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Bramble Bush


Vol. 6, No. 4         October 2001         Yellville, Arkansas 72687

Dividing Line

by Vicki A. Roberts, 2363 MC 5032, Yellville AR 72687

       Shortly after the disaster at Van Buren 27 Dec 1862, Major General Thomas C. Hindman (CSA) ordered Confederate Genera! J. S. Marmaduke to move his army from Lewisville to attack Springfield MO. This was to be done in the hope of drawing the Union army out of Arkansas and relieving the pressure on Hindman's Confederate forces there.
       Marmaduke's expedition consisted primarily of Colonel Joseph Shelby's cavalry of 1600 men, Carroll's Arkansas Brigade of 500 men, and Colonel Emmett MacDonald's Battalion of about 270 men. These units marched to Yellville and on 5 January 1863 to a location near what is today Lead Hill.
       "We camped on the evening of the 5th near Sugar Loaf Ark. [Sugar Loaf Prairie between Lead Hill and Dubuque] where a general court martial was ordered and held for the trial of Private H. H. Thompson or any other prisoners we might have in our possession. The finding of the court martial being 'not guilty,' and the findings and proceedings being confirmed, by your order the prisoner was released and ordered to report back to his regiment. On the morning of the 6th, we marched 23 miles from Sugar Loaf, at 4 p.m". [Official Records, Series I, Vol. XXII, pt I, P 208]
       General Marmaduke said in his report that from Yellville they moved northward fording White River at Dubuque. At the same time another army of about 4,000 men under the command of Colonel J. C. Potter marched from Pocahontas to meet Hindman in Missouri before attacking Springfield.
       The 14th Regiment of Missouri State Militia was sent 16 January 1863 to attack Dubuque. En route two prisoners were captured and gave information that a rebel force of 6,000 strong under General Marmaduke had left Dubuque that morning headed for the 14th's location at Widow Fisher's on Big Creek.
       While camped at Berryville 29 March 1863, Colonel William Weer reported, "I have had difficulty crossing White River, it being swollen, and only reached here today. I, however, have a party at Carrollton, who report to Me. . . [with others] that a Rebel force of some 300 to 400 are concentrating at Crooked Creek between Carrollton and Yellville.. They' are committing all sorts of atrocities on Union people." It was also reported that Captain E. G. Mitchell's company was being recruited in the area of Bellefonte in March 1863. On 25 March 1863 Union General F. J. Herron, speaking of Colonel Weer at Carrolton, said, "He was to leave his main force there, and, with cavalry, advance and attack a band of Guerrillas on Crooked Creek. That country is inhabited by the most desperate villains on the face of the earth, and Weer can do good service by making their number less."
       In a Letter dated 31 March 1863 written by lieutenant Colonel Richard H. White of the Third Wisconsin Cavalry from his camp at Klepper's Millon Crooked Creek: "I am enveloped in a cloud of guerrillas. They are firing into my forage trains. One of the drivers will, I presume, die of his wounds. A small reconnoitering party I sent to Huntsville could not reach there; was driven back. General Marmaduke was at the rebel camp on Crooked Creek a few days ago. . . Prisoners state Marmaduke's forces were to assemble at Yellville on the 1st of April. I sent a party in that direction while we were over attacking the rebel camp at Crooked Creek. They had two reconnoitering parties examining my camp. . . I am thrashing corn, so as to deposit it at Forsyth." [Official Records, Series I, Vol. XXII, pt II, pp 189-190]
       3 April 1863, Rolla, Missouri. In a letter to Major Samuel R. Curtis (USA), Major General F. J. Herron (USA) reported he had found abundant forage along the Crooked Creek Valley between Carrollton and Yellville. He also reported that the task of watching Marmaduke would be easier and the line better protected. He reported, too, that from Yellville the roads could be watched both east and west and the movement of rebel troops to the north could be prevented.
       3 April 1863. Major General F. J. Herron reported that Marmaduke had a force of 3,000 men and six pieces of artillery on the north side of White River at Batesville.
       7 April 1863. In a letter to Major General Samuel R. Curtis (USA), Major General F. J. Herron (USA) wote that he was informed by Colonel Cloud (USA) that a scout had just returned from Talbot's Ferry, east of Yellville, and NO force was on the North side of White River and that Schrable had 250 men at Yellville. (To be continued)

Dividing Line

Civil War Pistols

       Just a few of the bewildering variety of handguns made and used North and South. At left is a Bacon Pocket revolver. An Evans derringer sits to the right of it, with a Sharps four-barrel "pepperbox" just beneath. A true pepperbox lies at the top. Right of the Sharps is a Colt 1849 Pocket revoler, and to its right is an 1865 Remington New Model Army revolver. At the far right is a Model 1851 Colt .36 Navy revolver.

Civil War Rifles

       Some of the long funs [guns] carried by the men in the Blue and Gray. At top is a Cold Model 1853 revolving rifle used by sharpshooters. Beneath it is a Sharps carbine, and below that is a Burnside carvine, invented by General Ambrose Burnside.

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       Annual dues of $12 must be received by HGSMCA no later than 31 DECEMBER 2001 to continue to have Bramble Bush at your fingertips quarterly through 2002. Don't miss even a single issue. Get those dues in the mail today.


       Send your check for $12 to HGSMCA, PO Box 761, Yellville AR 72687

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       Turkey Trot 2001 epitomized the changes that have come over the American People in the wake of the events of 11 September. Patriotism, respect, thoughtfulness, pride, dear eyes, truthful smiles, meaningful hugs were very evident all around the square. American flags flew proudly. Kids chasing down flying turkeys artfully dodged their elders instead of trampling over them. "Excuse me" and Pardon me" and "Oh, I'm sorry" were heard everywhere as folks jostled one another in the crowd. Heads were held high, backs were straight, shoulders were thrown back, everyone walked tall - the so recently familiar slouch had disappeared. Smiles and hugs and laughter were honestly meant deep down - and returned in kind. Everyone joined in singing the patriotic songs and bowed their heads in prayer. The parade was awesome - led by proud veterans of World War II and followed by the county's emergency, fire and rescue units with local military units and a float of veterans of the World War II Women's Army Corps dose behind. When Old Glory passed by, onlookers honored her by removing their hats, covering their hearts, straightening their shoulders. God Bless America.
          Vicki Roberts, Editor

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              Queries is published in Bramble Bush as a service to researchers who may wish to exchange information of mutual historic and/or genealogical interests. Queries from both members and non-members are accepted, and are published in order of receipt, as space permits. If you respond to a query, kindly send a copy of your answer to Bramble Bush. Responsibility for accuracy of data in queries rests with the submitter.

       COOK/TYLER: Seek marriage record for great-grandparents Thornton Todd COOK and Jane TYLER. Thornton was born Christian Co. MO 2859 and married at Yellville MCAR ca 1855. Marnie Lewellyn,50Merrie Circle, Richardson TX 75081.
       COWAN. Seek information on the three husbands and ten children of Nancy C. COWAN (daughter of John Wesley & Margaret "Peggy" [Sterns] Cowan) b TN ca 1837 d aft 1908. Mysty McPherson, 35 MC 6023, Yellville AR 72687. Email:
       JENKINS/DINSMORE/MARTIN/SANDERS. Wish to correspond with anyone researching JENKINS, DINSMORE, MARTIN, or SANDERS. My father, Willie Riley JENKINS was born at Yellville MCAR 28 Oct 1897. Pearl Martin, 545 N 91 E Avenue, Tulsa OK 74115 Email:
       KING. Looking for the name of the wife of William KING Sr. who was murdered by the Everetts in MCAR 31 Aug 1849. She may have been the Margaret KING, head of household in 1850 in Conway Co. AR where William had taken his family in 1848. Edward H. Moore, 1929 Trinity Drive, Waco TX 76710. Email:

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P E 0 P L E Anyone in your family, their neighbors, singly or in groups.
P L A C E S Town scenes, churches, stores, creeks, aerials, schools, mines.
T HI N G S Ferries, wagonsl barnsl furniture, steamboatsl tunnels.
E V E N T S Picnics, socials, baptisms, making soap or molasses, graduations.

No originals, please.

Laser copies or copies of photographs are perfect. Send these to: Vicki Roberts, HGSMCA, PO Box 7611 Yellville AR 72687.

Scanned copies are also perfect. E-mail these to: J. L. Pearce

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Included here is more of the 1893 County Voters' Lists. This list is now on-line at the Marion Co Site

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Marion County Historical Society
Yellville AR 72687
Attention: Vicki Roberts

       I'm writing to confirm information I have spoken with you about regarding records recently discovered on my Davenport Family and their Indian Heritage. I feel it is time to share this information with some of my relatives in Marion County. Just to clarify my relationship to the Davenports, I am the granddaughter of Mary C. (Davenport) Williams of the Caney Community. WE ALL GREW UP HEARING WE WERE PART INDIAN, BUT NEVER HAD ANY RECORDS SHOWING THIS.
       To date, I have found thirteen Davenport "Applications for Enrollment" to the Cherokee Indian Nation. All were rejected.
       Information found in records of the "Guion Miller Roll" gives the following: "Only those whose direct ancestor actually participated in the Treaty of New Echota were approved. Those whose ancestors were classified as 'old settlers' were rejected. These 'old settler' Cherokee left the old Cherokee Nation before 1835. Maud (Fields) Davenport was a member of the Cherokee Tribe of the Old Indian Nation, but lived and died in Alabama. This tells us these applications were rejected because our ancestors did not move with the Indians on the 1838/9 Trail of Tears and were, therefore, never acknowledged.
       I have sent copies of the "Application for Enrollment and Affidavit of Witness" to you for Frances {Davenport} Hancock, George P. Davenport, and Mary C. (Davenport) Williams. The following is a list of filed applications I have found to date.
       1. Case No. 4259, Hancock, Frances Davenport [daughter of George W. Davenport, son of Thomas & Maud (Fields). Davenport, sister of William T. Davenport]. Her family lived at Alma AR.
       2. Case No. 4261. Hancock, Milton [son of Frances (Davenport) Hancock, grandson of George W. Davenport,son of Thomas & Maud (Fields) Davenport].
       3. Case No. 4258. Hancock, George W. [same as Milton Hancock, above].
       4. Case No. 4260. Hancock, William D. [same as Milton Hancock, above].
       5. Case No. 4276. Rozelle, Mary J. [daughter of Frances (Davenport) Hancock].
       6. Case No. 4265. Davenport, George P. [son of William T. Davenport, son of George W. Davenport, son of Thomas & Maud (Fields) Davenport, nephew of Frances (Davenport) Hancock].
       7. Case No. 4265. Davenport, Francis L. [brother of George P. Davenport, above]
       8. Case No. 4266. Lawrence H. Davenport. [brother of George P. Davenport, above] 9. Case No. 4267. Davenport, John H. [brother of George P. Davenport, above].
       10. Case No. 4264. Davenport, Thomas L. [son of George P. & Martha (Moore) Davenport].
       11. Case No. 4262. Williams, Mary C. (Davenport). [daughter of George P. & Martha (Moore) Davenport].
       12. Case No. 2957. McClain, Julia A. (Davenport). [sister of George P. Davenport]. 13. Case No. 2961. McClain, Louisa J. (Davenport). [sister of George P. Davenport]
       The "Demurrer" (Rejection) states:
       "Respondent not waiving his aforesaid demurrer, but insisting upon the same for answer to application, says that Maud Fields through whom the petitioner claims to derive her right to citizenship in the Cherokee Nations is not now, and has not been a citizen of the Cherokee Nation, since the removal of said Nation west to the Indian Terroitory as it is presently located and defined: That neither she nor any of the ancestors now reside, or ever have resided in the Cherokee Nation and Indian Territory, as citizens thereof."
       We know that they never moved to the Reservation in Oklahoma because George W. Davenport is living as a freeman in the Alabama 1830 Federal Census.
       I am sure you will not have sufficient space in the "Bramble Bush" publication to include all this information, but you can have it available I am sure there will be inquiries from other descendants of this family. Or you may refer them to me. I will be glad to provide sources for the information I have obtained.

       Jean (Webb) (Hillebrand) Fruge
       12051 Canal, Willis TX 73318 936-856-6011 email:

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Transcribed by Janice Mears, PO Box 628, Bull Shoals AR 72619

Included here is more of the 1891 Real Estate Tax List. This list is now on-line at the Marion Co Site

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       "CEMETERIES OF MARION COUNTY." Marian S Burnes 1989. Hardbound. Indexed. $25. Vicki Roberts, 2363MC 5032, Yellville AR 72687.
       "EARLY DAYS AND WARTIMES IN NORTHERN ARKANSAS." Thomas Jerome Estes. Reprint 1999 (1928). $5 + $1 shipping. HGSMC4, PO Box 761, Yellville AR 72687:
       "EARLY DAYS OF MARION COUNTY." Lester & Marian Burnes 1992. Indexed. $25. Vicki Roberts, 2363MC 5032, Yellville AR 72687.
       NEW - "EARLY HISTORY. MARION COUNTY AS SHE WAS WHEN SETTLED 1836" Hon. W. B. Flippin. Transcribed by Don Ott 2001 (1899). $5 + $1 shipping. HGSMC4, PO Box 761, Yellville AR 72687.
       "GENEALOGIES OF MARION COUNTY FAMIUES 1811-1900." HGSMCA 1997. Genealogies of 400 families settling in MCAR by 1900. Hardbound. Indexed. $60 including postage. HGSMCA, PO Box 761, Yellville AR 72687.
       NEW- "GLEANINGS OF PIONEER HISTORY W. R. Jones ca 1928. As he published them in his newspaper, The Mountain Echo Don Ott 2001. $5 + $1 shipping. HG5MCA, PO Box 761, Yellville AR 72687.
       "INDEX TO THE MOUNTAIN ECHO 12 March 1886 thru 26 June 1903 Birth, marriage, death abstracts. $23.50 + $3.50 s/h. Margie Garr, 1505 Mistletoe, Mountain Home AR 72653, (870)-425-0405.
       IZARD CO, AR 1830 FEDERAL CENSUS. Indexed. $4. Nancy A. Wood, 4643 S 28 Avenue, Tulsa OK 74107.
       MARION CO. AR 1840 FEDERAL CENSUS. Indexed. $4. Nancy A. Wood, 4643 S 28 Avenue, Tulsa OK 74107
       MARION CO. AR 1850 FEDERAL CENSUS. Indexed. $10. Nancy A. Wood, 4643 S 28 Avenue, Tulsa OK 74107.
       MARION CO. AR 1870 FEDERAL CENSUS. Nancie Todd Weber. Indexed. Annotated. $20. HGSMCA, PO Box 761, Yellville AR 72687.
       MARION CO. AR 1880 FEDERAL CENSUS. Gladys Horn Brown. Indexed. $21. HGSMCA, PO Box 761, Yellville AR 72687.
       "MARION CO. AR MARRIAGE RECORDS 1887-1896." Marian S. Burnes & Vicki A. Roberts. Indexed. $15. Vicki Roberts, 2363 MC 5032, Yellville AR 72687.
       "MARION CO. AR MARRIAGE RECORDS 1896-1905." Marian S. Burnes & Vicki A. Roberts. Indexed. $15. Vicki Roberts, 2363 MC 5032, Yellville AR 72687.
       "MARION CO. AR MARRIAGE RECORDS 1905-1917" Marian S. Burnes & Vicki A. Roberts. Indexed. "$15. Vicki Roberts, 2363 MC 5032, Yellville AR 72687.
       "MARION CO. AR 1890 CENSUS." Helen McMindes 1992. Reconstructed from 1880 & 1900 census, tax records, etc. Indexed. Hardbound. $45 including postage. HGSMCA, PO Box 761, Yellville AR 72687.
       Prices as of September 2001

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       Membership in the Historical Genealogical Society of Marion County Arkansas is $12 per year.
Membership for one year runs from 1 January to 31 December of that year.
       Membership includes the quarterly newsletter Bramble Bush.
       Membership begun later in the year includes all issues of Bramble Bush for that year.
       Make your check for $12 payable to HGSMCA and send to HGSMCA, PO Box 761, Yellville AR 72687-9612.

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       The Bramble Bush is published quarterly by the Historic Genealogical Society of Marion County Arkansas, PO Box 761, Yellville AR 72687. EDITORIAL STAFF: Editor, Vicki Roberts; Design/Production, Mysty McPherson; Art Work, Bonnie Sanders; Queries, Mary Birrer; Subscriptions, Barbara Holland; Printing, Rapid Rabbit, Covington United Center, 11015 Deer Street Suite 5, Conway AR 72032; Contributing writers, Janice Mears. HGSMCA OFFICERS: Chair, Vicki A. Roberts; Vice-Chair, Don Duggins; Secretary, Mary Birrer; Treasurer, Barbara Holland; Grants/Purchasing, Mysty McPherson.

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