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Dividing Line

This letter was written by Catherine Cordelia Lumpkin to her niece in 1965 when she was in her eighties:

    This is a testimony of the generations of our family as well as I can remember as I listened to my father John Houston Lumpkin and my mother Amanda Elizabeth Brantley Lumpkin talk. I loved to listen as I always loved history, this is what I learned.
    My great grandfather, Mr. Lumpkin, moved from Ireland when William Russelll Rice Lumpkin was a baby, about 1812. William R. R. grew up and married Catherine Houston. John Houston was the oldest son of seven children. Their names were: Margaret, John Houston, Rhoda C., William Baldwin, Kate, Mary Childress and Martha Gillespie.
    When Mr. Lumpkin came from Ireland, they settled in Georgia where he bought a plantation and had slaves. When William R.R. was about 9 years old, about 1821, his father sold his land in Georgia and moved to Albabama. He brought part of his slaves to Alabama, bought more land and farmed.
    When John Houston Lumpkin was about 12 years old, in 1857, William R.R sold out in Alabama and went to Augusta, Arkansas, a town on the White River, where he bought a farm.
    When John Houston was 16 years old, in 1861, he volunteered to go to the army during the Civil War, he stayed in the army for 3 years, when he came home 2 of his sisters had died from Marial fever, then he taken the Marial fever, that is why he was crippled in one leg fever fell in his leg left him a cripple, then his mother and father taken the fever and passed away. So Father taken what was left of the children to Yellville, Arkansas where his headquarters was stationed. So that is why he met up with the Brantleys married your grandma Amanda Elizabeth Brantley. Of their family was 9, Laura Amy, Frank, Lucy Ann, Artelia, myself and your daddy Tom Houston, Charlie, Mary and Bettie. Your Grandpa John was high tempered but was good and honest, so was your Daddy, he had a temper but was good and honest is ever one was, he was petted by most all the folks. He was named after his Grandpa Tom Brantley also had an Uncle Tom. I kinly got out of line here. I'll tell you what your Grandpa Lumpkin's sisters names was. Aunt ate, Aunt Margret, they was the one that had passed away when he come home from the army. Aunt Rhoda, Uncle Willie Baldwin, Aunt Mary Childress Aunt Martha Glasby, Aunt Rhoda and Aunt Martha married mothers brothers. Uncle Jim and Unce Ace Brantley. Your Aunt Cordelia

Laura Amy Lumpkin b., Jan 1877 Arkansas, never married but lived with Thomas Houston Lumpkin her brother and his wife Martha until her death.

William Franklin Lumpkin, b., 1878 Arkansas and died before 1900.

Catherine Cordelia Lumpkin, born Sept. 1880 in Arkansas and died in MO.

Thomas Houston Lumpkin b. 5 May 1883 in Arkansas moved to Stephens County, Oklahoma and married Martha Lucretia Starkey (sister of Ella Starkey who married Charles W. Lumpkin.) b. 1885 in Texas Co. Mo. d. in Duncan, Stephens County, Oklahoma 23 Nov. 1912.

Charles William Lumpkin, b. 14 Mar 1887 Arkansas married Ella Starkey in Stephens Co. Ok. She was b. 31 Mar. 1890 in Texas Co. Mo. She was the sister of Martha Lucretia Starkey who married Thomas.

Martha and Ella Starkey were dau's. of William Frankly Starkey and Emma Viola Sanders of MO.

Artelia Lumpkin, b., Jan.1891 Arkansas.

Lucy Ann Lumpkin b. and died in Arkansas before 1900.

Mary Lumpkin, b. and died in Arkansas before 1900.

Betty Lumpkin, b. and died in Arkansas before 1900.

    During the land rush days into the Indian Territory the John Lumpkin family decided to move and settled down in Stephens County, Oklahoma
    John Houston Lumpkin fought with Thompson's Battalion during the Civil War also was with Price's and Shelbys command in the Cavalry. He surrendered at Jacksonport with Thompson's Battalion.

Duncan Brantley, was born in NC about 1795. He came to Arkansas from NC to TN to first Fulton Co. with his wife Ann and family along with his three married sons and their families, and then to Baxter to Marion Co. Ar.

Duncan and Ann's children were:

Zachariah Brantley b. 1814 in Nash County, NC.
Benjamin b. 1820 in NC
Thomas Brantley b. 1823 in NC.
Frances Katherine b. 1833 in TN.
Robert A. b. 1835 in TN.
In 1850 they were in Fulton Co. Arkansas and in 1860 they were living around Yellville, AR.

Zachariah Brantley b. 1814 in NC and d. Harris, Stone Co. AR married Lydia Wilson b. 1814 in NC. Their children were:

Anna Louisa b. 1845 in TN.
Sarah Jane b. 1847 in TN.
Frances b. 1848 in TN.
Jasper b. 1850 in TN
Lucinda b. 1853 in TN
Newton Melvin b. 1854 in AR
Nancy Catherine b. 1855 in AR
Caroline b. 1856 in AR
Adeline b. 1857 in AR
Emeline b. 1858 in AR
Elizabeth b. 1863

Benjamin F. Brantley b. 1820 in NC married Elizabeth A. Hicks. She was born 1826 in TN. Their children were:

Cynthia E., b. 1845 in TN
William F., b. 1847 in TN.
Wylie W., b. 1847 in TN.
Melvin, b. 1851 in AR.
Paralee N., b. 1853 in AR.
Bythan B., b. 1855 in AR.
Moses C., b. 1854 in AR.
Walter C., b. 1859 in AR

Thomas Brantley, b. 1822 in NC and d. in AR. Married Amy Anna Eaton b. 1828 in Ill. And d. 1869 in Izard Co. AR. Their children were:

Amanda Elizabeth b. Jan 1848 in AR married John Houston Lumpkin in Yellville, AR d. 1924 in Marlow, Stephens Co. Oklahoma.
William F., b. 1850 in AR
Julia b. 1852 in AR
Mary J., 1854 in AR
James T. b. 1855 in Izard Co. AR married Rhoda Elizabeth Lumpkin
Walter b. 1857 in AR
Lavinia b. 1858 in AR
Asa R. b. 1859 in AR married Martha Lumpkin

Thomas Brantley remarried after the death of his first wife Amy (Eaton). He married Sarah (Thomas) b. in AR. In 1835 and had these children:

Elizabeth b. 1865 in AR
Nancy Catherine b. 1865 in AR

Dividing Line

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