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Bramble Bush


Vol. 8, No. 4         November 2004         Yellville, Arkansas 72687

Dividing Line


Woodcock Family Crest

Woodcocks are of English descent. The ancestral home being in Warwickshire, England. The Coat of Arms has three gold lepords with ermine stipes on a blue shield.

Dividing Line


The first Woodcock to land in America was John Woodcock who came from Weymouth, England to Attlesboro, Mass in 1635, married in 1649 and died in 1701. He was active in local affairs. His home was used as a garrison during King Phillip's War. He was a farmer and trader and once when an Indian owed him money and wouldn't pay, he took an Indian girl and some furs to even the debt. For bypassing the law he was put in stocks in the town square for two days. He and the Indians were enemies and when he died there were several bullet wounds found in his body believed to have been put there by the Indians.

During the Revolutionary War descendants of John and his 11 brothers that came to America with him out-numbered all other enlisted men from Attlesboro, Massachusetts.

Henry Woodcock born 1805, son of Marquis Woodcock a descendant of John, settled in Sumner County, TN and married Kitty Simmons in 1825. Eleven children were born to this union. She died in 1845. Henry then married Deborah Minick, born in 1825. To this union one child was born before Henry moved his family to a farm on the Buffalo River in Arkansas in 1848. Seven more children were born in a log cabin on the Buffalo River. Of the 19 children, seven did not reach adulthood and are buried in the cemetery on the Woodcock farm. Henry Woodcock's second wife died in 1864 and he died in 1867.

Woodcock Cabin

Henry Woodcock's cabin build on the Buffalo River in Arkansas in 1848, picture taken 1920. Burned down, still see chimmey, steps, foundation rock, gate posts. Home of 19 children and two adults.

The farm was a fertile one, bound on three sides by the Buffalo River in a very picturesque location, during and after the Civil War, Henry sold corn to those that could pay fifty cents a bushel, but he never turned anyone away empty handed if they could not pay. During the Civil War, a skirmish was fought on the farm and the dead were buried in another cemetery on the farm.

Modena Francis (Frank) was the third son born in 1830 in Tennessee. He married Mary L Dorcas Langston, daughter of John and Maldred Livingston Langston in 1858 and lived near Calico Rock, AR until after the Civil War. Then they bought a farm north of Pineville and lived there until 1874. Polly was a strong, determined, courageous woman. She carried water from a spring in three cedar buckets full at a time, one balanced on her head and one in each hand.

Photo of Will, Nathon & Smith Woodcock

Three of Frank's brothers, Smith, Nathan and Will, had gone to California soon after gold was discovered there and they persuaded Frank to join them. They lived near Visalia, California until his death in 1880 caused by injuries received during the Civil War. His family lived there one more year, then Polly moved the family back to the farm at Pineville, AR. The trip from California was made by rail. One interesting part of the trip was at the Rocky Mountains when another Locomotive had to be added for the steep pull over the mountains. Even then the progress was slow and the children could jump off and play in the snow. The nearest rail station was Springfield, MO. The family had to wait there for three weeks while Capt Matthew's Freight wagon was loaded to take them to Pineville. The seven Woodcock children were Luther, Joel, Adeline, Monroe, Callie, Samantha and Dena. In 1884, Polly married Thomas R. Hively and to this union three more children were born. Two daughters, Janie and Martha and a son, Thomas.

Martin Luther Woodcock was born at Calico Rock, AR in 1864. He married Margaret Elizabeth Yeary, daughter of Young Yeary and Nancy Bons Lackey in 1887. Twelve Children were born to this union which Included two sets of twins.

Photo Martin & Margaret Woodwock

Martin L. (1864-1947) and Margaret Elizabeth (Yeary) Woodcock. Martin is the son of Modena Frances Woodcock.

Luther and Betty lived the sixty years of their married life on their farm at Rodney, AR with the exception of one year at Tulsa, OK. Luther was an outstanding citizen. He was a school director, road overseer, Justice of the peace, a Lay leader in the Methodist Church and at the time of his death was the oldest Democrat Committee Member and had served longer than any one else in that capacity. At his death one man said that he never knew of Luther ever doing anything wrong, except one thing. "He voted for the county to furnish the county judge a car." The judge was B. M. Ruthven. Betty was the niece of William Lacey, an early country doctor and from his doctor books, experiences and common sense she was good at caring for the sick.

Betty brought them into the world. She too, was a dedicated Christian and for years taught the card class, younger children, in the community Sunday School. There was a large attendance at their fiftieth anniversary, on November 3. 1937.

The big two story frame house remains on the old homestead and is occupied. Many country school teachers boarded there.

Photo Polly woodcock

Polly L. dorcas (Langstone) Woodcock. (1843-1932) Wife of Modena Frances (Frank) Woodcock.

Modena Francis Woodcock

Modena Francis Woodwock

Modena Francis "Frank" Woodcock, son of Henry and Catherine (Simmons), was born November 2, 1830 in Sumner Co. Tennessee. In 1848 the Woodcock family moved west to Arkansas settling in Marion County. Henry purchased a farm on the Buffalo River in Marion County in 1850 where he built a one room log cabin. On September 29, 1858, Frank married Mary "Polly" L. Dorcas Langston at Calico Rock, Arkansas. Frank and Polly's first child, Atlas Franklin, was born about 1860. He did not live to adulthood. In late August 1860, Frank bought eighty acres of land on Piney Bayou in Izard Co. Arkansas. They were living on the farm along Piney Bayou when Frank joined the Confederate Army. On June 14, 1862, Frank swore an oath to the Confederacy and enlisted in Captain Thos. Morton's Company, Major Chas. H. Clifford's Battalion, Arkansas Mounted Infantry. His brothers William, Marcus, Andy, and Joel also served with the unit, which later became Colonel Jas. R. Shaler's Regiment under command of General Jas. H. McBride of the Missouri State Guard. On July 30, 1862 the regiment was ordered to be dismounted at Camp Bragg, Arkansas and became the 1st Regiment, McBride's Brigade, Arkansas Infantry. While encamped near Pocahontas, Arkansas in October the regiment, by then known as the 27th Arkansas Infantry, joined the 22nd Arkansas and a Missouri unit in forming a brigade. Colonel Robert G. Shaver was put in command of the brigade. The regiment marched through northwest Arkansas recruiting along the way, and was later stationed near Ft. Smith during the Battle of Prairie Grove. The regiment was not engaged in the battle due to their lack of proper arms, but was in an artillery barrage at Dripping Springs around Van Buren, Arkansas. In January 1863 the regiment marched into Little Rock suffering "untold misery of cold and wet as well as from hunger". Frank was in a hospital in Little Rock when on January 20th he was released. He knew Polly was going to have a second child, Martin Luther, and with dissatisfied feelings of the 27th Arkansas, Frank went home to Izard County with his brothers, Andy and Joel. Frank's clothes had worn out during his service and Polly made new ones from homespun while he was home. Frank knew yankee men were looking for him in the area and hid-out nearby. After they found where he had been hiding they took him across the White River where they were camped. That night the yankee men began passing a bottle around, even to Frank. Frank did not believe in drinking alcohol, and during the middle of the night, when the yankees were drunk, he departed for home. Frank was crippled with rheumatism and other ailments received from the long marches in the army. William, Andy, and Joel rejoined the Confederate Army serving with Colonel John T. Coffee's regiment of Missouri cavalry in General Shelby's "Iron Brigade". After the War Frank's brothers, Smith, Nathan, and William had gone to California and persuaded him to join them. In 1874, Frank, Polly and the children rode Capt. Matthews' freight wagons to Independence, Missouri where they boarded a train to California. They lived near Visalia and Mussel Slough Township for six years. On May 29, 1880, Frank died of war injuries complicated by pneumonia. He was five feet, eight inches in height and had dark hair. By now Polly was a widow with seven children, Luther, Joel, Adeline, Callie, Monroe, Samantha and Dena. Polly stayed one year after Frank's death, and then brought the family back to the farm at Pineville, Arkansas. They rode an immigrant train that went so slow over the Rocky Mountains That the children could jump off and play in the snow. Modena F. Woodcock is buried near Selma, California.

Dividing Line


       Well another year is almost gone and we here at the Bramble have really achieved a lot. Our genealogy room at the Marion County Library is now complete as far and the building is concerned. We are still in the process of refurbishing the books and arranging the titles. We now have a brand new micro film reader and printer, lots of new micro film and adding CD's on a monthly basis. All the local members have really worked hard to complete this labor of love and looks great.
       Turkey Trot went well, even with the rain. (It rains every year so that wasn't a surprise). We sold a lot of books and made a lot of new friends. Looking forward to a new year and to new books.
       See you all in the new year

From the Editor
Vicki Roberts

Dividing Line


1. HENRY WOODCOCK (son of Thomas Woodcock b 1725) b Bedford Co. VA ca 1745 d Smith Co. TN aft 29 July 1819 m ELEANOR (___) b ca 1745.

       1. Children of Henry & Eleanor ( ) Woodcock

3. THOMAS WOODCOCK Vf 1768 d Wilson Co. TN 12 Dec 1812 m Franklin Co. VA 3 July 1786 MARY STANDIFER b 1767. Children: Henry Woodcock; Sarah Woodcock; Susanna Woodcock; Martha Woodcock; James Standifer Woodcock; Jesse Woodcock b Wilson Co. TN ca 1795.
2. CATHERINE WOODCOCK b VA 1768 m Franklin Co. VA 29 Oct 1789 GEORGE RADFORD.
4. JOHN B. WOODCOCK b Chesterfield Co. VA ca 1771 d ca 1854 m LUCY NELL (YOUNGER) HAWKINS (widow of - Hawkins) b VA ca 1781 b Smith Co. TN aft 1840. Children: Chesley Woodcock b 1796; Lucy Nell Woodcock b 1798; Joseph Woodcock b 1800; Eleanor Woodcock b VA 1803; John Woodcock b 1806; Cynthia Woodcock b 1810; Louisa Maybelle Woodcock b 24 April 1811; William Woodcock b 1817; Andrew Jackson Woodcock b 1818; Paris H. Woodcock b 1825/6.
WILLIAM WOODCOCK b VA bef 1775 d Smith Co. TN by 1814 m/1 Franklin Co. VA 1804 RHODA SIMMONS d bef 1807 prob in childbirth; m/2 Bedford Co. VA 17 Nov 1807 ELIZABETH "Betsy" WRIGHT (daughter of Thomas & Cynthia [Mays] Wright) b 1786. Children: Mary Woodcock; Cynthia Woodcock; Greenberry Woodcock.
5. ROBERT WOODCOCK b VA 1775 d Bedford Co. VA aft 1810 m Bedford Co. VA 11 July 1793 ANNE HAILE (daughter of Stephen Haile). Their marriage was Quaker. Children: Nancy Woodcock b 1794; Stephen Woodcock b 1797; (son) Woodcock b 1800-1810; (son) Woodcock b 1800-1810; (daughter) Woodcock b 1800-1810; (daughter) Woodcock b 1800-1810.
6. SARAH WOODCOCK b VA ca 1775 m 11 Sep 1791 RICHARD PHELPS (son of John & Jemima [Turner] Phelps) b VA 1772. Children: Elizabeth "Betsy" Phelps b 1802.
7. MARQUIS "Mark" WOODCOCK b Chesterfield Co. VA 1781 d bef 1850 m Franklin Co. VA 5 March 1803 SUSANNAH SIMMONS (daughter of Thomas & Anna [Meador] Simmons) b Franklin Co. VA 1786 d bef 1860.
8. MARY "Polly" WOODCOCK m Smith Co. TN 1816 NATHAN DILLON.

       7. Children of Marquis "Mark" & Susannah (Simmons) Woodcock

10. HENRY WOODCOCK b VA Ca 1805 d MCAR 1867 m/1 Smith Co. TN 8 Dec 1825 CATHERINE "Katy" SIMMONS (daughter of Joel & Barsheba [Wright] Simmons) b TN 14 Oct 1809 d TN 13 Sep 1845; m/2 DEBORAH MINNICK (daughter of Avery K. & Sarah [__] J Minnick) b KY ca 1824 d MCAR 1863. Emigrated 1848. In Sumner Co. TN 1830. In Buffalo Fork Township 1850. In Buffalo Township, Searcy Co. AR 1860. Deborah had a twin sister, Mary, who is living with their parents in Buffalo Fork Township 1850.
11. THOMAS WOODCOCK b VA 1804 m VA MARY CLIBORN. Children: Thomas J. Woodcock b Smith Co TN 1827/8 m ca 1866 Martha Meador.
12. WILEY H.. WOODCOCK b Macon Co. TN 24 Nov 1808 d TN 29 Sep 1891 m TN 24 Oct 1839 HARRIET SIMMONS (daughter of Joel & Barsheba [Wright] Simmons) b TN 17 Jan 1822 d 9 March 1900. Children: Louisa Catherine Woodcock b TN 13 June 1853; Martha Ellen Woodcock.
13. JOHN WOODCOCK b VA ca 1809 m ANNA - b TN ca 1814. Andrew Simmons b TN ca 1802 (son of Joel & Barsheha [Wright] Simmons, brother of Catherine "Katy" [Simmons] Woodcock) is living with them in Newton Co. MO 1850.
14. (child) WOODCOCK b 1810-1815.
15. (child) WOODCOCK b 1810-1815.
16.(child) WOODCOCK b 1810-1820.
17. SMITH WOODCOCK b TN 1814 m/1 Allen Co. KY 17 Nov 1845 SARAH BUXTON b 1815; m/2 aft 1860 AGNES WINFORD MEADOR (daughter of Ambrose C. & Martha "Patsy" [Turner] Meador) b 14 April 1822 d bef 1900. In Macon Co. TN 1870. Children with Sarah: Amanda Susan Woodcock b 1845; Alice G. Woodcock. Smith and Agnes had no children. They raised the children of her deceased brother, Joseph, when their mother ran off and left them. 18. (child) WOODCOCK b 1815-1820.

       10. Children of Henry & Catherine "Katy" (Summers) Woodcock

21. RILEY SMITH WOODCOCK b TN 1831/2 m JOVA A. - b TN 1833. Children: William H. Woodcock b TN 1860. In Jasper Co. MO 1860.
22. CALVIN WOODCOCK b TN 1833 m _. Living in Buffalo Township, Searcy Co. AR with his brother William and twin sons Perry D. Woodcock and Newton J. Woodcock b AR 1851.
23. MATILDA WOODCOCK b TN 1835. She may be in Jasper Co. MO in 1860.
24. WILLIAM H. WOODCOCK b TN 1837 m MCAR bef 1856 JANE - b AR 1833.
25. ANDREW M. WOODCOCK b TN 1839 m ROSEANNA ___ b TN 1838. They are living with his brother Smith Woodcock in Jasper Co. MO 1860.
26. JOEL N. WOODCOCK b TN 1841.

       10. Children of Henry & Deborah (Minnick) Woodcock

29. SARAH S. WOODCOCK b KY 1846.
30. MARY J. WOODCOCK b KY 1847. Living in the John L. & Nancy (__) Tevins? household in Buffalo Township, Searcy Co. AR 1870 with son John W. Woodcock b TX 1864.

SOURCES: Marion Co. AR 1850 census; Searcy Co. AR 1860, 1870 census; World Connect Project of Rootsweb; Woodcock Forum at Woodcock Forum; archived at

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Transcribed by Janice Mears, PO Box 628, Bull Shoals AR 72619

Included here is more of the 1891 Real Estate Tax List. This list is now on-line at the Marion Co Site

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"EARLY DAYS AND WAR TIMES IN NORTHERN ARKANSAS." Thomas Jerome Estes. Reprint 1999 (1928). $5. HGSMCA, PO Box 761, Yelville AR 72687.
"EARLY DAYS OF MARION COUNTY." Lester & Marian Burnes. Indexed. $25. Marian Burnes, 2102 W. Jefferson, Siloam Springs AR 72761.
"GENEALOGIES OF MARION COUNTY FAMILIES 1811-1900." Genealogies of 400+ families settling in MCAR by 1900. Hardbound. Indexed. $60. HGSMCA, PO Box 761, Yellville AR 7268.
"INDEX TO THE MOUNTAIN ECHO 12 March 1886 thru 26 June 1903." Births, marriages, deaths. Indexed. $24.50 + $3.50 s/h. Margie Garr, 1505 Mistletoe, Mountain Home AR 72653, (870)425-0405.
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MARION CO. AR 1840 FEDERAL CENSUS. Indexed. $4. Nancy A. Wood, 4643 S 28 Avenue, Tulsa OK 74107.
MARION CO. AR 1850 FEDERAL CENSUS. Indexed. $10. Nancy A. Wood, 4643 S 28 Avenue, Tulsa OK 74107.
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MARION CO. 1880 FEDERAL CENSUS. Indexed. $21. Gladys Horn Brown. HBSMCA. PO Box 761, Yellville AR 72687.
"MARION COUNTY MARRIAGE RECORDS 1887-1896." Marian Burnes & Vicki Roberts. Indexed. $15. Vicki Roberts, 363 MC 5032, Yellville AR 72687.
"MARION COUNTY MARRIAGE RECORDS 1896-1905" Marian Burnes & Vicki Roberts. Indexed. $15. Vicki Roberts, 363 MC 5032, Yellville AR 72687.
"MARION COUNTY MARRIAGES 1905-1917" Marian Burnes & Vicki Roberts. Indexed. $15. Vicki Robert, 2363 MC 5032, Yellville AR 72687.
"MARION COUNTY 1890 CENSUS." Reconstructed from 1880 & 1900 census, land, tax records, etc. Indexed. Hardbound. $45 HGSMCA, PO Box 761, Yellville AR 72687
The Mining Era of Marion County Arkansas by Vicki Roberts, $30.OO + $3 s&h, 2363 MC 5032 Yellville, AR 72687.
"Silver Anniversary" History of Marion County. Reprinted 2002. Indexed, $75 plus $5 sh, HGSMCA, PO Box 761, Yellville, AR 72687
"Marion County: The Divided" by Vicki Roberts and Mysty McPherson, $5.00 + $1 s&h HGSMCA, PO Box 761, Yellville AR 72687.
"Marion County, The Way She Was In 1836" by W.B. Flippin, $5.00 + $1.00 s&h PO Box 761 Yellville, AR 72687.
"Gleenings of Pioneer History" by W.R. Jones $5.00 + $1 s/h, PO Box 761 Yellville, AR 72687.

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GENEALOGICAL RESEARCH. Marion Co. AR area. $10 per hour plus copy costs and postage. Experienced researcher. Mysty McPherson. 35 MC 6023, Yellville AR 72687. (870)-449-5223. E-mail:

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