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Mt. Echo Newspaper
October 1889 Issues
Abstracted & Copyrighted
by Gladys Horn Brown

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October 4, 1889 Issue

[Names associated with all advertisements on the front page. All located at Yellville unless otherwise stated.]

W. C. Wilson, M. D.
J. M. Coker, Physician
W. M. Noe, M. D., Physician and Surgeon
Floyd & Floyd, Attorneys at Law
B. F. Fee, Attorney at Law
William Keener, Attorney and Counselor at Law
Harrison & O'Neal, Att'ys at Law & Real Estate Agents
Hill, Fontaine & Co., Cotton Factors
Ouachita College, Arkadelphia, Ark.
Ward & Thompson's Blacksmith Shop
C. L. Glines, Watchmaker & Jeweler, Harrison, Ark.
Mrs. Wm. McBride, Teacher of Music

Rally Hill Academy [Rally Hill, Ark.]
J. W. Blankinship, L.I.
Dr. E. R. Lane
A. Alleman, A.B.
Miss Dilla Blankinship

Arcade Hotel, F. W. Huntington, Prop., Harrison, Ark.
Nick Miller, Contractor for Stone & Marble Work
B. J. Carney, General Agent for all kinds of Machinery

Business cards:
A. S. Layton - J. S. Cowdrey
Layton & Cowdrey Wholesale & Retail Dealers in Gen. Merchandise.
Seawel & Sons
Cash Dealers in General Merchandise, General Closing Sales

Old Reliable Store, Est. 1851 J. H. Berry & Son
E. D. McBride, Contractor Mason and Bricklayer
G. W. McDowel, New Quarters, Cash Store


The iron roof of the new church has been completed.

Dr. Brooksher was down from Oakland this week.

The first story of the court house is up. It's a dandy.

Henry Hudson is repairing and really improving the appearance of his residence.

Everybody is anxious to see the new bank completed. It will add greatly to our prosperity.

Mrs. Bud McVey and J. E. Wickersham's baby have been very sick this past week.

Bob Estes and Matt Owens have both completed splendid residences on Fallen Ash.

Ben Fee brought in a beet yesterday that was 22 inches in circumference and perfectly sound.

Dr. Potts, of Powell, Ark. rejoices over the arrival of a fine boy at his house.

Mr. Jas. R. Cotton, of Powell, Ark. who has been in feeble health for several days is improving.

T. R. Wheeler and Thos. Fee paid The Echo a pleasant visit last Tuesday. They have been teaching near Oakland.

Judge Keener has gone to Little Rock with the petitions in the Blankinship case. Up to the day of going to press, nothing has been heard from him. It is believed by many that the governor will not commute the sentence.

Rev. John Cantrell paid our office a pleasant visit this week. At his protracted meeting this year there have been 178 conversions and 123 accessions to the church.

When such men as John McGregor, Col. Casey and Jerome Hill Compliments(sic) our town and county we may justly feel proud. Our future is great if we will make it so.

J. B. Ward bought the Ben Fee property occupied by James Cowdrey. He moved to his new home last week. Mr. Cowdrey moved out in the country near his future place.


October 11, 1889 Issue (Top)


Charley Wilson is on the sick list this week.

The doctors report considerable sickness now.

J. E. Wickersham's child is better this week.

H. A. Young is having his house papered.

Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Patterson's babe is very sick this week.

Mrs. Dr. Coker made The Echo office a pleasant call Saturday.

Mrs. J. C. Wilson, who was thrown from a horse and very badly hurt last week, is now improving.

A new boy made his appearance at Al Robinson's residence last Monday morning.

John Covington has bought a lot just south of the jail, and will put up his shop in it. He has also bought the property in which he lives, from K. F. Cantrell.

Tucker Adcock, William Pannell, John McCartney and Miles Patten, all of Powell, will start for Texas next week.

Nothing important has yet been learned concerning the Blankinship case. It is believed his fate depends upon the recommendation of the prosecuting attorney.

J. C. Higgs and Joe Adams went to Little Rock a few days ago. Mr. Adams and J. C. Higgs are attending the medical college, and Joe Higgs is teaching in the blind school. They write that they are well pleased.

J. B. Wilson has moved his family to Rally Hill. We are sorry to lose any of our good citizens but we always wish them well. William Rowden has moved into Mr. Wilson's property.

On Tuesday evening of last week, we found we had lost a $20 bill. We felt all broke up, as "$20 is a good round sum" for a newspaper man to have in his possession. Next morning we offered $5 reward to anyone who would find it. It was found and returned to us by Dr. Coker who would accept nothing but our many thanks.

When Mike Wolf first came back, he acknowledged that he was $400 behind with the county, and that he would settle at the Oct. term of court. The last grand jury, hoping the settlement could be made, did not indict him. This week he coolly informed Judge Owens that his bond could look after the deficit, and that he would look after the criminal part of it. Marion county has just sentenced one man to death for violating the law, and Mr. Wolf will find out that she is yet able to manage her defaulting treasurers.


October 25, 1889 Issue [issues jump from the 11th to the 25th] (Top)


Mrs. James Montgomery has been quite sick but is better now.

J. W. Pierce has rented Seawel's mill for one year.

Charley Wilson is able to be out on the streets.

R. F. Patterson went down to Searcy county after his mother yesterday.

L. Bench and wife visited friends here and attending meeting several days.

Mr. Olive Carter has opened a boarding house at the old Carter Hotel.

Charley Campbell bought a lot in the Berry addition this week. He will build a house on it soon.

Mayor Berry is having the street in front of the new bank building raised nearly a foot and nicely graveled.

Rev. William Biggs assisted Bro. Ross some in the protracted meeting this week. The meeting is growing in interest.

Dr. Noe has a splendid farm horse which he will sell, within the next ten days, cheap for cash.

Zeke Hampton has struck some fine ore on James Creek. It is the finest of zinc and carries considerable silver.

Ben Fee, Ed Middleton, Nat Estes, John and Bob McBride are fishing and hunting this week up on White river near the mouth of James Creek.

Rev. P. B. Summers last week presided over the last Quarterly Conference that he will hold in this circuit.

The work on the court house has to be postponed till McBride gets his new kiln burned. He is burning it this week.

Mrs. Amanda Macy, and daughter, of Macy, Dakota, and John Layton and daughter, of Sparta Mo., are visiting relatives here.

Rob McGregor's friends here will be glad to hear that he succeeded in getting a handsome and accomplished bride. Rob was an old student of ye editor.

Mr. H. H. Dirst, of Joliet, Ill., is visiting friends in the vicinity of Dodd City. Mr. Dirst is highly pleased with our county. He was perfectly carried away with the glittering ores of Rush creek. We acknowledge a pleasant call.

John E. Nanney and Miss Temperance Adams were married, at the residence of Rev. R. T. Croy, last Saturday evening. Rev. D. C. Ross officiated. May flowers strew their pathway through life is the wish of The Echo.

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