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Marion County, AR Census Records
Index to 1840 Federal Census Records

Dividing Line

Marion County was formed in 1832. The 1840 census was the first census for the county.

I abstracted this list of names from the Ancestry site. There is no additional information in this list. Check the 1840 Census Index w/pg# & Township page for page numbers and townships. Some names found on this list are not on the other and some on that list are not on this one.

Want / need to know more about the 1840 census? Go here

Adams, George
Adams, George
Adams, John
Adams, Mathew
Adams, Robert
Alderson, Mose
Anderson, Abraham
Anderson, Elias
Atkenson, James
Barrett, William
Bass, Sarah
Bennet, Joseph
Bennet, Noah
Bennet, Richmond J.
Beshear, William
Bivens, Mary
Blythe, Jackson
Blythe, John
Bratten, Benj.
Bratton, Milikin
Buchannan, James
Burns, Alfred B.
Carter, John
Cates, Benjamin
Churchman, John
 Cobb, Caleb
Cobb, Lemer
Cooper, Levl M.
Cowen, Henry
Cowen, Silas
Denton, Samuel
Deshields, Wm.
Dibs, Galaway
Dickson, E. M.
Everett, J. B.
Everett, Jesse H.
Everett, John S.
Everett, Thomas E.
Ezel, Isaiah
Farrier, Thomas
Farrier, Silas
Fellows, David F.
Flippen, Allan
Flippin, Thos. H.
Freeman, Wm.
Friend, Alex.
Friend, John
Friend, Peter
Gage, James
Garrison, William
Goodall, Margaret
Goodall, Robert
Goodall, William
Goodman, George
Goodman, Isaac H.
Goodman, Jesse
Goodman, Louisa

McVey, John
Montgomery, James
Moon, Wm.
Mooney, Edward
Moreland, John
Moreland, William
Moreland, Wm. L.
Morris, Washington
Murphy, John T.
Hall, Absolem
Hall, David, Jr.
Hall, David, Sr.
Hall, John
Hall, Joseph
Hall, Thomas
Hall, Willoughby
Harden, Asher
Hargrave, John
Haward, Wm
Hightower, H.
Hill, A. M.
Hurst, Abram
Hurst, John
Ingram, John B.
Johnson, Samuel
Jordan, Nelly
Keath, John B.
Keith, John B.
Kelough, Hannah
Kidd, Francis M.
King, Andrew J
King, Joel
King, William
Lord, Jacob L.
Lovel, William
Lowther, Robert
Marks, E. H.
Marshall, James
Marshall, John H.
Marshall, Thos.
Massey, Thomas
Masters, J. B.
Mathes, Michael
Mathis, Stephen
McCray, M.
McDonald, James
McLaughlin, Joseph M.
McVey, James
 Nave, Abram
Nave, Jacob
Nipps, Dorothy
Owens, Perry J.
Pain, Joseph
Perkins, David
Perriman, Josh W.
Pierson, Levi
Pierson, William

Quarles, Thomas
Reed, Hilliard
Reynolds, Martin
Reynolds, William
Ritter, Sarah
Roberts, B. C.
Rogers, John R.
Rose, Johnson 
Rose, Silas
Rowlett, Moses
Rutherford, James
Rutherford, Thos. G.
Ryal, William
Ryals, William
Shipman, William
Simmons, John W.
Simmons, Thos. J.
Smith, Desha
Snap, Madison C.
Stallings, John E.
Stewart, James
Stinnett, David
Tabor, Elijah
Tabor, John
Talburt, Bozzle
Talburt, Frederick
Talburt, G. W.
Talburt, Walter
Teaff, Nimrod
Trammel, Philip
Trimble, Allen
Trimble, Robert
Turner, John
Tutt, David K.
Tutt, Hansford
Vanzandt, Martin
Walker, Joseph
Weaver, Isaac
Wilburn, Fielden
Wilburn, John
Williams, Allen
Williams, Thos. S.
Womack, David
Wood, Abram
Wood, Benjamin, Sr.
Wood, George
Wood, George W.
Wood, Obediah
Wood, Solomon
Wood, Thomas D.
Wood, William, Sr.
Wood, William, Jr.
Wood, William J.
Woodard, Barney
Woodard, John
Young, Eli
Young, Michael

Dividing Line

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