Madison County was created by the state legislature at its first session on September 30, 1836.  It is located
in the second tier of counties from the northern and  western boundaries of the state, between Washington
and Benton on the west, and Carroll on the north and  Carroll and Newton on the east.  Franklin and
Johnson form the southern border. 


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Renowned Arkansas novelist Donald Harington died. He was 73.

Harington drew upon his boyhood summers in the rural Madison County community of Drakes Creek to create
Stay More,  a fictional Newton County town that formed the setting of all but one of his 15 novels, which blended
culture,  humor and mystical elements to form intertwined story lines praised by critics........

Donald Harington and his Stay More Novels: A Celebration of 35 Years


Big Turnout Says Goodbye to Old Main

Madison County Record


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Articles Written by Joy Russell
Madison County people and places.  Includes a number of photos.

California Gold Diggers from Arkansas

Madison County War Memorial - Photos and Names

Madison County Memories & Photo Gallery - Send Yours to be Included

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Registered Births and Deaths of Madison County, Arkansas
During the Years of 1930-1952

Our Smith Family;  The Descendants of Simon Peter Smith I,
Madison County, Arkansas

"The Walden Family"

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Arkansas Counties that have been part of Madison County history,
and counties that are currently neighbors include:

Benton,Carroll, Crawford, Franklin, Izard, Johnson,
Lawrence, Lovely, Newton, Washington

Carroll Co, AR Gen Society

Our Smith Family;  The Descendants of Simon Peter Smith I, Madison County, Arkansas

Contains 246 pages, with full name index, and 23 photos.
Price is $15.00, plus $2.50 postage, if mailed.

It can be ordered  from:
Joy Russell
14825 Highway 23
Witter, AR 72776.

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"The Walden Family"

346 pages with index. 
The book is hardbound and is $45.00 includes shipping. 

It has nine generations of Walden and extended families with lots of pictures of families
of Madison County. Some family names: Barker, Berry, Bond, Boren, Buchanan, Burns, 
Casey, Dotson, Everett, Fields, Fowler, Gilbreth, Graham, Griffith, Grimes, Hatfield, Jones, 
Marshall, Martin, McLoud, Montgomery, Nicely, Perry, Piguet, Presley, Rhodes, Smith, Stansell,
Walden, Whiteley, Wolden, Yarbrough and Yingst, plus many more.   

It can be ordered from:
Barbara Worley
733 Madison 8535
Huntsville, AR (479) 738-2762   

Contact Mary Achterhof [] for any questions the book .

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“The Huntsville Massacre”

This book is 53 pages long.  It includes 19 photos taken at the dedication of the Huntsville Massacre Monument on
30 September 2006, at the site of the Huntsville Massacre.  This book also includes the transcription of Dr. Kevin Hatfield’s
speech and slide presentation that was given at the dedication.  This speech covers the entire story of the events leading up
to and including the Huntsville Massacre on January 10, 1863.  This is the first time that the entire story of The Huntsville
Massacre has been all compiled in chronological order.

This book can be ordered from:

The Madison County Genealogical & Historical Society

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“Master Index for Tombstones in all Madison County, Arkansas, Cemeteries”

This book is an index of names appearing on tombstones in every Madison County cemetery, as well as a few cemeteries just
listings, as well as the fieldstones which have been identified across county lines in adjoining counties.  It was compiled by
Joy Russell and has over 425 pages with more than 23,000 entries. 

Over the past 25 years, the Society has published numerous cemetery books, as well as enumerations of cemeteries
which appeared in “The Madison County Musings”.  This book contains a list of all of the names appearing on tombstones
from these printed cemetery  books. By using this book, a person can determine which cemetery listing to go to in order
to find additional information on a person buried in Madison County.  Please keep in mind that you may not find all recent
burials in this index, since this database covers only what has been published in our cemetery books. 

We feel this book will be very beneficial to people who know someone is buried in Madison County but don’t know which
cemetery they are buried in.

This book can be ordered from:

The Madison County Genealogical & Historical Society
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"Madison County Cemetery Book #8"

This book contains:  Kingston Cemetery; Kingston History Section; Cecil Cemetery; the David Page Grave;
Lane Cemetery; and small family cemeteries near Kingston.  It is 228 pages long, has a full-name index;
and contains over 360 photos of Kingston residents who are buried in these cemeteries. 
(This book contains more photos than any other book that we have ever printed.)

This book can be ordered from:

The Madison County Genealogical & Historical Society


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