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Last Updated:  January 20, 2009
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Crawford County Marriage Index
Marriages Recorded in Crawford County, Arkansas from 1877-1887

Search the Names in the
Crawford County Marriage Index


Number of Records


204 Marriages
1878 343 Marriages
1879 375 Marriages
1880 365 Marriages
1881 420 Marriages
1882 416 Marriages
1883 412 Marriages
1884 440 Marriages
1885 446 Marriages
1886 549 Marriages
1887 424 Marriages
Compilation Collected Marriage Records (not listed above)

Failure to discipline a child who does wrong teaches weakness. Discipline in anger teaches evil. Discipline out of justice teaches order. Discipline with love teaches goodness.
Romantic love is a lightning bolt. Married love is an electric current.
The hatred in a divorce is directly proportional to the love in the marriage, since only a strong hatred can sever a strong love and set the wounded free.
From time to time, of course, the fabric of hope is torn and we see the blackness beyond. But in time the rent is repaired, and we return, however shaken, to a life of purpose and meaning in which the future, whether before or after death, retains its eternal promise.

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Jane Colmenares - ARGenWeb Project Crawford County Coordinator
Betsy Mills - ARGenWeb Project State Coordinator
Jeff Kemp - ARGenWeb Project Assistant State Coordinator
Gina Heffernan - ARGenWeb Archives Project Coordinator


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