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Submitted by: Margaret Butler (

Dividing Line

NOTE !! This is a compilation of information only, and the reader must allow for errors. Because of past courthouse burnings, a large majority of coker information comes only from stories handed down through families and acquaintances. This genealogy is meant to be used simply as a guide. For additional information on the Cokers, look at the book on Marion County, AR families at the Marion County library.

* * *

WILLIAM COKER, JR., son of Buck Coker

born abt 1799 in prob SC or GA?

died before 1850 (or May 1, 1861),

Crooked Creek in Marion Co., AR

There is some confusion as to the exact identity of William's wife or wives. One source says that he married "Elizabeth Hudspeth" on October 26, 1833 in Bedford Co., NC. Since William's daughter, Abigail, was born 1819 in Arkansas, it's very doubtful William waited until 1833 to marry. Another source says he married Sarah ____? about 1817 (she was born abt 1796). This is more consistent with the birth year of the first child.

After William Coker, Jr. died, his widow Sarah allegedly married Elijah Tabor, who was the postmaster at Lead Hill, AR. Elijah was born abt 1790 in NC and died before 1860. In 1850, his wife Sarah is shown as being 56 years old, born about 1796. The two youngest children said to be children of William Coker, Jr.'s, Harriet and Minerva, are living in 1850 in Elijah & Sarah Tabor's household. That may be why researchers believe William's widow married Elijah Tabor. (Or ... and this is just a thought ... could his wife have been a daughter of Elijah & Sarah Tabor?)

S.C. Turnbo wrote in "Pioneer Incidents on Sugar Loaf Prairie and Vicinity. Among the Wolves and Buffalo" the following: "Although[,] the [Lead Hill] post office was established in the early 50s [1850s] at the place known now as the Derry Berry land on Sugar Loaf Creek about two and one half miles above its present location with Elijah Tabor as Postmaster. . . ."

On the 1850 Marion Co., AR federal census, household 163, it shows:

Elijah Tabor 60

Sarah 56 [born abt 1794]

William Nepps [or Flippin] 13

Harriet Coker 9 Ark

Menerva Coker 6

There appears to be no 1850 Marion Co., AR household for William Coker, Jr.

On the 1860 Marion Co., AR federal census, household 929, Sarah Tabor is head of household and daughter Minerva, age 15, is living with her.

Some say that Sarah's maiden name was GREEN. However, the Sarah Green who married Elijah Tabor (see S.C. Turnbo in "An Early Pioneer") gave birth to son John H. Tabor on December 11, 1809 in Rutherford Co., NC. John Tabor "came with his parents" to White River in 1826. William Coker, Jr., son of Buck Coker, was already in Arkansas, married, and his daughter Abigail was born in Izard Co., AR in 1819 - seven years before "Mrs. Sarah (Green) Tabor" would arrive in Arkansas. Mrs. Coker and Sarah (Green) Tabor could not be the same individual; however, it's quite possible that the widow, Mrs. Sarah Coker, was Elijah Tabor's 2nd wife and that both of Elijah's wives' names were "Sarah." That is just, just a theory; however.

William Coker, Jr., and his family resided at Yellville, and he is buried at the mouth of George's Creek, five miles above Yellville, Marion Co., AR.

On the 1830, Izard Co., AR, sheet no. 108, William's household consisted of:

Males: 1 under age 5

1 between 5 and 10

1 between 20 and 30

Females: 2 under age 5

2 between 5 and 10

1 between 10 and 15

1 between 20 and 30


1. ABIGAIL "ABBIE" COKER, born abt 1819, Izard Co., AR, d. 1869 AR, and married abt 1837 to (1) James L. "Jim" CHURCHMAN (he was b. abt 1810 TN, and was murdered September 13, 1849, by John Coker who was then shot & killed by Randolph Coker), (2) abt 1850 to William H. CHURCHMAN (he was b. abt 1811 TN, d. 1874 AR).

2. WILLIAM L. "YELLVILLE BILL" COKER, born March 11, 1826/1830-31 AR, died March 12, 1870 AR, and married (1) abt 1850 to Elizabeth HUDSPETH, (2) abt 1862 to Mary M. TRIMBLE (who married James King, son of Robert "Boby" King, after William's death; Mary d. October 9, 1906 Harrison, AR & is buried there). Mary M. Trimble was the dau. of Allin Trimble and Sallie (Coker) Trimble [see below], so William L. Coker married his niece??? Yellville Bill was a fiddler, a Confederate soldier, and the first store owner in Lead Hill. He "built the first dwelling house and the first store house and sold the first goods where Lead Hill, Boone Co., Ark. now is. [Lead Hill] was called Center Point. This was in 1868." Yellville Bill is buried in the Lead Hill Cemetery. S.C. Turnbo wrote in "Pioneer Incidents on Sugar Loaf Prairie and Vicinity. Among the Wolves and Buffalo" the following: "[Lead Hill] is visited by farmers and others from many miles around to purchase supplies from its busy merchants, or transact business with other enterprises of the town. Lead Hill has been a noted trading point since 1868, when "Yellville" Bill Coker kept a stock of merchandise here. This was the first start made for a town."

3. MALINDA MAHALA COKER, born August 18, 1825 AR, died 1901 in Comanche Co., TX, married William Bill "Southfoot" WOOD.

4. CHARLES COKER, born before 1830 AR.

5. SARAH "SALLIE" COKER, born 1827-28 in AR, died December 1902 at Holdenville in Indian Territory (Oklahoma). Sallie married (1) Tom BROWN, son of Girard & Catherine (Coker) Brown; and, (2) Allin TRIMBLE, sometime after the 1857 death of Allin's first wife, Elizabeth (Nave) Trimble. Allin was born June 15, 1815, died April 13, 1889, and was the son of William W. Trimble and Sarah "Sallie" (Coker) Trimble. Children by Allin: Bill, Mary M. [see above] and Lucinda.

6. NANCY COKER, born abt 1830 AR, married Elijah "Lize" WOOD.

7. JANE COKER, born abt 1832 AR, married William G. "Rosin Bill" WOOD.

8. HARRIET COKER, born abt 1841 AR. [Nine years after Jane.]

9. MINERVA COKER, born abt 1844 AR.

If there were nine years between the birth of Jane and Harriet, something is amiss. Were there more children born between 1832 and 1841? Or did William's first wife die and then he later remarried to a woman named Sarah?? How many times was William married?

The information concerning William's, children, wife or wives needs to be confirmed.

Charles Coker (Part 8)

Dividing Line

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