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County Church
Church of Christ Churches
Pages: 500-505

Dividing Line

History BookRESPECT THE COPYRIGHT: This book is still under copyright of the Marion County Historical Association and may not be used for any purpose other than your own personal research. It may not be reproduced nor placed on any web page nor used by anyone or any entity for any type of "for profit" endeveor.

Dividing Line

Church of Christ in Caney and Mull

       (Page 500) Shortly after 1900 a preacher named Bryant came to Marion County and began preaching in the communities of Caney and Mull. The residents of these communities consisted largely of Dillards, McClains, Moores and Davenports. They held services in a small building near Water Creek at the mouth of Caney Hollow. It was first called the Christian Church.
       When the Battenfield brothers, John and Ben, came into the area of southern Marion County, they stirred great interest among the people concerning "setting up the kingdom" in the Water Creek community. Much labor was expended by some in this effort, but it came to naught.
       About 1930 a much larger church building was erected at the site where the Caney Church of Christ now stands. By 1940 this building seemed inadequate. A supervisor was employed and the families of the community donated their time and labor to construct the building now used. The stones that were used were dug and hauled from the nearby creek bed.
       In the late 1930's and early 1940's the Mull congregation had been meeting in the old school building. The Stamper building was purchased in the early 1940's and is still used by the Mull Church of Christ congregation. G. B. Keeter, deceased, was an active worker and an outstanding leader in the Caney and Mull communities. At present, both communities have strong and active congregations with Doyle Davenport preaching at Caney and John Dillard preaching at Mull

Church of Christ in Fairview
By: Earl Berry

       This congregation of the Church of Christ was first set in order at Wild Cat and met for many years in the school building known as Wild Cat District #13 near the then Wild Cat Cemetery. It was probably organized about 1900. Early elders in the congregation were G. W. Jenkins and W. J. Parker. Deacons were J. R. (Uncle Richmond) McCracken and J. G. (Jones) Osborne. later both Elder Jenkins and Elder Parker became ordained ministers of the Church of Christ. Inserted herein is a copy of the Ordination Certificate of G. W. Jenkins:
(Page 501 Top)

       BE IT KNOWN that the Church of Christ working at Stone, Arkansas, do on this the 17th day of September, 1910, set apart G. W. Jenkins to the ministry of the Word of God, knowing him to be worthy of this high calling and pray that he may be faithful and be the means in the hands of God of saving men from their sins, and pray the brotherhood to receive him and support him in the good work."
          Signed: W. J. Parker
          J. R. McCracken
          G. W. Brand-minister
          Elder J. A. Rose
       Recorded on October 3, 1910, in Record Book "B", page 47.
       J. F. Carson, County Clerk Fred Fanner, D.C.
       Among the early members of the congregation that worshipped with the church at Wild Cat were the families of: Dr. M. B. L. Matthews, Daddy and Aunt Josephine McCracken, Bunk McCracken, W. J. Parker, Silas Parker, Doc Osborne, J. G. and Aunt Martha Osborne, Aunt Mary McCracken, G. W. Jenkins, Dink Berry, J. R. McCracken, G. W. Parker, Sr., George Sanders, Elder Beckham, Waggoner and some members of the Stone family. Perhaps, there were others who cannot be recalled. At one time this was, perhaps in membership, the largest church in Marion County. Though it did not have a full-time preacher, some of the most able preachers of the Church of Christ at that time did preach there and conduct revivals. Among these were: Elder J. A. Rose, G. W. Brand, Tom Nowlin and Elder Beckham. Elders Jenkins and Parker preached for the congregation once a month. Many were converted to Christ while this congregation met at Wild Cat, and many were baptized in James Creek near the building.
       Later the congregation moved to the old Malidda schoolhouse with G. W. Jenkins and W. J. Parker as Elders. After the death of J. G. Osborne, Dink Berry, W. A. (Arthur) Moore and J. R. (Uncle Richmond) McCracken served as deacons. Among the evangelists who conducted revivals at Malidda were: Joe Blue, S. C. Garner, W. C. Rise, Willie Flippin, Bro. Brumelow and Walter Leomius. At one such revival there were some fifty conversions.
       After the death of G. W. Jenkins and W. J. Parker, Dink Berry, G. W. (Dump) Parker, and S. R. Osborne were chosen as elders. Uncle Richmond McCracken continued to serve as deacon and was the song leader for the congregation, until his death. Names on the church roll at Malidda included members of the Manse Holden family, Grandpa and Grandma Coots, Jim Coots, W. J. Kirkland and several members of his family, Uncle John and Aunt Mary McCracken, Rex and Lizzie, Mart and Pearl, Edd and Ernie, and Ethel, wife of Johnnie McCracken, Roscoe and Goldie Jenkins, Dewey and Della Mitchell Jenkins, Elmer, Guy, and the Jenkins and their sister Zella, now Mr. Othel Coots, the Marshall family, Vester Smith and Julia, Grandma Smith, Eva Smith, Tilden Flippin family, several members of the G. W. Parker, Sr. family, Aunt Hannah Ann Mitchell, Frank, Ed and Leonard, Wallie Parker and Delia, C. C. (Doll) Treat, Charlie Parker and Nellie, Jim Kirk McCracken and wife, Pat McCracken, Fred and Zella Payne and others whose names cannot now be recalled. (Page 502 Top) This remained a large congregation until after the close of World War I. Following the close of this war, a large number of the families of this congregation migrated and settled in Oklahoma-in the Wetumpka-Holdenville area. Among these were the families of Bud, Cam, Elza, Ellis, Joe and Wallie Parker; the families of John, Jim, Ealum, and Joe Osborne; the W. J. Kirkland and Frank Kirkland families; Roscoe, Elmer and Dewey Jenkins families; Rommie Sanders and wife. Many members of these families were members of the Malidda congregation and with their moving the congregation declined in membership. Bible study was conducted each Sunday and preaching was usually one Sunday each month. Among those who preached were J. R. (Raleigh) Matthews, W. C. Rice, J. A. Henry, and C. C. Parrott, Sr.
       With the building of the Fairview schoolhouse, the congregation came to be known as the Fairview Church of Christ with the elders and deacons as referred to above in the Malidda congregation. G. W. (Dump) Parker served until his death in 1937, Dink Berry until his death in 1942, and S. R. Osborne until his death in the latter part of the 1960's. Uncle Richmond McCracken served as deacon until his death in 1938. At the present time the congregation is small and has no ordained elders and deacons but meets regularly on each Lord's Day for worship. Preaching services are conducted on the first Sunday of each month and the Saturday night preceding. A revival meeting is usually conducted each year. Among those who have preached in these revivals were: Leland H. Knight, Paul Knight, Ervin Waters, Homer L. King, Tom Smith, Joe Deal, Earl Berry, Silas Dean, Joe Howard and Bro. Woody Wood.
       Among those who have worked hard to keep the congregation alive, credit must be given to Roy (Buck) McCracken, Willie Bailey, and Floyd Kirkland. There are others including many of the ladies who have shared in the work. In 1975 death took four of the faithful-Paul and Nora Flippin, Aunt Mae Osborne and Uncle Bill McCracken.
       This small group of people still is interested in carrying out the Great Commission and our hope is that it will ever continue to be as a city set on a hill whose light cannot be hidden.

Church of Christ in Flippin
By: Earl Berry

       The congregation in Flippin began with a small group of members in 1949 or 1950 who met for worship in the Community Building located on the Flippin School ground. Among the group engaged in the effort to establish the congregation are: Mr. and Mrs. Silas Dean, Mr. and Mrs. Morgan Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Rex McCracken, Garner Jenkins, the Glen Parrott family, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Wooten, Ominus Kyle, Mr. and Mrs. Foresee, Charlie, Nellie and Willie Parker, Mrs. Belle Ott and Mrs. Lennie Ott.
       This group met for Bible Study and observed the Lord's Supper on each Sunday. They, being few in number and poor in this world's goods, did not have a located minister. Bro. Silas Dean preached on Sunday morning most of the time. Others who preached occasionally were John Dillard, Pierce Adams and Earl Berry. A revival was held in 1950 by Bro. G. W. Toland of Little Rock.
       The congregation had a slow but steady growth and in late 1950 or 1951 (Page 503 Top) property was secured for a meeting place located on the Charlie Smith place on Highway 62 East. The building was small but comfortable and the congregation continued to worship at this location for about two years. During this lime a revival was conducted by Pierce Adams and there were a number of additions to the congregation. In 1952 property on Highway 62 near the Glen Parrott place was purchased. This new property had a larger building and more parking space. Several revival meetings were held while the congregations worshipped at this location. Among those who preached in these revivals were: Pierce Adams, John Dillard, and Bro. Hunnecutt. The congregation was strengthened by the addition of a number of younger converts including the Leland Hurst and Elmo Hurst families, Lonnie and Louise Burch, Kirby Holder, Guy McCracken and wife, Claiborne and Elsie Ott, Albert and Jeanette Davis, Doyle Williams and wife and others. Preaching services were held regularly on Sunday morning and evening. Some of the regular preachers were Clarence Adams, John Dillard, Joe Keener and Doyle Davenport. By 1957 the congregation had outgrown its building. Property in town was purchased on which the present building is situated and construction was begun in 1957 under the supervision of Ruey Estes of Yellville. Most of the work was done by members of the congregation and the group began meeting in the new building in late 1957. Doyle Davenport was the minister and served until 1970's when he resigned after serving faithfully for so many years. Much of the growth of this congregation can be attributed to the work and sacrifice of Bro. Davenport who drove from Caney Sunday morning, Sunday evening and again on Wednesday night for midweek services. Often the weather was disagreeable but he would go out of his way to bring someone who had no transportation.
       Others who have not been previously mentioned but worshipped and helped the growth of the congregation, many of them now departed, were: Bro and Mrs. Jim Davenport, Ulis Davenport family, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Dillard, Bertie Jones, Ethel Fletcher, Maude Davenport, Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Davenport, Ada Moreland, Mr. and Mrs. Thomps Vanzandt, Mr. and Mr. Thomps McCracken, Mr. and Mrs. Ed McCracken, Mr. and Mrs. Othel Coots, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Davenport, Mr. and Mrs. Ron Davenport, Sue Kellog, the Darrell Watson family, the Mac Foresee family, members of the Menard Cox family, the Wayne Hurst family, Mr. and Mrs. Jewell Ott, Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Hall, Mr. and Mrs. Guy Rose-Guy, for many years, was a capable song director-Mrs. and Mrs. Winfred Perry, Mrs. Jim Wilson and Kathryn, Mr. and Mrs. Bell, Mrs. Nelson, Mr. and Mrs. Larry Hurst, Bro. and Mrs. Laskey, Mr. and Mrs. Edd Cook, and Mr. and Mrs. Ray Moore. There were others who were faithful in the service but I cannot recall the names. There are several younger people who are worshipping at this congregation now whom I do not know, but, these along with the older members, are dedicated and the congregation is alive and growing.
       As mentioned earlier, Doyle Davenport served as minister for a number of years. After his resignation, Bud Brandon labored as minister for a year before accepting work elsewhere. Bro. Ruel McCutcheon began work following Bro. Brandon. He still serves as minister and is doing a good work. Revival meetings are held almost every year. Among the evangelists who have held meetings at this location are: Rue Porter, now deceased; Pierce Adams; Tom Smith; Bro. McFarland; Gobel Music; Don Smith; Bro. Daniels; Jimmie Roy (Page 504) Top) Adams and Bro Stewart. There were, perhaps, others whose names cannot be recalled.
       "In closing let me ask those whose names are not mentioned to forgive me for this is written from memory and not from church records.".. Earl Berry

Church of Christ in Pyatt
By: Mrs. George Young

       In 1944 or 1945, near the close of World War II, a small group, for the most part elderly people, began meeting in the Pyatt Community Hall on Sunday afternoon for worship service. There was no preaching service in the beginning but Bible Study and the Lord's Supper were observed. Among the early members were: Mr. and Mrs. Will Moore, Mr. and Mrs. Benton, Mrs. Fitzgerald, and Mrs. George Young. Others in the community, though not members, attended services. Mrs. Young taught a Bible Class but later went to Camp Peary, Virginia, to be with her husband, George, stationed there, and the small group disbanded before she returned to Pyatt.
       In the spring of 1951 the church was reorganized under the leadership of Bro. Tommy Richesin and met for about a year in the home of Mr. and Mrs. George Chaney. Attending these services were: Mr. and Mrs. George Chaney; Mrs. Ben Chaney and Richard; Mr. and Mrs. Delmar Ply and Mardell; Mr. and Mrs. Jim Tippit; Mrs. Earl Foresee; Mrs. Maureen Wolfe and Rocky; Mr. and Mrs. Will Sharp; Mrs. Monty Ply; Miss Ona Tabor; Charlie Tabor; Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Cheek and Jimmie; Mr. and Mrs. Owen Ingle; Mr. and Mrs. Bryant Nowlin and daughter; Mrs. George Young, Penny and Judy; and Miss Mabel Leeds. These were not all members.
       On January 11, 1952, lots were purchased from Ben Chaney and a house purchased from Clomer Gilley on Georges Creek was moved to and erected on the lots and remodeled into a church building.
       With the new church building, the congregation began to grow and to the number were added Mr. and Mrs. Jackson Stanley and Viola; Mr. and Mrs Warren Rose and daughter; Mrs. Ola Rose, Miss Josie Young; Mrs. Hattie Young; Mr. and Mrs. Berry Melton; Mr. and Mrs. Ed Gunther, Bucky and Bobby; Mrs. J. D. Roger and Gary; Mrs. Everett Young; Mr. and Mrs. Bill Rose and children; Mr. and Mrs. Ewell Sharp and children; Alice Cheek and Mrs. Annie Cheek; Pierce Ply; Talmadge Richardson; and Mr. and Mrs. Alva Stanley and Nancy Ruth and Helen.
       In 1963 the congregation purchased land on Highway 62 back of the Pyatt School building and constructed a concrete building. This was completed and ready for services in May 1964. A number of the earlier people in this congregation have passed on to their eternal reward; others have moved out of the community. The present congregation includes many of those already mentioned. In addition, the present members include: Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Rodenwald and Kathy; Mr. and Mrs. Charley Burgess and daughters; Mrs. Alma Chopin, Mrs. Kenneth Harris and sons; Mr. and Mrs. Bill Phillips and Keith; Mr. and Mrs. Brice Emerson; Mr. and Mrs. Bingham Dodd; Mr. and Mrs. Truman Rose; Mrs. Bob Brown and baby. Others in the community who have attended include Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Tabor, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Phillips, Mr. and Mrs. Ronal McClean, Joel Tabor, and Mrs. Willard Tabor.
       Among the early preachers who labored with the congregation were: Tommy Richesin; Delbert Wilson; Roy Lee Wilson; Bro. Denny; (Page 505) Top) George Elkins and, perhaps, others for a short time. Evangelists who have preached in revival services were: Johnny Carter; Pierce Adams; Louis Fullerton; Bro. Arnold. At this lime of writing Bro. David Watts is engaged in a revival effort and hopefully souls will be saved.

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