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Mt. Echo Newspaper
October 1891 Issues
Abstracted & Copyrighted
by Gladys Horn Brown

Dividing Line

October 2, 1891 Issue


The good news we promised last week has not yet arrived.

Rev. Thos. Wilson was called to Valley Springs this week to attend the funeral of his nephew, Brice Johnson.

J. Q. Adams and family got back to Marion county from Texas last week. No place like Arkansas.

C. C. Poynter has built and had painted a dandy porch to his dwelling. He has also built a new chimney and is putting on lots of style.

We omitted to mention last week that J. E. Lemen and wife had left for a visit to friends in the East. They were accompanied by Miss Essie Weast.

John McBride is down from Harrison this week helping "Bob" put in his big job of building flues and chimnies for the new buildings that have been erected in Yellville this season.

J. H. Endsley and wife last week returned from a visit to Sharp county. Mr. Endsley says Sharp county has a splendid crop, but that Fulton county has the poorest crop in her history. A good part of Baxter, he says, is in the same condition as Fulton.

Clint Butler last week moved his family to Flippin. He and G. Q. Seawel will hold the fort out there and sell all the goods the people want. We understand that Mr. Butler will stand as the P.M. at that point in the place of Mr. Cox who intends to resign.

A week ago last Sunday night Bob Dosier was shot at, at his home in the Cowan Barrens. On last Sunday night James McCarty was shot at on his way home from church. Is there no way to put a stop to the devilment out there?

Our news from George's Creek is to the effect that W. J. Burlison and Sterling Weast each have a new boy, cotton is damaged by the drouth, too dry to sow wheat and that James Hudson had struck zinc while drilling a well at a depth of 127 feet and soon after had 69 feet of water.

Miss Mattie Wilson writes that she arrived at her destination in Texas all right. She says she is within ____ yards of a railroad which is something novel for her. She likes Texas very much, although she says it is very dry there. She will begin teaching as soon as the school house where she will be teacher is completed.

John Cowdrey got back from a long trip last Tuesday. He went that far with his daughter, Annie, on her way back to school at Waynesborough, Va. He had a nice time in St. Louis and bought a lot of fall goods. He took in the exposition, heard Gilmore's band play and saw the great Odd Fellow's parade.

A. C. Hull, the residing editor of the Boone Banner, gave us a call on his way to Baxter county last Saturday. He passed back this week accompanied by his mother who has been visiting in Marion and Baxter several weeks. One is always glad to see Alex. He is always in splendid spirits and has a big eye on the future of this section of country. His paper is rapidly coming to the front as one of the best weeklies in the state.

J. T. W. Barker left at our office some very fine specimens taken from the Big Elephant mine. He says he and James Hare took out a ton of ore from this mine last Friday. Mr. Barker and Henry Hand---aye(?) formed a real estate agency and prepares to do their share of the business in that part of the county. Both are first class and perfectly reliable gentlemen and we wish them success.

       J. T. Wooton, Proprietor - I am running a daily hack line between Yellville and Harrison. I have two good covered hacks and plenty of horses, and will do all I can to accommodate the traveling public. The hack will leave each town at 7, A.M. and reach the other at 6, P.M. Fare for one trip $2, round trip at lower rates. This arrangement will enable capitalists to reach the mining regions, from Eureka Springs, without delay and at reasonable rates. Drummers and all other traveling men will be accommodated. Thos. Wooton.


October 9, 1991 Issue (Top)


"Jim" Holt, the supposed dead man, was in town this week.

The first frost of the season fell last Sunday night.

Jim Lefevers, living south of town, is dangerously sick.

C. J. Edney repairs and furnishes all parts of sewing machines.

Lewis Dayton, a young man living near Dodd city, died recently with pneumonia.

The Echo man will soon have his residence completed on the homestead above town.

Miss Mary Nowlin, daughter of John S. Nowlin, will enter school here next Monday.

I have a good supply of first class lime that I will sell at 20c per bu. - David Faulkenberry.

Miss Lillie Nelson, of Baxter County, is in town this week and will enter school here next Monday.

We tender our thanks to J. M. Lancaster, who lives north of town, for the finest lot of dried peaches we ever tasted.

H. B. Dalham's name no longer appears at the masthead of the Wynne Ripsaw. Where he has gone we are not informed.

J. N. Griffin writes that his partner in business, "Mote" Orcutt, is dangerously sick and will probably not recover.

The Institute bell and a big lot of new apparatus arrived this week. The bell was badly needed and the apparatus will fill a long felt want.

John Hathcock is now a fixture in H. A. Young's store.

"Uncle" Dick Covington, of Baxter Co., was visiting relatives in Yellville this week.

"Dan Reed and Billy" Jones, living south of town, each have a bran new boy.

Miss Lavada Reed formally of this place, after visiting friends here, left last Wednesday for her home in Mo.

Evem Powell and wife will move to town in a few days. Mr. Powell will go into the real estate and insurance business.

Harvey Hathcock, of Clark Co., Mo., was down here last week. He was accompanied home by Mrs. Nan Smith, who will stay up there awhile.

Claude Cowdrey and Miss Alice Stephens recently eloped and were married in Searcy county. We wish the young couple much happiness.

MARRIAGES - The following parties have been issued license to marry since we last published the list:
P. S. Waltman, 18, Blythe - Mary Parkins, 20, Sugar Loaf [4 Oct 1891]
B. B. King, 24, Prairie - Laura Lee Phillips, 18, Prairie [4 Oct 1891]
T. M. Merriman, 21, Franklin - Ada Meshew, 16, Franklin [4 Oct 1891]
R. M. King, 21, Franklin - Amanda Henderson, 16, Franklin [1 Oct 1891]
A. R. Taylor, 24, Tomahawk - Rebecca Younger, 18, Water Creek [1 Oct 1891]
J. W. Younger, 21, Water Creek - Mollie Burris, 15, Water Creek [1 Oct 1891]
T. B. Musick, 35, James Creek - Sarah C. Cochran, 18, James Creek [27 Sep 1891]
R. E. Phillips, 19, Prairie - Elender Hardister,[no age], Prairie [27 Sep 1891]
James I. Parmer, 21, Blythe - Sarah Ledford, 21, Blythe [20 sep 1891]
C. S. Merriman, 19, Franklin - Lou Ledbetter, 18, Franklin [20 Sep 1891]


October 16, 1891 Issue (Top)


Born to Mrs. J. M. Hively, on 10th inst., a girl.

Born to Mrs. Joseph Ward, on 13th inst., a boy.

J. A. Young's infant child has been sick for over four months and is now at the point of death.

James and Bob Montgomery were in town last week building more stove flues.

Miss Lillie Carter, who has been at Mtn. Home several weeks, came home last Saturday and will remain here this winter.

Mrs. Anderson, of Baxter county, was over here this week and will move to Yellville in a few days and establish a boarding house.

Miss Mattie Lewis writes that she regrets very much that her health will not permit her to enter school at Yellville.

"Uncle" George Dysart, foreman of Frank H. Floyd's drill, has gone down 114 feet on Bob Dosher's place. No water at last account.

Miss Edna Pratt has closed her school at Lone Rock and accepted the principalship of the school at Bruno, Marion county.- Baxter County Citizen.

A. A. Young, of Ravenden Springs, arrived at Yellville this week. Mr. Young was formerly a citizen of Yellville, and says he is here to stay this time. One by one, the wanderers are returning.

Willie[?} Carter got back from Texas Thursday. He likes Texas but likes home better.

Frank Treat, Cab. Wolf and Alex. Thompson back from Marionville, Mo. Thursday. The boys said they enjoyed themselves first rate while gone.

Pupils that have entered Yellville Institute this week: Miss Mary Kesee, Protem, Mo.; Miss Mary Nowlin, Bruno; Mr. J. T. Drake, Yellville; Mr. _____ H. Pottet and Mr. Jno. Mashburn, Watkins; Robert Rea, Oakland; and W. J. Barnett, Flippin.

Col. Dan Fulbright, of Valley Springs, and J. T. McCracken, of DeSoto, Ark., were in this city last Saturday. They had just sold some 80 head of fine cattle and were getting ready to drive others to market. - Boone Banner.

Robert Robertson, and his mother, of Baxter county, were visiting relatives at Yellville this week. Robert will not again enter school at present but will teach a term in Baxter county. He has just closed a term of school near Optimus, Stone county.

Prof. W. Albert Chapman has moved his assay office to Yellville.

The Echo was forced to come out with a half sheet this week. Two weeks ago we wrote the agent to send our paper over on the hack, but we presume the hack has quit carrying anything but the mail. The school journal will be another week late for the same reason. - Later: The mail from West Plains to Mountain Home has not arrived for two days. This explains the matter.


October 23, 1891 Issue (Top)


Tom Hutchison is the happy father of a bran new girl.

Henry Hand is the proud father of a future Democratic voter.

Lum Henderson came over from Baxter county last week and will enter school here.

Rev. L. L. Seawel and mother visited relatives in Mtn. Home this week.

We will take some cabbage, apples and a few gallons of molasses on subscription, if brought in at once.

Mr. H. B. Dalham, for awhile editor and proprietor of the Wynne Ripsaw, left there recently on account of ill health and has leased the Batesville Progress.

Harvey Mathia(sic), of Cold Water, Baxter county, was over at Yellville last Sunday.

Prof. Harris will move into his new residence this week. J. N. Griffin's family will occupy the house vacated.

J. W. Harris has put an engine to his new roller mill south of town. A spark from the smoke stack came very near burning both his gin and mill last week.

We learn that Mrs. J. A. Carter, of Mtn. Home, is very low with typhoid fever. She has many warm friends in this county who sincerely hope they will soon hear she is better.

Dr. Brewer writes us that Capt. Smith of the Thompkins is at the point of death with heart disease. This is sad news to Mr. Smith's many friends in upper White river. His partner, Capt. Postal, recently lost his boat, the Chickasaw, and with it his all. A Yellville delegation consisting of Messrs. John Noe, Norman Bennett, Wm. Estes, Chas. Wilson, J. A. Cowdrey, Walter Harris, Claud Wilson, Joe Wood, and Miss Mable Harris and Mrs. Mary Gear, and perhaps others came in Thursday evening to the fair. - Harrison Times.

C. C. Poynter left last Sunday for Little Rock after Fed Woods whose term in the penitentiary expires this week. Fed is wanted in this county for assisting Haskett in breaking into Newt Bearden's store about a year ago. Haskett has been in the penitentiary since last February. The Sheriff carried down a petition asking for his release, so that he can be used as a witness against Woods at the next term of court.

[A large portion of this page is blacked out.]

Our sister town of Harrison has just been visited with a disastrous fire. This should remind Yellville that she is no condition to put out even a small fire should one occur. Very few of us have even ladders or buckets ready in case of fire. It's important that a hook and ladder company be organized before it will be too late for one to be of benefit to us. Yellville has ______ fire and should be afraid of it. Let some active citizen take the matter of organizing a hook and ladder company in hand.

Eld. J. T. Prior was last week relieved of his position as Finance Agent of the Baptist high school at Mtn. Home. The charges against him are that he is too fond of women. The particular charges against him being that he attempted a very improper act about two months ago at the residence of Eld. J. H. Parmer of Powell, this county. Eld. Prior immediately afterward left for Mo. and did not return until last week when he was relieved from his pastorate at Mtn. Home and also from his connection with the school. We also learn that he will be looked after by both the church at Mtn. Home and the Masonic Lodge at Gassville.

J. A. Callahan got back home last week. He had been out about three weeks looking for his horse that were stolen by "Bill" Gammille last fall. He got no word from his horses. He has followed them 90 days and spent considerable money. On this trip he was accompanied by W. C. Morgan, the man who recently bought "Uncle Sam" Vanzant's place. Mr. Morgan is selling a patent washer. He left Mr. Callahan at Batesville and told him if he made up his mind to move to Marion county he would be back here in about two weeks. If not, he would not come back for awhile. Mr. Callahan says he passed through nine counties and that Yellville has the best school he has seen. He says, however, that education is on the _____ everywhere, that every little town is putting up a good school building and moving out in school matters generally.

From our friend, Mr. Tucker, of Baxter county, we learned yesterday morning of the suicide of Mr. W. T. Suther in that county near Mountain Home, which occurred on Wednesday of last week. He went out to the barn just about daylight and went into the crib and placed his gun in front of him, took a stick and pushed the trigger, and discharged its contents into his own body. His family and neighbors went immediately to him. He told them he was not in [The remainder is unreadable on this film.]

Through the efforts of Rev. D. C. Ross, the trustees of the Methodist Church have received nearly $500 from the church extenuation fund, the last remittance being received a few days ago.

Dr. Goodman, a hustling merchant of Calico Rock, came up to Yellville this week with his two sons who have entered the school here. Yellville school is on the biggest kind of a boom.

The town council met last Monday night, levied a 2 mil tax and appointed W. R. Jones a member of the council in the place of Clint Butler, who has removed to Flippin, and discussed the street and other questions.

       I, C. C. Poynter, Sheriff of Marion county, Arkansas, in obedience to and in conformity with Section 2629 of Mansfield Digest, do hereby proclaim that on the 24th day of October, A.D. 1891, there will be held at the voting precinct in Water Creek township, in said county, a special election for the purpose of electing a Justice of the Peace to fill the vacancy caused by the removal of John W. Coker, late J.P. in said Water Creek township, Marion county. This 15, day of October, 1891, C. C. Poynter, Sheriff of Marion county.


October 30, 1891 Issue (Top)


Mrs. Dr. Hart, of Mtn. Home, has been visiting relatives in Yellville this week.

A. B. Davis, of Powell, left Tuesday morning for Little Rock to attend Medical School.

W. A. Collis, of Baxter Co., will preach in Yellville the fifth Sunday in November.

W. L. Davis writes us to send his paper to Forestburg, Montague Co., Texas.

Before starting to the Medical School, I placed all my accounts with Lawrence Bench for collection. -- J. I. Thompson.

Henry Young wants to buy three thousand dozen eggs, at once, at 13 cents per doz. Also all your Dry Hides, Deer Pelts, Genseng, Bees Wax, Chickens, &c.

Dan McCurry, of Boone County, writes the Boone Banner that he stayed all night with Dr. A. J. Brewer at Newport and was surprised to find the doctor a Jacksonian Democrat as he once was.

Dr. J. E. Andrews and Miss Oza[?] Allen surprised inhabitants of Harrison last night by calling on Rev. T. A. Martin and demanding the marriage ceremony performed. They have the best wishes of the Banner. - Boone Banner.

The West Plains hack line is in a bad shape. Contractor Berry unfortunately got in debt to several parties and a couple of weeks ago L. E. Hopper attached the team on this end of the line for a debt due him. The horses are to be sold next Saturday. Hopper has carried the mail most of the time to Bakersfield since he attached the team. Berry promised to get the line straightened up in a few days. -- Baxter Citizen.

Last Friday night a party of boys went up to the Institute building to attend the Literary Society. Instead of going in and behaving themselves, they stayed out and kept doing first one thing and then another until they got into serious trouble. It seems that they were taking off each other's hats and throwing them into the school house. Finally, James Tatum, John Music and Joab Fee, all boys about 17 years old, got into a racket over a hat and Tatum used his knife with dangerous effect. Joab Fee had his clothes cut all to pieces but almost miraculously escaped with a few skin gashes. Music was badly cut, receiving a stab that would have killed him had not the knife struck the back bone. Neither Fee nor Music attempted to use a weapon. Tatum has skipped out. Ben Fee says he will spend everything he has to bring Tatum to justice. We understand that several who were present will be looked after by the next grand jury for disturbing a lawful assembly. The whole crowd was requested to either come to the house or leave the grounds a good while before the trouble came up. Our people have spent too much money to try to build up a school here to allow a few boys to break it up and we fully believe that the sad affair of last Friday night will be the last trouble we will have out of the boys of the town.

[Marriages listed here are illegible.]

The journal is under obligations to Bro. Hull of the Boone Banner for the paper on which it is printed this issue. It is also under obligation to Mr. Wooton, the accommodating proprietor of the Yellville and Harrison hack line, for bringing the paper through so promptly. We understand The Echo is under like obligations, the West Plains and Yellville hack lines having disappointed it as well as the journal.

Dividing Line

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