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Vol 1. No. 9

Mt. Echo Newspaper
April 30, 1886 Issue
Abstracted & Copyrighted
by Linda Haas Davenport

Dividing Line

When the print is so faded that it cannot be read <.....> will be used . All transcription will be as found in the paper, misspellings and all.

From this issue forward I will leave out all National News items, ads for patent medicines, etc.

Page 1, Column 1

Subscription and county officer information - unchanged

Page 1, Column 2 (Top)

To the Voters of Marion County:
       FELLOW CITIZENS - As work in my crop will not permit me to see many of you for some time, I take this method of informing you that I am a candidate for the office of County and Circuit Clerk; and in justice to you and myself, I will say that I am a Democrat and subject to the action of the primary election to be held on the first Saturday in August. Having served you four years in that capacity, the duties of that office, if elected, will not be new to me. Hoping to receive a favorable consideration at your hands, I am your obedient servant. - K F Cantrell

       We are authorized to announce R J Hurst as a candidate for the office of Sheriff or Marion county, subject to the action of the Democratic primary elections to be held 7th, 1886.

       FELLOW CITIZENS: - After the earnest solicitation of many of the good citizens of the county, I hereby announce myself a candidate for re-election of the office of Sheriff and Ex-Offico Collector of Marion County. For the past eight years I have been serving the people in the above capacity, and have ever endeavored to fully and faithfully discharge all my duties. I am a Democrat, and will be subject to the Democratic convention, if one be called. - J J Keeter

       We are authorized to announce M. H. Wolf as a candidate for re-election to the office of Treasurer of Marion County, subject to the action of a Democratic convention if one be held.

It is feared that Senator Berry has cancer of the throat.

The Democratic Executive Committee of the First Congressional district have decided to hold the Congressional convention September 10th, at Jonesboro. Hon. P Dunn will be a candidate for re-election,

remainder National News - mostly political

Page 1, Column 3 (Top)

National News - mostly political

Page 1, Column 4

       The applicants for the naval cadetship were examined here last Saturday - Claude Bailey, of this county, W W Haney of Bentonville, E P Corley of Rogers, and Frank Pace of Fayetteville. Doctors Kirby and Vance gave them a clean bill of health and passed them to the other examining board composed of Prof. L Z Burr, Judge, D H Perew and H R Fielding, who prceeded to test their literary qualifications. The examination was thorough at the time would admit of, including orthography, reading, penmanship, arithmetic, history, geography, grammar and algebra. The per centage of merit marks was carefully made out in each case and in each study, as in school examinations. The following is the total average per centage of each applicant, and shows that they all stood a good examination: Claude Bailey, 91.7; Frank Pace 91.2; K P Corley; 80.8; W W Haney, 86. It was a neck and neck race. Claude is the second of Mr J M Bailey's sons who has thus successfully competed for the cadetship from this district. We congratulate him and his parents, and hope he will safely pass the other ordeal. - Boone Banner, 23d inst.
       Claude Bailey, the successful candidate, is a cousin of our fellow townsman, DeRoos Bailey, Esq.

Page 1, Column 5 (Top)

Yellville, ARK., April 24, '86
       The democratic Central Executive Committee of Marion county met pursuant to a call of the chairman, and a quorum being present had the following proceedings:
       The committee fixed the time for holding township conventions in the various townships in the county on the second Saturday in June, for the purpose of sending up instructed delegates to nominate a State ticket and to select delegates to the State convention, which assembles in Little Rock on the 30th day of June, 1886; and the delegates selected by the various townships to meet the following Saturday, June 19th, 1886, in Yellville, for the purposes aforesaid.
       The committee also made a call of a primary election to be held in the various townships in the county on the first Saturday in August (7th) for the purpose of nominating a county ticket for the various offices of the county, and to meet at Yellville to declare the result of said primary election the Monday following. The following committees were appointed in the several townships to hold said convention and primary elections to wit:
White River - J A Flippin, W H Barnett and T H Poynter
James Creek - Robert King, Wm. Parker and J H Pangle
North Fork - J N Griffin, J C Rea and E T Record
Franklin - James Jones, Austin Brown and J M Hall
Blythe - J P Brady, W L Pierce and Jonathan Dobbs
Hampton - Wm McEntire, John Angel and J Q Adams
Prairie - James Rose, P R Davis and James Pigg
Buffalo - G W Cox, C W Blythe and Foster Hand
Tomahawk - R P Wilson, John A Harris and Harvey Oner
Bearden - Calvin Summers, T M Rea and N J Bearden
Water Creek - Wm Thompson, R R Carson and Wm Dosher
Union - De Roos Bailey, Alex Hurst and A S Layton
Sugar Loaf - Isaac Kesse, Wm Thornton and Frank Caompbell
       Each township has the following number of delegates, to wit:
White River - 5; James Creek - 2; North Fork - 1; Franklin - 3; Sugar Loaf - 3; Blythe - 5; Union - 9; Hampton - 4; Prairie - 4; Water Creek - 6; Bearden - 3; Buffalo - 4
       On motion it was requested that The Echo should publish the above proceedings. -- R J Pierce, Ch'm'n, A W Wickerham, sec'y

The following rules, recently issued from the general land office at Washington, will be observed in making final proof of pre-emption and commuted homestead cases:
       1. The entire final proof, including the final affidavit of the claimant, his testimony, and the testimony of his witnesses, shall be taken before the officer designated in the published notice of intention to make final proof and at the time therein named.
       2. Such final proof shall be taken only before the following officers: The register or receiver of the proper land district, or the clerk of the county court, or any court of record, of the county and State or district and Territory, in which the land is situated, or before such clerk in some adjacent county, in case the land lies in an unorganized county.
       3. Cases wherein notice of the intention to make final proof shall have been given under the former practices, prior to promulgation of this circular, shall be in no manner affected by the regulations herein contained.

Page 1, Column 6 (Top)


EDITOR ECHO - As I am a reader of our valuable paper, I send you this my expression of the same. The Echo is indeed a welcomed visitor at our house. I am one that delights very much to read home news.

The place from which I write is almost nine miles southeast of Yellville on what is known as Hall's Mountain. Nature has done a good deal for this part of the county. The lands are very productive, and easily cultivated. The range is the finest of which I have any knowledge. It is indeed delightful to be here and see the herds of cattle, that narrowly escaped the boneyard during the past hard winter, feeding on nature's pasture.

The farmers here are vigorously engaged on their farms, preparing for cotton planting. Corn planting is about over here. The wheat and oats crops look fine in the neighborhood, and the acreage we think is larger than usual. Vegetables look well at this time.

About four miles south of where I write are the Rush Creek mines. Zinc and copper are said to be there in abundance. One Mr Miller, said to be a practical zinc miner from the State of Kansas, has been at the mines for some time for the purpose of ascertaining the quantity and quality of the metal. He expressed himself as well pleased and satisfied with the indications and after purchasing about fifty acres of land from Mr Eb. Williams, lying near the mouth of Rush creek, started for his home in Kansas. He said he would return in about three weeks and bring with him a number of hands preparatory to opening up the mines. So we look for a boom here in the mining interest in the near future. So mote it be.

We are much gratified to know of the good results of the meeting recently held in Yellville. We must confess we feel the heat of the fire, this far out, pretty smartly. Thank God. - Success to The Echo man. April 28th, 1886 - Jim Pills


Portia is to have a newspaper

Farmers are busy planting the prospective crop.

Cut worms are said to be very destructive this season.

Forrest City has a new hotel and it is said to be immense hostelry.

Nearly every township in Drew county is said to have an agricultural club.

Several bales of cotton were taken to Monticello last week and brought a fair price.

The citizens of Newport will probably make an effort to have the county site of Jackson county removed from Jacksonport to this place at the next election.

The Iron Mountain depot and several box cars loaded with goods were destroyed by fire at Batesville one night last week. the loss was very heavy. the fire is suppose to be incendiary.

Page 2, Column 1(Top)


Weather cool and cloudy as we go to press.

Garden "truck" and spring chickens will be late.

The examination of teachers will take place to-day.

Mr. and Mrs. James A Young have gone to house keeping.

Mrs. J N Griffin, of Oakland, is visiting relatives in town this week.

Some of the farmers on Crooked Creek have plowed over their corn.

Very few farmers have been in town this week. All too busy with their crops.

Fish and snake stories are in order. Where are the Ananiases that bloom in the spring?

Mr. A S Wood has gone to Fort Smith to serve on the U S grand jury. He left on last Monday.

Probate court next Monday and an adjourned term of county court the Monday following, May 10th

Assessor Cravens is busy at work this week on his tax books. He is assisted by Mr. J I Thompson.

K E Cantrell, of Sylva, called to see us last Saturday. He reports a boom at the Rush Creek mines.

Evangelist Dortch departed on last Monday to Willow Springs, Mo., to hold a series of meetings.

No marriages to record this week. The matrimonial market, as well as everything else, is dull, dull, dull.

The miners of the Harrison miners district will hold a meeting at Doddsville on next Tuesday, May 4.

Mrs. Dodd, wife of Mr. Sam Dodd, of the vicinity of Doddsville, died on last Tuesday night of consumption.

To-morrow is the first day of May. The mere suggestion of a May pole dance would probably sound harsh just now.

Hon. T H Flippin was in town Saturday, attending the meeting of the Democratic Central Executive Committee.

The contract for carrying the mail between this place and Kirbyville, Mo., has been sub-let to John Aiken, of Lead Hill.

Messrs K J and Henry Hudson have both been quite sick this week. As we go to press we learn they are improving.

Miss Mary Berry returned from DeQuoin, Ills., on last Saturday, where she has been visiting relatives for some months past.

Mr. W T Rush, of Mississippi, was at the City Hotel several days this week. He is leisurely traveling toward the Lone Star State.

Mr. Wm Fielding, of the Boone Banner, published at Harrison, was in town several days this week. He honored The Echo with a call.

What has become of our Flippin correspondent and "Slim Jim" of George's Creek? Somebody shake a bush in their respective localities and scare them out.

The editor being piously inclined on last Sabbath, prepared a half column of "Sunday Reading," which our readers will find contains some very good short selections. No anecdotes.

The democratic County Central Executive Committee met at the court house on last Saturday, all the members being present except Mr. A D Thompson. The proceedings will be found elsewhere in this paper.

Up to date E L Murphy has not called for his commission as a member of the board of equalization. There is no such name on the tax books in this county, and the Governor or Secretary of the State has made a mistake.

Page 2, Column 2(Top)

In speaking of the Carthage railroad survey last week The Echo said Pilot Knob where it should have said Bald Knob. The former is in Missouri and the latter in White county, this State, and both on the Iron Mountain railroad.

Received at J H Berry & Son's this week: Scythes, Grain Cradles, Cradle Fingers, Cotton, Hoes and Sweeps, Brush Scythes, Grub Hoes, Railroad Picks, a fine assortment of Pocket Knives, German Millet, half dozen Croquet Sets.

Wid Bridges, the boy charged with robbing the mail between Oakland and Isabella, Mo., has been taken to Fort Smith for trial. Jo Pace, Dr. Small, the postmaster at Oakland, and Mr. Fears have been summoned to appear as witnesses in the case at Fort Smith at once.

Hon. J C Colquitt, of Magnolia, Columbia county, was in town this week for the purpose of sub letting the contracts for carrying the mail from Yellville to Tony, Ark., and Yellville to Kirbyville, Mo. Mr. Colquitt was a member of the last General Assembly from Columbia county

"Pity 'tis true, and true 'tis a pity," that one's words can not travel one hundred yards without being distorted and twisted to mean just the negative to what one really says and means. Tattlers and hypocrites are in the same scale. One is no better than the other, and the other is -- but words are wanting to say what.

Mr Calvin Summers will accept our thanks for some nice specimens of marble, taken from his quarry near Sylva postoffice, in the southern portion of this county. This marble is susceptible of the finest polish, and is especially adapted to building purposes. Some of the marble in that locality is also suitable for monumental purposes. Mr. Summers is getting out an "imposing" stone for this office, and we will have to say about this marble in the future.

There are numerous things to be found in Yellville. But the "great wonder" is the mammoth stock of Spring Clothing to be found at J H Berry & Son's. They have the best assortment ever brought to this place, and will give you better prices than any other house in town. One of Yellville's nicest and most accommodating young men, Mr. J E Wickersham, will be found ready at all times to show you through their entire stock. Don't fail to call on him when in town.

Dr. J S Lindley returned from Izard county last Saturday evening. He had the misfortune to be swept from his buggy into North Fork while crossing that treacherous stream on his return, and in consequence was considerably "under the weather" for a few days. He is now "right side up with care," and left on yesterday for St Louis, via Harrison and Eureka Springs, to attend the American Medical Society which meets in that city next week. The Echo wishes him a pleasant trip.

This week The Echo publishes the announcement of Mr. R J Hurst, of Union township, for the office of sheriff of Marion county. Mr. Hurst was raised in this county, and he is well known to most all of our readers, hence he needs no introduction from us. He is a Democrat, and as such he will submit to the will of his party as expressed at the primary elections in August next. If elected Mr Hurst will no doubt serve the people in a manner acceptable to all, faithfully and efficiently. Give his candidacy that consideration due a good and honest citizen.

In the proper column this week will be found the announcement of Mr. K F Cantrell, who is a candidate for county and circuit court clerk. Mr. Cantrell was once clerk of this county, serving four years, and he is fully acquainted with the duties of the office. He is a clever gentleman and will make a most excelled official, if elected. His past record as a public servant is a standing recommendation for him, and he is too well known to the people of this county to need any from us. He announces subject to the action of the Democrative primary election, and as he is a true Democrat will abide by the results. Read his card and give his claims careful consideration.

Page 2, Column 3(Top)

SUNDAY READINGS (mentioned in the Local Echoings column)


Thirteen million sheep are said to have died in New South Wales within the last three years for want of water.

Davy Crockett was a plain talker. On one occasion, when a candidate, so the story goes, he said to an assembly of voters, "If you don't want to vote for me, you can go to hell, and I'll go to Texas.

The lady students in the University of Michigan have organized for muscular development, and will insist on sharing the benefits of the gymnasium appliances. That's right. The sooner girls know how to split wood the more time men will have to do something else. - EX

A strike is now threatened among the babies in arms. These interesting youngsters intend to organize themselves into Knights of the Nipple, to insist on their rights as members of the great mammalian family and to accept only such sustenance as they receive from the natural fount. The motto of their order will be, "Boycott the bottle," - Globe Democrat.

Page 2, Column 4(Top)

       The meeting at this place closed Tuesday evening, resulting in 51 conversions and 10 reclaimed. The following are names of those who joined the various churches:
       M. E. Church, S. - J. C. Floyd, DeRoos Bailey, Jas. A. Young, Fannie Young, Hattie McDowell, Lillie McDowell, Mollie Wood, Vina Gallaher, Edna Layton, Sarah Roberts, Belle Griffin, Nellie Jeffreys, Lucretia Pope, Mary E. Harris, George W. Wickersham, Cuba Covington, Eva Harris, A. J. Noe, L. L. Seawel, Adelia Stockton, Sarah Mathes, Una Jobe, Belle Wickersham, Nevada Reed, Thos. Railsback, J. S. Lindley, Ossie Layton, Anna Layton, Nancy J. Allen, Let Coker (colored).
       M. E. Church .. K. J. Hudson, Essie Hudson and Eliza Hudson.
       Christian Church -- Alice Hogan, Larena Bridges
       The Methodist Church -- Jesse Bridges
       There was collected for Evangelist Dortch the sum of $76; for Rev. John Cantrell, $17.50, and for Rev. Mr. Bradford, $4.


Mr. Editor: I thought I would send you a few items of news from our vicinity, as we are not represented in your "splashing" little paper.

Health very good.

Enterprising farmers are preparing their ground and planting corn this week

Wheat crops look flattering in the part of the country.

Corn buyers are plentiful in this vicinity, but not much corn to sell.

Our blacksmith, Jo Saser, is ready at anytime to do your work.

Shelby Lay, the miller, will grind corn every Friday and Saturday, and he makes a good turnout of wheat.

Our friend John Angel has the appearance of a candidate. Mr A. is a good farmer and a wide awake man.

J. C. Cooper, by an accident, had most of his fence destroyed by fire the other day. -- W. L. M.

Land Office at Harrison, Ark
April 26, 1886
       Notice is hereby given that the following named settler has filed notice of his intention to make final proof in support of his claim, and that said proof will be made before the Judge of Marion county, Ark., at Yellville, Ark., on June 10th 1886, viz: John A Robbins. H. E. No 9483, for the se ne, w 1/2 ne and w 1/2 se section 9, township 21, range 17 west. He names the following witnesses to prove his continuous residence upon, and cultivation of, said land, viz: William I Dial, Lust Chafin, Step Chafin, E K Smiley, all of Peel P O Ark. 9-6 -- H C Tipton, Registar

US Land Office, Harrison, Ark
April 15, 1886
       Complaint having been entered at this office by George W Bell, against Lawson N Mooney for abandoning his Homestead Entry No. 4691, dated March 11th 1879, upon the northeast quarter of the southwest quarter and northwest quarter of the southeast quarter section 6, township 20 north, range 15 west, in Marion county, Arkansas, with a view to the cancellation of said entry; the said parties are hereby summoned to appear at this office on the 23rd day of May. 1886, at 10 o'clock a. m. to respond and furnish testimoney concering the slleged abandoment. - H C Tippon, Registar, A L Kiso, Receiver

Land Office at Harrison, Ark
April 21, 1886
       Notice is hereby given that the following named settler has filed notice of his intention to make final proof in support of his claim, and that said proof will be made before the Judge of Marion county, Ark., at Yellville, Ark., on 15th of May, 1886, viz: John C Rea, H.E. No 1561, for the wouthwest orthwest section 6, township 20 north, range 15 west. He names the following witnesses to prove his continuous residence upon, and cultivation of, said land, viz: J N Griffin, E T Record, G E Orcutt and Jos. W Pace, all of Oakland, Ark. - H C Tipton, Registar

Marion Circuit Court - August Term, 1886
W Q Seawel, Plaintiff against Margaret Fee, Mary Noe and the following heirs at large of Jane Noe, to-wit: C W Noe, Thomas Noe, Salina McVey and her husband, A H McVey, Emily Jackson and her husband, David Jackson, Sarah Tatum and her husband, Richard Tatum; also Jane Coker and her husband, Ed Coker, Ellen Jefferson and her husband R A Jefferson, Mary Noe, Minnie Noe and Elzada Belle Noe, heirs at law of Eliza Noe, deceased, the last three named being minors. Defendants: The defendants, Jane Coker and her husband Ed Coker, Ellen Jefferson and her husband, R A Jefferson, Sarah Tatum and her husband, Richard Tatum are warned to appear in this court within (30) thirty days and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, W Q Seawel - April 8, 1886 - Neal Dodd, Clerk

Same warning order except the plaintiff is Abigail Seawell

Page 2, Column 5 & 6(Top)

All ads that have been transcribed previously

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