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Bramble Bush


Vol. 4, No. 4         October 1999         Yellville, Arkansas 72687

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From the Lake River Times, 3 August 1988.
Sharon Herner, Editor, Vicki Roberts, Researcher

       EDITOR'S NOTE: Thanks to the following people, we were able to complete a history of Flippin: Jean Marshall, Flippin City Recorder, Zena Huddleston Millum; Connis Huddleston Keeter, Robert Robison, Yellville; Duff Flippin, Yellville; Ned Sanders; Jerry Pilgrim; Thurman "Wince" & Lois Hurst and Ned Phillips.
       Vicki and I know there will be names we have missed in our accounting and if so, please forgive us. We tried to record the events that brought about the settling of the town and mentioned a few people we felt were instrumental in its development. There was no way to give credit to all. The complete history of the town is something we will be working on for some time to come. If you have additional information, please, share it with us.

Early Settlers
       Peter Graham, the first white man known to have come to the area of Flippin, settled there around the year 1816. What he found upon his arrival was mostly barren land and tall grasses. The area's lowlands were marshy and considered poor, while the higher ranges were more appropriate homesites. Wildlife was abundant, and it is thought he may have done some trapping. There appears to be no record of how long Graham stayed in the area.
       Twelve years before Arkansas became a state, John Tabor, born in North Carolina in 1809 to Elijah and Sarah Tabor, reportedly came with his parent to the White River Valley around 1824 by way of t he Mississippi river on a flat-bottomed boat, then up the White River on a keel boat (Ozark Frontier Tales by S. C. Turnbo). He is said to be one of the earliest white settlers, later noting there were approximately 300 Shawnee and Delaware Indians occupying the Crooked Creek Valley at the same time of his arrival. Tabor said he had "tripped the light fantastic toe" with an Indian squaw with galligaskins on and a big silver ring in her nose for a partner.
       Marion County was being surveyed and sectioned by the Government when Tabor arrived (M.C. records dated 5 June 1889) That first year he, Jack Hurst, Bill Woods planted and harvested their first crop near the mouth of the Big North Fork on the White River. In 1833 he built his first cabin (known later as the Betsy Tucker place) in the area known as the Barrens, and is credited with planting the apple tree. Between 1834 an d1839 he married Betsy Magness, daughter of James Magness, and built their home near Fallen Ash Creek where Betsy's parents lived.

A Town Called Goatville
       The Barrens was located where the Flippin Airport now lays and, during the early 1800's, a small settlement was established that included a general store, flour mill and a cotton gin. The general store was operated by a man called Johnson. It is said that one day a drummer came into his store displaying his wares. Unfortunately, Mr. Johnson was not overly impressed with what the man was selling and sent him on his way. Adding insult to injury, a goat helped to direct him by butting his backside, and for several years thereafter the settlement was called Goatville.
       Thomas H. Flippin (born in Kentucky 1793) married Elizabeth Baugh (born 1798) and moved to Tennessee in 1825. They migrated to Arkansas in 1837 and settled in the Barrens. Flippin served during the Civil War as Captain of a Confederate company, then later as Quartermaster of McBride's Brigade. He was perhaps the best educated man in the county and held every public office except that of County Clerk and Sheriff before his death in 1856.
       The couple had to sons; W. B., known as Judge Flippin, had seven children, all residents of Marion County; and Thomas H. served as County Clerk.
       Prior to the end of the Civil War, Thomas Lemuel Sanders (Born in Rutherford County, Tennessee in 1824 moved to Arkansas with his wife and seven children; their eighth child was born the year after settling here. Sanders was a wagon maker, a farmer, and a manufacturer of sorghum mills made entirely from wood.
       When Sanders moved here, he also brought with them three or four freed black slaves who were adverse to leaving the family. They lived out the remainder of their lives here and were buried in the Fairview Cemetery.

Flippin Barrens
       The following years brought other well known families to the area such as the Pangles, McBees, McCrackens, Huddlestons, Alfords, Woods, Marberrys, Williams', Noes, Osborns, Barnetts, Mears', Keeters, Fees, Musicks and Sanders. Most of them came from southern states. The name of Flippin Barrens was given to the community because so many families by that name had settled there.
       In 1840 several parcels of land were recorded in the names of Laird, McBee, Motley, Flippin, Wood, Reynolds, Talbert, Harris, Everett, Chambers, Hall and Johnson. These and other families made up the White River Township including Flippin Barrens, and the U. S. Census for that year totaled 302 people. The 1850 Census showed a growth of 65, with every occupation listed as that of farmer.

       Farming consisted of raising corn, came, tobacco, beans, peas and other food crops. Some wheat and oats were grown, particularly in the Barrens, King's Prairie and along Crooked Creek. After steamboats reached Buffalo City and McBee's Landing, farmers began growing cotton, the first "money crop" farmers along the river and creek bottoms could harvest.

Cotton Gins
       Will McBee opened a cotton Gin at McBee's Landing, just above Cotter on the White River. It was destroyed by flood around the turn of the century. Durl Wood established a cotton gin in Flippin operated it several years before selling it, the name than changing to the Farmer's Gin. These gins, the only ones operating in Marion County, ran 24-hours a day during the busy season. Even then, it might take two or three days for a farmer to get his cotton ginned, so Seth Hurst built another gin at the site of Seawright Motel. Both gins were kept busy and proved very profitable.
          (To be continued)

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       In January 2000 HGSMCA will be ten years old and Bramble Bush begins its fifth year of publication. It's been a very busy decade for the handful of local folks in the Society dedicated to preserving and sharing the story of Marion Co. and her people.
       1999 has been a wonderful year for all of us in history and genealogy. "Big Blue" went into its second printing. Our research capability was expanded with the addition of around 30 books as well a computer to read and print from our new CD-ROM collection. "Big Blue II" is well on its way with additional information on at least 220 families plus about 120 new families. By the way, the deadline for getting your family to us is June 2000.
       1999 also saw an old book brought back into circulation. Early Days and War Times in Northern Arkansas by Thomas Jerome Estes has been reprinted exactly like the original. At only $5, it's a wonderful idea for Christmas gifts. Just write us at HGSMCA, PO Box 761, Yellville AR 72687 for your copies.
       2000 promises to be another banner year for all us family tree climbers and history buffs. We're going to publish another book! This one will be a pictorial history of MCAR and her people. We're planning for it to go to print in 2000, but we're going to need all the help we can get. ALL of you - each and every one of you - needs to be involved. We're asking EVERYONE to share with us pictures of MCAR places and MCARpeople.
       Thank you, thank you, thank you to all who have worked so hard on Bramble Bush and for the Society. And a very special thanks to Linda Haas Davenport for all she's accomplished with the Marion Co. web page. It's a dandy!

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       "THE STONECIPHER TREE. Mary Howe Underwood. 1984. Gift of John & Nancy Nolan.
       WAKE COUNTY NORTH CAROLINA LAND ENTRIES 1778-1846. Weynette Parks Haun. 1980. Gift of Shelby W. Wood.
       NORTH CAROLINA REVOLUTIONARY ARMY ACCOUNTS 1775-1776, Parts I & II. Weynette Parks Haun. 1989. Gift of Shelby W. Wood.
       NORTH CAROLINA COURT OF CLAIMS RECORD OF PATENTS GRANTED 1740-1775. Weynette Parks Haun. 1996. Gift of Shelby W. Wood.

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A copy of a page of the Marion County Voters' List 1893 is Included. Scanned images of the list is now on-line at the Marion Co Site

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       A truly classic book about Marion County has been reprinted by the Historical Genealogical Society. EARLY DAYS AND WAR TIMES IN NORTHERN ARKANSAS was written by Thomas Jerome Estes, one time editor of the Lead Hill Sentinel newspaper. The son of John Moses and Charlotte (Elkins) Estes. Thomas Jerome was born in Marion County in 1852. He was an eye witness to much of the growth, some of the horrors, and many of the good times of Marion County for about 50 years. He just missed the Tutt-Everett Feud, but he had a good, long look at the Civil War. He heard frist hand the reports of the Mountain Meadow Massacre. He talks of a local murder, the formation and workings of the Grange, and comments delightfully on what he calle "styles and manners of living." Just send $5 for each copy to HGSMCA, PO Box 761, Yellville AR 72687, and you'll be enjoying a truly classic glimpse of MCAR.

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Mysty McPherson, 35 MC 6023, Yellville, AR"

        The Marion County AR web page has been rebuilt and much new data has been added. It's now easier to find your way around as well as get back to where you started. Original documents have been scanned and placed under "Transcribed Records." "Search Marion County" tells you where you'll find data on specific people and places. Photos and marriage and obituaries and queries are added almost daily. There's a link for Turkey Trot information. There's another link for our Sister Counties. And yet another one for where to stay, where to eat, what's happening, where to shop, you name it. This one's not limited to Marion Co. either - it takes in all of the surrounding area. Linda Haas Davenport continually surprises us with a wide variety of information about our county. All of you who are on line really need to check out "our page." You'll find it at

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       If you're looking for the Civil War Service Record of your Arkansas ancestor, whether Union or Confederate, write
       Include the full name of your ancestor, the name of the county in which he inlisted, and the unit in which he served.

       In Arkansas birth and death records were not required to be kept until February 1914. These are maintained at the state level. You will not fine them at the county level. Write
       You will need to include the full name, the date and place of the event, a statement of purpose (what you want this record for) and a statement of your relationship to this person.

       In Arkansas marriage records are maintained at the county level. You will not find them at the state level. Write to the County Clerk of the county in which the marriage occurred. Be sure to include the names of both the bride and the groom as well as the date of the marriage record. Knowledge of when and/or whether a county is a "burned" county is a necessity. If yours is a "burned county, it means most if not all county records were burned in a courthouse fires. In Marion County, for instance, the courthouse burned to the ground twice during the Civil War and again in August 1887. ALL records were totally destroyed in these three fires.

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Included here is more of the 1891 Real Estate Tax List. This list is now on-line at the Marion Co Site

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       Additions, corrections, and new families for the Supplement to Genealogies of Marion County Families 1811-1900 must be in no later than 1 June 2000. Any format is fine. Send to Mysty McPherson, HGSMCA, PO Box 761, Yellville AR 72687. If you have questions, write to me at 35 MC 6023, Yellville AR 72687 or email me at We sure do appreciate the interest and caring shown by so many of you, and the help you've all been in getting the information to us for these books.

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Mysty McPherson, 35 MC 6023, Yellville, AR"

Interesting and different SOURCES to search


Government LAND Office records

FLIPPIN family connections

TUCKER/POYNTER family connection

JENKINS family connection

ADAMS family connection

Federal CENSUS on line



PETER TYLER family connection

HICKS family connection

WICKERSHAM family connection

LAWRENCE CO> AR 1860 census

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       "I would like to find out if I have any living relatives or dead relatives or ancestors in my family."
       "I am mailing you my aunt and uncle and three of their children."
       "The wife of #22 could not be found. Somebody suggested that she might have been stillborn. What do you think?"
       "Enclosed find my grandmother. I have been working on her for 30 years without success. Now see what you can do."
       "I do not want you to do my research for me. Will you please send me al of the Welch line in the US, England, and Scotland countries? I will do the research."

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       Queries is published in Bramble Bush as a service to researchers who may wish to exchange information of mutual historic and/or genealogical interests. Queries from both members and non-members are accepted, and are published in Order of receipt, as space permits. If you respond to a query, kindly send a copy of your answer to Bramble Bush. Responsibility for accuracy of data in queries rests with the submitter.

       COX / LOVE. Seek info William and Ollie (Love) Cox. Lived on a farm between Yellville and Harrison. Son Sam Layfett COX. Mrs. J. W. Painter, 812 No Pawnee Avenue, Dewey OK 74029

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       Families & Fairs is designed to announce dates and places of reunions, ancestor fairs, and historical commemorations wherever they may be held. The information must reach us no later than March 15, June 15, September 15, and/or December 15 to be included In the next issue of Bramble Bush. The name and address of a contact person must be included. This feature is free of charge.
       BURROW TWELFTH FAMILY REUNION. 23-25 June 2000. Branson MO. Contact Rex & Imogene Bennett, 1463 S. Kentwood Avenue, Springfield MO 65804-1301
       GENEALOGICAL SEMINAR. 5-6 November 1999. Eureka Springs Middle School, Eureka Springs AR. Russell P. Museum, 95 S. Main Street, Eureka Springs AR 7632. (870) 253-9417

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       SERVICE DIRECTORY is published in Bramble Bush as a service to those who may Wish to advertise some of the many books, products, and services available that relate to historic and/or genealogical research. The charge per ad is $12 per year. Ads from both members and non-members are accepted The name and address of a contact person must accompany each ad.

       "EARLY DAYS and WAR TIMES IN NORTHERN ARKANSAS." Thomas Jerome Estes. Reprint 1999 (1928). $5. HGSMCA, PO Box 761, Yellville AR 72687
       "EARLY DAYS OF MARION COUNTY" Lester & Marion Burnes, $25. Marion S. Burnes, P0 Box 365, Yellville, AR 72687
       "GENEALOGIES OF MARION CO. FAMILIES 1811-1900." Genealogies of 400+ families settling in MCAR by 1900. Hardbound. $60. HGSMCA, P0 Box 761, Yellville, AR 72687
       "INDEX TO THE MOUNTAIN ECHO 12 March 1886 thru 26 June 1903." Births, marriages, deaths. $23.50 + $3 50 s/h. Margie Garr, 1505 Mistletoe, Mountain Home AR 72653, (870)-425.0405.
       IZARD CO. AR 1830 FEDERAL CENSUS, indexed, $4. Nancy A. Wood, 4643 S 28 Avenue Tulsa OK 74107
       MARION CO. AR 1840 FEDERAL CENSUS, indexed, $4. Nancy A. Wood, 4643 S 28 Avenue, Tulsa OK 74107
       MARION CO. AR 1850 FEDERAL CENSUS, indexed, $10. Nancy A. Wood, 4643 S 28 Avenue, Tulsa OK 74107
MARION CO, AR 1880 FEDERAL CENSUS, indexed, $21. G1adys Horn Brown. HGSMCA, P0 Box 781, Yellville, AR 72687.
       "MARION COUNTY CEMETERIES" Marion S. Burnes. $20. Mar/on S. Burnes, P0 Box 365, Yellville, AR 72687
       "MARION COUNTY MARRIAGES 1888-1896" Marian S. Burnes & Vicki A. Roberts $12. Marian S. Burnes, 2102 W. Jefferson, Siloam Springs AR 72761
       "MARION COUNTY MARRIAGES 1896-1905" Marian S. Burnes & Vicki A. Roberts $15. Marian S. Burnes, 2102 W. Jefferson, Siloam Springs AR 72761
       "MARION COUNTY MARRIAGES 1905-1917" Marian S. Burnes & Vicki A. Roberts $15. Marian S. Burnes, 2102 W. Jefferson, Siloam Springs AR 72761
       "MARION COUNTY POST OFFICES" Mysty McPherson. $4. Mysty McPherson, 35 MC 6923, Yellville, AR 72687
"MARION COUNTY 1890 CENSUS." Reconstructed from 1880 & 1900 census; land, tax records, etc. Hardbound $40 Helen McMindes, 626 West South Avenue, Harrison, AR 72601.

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       GENEALOGICAL RESEARCH. Marion Co. AR and surrounding areas. Experienced researcher. $10 per hour plus copy costs and postage. Vicki Roberts, 2362 MC 5032, Yellville AR 72687; (870) 449-6195 aft 6:00 pm CST.
       GENEALOGICAL RESEARCH. Marion Co. AR area $10 per hour plus copy costs and postage. Experienced researcher. Mysty McPherson, 35 MC 6023, Yellville AR 72687;(870) 449-5223 E-mail:

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       Membership in the Historical Genealogical Society of Marion County Arkansas is $12 per year
       Membership for one year runs from 1 January to 31 December of that year.
       Membership includes the quarterly newsletter Bramble Bush.
       Membership begun later in the year includes all issues of Bramble Bush for that year.
       Make your check for $12 payable to HGSMCA and send to HGSMCA, P0 Box 761, Yellville, AR 72687-9612

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       The Bramble Bush is published quarterly by the Historic Genealogical Society of Marion County Arkansas, PO Box 554, Yellville AR 72687. EDITORIAL STAFF: Editor, Vicki Roberts; Design/Production, Mysty McPherson; Art Work, Bonnie Sanders; Queries, Mary Birrer; Subscriptions, Barbara Holland; Printing, Quality Quick Printing, 828 Pine St., Harrison AR 72601; Contributing writers: L. Don Ott, Mysty McPherson, Janice Mears, Angela Miller. HGSMCA Officers: Chair Vicki Roberts; Vice-Chair, Don Duggins; Secretary, Mary Birrer; Treasurer, Barbara Holland; Grants/Purchasing Mysty McPherson.

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