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by Linda Haas Davenport
(Updated Dec 2009)

Dividing Line

HOTELS: There is not an abundance of places to stay in Yellville or Flippin. For a large selection of hotels/motels you will need to go to Harrison (approx 20 miles from Yellville).

Eagle Nest Lodge (870-449-5050): Hwy 235 about 1/2 mile from Yellville is a two story motel with about 20 rooms. It sits on the edge of the mountain with a nice view. Rooms are nice and clean. Offers a Continental Breakfast. Will accept children and pets.

Red Raven Inn Bed & Breakfast - Red Raven B&B has reopened. It was bought by Cindy Wood Young (she's the daughter of Lyle Wood, who was a major historian in the county as well as the patent holder for "History of MCAR") and she's put it back to it's original Victorian splendor, using her own things as well as several from her parents. She got involved in that project (re-covered furniture, painted walls, etc all by herself) while she was a JP on Quorum Court. Contact: Cindy Wood Young, PO Box 284, Yellville AR 72687, 870-449-3471.

Carlton-Marion Inn (870-449-6203): Located directly across the street from the Library. It is an older small motel but the only one in town with a swimming pool and they offer canoe trips.

There are other hotels around Bull Shoals and the Buffalo River area. Check out the Yellville Chamber of Commerce site or the Ozark Mountain Site for more information on these. If you intend to camp out or bring an RV there are several campsites in the area. Once again check out these two sites.


They are in short supply in Yellville & Flippin. Marion is a "dry" county except the resort area at Bull Shoals. No beer or wine or liquor. If you want a drink with dinner you will have to drive to Bull Shoals or to Mt. Home. In Yellville you have your choice of:

The Front Porch - a family style restaurant that has a buffet 3 times a day or you can order from the menu. Prices are reasonable and the food is good. Located on Hwy 62 at the end of Yellville toward Flippin. They will take out of state checks.

The Hilltop - Is located at the other end of town about 3 blocks from the Library. They have a small buffet 3 times a day or you can order from the menu. They make great ice tea and hamburgers.

The Dari Inn: A drive-in (or you can eat inside). Features hamburgers, hot dogs, ice cream, etc. Their specialty is broasted chicken.

Breadeau Pizza: 108 E Old Main St. There is a small pizza shop downtown on the square. I don't eat pizza so I can't tell you what the food is like. However, Mysty who does eat pizza tells me it's great and they have a large variety. It's eat in or take out.

Subway: US-412 & Church St. There is a small subway sandwich shop located on Hwy 62 about 2 blocks from the courthouse.

El Burro Loco - Located on Hwy 62 & Berry Street. I haven't eaten there so I can't tell you about it.

Razorback Ribs - Located on Hwy & Mill road. This is new since I visited Yellville last.

Grocery store has a nice deli/bakery - eat in or take out. Cooked/warm stuff like chicken, Mexican, hush puppies - pretty good stuff.

Flippin is 6 miles from Yellville, they offer:

A McDonalds which is inside the Wal-Mart
A Pizza Hut - almost next door to the Wal-Mart
A Sonic drive-in - hamburgers, hot dogs, onion rings, chicken fingers, etc.
A Subway Shop in the Exon station Hwy 62 & School St
The Depot (Sodie's) Hwy's 62 & 178: Is the old train station that has been converted into an old fashion soda fountain. Hamburgers, fries, etc. plus other "fast food" items a bit more upscale. Serves breakfast and lunch - closes at 6:00 pm each day.
The Razorback Restaurant: 1st Street. We ran out of time and didn't visit this one so I can't tell you what it's like.

Bull Shoals: According to Don Ott of the Historical Society there are 3 excellent restaurants located in Bull Shoals. All take credit cards and serve alcohol 7 days a week. However, since Marion county is "dry" you will have to pay a "membership fee" which ranges from $5.00 to $15.00. They are located about 20 miles from Yellville.

Bel'arco Resort Restaurant - Hwy 178 Bull Shoals
Gaston's overlooking the White River located on 178 by the Dam in the State Park
The 178 Club on Hwy 178 Bull Shoals.


If Yellville has a movie theater I missed it, on the other hand I spent my days in the courthouse and library. Check out the Yellville Chamber of Commerce site or the Ozark Mountain. I do know that everyone says the best fishing in the U.S. is found at Bull Shoals.

Ranger Boats If you are a bass fisherman the Ranger Boat factory is in Flippin. They offer tours. Call or drop by and schedule one.

I received this note from Bobby Smith. I wasn't aware of this but I'll sure drop by on my next trip. It sounds like a lot of fun. Ozark Music Center: Providing a venue for "Traditional Country, Bluegrass, & Gospel. A family center, smoke free, Warm & Friendly. Drop-in Visitors welcome. Open Monday-Friday, 10 AM-4 PM. Gospel Singing Every 1st Saturday 11-5. Pot Luck Country Show every 3rd Saturday. Located just off the square, 122 E. Old Main St., (62B) across from Yellville. (870) 449-2223 For more information contact Bobby Smith

The Depot (Sodie's) in Flippin offers a great train ride around the area. The times and prices of the trips are posted at the restaurant.


There are three grocery stores now in Yellville. Allen's on Main Street, Harp's on Wichersham Ave and The Old Store on Hwy 14.


There is a small clinic located on Hwy 62B at the same end of town as the library. While we were on one of our trips my husband came down with the "world's worst cold". He visited the clinic and the doctors agreed to see him and he received first rate care. There is a drugstore in town with a knowledgeable and friendly pharmacist.


Mysty tells me: Medical emergencies: Baxter Regional Hospital in Mt. Home has more and newer facilities than Harrison but they're both equally good. Baxter houses an ambulance + 2 paramedics round the clock in Yellville - on the corner of 62 and 14S - as well as one in Bull Shoals. In case of an emergency/accident, call the sheriff's department at 870-449-4236. They dispatch First Responders (medically trained volunteers) and/or the ambulance as well as the appropriate fire department. 911 will do the trick. According to a news story in the Echo Yellville is now serviced by Life Flight also.


If you are taking your personal copier, laptop, etc. be sure you have extra toner cartridges, paper or whatever. There is no office supply store closer than Harrison and Clarks Office Supply in Mt. Home, (either of which may or may not carry the item you need). You can get basic supplies at the grocery store in Yellville and at Wal-Mart in Flippin. But they carry only basic stuff. If you run out of something that's not basic you might well be out of luck. However, there is a computer sales and service store in Yellville on 62B (The Computer Zone) at the Flippin end of town. Mysty says he carries a fair amount of supplies, toner cartridges, etc. and if your computer dies while you're on your trip he can make it come alive again.

The Reason For the Trip RESEARCH:


Check out Resources here on the Marion Co site (click on link at left) and you will find a list of the items that The Historical & Genealogy Society have put together. These items are found in the research room at the library. The research room is small and desk space is at a premium. There is room for your laptop. If you don't want to use your battery then take an extension cord, the only electrical outlet is across the room from the desk. Copies are 20 cents each and you make them yourself. The society has a new computer in the research room and has started purchasing CDs. Check out the list of what's available and be sure to follow the instructions for the operation of the computer. You may not take any type of briefcase, large pocket book (purse), tote bag or any type of "container" into the research room. You are only allowed to take paper and pencil (no pens). I forgot to check on the price of copies from the microfilm - check with the Librarian.

Hours for the library are: 9:00-5:00 Monday thru Friday; 10:00-2:00 Sat; closed Sunday.


Select Courthouse from the links at left and see what you will find.

 I hope that you enjoy your trip. If you have other information that you feel will help someone please let me know and I'll add it here.

Have Fun and Good Luck !

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Linda Haas Davenport