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Old Settlers The Arkansas Gazette July 13, 1883 added 7/2/2011

Nov. 30, 1843
Times-Picayune - Louisiana

The Cane - Hill (Ark.) Tragedy -- Wash Starr, Jim Starr and ____ Reese are in custody at Fort Gibson, charged with having committed the massacre of the Wright family on Cane Hill. Reese has confessed that he aided in the said murder, and implicates the two Starrs. A r;umor which is in circulation of the arrest, in Springfield, Missouri, of the Starrs, the murderers of Mr.s Vore's family, is therefore incorrect.

Cherokee Advocate - OK
May 26,1882

The horse that Tom Wicket brought back with him, when captured, belonged to Bob. Simpson near Cincinnati, Ark. The horse was turned over to Mr. Simpson by our High Sheriff, free of charge. The fine saddle Tom had was also turned over to Mr. Rhea the owner, who lived near Cincinnati also.

Cherokee Advocate - OK
June 2,1882

Tom Griffin, the murderer of Sunta Brewer, was seen a few days ago, at moore's Mill, near Cincinnati, Ark., The parties who saw him had not heard of the murder. They said he was making his way toward Missouri or Kansas.

Cherokee Advocate - OK
May 8,1885

Rev. Robt. Fuller, of Cincinnati, Ark., preached one of the most impressive sermons at the Methodist Church, last Wednesday night, that has been heard in Tahlequah for some time.

Cherokee Advocate - OK
May 8,1885

Mr. Robert Rhea and Mr. George Cox of Cincinnati, Ark., were visitors in our town this week.

May 6, 1886
Kansas City Star  - MO

Little Rock, Ark., May 6 -- The home of Farmer Holt, near Cincinnati, Ark, was raided by robbers the morning of the 4th a large quantity of goods was carried away.  The thieves numbered four and were pursued into the Indian territory.  A fight ensued, two robbers named Johnson being Killed and Bartlett of the pursuers mortally wounded.  Two thieves though badly hurt escaped.  The Johnson killed was an ex-convict from Missouri.

Cherokee Advocate  -  OK
March 16, 1887

The remains of Sam'l Holt, the young man who committed suicide at Muskogee, on the 8th inst., reached here the same evening, and were forwarded next day to his home near Cincinnati, Ark.

Cherokee Advocate  -  OK
June 22, 1887

Dr. Dudley resident Dentist of Cincinnati, Ark., and a citizen of this Nation will be in the town of Tahlequah the last of this month and will remain during the Teacher's Institute; prepared to do all work in the line of dentistry.  Dr. Dudley understands his business thoroughly, having attended lately a course of lectures at the Missouri, Dental College.  Since the Doctor is a citizen and expects to locate at this place, he will give a good return for money received.  Give him a call -- Office at the Glenn Hotel.

The Sun - Maryland
Nov. 6, 1845

Crawford BURNETT and his wife Lavinia, have been sentenced to be hung at Fayetteville, Ark., for being accessories to the murder of Jonathan SIBLEY. The deed was committed by their son and cousin.

Springfield Republican - Massachusetts
Aug. 2, 1856

At Fayetteville, Ark, one of Dr. BOONE's negroes was recently convicted of the murder of his master, while two other negroes tried for the same crime, were acquitted. The sons and neighbors of Dr. BOONE were not satisfied, but broke open the jail and hung the two negroes who had not been convicted, leaving the other to be executed by the sheriff in due course of law (typed as written).

New York Herald-Tribune
February 28, 1862
Gen. Halleck; Washington; Gen. Curtis; Fayetteville; Ark; Union; Rebels

Gen. Halleck telegraph to Washington that Gen. Curtis has taken Fayetteville, Ark., with murderlous prisoners and great quantities of stores, ammunition, baggage, and the like. The enemy retreated in disorderly haste over the Boston Mountains. The Union troops in that section are perfectly enraged at a dastardly, savage trick of the Rebels: 42 officers and men of the 5th M?? Regiment were poisoned at Mudtown by ??ing of provisions left behind by the enemy, who had prepared the food for the purpose of causing a general murder. (typed as written)

Quincy Whig - Illinois
Nov. 22, 1870

MEMPHIS, Nov. 21 -- There was a general jail delivery at Fayetteville, Ark, on the 4th inst. Patrick and James HURLEY, under sentence, and five other prisoners escaped.

Critic-Record - District of Columbia
March 23, 1871
Events of the Day

Accounts from Fayetteville, Ark., say a man named ROLAND, living there miles from that place, killed his wife and infant child on the 16th inst., and then blew his own brains out.

Cherokee Advocate - OK
Feb. 11, 1893

A son of G. B. Smith living near Cincinnati, Ark., was severely hurt last week in Going Snake Dist. He was gathering cattle and in running his horse was thrown up on the horn of his saddle inflicting internal injuries, from which he has been confined in bed at Mr. John Christies's.

Cherokee Advocate - OK
Oct. 19, 1892

George Christie was arrested by U. S. Deputy Marshals just as he was coming into town Saturday last. We have not learned under what charge the arrest was made, though it is rumored that it was for taking part in the robbing of Mr. Moore's store in Cincinnati, Ark. That could not nave been the charge since U. S. Marshals have no jurisdiction over State cases.

Cherokee Advocate - OK
Dec. 16, 1891

Mr. Wm. Rhea one of the leading merchants of Cincinnati, Ark., was in the city the first of this week.

Cherokee Advocate - OK
Sept. 2, 1891

Judge John Wolfe, who with his children, has been visiting relatives near Cincinnati, Ark., for the past two weeks returned last Sunday.

Cherokee Advocate - OK
July 23, 1890

Mr. Frank Musgrove of Cooweescoowee, District, was in the city last Saturday on his way to Cincinnati, Ark., to visit his daughter.  Mr. Musgrove reports the corn crops as being considerably damaged in portions of his district on account of the protracted dry weather as there has not been any rain there since the early part of June.

Fort Worth Morning Register
February 03, 1902

L. A. Vaughan
Mrs. L. C. Vaughan of Fort Worth yesterday received news of the death at Fayetteville, Ark., of her nephew, L. A. Vaughan. He was a general attorney of the Frisco Railroad.

Columbus Daily Enquirer - Georgia
January 14, 1904
Colonel Gunter Dead

Fayetteville, Ark., Jan 13 -- Colonel Thoams M. Gunter who represented this district (Columbus, Georgia) in congress from 1875 to 1885, died today. He was 76 years of age. One of his sons is Judge Fuller Gunter, of the supreme court of Colorado, who is here.

Fayetteville Democrat
Aug. 3, 1917

C. T. Latta and Miss Duras Hatchett, both of Cane Hill
Deamus Stillwell, Elkins, and Miss Clara Wood, Baldwin.
F. C. Lawson, Spring Valley, and Miss Callie Elkins, War Egle.
Thomas Henderson and Lalia Buchanan (colored) both of Fayetteville.
Witt Carter, Durham and Miss Maude Allen, Farmington.
Will S. Luper, Arkansas City, Kan., and Miss Fanny May Harris, Fayetteville.

Oct. 25, 1917
The Dallas Moring News

Fort Smith, Ark., Oct. 24 - The Bank of Cane Hill, at Cane Hill, Washington County, was robbed at 2 o'clock this afternoon by two unmasked bandits, who rode into town on horesbak, locked the cashier in the vault and escaped with $2,000 cash. A posse is in pursuit.

Dallas Morning News
Feb. 25, 1916
Dr. Charles Carroll Buried at Denton

Denton, Texas. Fef. 24 -- The body of Dr. Charles Carroll, accompanied by relatives and friends, arrived here this afternoon from Fayetteville, Ark., and interment was made in the I. O. O. F. Cemetery, where his father, Dr. F. B. Carroll is buried. His mother is a resident of this place. (Denton, Texas)

Duluth News-Tribune - Minnesota
Kills Twin Brother
March 12, 1914

WEST FORK, Ark., March 11 -- "It was our first quarrel, : said Sherod FIELDS, 19 years old, when arrested here today charged with killing his twin brother, Benjamin. Shered told the officers he had fallen out with his brother over a trivial circumstance; that his brother had drawn a knife, and that he, in self-defence, had seized a shotgun and fried.

The Dallas Morning News
Jan. 1, 1915

HAGOOD -- Mrs. Emma HAGOOD, aged 58 years, died yesterday at the home of her daughter, Mrs. C. C. ROUGH, 3125 Forest avenue. The body will be sent to Fayetteville, Ark., by Undertakers Ed C. SMITH & Br. this morning

Oct. 25, 1917
The Dallas Morning News

Fort Smith, Ark., Oct. 24 - The Bank of Cane Hill, at Cane Hill, Washington County, was robbed at 2 o'clock this afternoon by two unmasked bandits, who rode into town on horesbak, locked the cashier in the vault and escaped with $2,000 cash. A posse is in pursuit.

Trenton Evening Times - New Jersey
Oct. 15, 1918
American Casualties Overseas.


EDEN, F. S. Fayetteville, Ark.

Dallas Morning News
Nov. 25, 1918
American Casualties

James B. FARRAR, Fayetteville, Ark.

The Jonesboro Evening Sun - AR
Nov. 27, 1918

James V. Roddy of Black Oak, Ark., passed quuietly away on the 20th day of Nov. 1918. He was born in Black Oak, Oct. 4, 1888. He died at the age of 30 years one month and 16 days. He was attacked by this dreadful disease, influenza, and after recovering he came in contact with pneumonia which settled on his lungs and after a close examination by the best physicians an operation was decided upon, which he soon thought it necessary, but passed away soon after the operation was performed. He is survived by a wife, two children, four brothers, two sisters and a host of friends and relatives to mourn his lossl.

His remains were shipped to Black Oak for burial by J. B. Gregg & Son.

He was a true husband, a faithful father and of a kind disposition to everyone. He was charitable in his dealings with his fellowman, ever ready to lend a helping hand to those in need and to every good cause.

A precious one from us has gone.
A voice we love yet still;
A vacant place in our home,
Which never can be filled.


The Jonesboro Daily Tribune - AR
Aug. 26, 1922

The following letter was received by the Tribune today, which is a copy of a letter accompanied by $100 which the Craighead County Ku Klux Klan sent to JInks Cornish of the east bottoms, whose house was blown down by the cyclone early in the week. Three of the bouys of Mr. Cornish were injured, and the father is now ill with pneumonia. The mother is also in a delicate condition and the home was destroyed.

Jonesboro, Ark., Aug. 25, 1922.
Mr. Jinks Cornish,
Black Oak, Ark.
Dear Sir:

We have heard of your great trouble caused by the recent cyclone and we hand you herewith our check in the sum of $100.00, which we hope will assist you in getting back on your feet.

The Knights of the Ku Klux Klan are always willing to assist a fellow in distress, even though he may not be a member of the organization.

Very sincerely yours,
Craighead County Knights of the Ku Klux Klan.

The Dallas Morning News
May 17, 1930
Mother of Texas Woman Dies.

Special to The News.
FAYETTEVILLE, Ark., May 16 --
Mrs. Josephine Palm, 79, mother of Mrs. Nell ROBINSON of Gonzales, Tex., died here. Funeral services will be held Saturday.

The Dallas Morning News
March 10, 1931
Mrs. Keith Holloway Dies in Fayetteville

Dallas friends Monday received word from Dr. and Mrs. James L. Holloway of Dallas of the death of their daughter-in-law, Mrs. Harriet Bennett Holloway, at her home at Fayetteville, Ark. She died Friday while Dr. and Mrs. Holloway were visiting at Fayetteville.

Dr. and Mrs. Holloway remained in Fayetteville awaiting the return of their son, Keith L. Holloway, who accompanied the body of his wife to Indiana where burial will take place. Dr. and Mrs. Holloway live at 3817 Gillon avenue.

The Dallas Morning News
Aug. 30, 1931
Arkansas Pioneer, 102, Dies in Fayetteville

Special to The News.
FAYETTEVILLE, Ark., Aug. 29 -- Mrs. Mary A. Schoolfield, 102, died at her home in Fayetteville Thursday. Mrs. Schoolfield was born near Pikeville, Tenn. March 1, 1829, the daughter of Charles and Mary Worthington Hutcheson, both members of pioneer Tennessee families. In 1849 she was married to Mr. R. E. Schoolfield and in 1851 the traveled on horseback across Tennessee into Arkansas.

Mrs. Schoolfield is survived by a daughter, Mrs. H. LeGate of San Antonio and one son, R. E. Schoolfield of Wichita Falls, several grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Mrs. Schoolfield's obit Aug. 30, 1931 The Dallas Morning News.

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