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Vol 1. No. 8

Mt. Echo Newspaper
April 23, 1886 Issue
Abstracted & Copyrighted
by Linda Haas Davenport

Dividing Line

When the print is so faded that it cannot be read <.....> will be used . All transcription will be as found in the paper, misspellings and all.

Page 1, Column 1

Subscription and county officer information - unchanged

Page 1, column 2

J J Keeter announcement for Sheriff - same as last issue

       We are authorized to announce M H Wolf as a candidate for re-election to the office of treasurer of Marion county, subject to the action of a democratic convention if one be held.

announcement of meeting for Marion Co Democratic Council - same as last issue

Political news from around the state of AR

Page 1, column 3 (Top)

Political news from around the state of AR

article about the need for another railroad

article - why President Cleveland will not marry


Mr. W L Massey, of Hampton Creek, was in town yesterday. From him we gather the following items from his neighborhood:

Most of the farmers through planting corn. Some corn coming up, and looking well.

The wheat and oats crop look fine and the prospect most flattering for an abundant harvest.

Rev J C Baker will begin a protracted meeting at Hampton M E Church on next Sunday.

Farmers are making preparations to plant a large acreage of cotton this year.

Health very good in this vicinity.

Stock in good condition, considering the sever winter and backward spring.

Page 1, column 4 (Top)

article on talking

article - Advice to Young Men

Notice of Teacher examination - same as last issue

Rev J H Watts, of the Valley Springs circuit, called to see us on Wednesday. He has been visiting his mother, four miles south of town, several days this week.

Page 1, column 5 (Top)


The young men of Brinkley gobbled all the town offices at the recent municipal election in that thriving little city, from mayor on down.

S(...blot) county farmers are rejoicing in the hope of a large wheat crop this year. From all parts of the State come the same cheering reports.

Tuesday night the sheriff made a raid and arrested and lodged in jail John W Terry, charged with selling whisky without license. He was armed and equipped with five bottles of whisky on his person. - Boone Banner

We understand that the railroad company gave all the Knights of Labor employed at this place the bounce this week. This looks very much like Gould, Hoxie & Co., were trying to keep up the fight. - Jackson County Herald.

Patents have been granted to the following Arkansas inventors recently: Eli C Stanbroug, Lead Hill, combined washing and wringing machine; Geo S Benedict, Mayflower, device for taking down, putting up and stretching wire.

The Beabe Argus says fruit growers in that section are in high hopes this year of a large fruit crop. The peach trees are in full bloom and promise a good yield. Strawberry plants are growing fast and look better than they have in years and promise a large crop.

The Wheel is the name of the new paper just started at Newburgh Izard county, by John M Elzez. That county now has only three papers, but it is thought that before long every man in the county will buy a three-dollar outfit and publish a paper according to the dictates of his own sweet will.

J W Jones, formerly of Newport, but recently Commissioner of Indian schools of Idaho, is in trouble. He is under arrest and will be brought back to Newport to answer to a charge of embezzlement of the funds of the Knights of the Golden Rule of that place. He was formerly editor of the Newport News, and was a member of the last Legislature from Jackson county. He was a member of the church, and often lead in public prayer. There is considerable indignation against Jones in Newport, several widows having failed to receive the little endowments through his crookedness.

Political Points - political opinions

Public Opinion - political quotes from national papers

Page 2 column 1 (Top)


<folded corner ... > Coker and Pierce were in town yesterday.

Farmers are making good use of the pretty weather this week.

The Echo's subscription list is slowing but steadily increasing.

John Quincy Adams, J P is a subscriber to The Mountain Echo.

Large quantities of rich zinc ore have lately been discovered in the vicinity of Doddsville.

Remember that the examination of teachers will take place on next Friday, the 30th inst., at this place.

Mr. C E Cantrell, of the Desoto neighborhood, was a welcome visitor to The Echo office on last Saturday.

Mr W P Cantrell was in town several days last week attending the meeting at the M.E. Church, South.

Mr. A J. Noe, "Uncle Jack," as he is familiarly called, is one of the most accommodating postmasters in the state.

At the recent protracted meeting at Lead Hill there were only 18 professions, instead of 27 as was published last week. There were 9 accessions to the church.

Mr. Dorich has been holding early morning services several days this week, making three services a day, not including the afternoon prayer meetings which are held at private rooms.

Dr J S Lindley left on Tuesday for Izard county, to visit his father, who is reported quite sick. The Echo hopes for his father a speedy recovery and an early return of the genial Doctor.

Three marriage licenses were issued this week, as follows:
J. S. Freeman, aged 73, to Mrs. Spicy Gowan, aged 55
J. R. Reed to Miss Cordelia Burkett
E. T. Record to Miss Mary Noe.

The steamer Home is laid up at Newport, pending some trouble in the US court at Little Rock, so says the Herald of the 17th. The Home was at McBee's on Wednesday, all the same.

Mr R B Barrett, of King's Prairie, was in town last Friday and increased the enormous wealth of The Echo to the tune of $1.50. Call again, Mr. Garrett, and tell your neighbor to do likewise.

The public school closed Thursday and the small boy can now dig the cunning little angle worm and seek the banks of classic Crooked, and after fishing all day, return home with half a doze minnows and as many stone bruises.

Remember that the Democratic Central Committee of Marion county meets at the court house tomorrow (Saturday), for the purpose of naming the time for holding the township and county conventions. Let every member be present.

Very rich copper ore has been discovered on Mr. Ezekiel Hampton's place, on George's Creek, three miles northwest of town; also on Mr Stephens' place, in the same locality. Mr R M Stephens showed us a specimen of the ore yesterday which was very rich.

A letter from Mr H W Hudson Sr, to his wife, written on last Saturday, states that the surveying party of the Carthage road were within 18 miles of Pilot Knob, on the Iron Mountain road, and that it would require about ten days to finish the survey to that point.

King Bros., insurance agents at Harrison, write policies on farm property. This firm represents none but first-class companies, and we advise farmers to have their property insured with them, rather than traveling agents who pass through the country and are never seen again. King Bros., are permanently located, and gentlemen that you can depend upon. All losses promptly adjusted and paid.

Page 2 column 2 (Top)

Assessor Cravens is in town today. He says some of the farmers of White River township are planting cotton.

Mr. E T Record, of Oakland, was in town yesterday, and paid his respects to The Echo office. He is one of our most substantial farmers and stock raisers. We can only account for the smiles that wreathed his handsome face by referring to the list of marriage licenses.

Mr Thos. Sutton refusing to serve on the board of equalization, Gov. Huges has appointed E L Murphy in his place. Mr Murphy's commission is in the hands of the county clerk, and he should come forward and qualify at once. Step forward Mr Murhpy, and get your "commish.".

The meeting at the M.E. Church, South, is still in progress, and much interest is being manifested. Mr Dortch and his co-workers are untiring and persevering in the work, and their efforts are being crowned with success. Several have professed religion and numbers of sinners have expressed an interest in their salvation.

Mr H C King, of the firm of King Bros., insurance agents of Harrison, Ark., and Mr J G Stauffer, of Dallas, Texas, were in town Tuesday and Wednesday last, adjusting the insurance on Mr W Q Seawel's residence, which was burned a few weeks ago. The matter was adjusted to the entire satisfaction of both Mr Seawel and Mr Stauffer, the adjuster.

Capt. J Dobbs, one of Marion's oldest and most respected citizens, was in town last Saturday and paid this office a pleasant call, in company with Dr R J Pierce. Capt. Dobbs has recently returned from Texas, whither he went last fall, accompanied by his wife and son, S N Dobbs, to visit his children who live in that state. The round trip was made by wagon, and the Captain's health is much improved by the journey. He speaks very highly of the Lone Star State, but likes Arkansas a little better.

On the first page will be found the announcement that Mr M H Wolf for re-election to the office of treasurer of Marion county. Mr Wolf is now serving his third term - sixth year - as county treasurer, and has given general satisfaction. He is an honest, capable man, as his record in the past will show and the funds of the county will be safe in his hands. He is a staunch Democrat, and submits his claims to the action of a Democratic nominating convention, if one be called. Give his claims due consideration. Let other candidates follow suit.

Hip, hip hurrah! Let the Bachelors Club rejoice and be exceeding glad. Ring the bell, that sweet-toned, hash hammer, and pass Bro. -- the bread! Open wide your ears and let up on the "hash" for a minute and read this from the Madison County Democrat: "Yellville can now boast of a Bachelors Club. They hold their meetings in the Weast House, and we imagine that 'hash' is always first on the programme. We feel save in saying (not flattering them at all), that a finer looking set of bachelors can not be "trotted out" in the State. We wish them success, and a bridge across the 'branch' at night."

A committee of four waited on The Echo man yesterday and inquired if Marion county's Representative was a subscriber, and being answered in the negative, they "chipped" in 10 cents each and order the paper sent to his address. The committee explained that it was very necessary that the county's Representative should at least have his county paper during the campaign, so as to keep himself as well posted as possible. The Echo things the action of the committee highly commendable, for if the county's Representative will not take an interest in his county affairs, it is nothing but right that his constituents should take an interest in him so long as he is their Representative. The donation was made in the kindest spirit, in order that the Representative may keep up with the procession and the "appiniments" of his party.

Page 2, column 3 (Top)

       Between Yellville and Isabella, Mo., there is a semi-weekly mail, which is carried on horse-back. A new carrier, Wid Bridges, a lad about 17 or 18 years old, living near this place, was sent out with the mail on this route last Saturday. At Oakland, in this county, a way office on the route, three registered packages were placed in the pouch, but on reaching Isabella the postmaster found only two packages instead of three, for which he sent a receipt to the office at Oakland by the return mail on Sunday. This was noticed by the postmaster at Oakland shortly after the carrier had left that office for this place, on his return, and thinking that everything was not all right, parties started in pursuit of the mail boy, who was overtaken at White river. After a little quizzing the boy confessed that he had robbed the pouch himself, explaining the modus-operandi of opening the bag, which was securely locked.
       The robbery occurred between Oakland and Isabella, and so nicely was the opening effected that the postmaster did not notice that the pouch had been tampered with. The registered package which was robbed contained about $120.00 and a check for a small amount. The check was destroyed by the boy, but part of the money and some iron rivets or brads were found in his possession when captured.
       The pouch was opened by removing the iron or steel fastenings at the end of the strap where the loop goes over the staple in which the lock is placed. After the package was removed the fastenings were replaced and nicely riveted, and it required close scrutiny to tell that the pouch had ever been opened without a key.
       The boy was brought to this place Monday but no authority here having jurisdiction in such cases, he was taken back to Oakland, where he will be held until the proper authorities are notified and take charge of him.
       This is indeed a sad affair, and the young man's parents, who so keenly feel the shock and are so sorely mortified, have the sympathy of the whole community.


Editor Mountain Echo: - Here are some more dots.

The health is good in this part of the county at present.

Corn planting is the order of the day. Our farmers are improving the present opportunity to plant their crops.

Well what has happened that makes Judge Horn wear such a broad smile? Why it is another boy, and it weighed 9 1/2 pounds.

There was brewing in this community last week the ground work of quite a serious difficulty, but I learn that the matter has been settled and no one hurt. Now, we are a quite people up here, and we hope to remain so, but sometimes trouble will arise even in a quite place.

The people up here are almost too busy to think about politics, but I hope they will take time to hold a convention to nominate their men to fill both State and county offices. This, in my opinion, is the only way to insure success for the Democratic party. The adage is a true one, that in union there is strength, but in division there is confusion and weakness. Well, as I am not a politician, I will say no more at this time, and will wait for some one else to speak. -- Success to the Editor. - April 21, 1886 - Bill Slim


Wheat fields look like a country beau with his first girl - full and green. - Sharp County Record

McLean's Chills & Fever Cure ad

A Cleveland county man has a contract to get out 90,000 standard length ties for the Texas and St Louis railroad.

McLean's Worm Medicine ad

McLean's back ache medicine ad

Page 2 column 4 (Top)

ad for Layton & Cowdrey in the form of an article

Notice for Harrison Mining district meeting - same as last issue

NOTICE: U.S. Land Office
Harrison, Ark. Apr 15, 1886:
       Complaint having been entered at this office by George W Bell against Lawson N Mooney for abandoning his Homestead Entry No. 4091 <4691?> dated March 12th, 1879, upon the northeast quarter of the southwest quarter and northwest quarter of the southeast quarter, section 6, township 20 north, range 15 west, in Marion county, Arkansas, with a view to the cancellation of said entry; the said parties are hereby summoned to appear at this office on the 25 <23rd?> of May 1886, at 10 o'clock a.m.; to respond and furnish testimony concerning said alleged abandonment. H C Tipton, Register; A L King, Receiver.

Warning orders - W Q Seawel against the Noes and Abigail Seawel same - transcribed in prior issues

Notice - John C Rea final proof of homestead - same as prior issues


Page 2 column 5 & 6 (Top)

ads - same as prior issues

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Linda Haas Davenport