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Trees & tombstone

Transcribed from the "Schedule of Relocation;
Bull Shoals Reservoir - Corp of Engineers,
Little Rock District Mar 1948"
by Linda Haas Davenport

Flowers Dividing Line

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This cemetery was located in a field on the banks of the White River in the SE1/4 of SE1/4, S17 T21 N, R18W not far from the County Line of Boone Co and Taney Co MO. The graves in this cemetery were relocated to the New Cedar Creek Cemetery. If the grave included a tombstone the tombstone was moved with the body.

Column #1 is the grave number in the old cemetery and column #3 is the grave number in the new cemetery.

Grave Name Grave
1-2 Unknown 164-165
3 Elizabeth M Sulivan 212
4-6 Unknown 166-168
7 ___ Brown 209
8 Infant Son of T.G. & C. Stokes 170
9 Infant Son of T.G. & C. Stokes 171
10 M. Alley 213
11 Thomas Warren 214
12 Jonnie Stokes 172
13 Infant Son of T.G. & C. Stokes 173
14 ___ Brown 210
15 ___ Brown 211
16 Catherine E. Stokes 176
17 Larkin Stokes (Infant) 175
18 Thomas G. Stokes 174
19 Unknown 162
20 Unknown 203
21 Unknown 207
22 Wife of B.M. Marler 206
23-24 Unknown 204-205
25 Unknown 200
26 Helen Bailey (Infant) 178
27 Unknown 163
28 Infant of Elza & Kate Long (To be relocated in Protem Cem Protem Mo by next of kin)  
29-31 Unknown 201-203

Dividing Line

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Linda Haas Davenport