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Mt. Echo Newspaper
September 1891 Issues
Abstracted & Copyrighted
by Gladys Horn Brown

Dividing Line

September 4, 1891 Issue

CIRCUIT COURT PROCEEDINGS (Continued from last week)

Alex Younger, selling liquor, continued.

Harry Johnson, breach of peace, jury trial, verdict not guilty.

Jesse Yocham, breach of peace, failed to appear, forfeiture on bond.

J. C. Cox, Sabbath breaking, jury trial, verdict guilty, fined $1.

Joe Estes, selling mortgaged property, jury trial, verdict not guilty.

Perry Poynter, disturbing the peace, continued.

Z. Chotes, attachment, forfeiture on bond.

Horton Jones, petit larceny, dismissed by grand jury.

Horton Jones, obtaining goods under false pretense, jury trial, verdict guilty and fined $10 and one day imprisonment in jail.

Drew Aiken, disturbing religious congregation, continued.

Bud Hogan, wearing weapons, nol pros.

Thomas Anderson, assault and battery, jury trial, verdict guilty fined $25.

Bud Hogan, selling liquor, continued.

Albert Due, wearing weapons, plea guilty, find $50.

Ambrose Atterbury, petit larceny, jury trial, guilty, fined $100 and imprisonment of 3 months in the county jail. (This was the case in which Atterbury was implicated with Haywood Linville who was said to [remainder cut off.]}

James Black, assault and battery, jury trial, not guilty.

Robert Jefferson, assault and battery, nol pros.

Lum Henderson, assault and battery, jury trial, verdict guilty fine $5.

Rial Golden and "Fate" Jones taking fish out of White river with dynamite, dismissed.

G. T. Robison, slander, dismissed by grand jury and discharged by court.

George Hand, grand larceny, two cases, failed to appear and forfeiture taken on both bonds, $750 each.

A. H. McVey, running mortgaged property, jury trial, verdict not guilty.

A. H. McVey, embezzlement, jury trial, failed to agree.


Born on 28th inst. to Mrs. John Evans, a boy.

Born to Mrs. Millie Reed on the 31st, a boy.

The Mark Mears case will be tried this week.

Miss Minnie Noe, daughter of High Noe of West Plains is visiting relatives here.

Wright Nicholson, son of J. O. Nicholson, of Harrison, came down Saturday to attend school here.

Mrs. H. A. Young and children got back home last night after an extended and pleasant visit in White County.

George, the little five year old son of Nat Estes, got his big toe cut off last week by dropping an ax on it. The little fellow is getting along reasonably well.

The Izard county Register speaks in the highest terms of Miss Mable Harris and her brother Walter, two Izard county students now attending the Yellville Institute.

One of the closest and most hotly contested cases that has come before the court this term is the State vs. Abe McVey, charged with embezzling funds belonging to the Singer Sewing Machine Co. The jury failed to agree.

       A week ago last Friday, William Dill, aged about 20, raped the five year old daughter of Sam'l. Wilsher. The facts are about as follows: Sam Wilsher and family were at their home at the head of Greasy Creek about a mile from where "Uncle" Tom Nowlin lives. Will Dill, a brother of Mrs. Wilsher, was also present. Mr. Wilsher was not well and Mrs. Wilsher asked Dill to go down to the Spring after a bucket of water. He asked the little girl to go along which she did. The two were gone so long that Mr. Wilsher started to the spring to see what was the matter. He met the young man and little girl coming to the house, the little girl crying. He asked her what was the matter but she would not tell. When she got to the house she said she wanted to go to bed. Her father picked her up and discovered that she had been foully outraged by her brute of an uncle. He father drew a knife and would have ended Dill's career but the women folks interfered and Dill finally escaped and has not yet been found. The little girl said Dill stuffed her bonnet into her mouth to keep her from crying. She is said to be seriously injured. Dill is said to be an illegitimate son of old Dave Sutzer. The brute ought to be captured and punished to the full extent of the law.

There are four men in jail at present, Robert Hollis, Ambrose Atterbury, Horton Jones, and Frank Brumlow. They say they are kindly treated by the jailer but that the jail is almost unbearable.

George and William Hamblett, sons of W. H. Hamblett, Sr., one of Marion's oldest and best citizens, were indicted at the last sitting of the grand jury, charged with stealing cotton. They were put under a heavy bond. George who was indicted in two cases being put under a bond of $750 in each case, his father going on the bond. Both boys stayed around court all last week, but last Sunday night George skipped out, leaving his father to pay his bond. William did not leave and will stand trial this court.


Born to Mrs. Jo. W. Ellis, August 31st, a find 10-pound girl. Mother and babe doing well.

Measles is the order of the day.

Lumber. Wagons busy hauling logs and lumber.

Ellis Bros. running six days in the week.

Hogs dying with cholera.


September 11, 1891 Issue (Top)


J. E. Wickersham's infant child is very sick.

"Grandpa" May Tatum, living a few miles south of Yellville, died last Wednesday night at the great age of 82 years. He was speechless from the moment he was stricken down to his death.

Little Ola, the six year old daughter of I. S. Floyd, who lives near Bellefonte, was burned to death last week. Her clothes caught fire from the fireplace during a brief absence of the parents. -- Harrison Times.

Miss Annie Cowdrey leaves this week for Waynesborough, Va. where she will again enter her class for another year's work. Her countless friends will wish her all the pleasure possible, and all the honors that she can obtain in school.

Born to Mrs. John Sims on the 5th, a son.

Mrs. W. R. Jones' health is such that she will not teach for a few weeks. Her department is being ably conducted by Miss Mable Harris of Izard County.

Marion Seawel left last Saturday for Lexington, Va. where he will study law the coming year.

Miss Mattie Wilson left last Tuesday for Palopinto County, Tex., where she has been engaged to teach this winter. Miss Mattie is a good teacher and has a legion of friends who will wish her a safe and pleasant trip and unbounded success in her school work.

       The following parties have been licensed to wed since we last published the list:
James E. Platt, James Creek, 22 - Laura Shill, James Creek, 21
John McKaig, Carroll Co., 67 - Caroline Gardner, Boone Co., 62
R. L. Gilley, Prairie, 23 - Councel King, Prairie, 19
W. T. Casey, Blythe, 21 - L. P. Cheek, Blythe, 18
James L. Pangle, James Creek, 37 - Martha A. King, James Creek, 18
M. A. Mears, James Creek, 18 - N. M. Railsback, Blythe, 17
Ruben Love, Prairie, 20 - Mary E. Dobbs, Prairie, 17
John Roper, Union, 19 - Mary Jane Keeter, Union, 14
T. T. Bailess, Union, 21 - Sarah Keeter, Union, 18
Baxter Brown, Franklin, 18 (paper printed name Baxter Drown) - Effie Dial, Franklin, 18
W. P. Laffoon, Buffalo, 30 - Cynthia Wood, Buffalo, 17
G. W. Doshier, Water Creek, 19 - Alice Langston, DeSoto, 15


September 18, 1891 Issue (Top)


Mrs. Mary Gear of Springfield is visiting relatives in Yellville.

Revs. Thos. Wilson, Brakebill and others are holding a successful protracted meeting under a brush arbor north of town.

W. Q. Seawel and J. C. Berry got back from Springfield last Sunday. They report a splendid Fair and a good time generally. They say the Marion county zinc took the eyes of all the mining men at the Fair. They also think railroad signs are good.

"Uncle" Henry Burch of Flippin Barrens left at our office this week the finest apples of the season.

Miss Henrietta Patterson has closed her school in Dist. No. 31 until the first of December when she will teach a three months winter term. She will attend the Yellville Institute from now until December. -- Baxter County Citizen.

Miss Patterson is one of our best students, and has been quite successful in teaching. The faculty and her many friends at Yellville will gladly welcome her return to school again. Later - Miss Patterson arrived last Saturday.

       I am running a daily hack line between Yellville and Harrison. I have two good covered hacks and plenty of horses, and will do all I can to accommodate the traveling public. The hack will leave each town at 7 a.m. and reach the other at 6 p.m. Fare for one trip $2, round trip at lower rates. This arrangement will enable capitalists to reach the mining regions from Eureka Springs without delay and at reasonable rates. Drummers and all traveling men will be accommodated. Thos. Wootton


September 25, 1891 Issue Missing

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