wallace & Clark Co. 22.72 12/19/1907
C. C. Malone 28.00 12/30/1908

$550 for land to pay for debts (5/30/1908
(Sec. 33, Town. 18 South, Range 12 West, Strong, AR – 1 acre)

On cover of tri-folded document:

No. 740

Account Current
1st of Final Settlement

J.E. White


J.C. White

(Illegible handwritten comments)

Filed in open Court on this 11th day
of Apl 1910

T. W. Williams

Continued with order
of publications


) In the Union County Probate
COUNTY OF UNION ) April Term 1910

On this 11th day of April A.D. 1910 comes James E. White as the Administrator of the Estate of Jessie C. White and files his Account Current for Final settlement of his account and charges himself with the following articles:

Month Day Year ON WHAT ACCOUNT (3rd column cut off)

(long handwritten list - hard to read and some cut off)

10/25/1907 To Amt appraisement of Personal Properties
To " Amt Proceeds (6) B/C= (illegible)
5/30/1908 " Amt Proceeds of sale – 1 Home & Lot in
Victoria (?) to H. B> Gorman (?)
11/1/19081 " cash collected for Rent on office (illegible)
12/12/1908 " " " " Dwelling in (illegible)
4/2/1909 " " " " "
1909 " " " " "
" cash Proceeds of (illegible)
4/11/1910 " " " 1 House & Lot Sold A. (illegible)

By Amt. Personal Property Delivered To

10/9/1908 R. M. White on Dower 226.00
10/9/1908 By Amt Cotton seed Delivered to
R. M. White on Dower 46.70
10/9/1908 Cash Pd. R. M. White on Dower 27.90
11/7/1909 Cash Pd H. H. Gray on Mortgage 424.20
Held by him
3/3/1909 Cash paid H. H. Gray on (illegible) 128.36
4/7/1908 Cash Pd Taxes on Estate 44.69
2/5/1909 Cash Pd Taxes on Estate 4.35
3/2/1910 " " " " 3.57
3/3/1908 " Pd Growing Cotton 12.68
" R. C. Head cotton Picking 16.53
3/12/1909 " R. M.