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Mt. Echo Newspaper
August 1921 Issues
Abstracted & Copyrighted
by Lois Sullivan Stradley

Dividing Line

AUGUST. 4, 1921 Issue


Johnathan PARKER left Friday of this week for Broken Arrow, Okla., where he says he will remain until November.

Ambrose CARSON who has been engaged in the oil production business at Wilson, Okla., for sometime has moved to Breckenridge, Texas where he is engaged in the same work

Leslie LAYTON son of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur LAYTON arrived home last Sunday, having been discharged from the U. S. Navy at San Diego, Calif. where he had been stationed for the past two years.

Mr. and Mrs. A. M. MEARS of near Flippin, were in Yellville Tuesday enroute to St. Joe to visit Mrs. MEARS aunt, Mrs Hutchinson PENNINGTON Mr. MEARS said it was his first visit with her in about three years.

The Echo is requested to announce that John A. BATTENFIELD of the Incoming Kingdom Missionary Unit of Gilbert, will begin a meeting in Yellville next Sunday, and will do his preaching in the park at the Noe spring.

Lewis (Buster) ROBERTS of Franklin, Izard county, spent a few days in Yellville the first of the week visiting his mother Mrs. John ROBERTS and other relatives and friends. Buster is farming down there, and says he's crops are fairly good.

Mr. W. E. LAYTON spent Sunday at Newport with his wife and Dr. and Mrs. A. M. ELTON He said that Mrs. LAYTON is considerably improved, which will be good news to her Yellville friends. He also stated that Dr. ELTON is getting along nicely in Newport, but that the heat there is even more intense than here.

Mr. J. W. YOUNGER who has been in Oklahoma for the past year, has returned to his former home in Rea Valley where he will locate again. Mr. YOUNGER said he had stayed out there as long as he could, and when the call became so strong that he could no longer resist it, he returned to his native land, and thinks he will be much better satisfied here than ever before.

Mr. and Mrs. H. M. BARDEEN of Red Oaks north of Flippin, were looking after interests in Yellville, Saturday. Mr. BARDEEN said his section of the country was hard hit by the drouth, and the corn crop is a failure.

Mr. and Mrs. A. H. RICHARDS of Oklahoma City were in Yellville last Friday, enroute to Salem, Fulton county, to visit Mrs. RICHARDS' parents. They were making the trip in their car.

Howard SANDERS , Henry YOUNG Jr. and Hunter PATRICK left Sunday for Camp Pike to attend the Citizens Training School to be held here for the next thirty days. We understand that Sheman LEWIS also accompanied them.

J. W. HORNER of Olden, Texas arrived in Yellville Monday, having been called by the illness of his mother Mrs. J. F. HORNER who we are glad to state, was somewhat improved when he arrived. Billie says he is getting along nicely in Texas and is well satisfied.

Roy LINTON has recently completed a shed 23x63 feet for his planing plant near his home between Yellville and summit and is finishing some fine lumber. He has also recently added another room to his dwelling. 14x26 finished in oak, and it's a beauty.

Prof. H. H. PATRICK who was the principal of the High School at this place last year, will leave for Blackey, Ky., where he and Mrs. PATRICK have positions in a Presbyterian School. They have made many friends in Yellville and throughout the country who wish for them prosperity and happiness in their new home.

Virgie BLANKENSHIP who is teaching in district No. 71, was in Yellville Saturday and said he had enrolled 52 students, and was eight full grades.

Hon J. C. FLOYD went to Marshall Tuesday on business.

Mrs. Virgel BLANKENSHIP was in Yellville the first of the week having dental work done.

Get prices on mew Peter's Shoes while attending Court next week at J. B. TATUM 'S He sells them.

Clay NOWLIN made a business trip to Springfield the latter part of last week.

Mrs. V. A. WILBER of Joplin, who is visiting relatives and friends in Yellville, went over to Cotter last Friday to spend a few days with Mrs. E. B. GRISWILD

Mr. L. P. WALTERS of the blacksmith firm of Phillips & Walters, moved his family to Yellville Monday, and they are occupying the Lee CARSON property on Estes Avenue.

Mr. Frank WATTS after having been confined to his bed for about five weeks with fever was able to come up town Friday and said he was feeling first rate, but still weak. His friends were glad to see him out again.

George HORNER one of the good farmers of the Cowan barrens section, last week bought the fine Jersey bull, belonging to A. G. FLIPPIN that was referred to in the Echo a week or so ago. We are glad to see all this kind of stock kept in the country as it is worth more to the people than almost any agency that can employed.

Messrs. A. M. WATTS and J. C. PERKINS spent a couple of days last week fishing in White river near Buford. Mr. WATTS said they caught a number of nice fish principally on the trot-line. He said that Jim didn't have much luck catching them on his whizpole. He also said that Boone DOSHIER and other parties caught a cat fish the day they left that weighed about 45 pounds, which is quite some fish story for one even so experienced as Mr. WATTS to spring on his friends.

Mrs Helen KEETER returned Monday from Fort Smith.

I have a 490 Chevrolet car for sale at a bargain. See Bryan JEFFERSON

Miss Clyo PIERCE of Carthage, Mo., is visiting her aunt, Mrs Hi FEE and other relatives in Yellville.

Attorney Sam WILLIAMS returned Tuesday from Fort Smith where he had been visiting his wife who is in a hospital. He says she is getting along very nicely.

Mr. J. D. BYRN District Plant Chief of S. W. Bell Telephone Company, with headquarters at Fort Smith, spent a day in Yellville last week looking over the equipment of the company.

Fred GARVER says he and his boys have put in ten days on the street leading north by the county farm, free of cost to the city and he thinks it is now time the city was doing something to place that street in better condition.

Mrs. Ran COKER and several of her children went to Holister, Mo., for a few days outing and recreation. Friday of last week. Her eldest son, Lorenza, went up there a few days ago, to spend several weeks camping out for the sake of breathing the pure ozone of the Ozarks, and Mrs. COKER and other members of the family will doubtless join him.

A number of parties who have relatives buried in the Layton cemetery have failed to contribute to the cemetery fund. The graves are needing attention. Please attend to this matter at once. Mrs. V. L. WALTON Custodian Cemetery Fund.

On Thursday of last week while putting up overhead metal ceiling in the Methodist church, the scaffold gave way and the occupants, Rev I. L. CLAUD , W. D. DOSHIER , Oswald CARTER and Oran MELTON fell to the floor. Rev. CLAUD sustained injuries to his back but has almost recovered. Mr. DOSHIER received a sprained ankle and is yet confined to his room. The boys were not hurt.

Mr. and Mrs. Dick MEARS of Flippin barrens were transacting business in Yellville Thursday of last week

Regardless of the road a man travels in life he finds at the end of each twelve months a milepost one year nearer the end of life's pilgrimage. On Friday last Carroll WOODS one of Marion county's progressive farmers who owns a good Crooked creek farm a few miles east of Yellville, found he had reached his forty ninth mile post and his youngest son, Lucian, his fifth birthday


AUGUST 11, 1921 Issue (Top)

The Cowdrey building occupied by John NANNY is being recovered and otherwise repaired this week.

Rosco HICKS of the Hicks store at Rush was transacting business in Yellville the latter part of last week. Rosco said business in that section was very quite, but in that it is no different from other sections from which we have heard.

Estrayed-From my place at Weast City, last March, one red cow, four years old past, marked crop off left ear, branded on left hip with large letter "J". Will pay $5.00 for information leading to her recovery. B. C. JOHNSON , Yellville

Mr. C. R. ANDERSON of Anderson Flat, in Independence township was attending court this week and said they had a fine rain Saturday. He also informed us of the death of Mr. Richard HUSKY which occurred Sunday morning. He said Mr. HUSKY had been suffering with gall stones for the past six or seven weeks. He leaves a wife and several children to mourn his untimely death. He was buried Monday in the grave yard at Anderson school house.

Horace WAGONER who is wire chief for the Southwestern Bell Telephone company at Chelson, Oklahoma, came in Sunday to visit his father, Mr. Sam WAGONER and his brothers, Ed and Luther. Horace says he has a good job and is well satisfied.

Mrs. Roy HAND and children of Little Rock, who had been visiting Mrs. HAND'S parents Mr. and Mrs. DEPRIEST near Bruno, for several weeks, came in Thursday of last week and will spend some time with relatives and friends in Yellville before returning to her home in Little Rock.

Mr. John GIBSON of Flippin, was in Yellville Monday and told us that he recently sold the Mrs. Sousan CRITES farm, near Cotter, to Mr. Henry BROCKWOOD of Iola Kansas, who will convert it into a sheep ranch, and will ship five hundred sheep from his ranch in Kansas to it within the next few days. Mrs CRITES left Monday for Toledo, Ohio.

Mr. Roy HAND who has a clerkship in the State Auditor's office came Sunday from Little Rock and will spend a few days visiting his parents. Mr. and Mrs. J. H. HAND and other relatives and friends. Roy says he is liking his job fine, but he enjoys being back home as in the mountains the air is pure and refreshing. His friends are glad to see him.

Joe BURLESON of Eros was in Yellville Monday and said that the ball team of Eros and Everton played a match game Saturday on Everton's ground, and that the scores stood 8 to 5 in favor of Everton at the end of the ninth inning, and that it was a hard fought game. Bridges PANNELL and Gills ROBERTS did the pitching for Eros, and Joe says this was the first game they ever lost. Ed TAYLOR pitched for Everton. On August 27, the teams will play a double header on Eros ground.

Rev. MCCUISTION of Gassville, was in Yellville a few hours Saturday enroute to his appointment on Greasy Creek, and gave us the following pathetic story in regard to Mrs. George STAFFORD of near Lithia Springs, in Baxter county, who is insane. He said: Last March she became temporarily insane, but at intervals she seemed to be perfectly rational and had never been violent

Turkey, Ark., Aug 6, 1921 A quiet wedding took place in our little town today, when Geo. GILLILAN and Mrs. Elizabeth LEWIS were united in marriage. Rev. Walter CLARKE officiating. Mr GILLILAND is foreman of the Gilliland Construction Co. and is highly respected by all who know him. He formerly resided in Kansas City, Mo. The happy couple will reside here a few months and will then go to Kansas City. A wedding supper was served to the party of 35 guests which was cooked and served by Robt. MCDONALD formerly cook of the Walsh Construction Co. assisted by Miss. Essel LEWIS DAUGHTER of the bride which was highly appreciated by all. May good luck and peace be with them.

Mrs. W. E. LAYTON returned Sunday from a visit to Newport.

Mrs. A. M. ELTON and son Max, of Newport are visiting relatives and friends in Yellville.

A baby boy was born on Monday of this week to Mr. and Mrs. Don MATTHEWS

Miss Ina HURST of Breckinridge, Texas is visiting her father "Uncle" Alex HURST and other relatives and friends.

Miss Helen COWDREY of New York is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. S. COWDREY and other relatives and friends in Yellville.

Mrs. E. J. HORNER arrived in Yellville from Jonesboro Sunday for a visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. S. COWDREY

Mr. and Mrs. Bryan BLACK and children of Tulsa, Okla., are visiting relatives and friends in Yellville this week. Bryan is with the Magnolia Oil Company at Tulsa and says he is liking the work fine.

Mrs and Mrs. E. H. BLACK of Healdton, Okla., are in Yellville the guests of Judge and Mrs. J. H. BLACK and other relatives and friends. Mr. BLACK is superintendent of schools at Healdton and says he is getting along nicely.

Mr. A. G. WALKER who bought the George PANGLE farm one mile north-east of Flippin about two years ago, was a visitor at Circuit court Monday. Mr. WALKER came from Baxter county here, and says he is well pleased with the farm.

Mr. and Mrs. Felix BAKER and his daughter of Sand Springs, Okla., arrived in Yellville on Thursday of last week for a visit with friends and relatives, having driven through in their car. Felix says they are getting alone nicely in Oklahoma and are well satisfied.

Neal HORNER who has been at Luther, Okla., for the past several months, arrived home last Thursday to spent a short time with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. F. HORNER Neal says that Gerty MCCARTY and Arthur HAMLET who went to Luther last winter, have fine crops and are well satisfied.

Dr. A. M. ELTON of Newport was attending court here the first of the week.

Misses Neva BERRY and Virginia PERKINS went over to Mountain Home last week to attend the big picnic there.

Richard JONES was in Yellville Monday and stated that he had returned to his old home near Turkey and was back to stay.

Mr. and Mrs. R. L. BERRY motored over to Mountain Home last Thursday to visit relatives and attend the annual picnic there Friday and Saturday.

Mr. W. F. COPP President of the Calico Rock Bank, spent a couple of days in Yellville last week looking after business matters. He contracted for a car of stock hogs while he was here.

Mr. J. H. METHVIN who lives on the head of Water Creek, say they had a heavy rain and wind storm Saturday night, and that about three miles south of them, the wind storm was severe accompanied by a heavy hail storm, and that the wind did much damage.

Mr. C. N. MELTON and family who had been visiting Mr. Noah TILLEY Mr. MELTON brother-in-law for several days returned to their home at Marshall, Sunday. Mr. MELTON says business had become very dull over there since the M & N. A. has closed down, but that many people are hopeful that some means will be derived soon whereby the road will again be put into operation.

Ratio RECORD came over from Mountain Home Sunday, and spent a day or so with friends in Yellville.

Dr. GLINES the optician, of Harrison was in Yellville the first of the week, enabling some of our people to see better.

Mr. James COVENTON of North Fork township who is attending court, says he had a letter a few days ago from his son John who has been teaching down in Oklahoma, and he will probably be at home this week for a few days visit.

The Ohio mining company has been reorganized under the name of The Ozark mining company, and work had been resumed with Frank MILLER in charge. Mr. MILLER says they have about a 10 foot face of ore which is very rich. The mine is located about six miles south of Flippin on Halls mountain.

Prof. Fred WILLIAMS who is teaching at Summit, went over to Harrison Saturday and bought him a new Ford, equipped with an electric starter, and all other modern Ford equipment. Cam COWDREY the garage man, went with him and drove the car back.

Attorney Gus SEAWEL and family of Muskogee, Oklahoma, arrived in Yellville Saturday, and while Gus is looking after the interests of his clients in Circuit court, and planning for a fishing trip with Mr. H. R. PAYNE Mrs. SEAWEL and children are visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. J. HURST and other relatives and friends, Mr. SEAWEL is associated with attorney Will CRUMP a former prosecuting attorney of this district, in practice of law, and says they have a fine practice. The firm is known as CRUMP, SEAWEL, WILLIAMS & WILSON. Mr. SEAWEL has bought property there, and says he and his family are well satisfied.

Mr. J. F. CARSON and family attended the Mountain Home picnic last Friday.

Leslie CLEM who is teaching at Kingdon Springs, was in Yellville Saturday, and said he had a good school.

Mr. Will HORNER who was called here several days ago on account of the illness of his mother let for his home at Beckinridge, Texas last Saturday, his mother having became much better. Mr. HORNER is working for the Magnolia Oil Company, and says he is getting along very nicely.

Mr. W. J. TREADWAY formerly of Peel, but who went to Oklahoma last spring and made a crop there, was in Yellville the first of the week, and said he made a good crop. He also stated he would not return to Oklahoma for sometime, as he wanted to look after his cattle that are on the open range.

Rev. BATTENFIELD of the Incoming Kingdom Missionary Unit, came over from Gilbert Saturday and Sunday evening he preached to a large crowd in the court house and since that time he had been conducting services.

Mr. J. A. COWDREY and family formerly of this place, but now of Burbank, Okla., came in Saturday, having driven through in their car, and will spend some time here with relatives and friends, who are glad to see them again. Mr. COWDREY says he is getting along first rate, and he and his family are well satisfied in Oklahoma.

Judge SHINN informs us that Mr. O. O. SMITH of Everton, who came over Tuesday said some parties passed down over the M. & N. A. inspecting the bridges.

Ona MCLANE , Tuesday night arrested Buck COUCH and Troy THORNTON at Pyatt, charged with having broke into the tent of a Mr. WOOD an engineer on one of the switch engines at the work camp at Georges creek. They were bought to Yellville Tuesday night and lodged in jail.


AUGUST 18, 1921 Issue (Top)

John Q. ADAMS of the Monumental Works, went to Mountain Home Monday on business.

Alvie ESTES of Crane, Mo., and Jack ESTES of Flippin attended the funeral of their brother, Dennis, Wednesday.

Mr. M. D. SETZLER left Tuesday for Fayettville to attend the short term Agriculture course at the University.

Mrs. J. E. ROSEBROUGH of Batesville spent a few days in Yellville last week with her niece, Mrs. C. N. WILSON She returned home Sunday.

Prof. Will BEARDEN and Miss Duff COVENTON began a nine months school at Rush last Monday. They are both successful teachers, which assures Rush of a good school .

Mrs. Sam WILLIAMS who has been in a sanitarium at Fort Smith for the past several weeks returned home last week, and says she is feeling as well as she ever did in her life, which will be good news to her many friends.

Theo CARSON who is the head of the book-keeping department in the American Bank of Commerce in Little Rock, arrived in Yellville Wednesday for a two weeks visit with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. F. CARSON and other relatives and friends.

Mr. and Mrs. W. R. JONES went to Springfield Monday to look after business matters.

Mr. J. F. HORNER and his son Neal went to Buffalo Monday to visit their daughter and sister, Mrs. Ab. WATTS

Mr. James MARUE says one of the heaviest rains of the season fell on Greasy creek last Friday evening.

Prof. Floyd SLAGLE of Everton was in Yellville Tuesday, looking after the interest of his school.

Mr. D. L. REEVES, a progressive farmer and stockman of near Verona was transacting business in Yellville Tuesday.

Miss Madelyn SEAWEL accompanied her uncle, A. G. SEAWEL and family to their home at Muskogee, Okla., Sunday, and will spend the winter there with them.

Miss Duff COVENTON was in Yellville Saturday enroute to Rush, where she will be engaged in the school as assistant to W. C. BEARDEN The school started there Monday of this week.

Dock DILLARD informs us that the Incoming Kingdom Missionary Unit has organized a Unit in Desota Township, and that it is preparing to dam the Water creek for the purpose of generating hydro-electric power with which to operate a spinning factory. Mr. Martin BRYANT will be general manager.

Rev. I. L. CLAUD has been conducting a protracted meeting at Cedar Grove.

Ran COKER who was called to Ketchum, Oklahoma, last week on business, returned home Monday.

Mrs. Wm. COWDREY and her daughter Mrs. Baz TATUM are visiting Mr. and Mrs. Con MEDLEY at Cozyhome, in Searcy county.

Mr. A. A. THOMPSON manager of the A. A. THOMPSON mercantile firm, went to Carthage, Mo., Monday on business.

After having spent a few days here with relatives and friends, Rome FREEMAN returned Tuesday to his home at Healdton, Okla.

Mr. and Mrs. Will ESTES of Harrison came down last week and attended the funeral of Mr. ESTES brother, Dennis, Wednesday. They returned home Wednesday of this week.

Announcements have been received in Yellville of the birth of a baby daughter on the 10th to Mr. and Mrs. Gregg LEWIS at their home at Talequah. Gregg's many Yellville friends extend congratulations to the happy parents and best wishes to the young baby.

Wm. SEAWEL of Okemah, Okla., arrived in Yellville Sunday for a two weeks' visit with his parents Mr. and Mrs. Walter SEAWEL and other relatives and friends in Yellville. Bill says he is getting along nicely in the law practice out there and his many friends are sure he will make a success of it.

Messrs. J. C. PERKINS , J. H. THOMPSON , and Howell BURNES who took the examination a few weeks ago for postmastership at this place have received their grades

Mr. and Mrs. JOHNSON and Miss Lillian HARRIS of Seattle Washington, and Mr. and Mrs. Harold SHELDON of Alvin, Montana, after spending several days here and at Summit visiting Mrs. J. B. ROWDEN and other relatives and friends, left for their homes Tuesday morning. Mesdames JOHNSON and SHELDON and Miss Lillian HARRIS, are the daughters of the late Whitfield HARRIS and were reared in this county, but left here several years ago

Rev. MCCUISTION and Rev. L. H. DAVIS closed a protracted meeting at Blooming Grove on Greasy Creek Sunday night.

Mrs. Jane MERRIMON who had a stroke of paralysis at the home of her son-in-law. Mr. Pat MCCORMAC in this town a few days ago, is getting along very nicely, and it is believed she will fully recover.

Buck COUCH and Troy THORNTON who were arrested at Pyatt Tuesday night by Ona MCLAIN and lodged in jail here, were indicted Wednesday morning on a charge of grand larceny, and Thursday morning they plead guilty and were sentenced by the court to one year each in the penitentiary. Sheriff WILLINGHAM and Alfred WATTS left with them Monday for the penitentiary, where they will begin serving their sentence. They were young men about 20 years old, and lived in Boone county.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Pat MCCORMAC on the 10th inst., a girl. All parties getting along very nicely.

A surprise wedding occurred in Yellville on Thursday evening of last week, when Miss Lydia LAYTON and MR. Ernie WOOD were quietly married at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur LAYTON , Esq. W. E. NOE officiating. The Echo joins their many friends in extending congratulations and best wishes.

Rev. and Mrs. Marvin PATTERSON and children, of Arcada, Kansas, came in last week to visit relatives.

Leo COKE of this place, having heard that his father-in-law, Mr. E. J. MCCRACKEN were having fine success squirrel hunting over on Jimmies creek, last week bought a supply of shot gun shells and drove over there.

Dave PIERCE and his family are visiting relatives in this county, in and near Flippin and in Yellville.

Kit CARSON arrived home Monday from Little Rock to spend his vacation with home folks.

Miss Elizabeth HENNESSY of Springfield, Mo., is spending a few days here as the guest of Miss Alsey HURST

Mr. and Mrs. Walter MCCRACKEN and children of Muskogee, Oklahoma, are visiting Mr. MCCRACKEN'S parents of James Creek township.

After having spent several weeks in Yellville with her daughter, Mrs Don MATTHEWS , Mrs. W. R. RUDDELL returned Monday to her home in Batesville.

Messrs. R. L BERRY , W. P. WATERS and Ebb CARSON were appointed by Judge SHINN as jury commissioners to select the grand and petit jurors for the next term of court.

Mr. and Mrs. Bob BROOKSHER and children, after spending several days here with relatives and friends, left Tuesday for their home in Fort Smith. They made the trip in their car, and said they enjoyed it very much.

Mr. and Mrs. J. A. COWDREY left Tuesday morning for their home at Burbank, Okla., after having spent several days here with relatives and friends. Mr. COWDREY said he did not know what would transpire in the near future, but we need not be surprised if he again locates in Yellville. His many friends would be glad to see him and his family return.

Mrs. Carroll WOOD and her youngest son, Lucian, left Friday of last week for Quinlin, Texas, to visit Mrs. WOOD"S brother, Mr. James CARSON They contemplate being gone a month or six weeks. In the mean time, Carroll says he will batch and that no doubt time will hang rather heavily on his hands. but, he added: "I will be awfully busy looking after my hay crop"


AUGUST 25, 1921 Issue (Top)

Dr. and Mrs. J. T. MATTHEWS of Heber Springs, visited the Doctor's parents at Flippin, last week.

Dr. MCKAY has bought a gas engine and is installing a water works system at his home on Mill street.

Mr. V. C. JONES of Garnett, Oklahoma, is visiting his grandfather, Mr. J. G. DILLAHUNTY and other relatives and friends in this county.

Attorney J. C. FLOYD went to Marshall last Sunday to look after the interests of his clients in the Circuit court of that county, which convened Monday.

Rev. J. C. CLAUD of Bellville, Ark., came to Yellville Thursday of last week to visit his son, Rev. I. L. CLAUD pastor of the Methodist church in this town.

Mr. and Mrs. N. J. BEARDEN who have been living in Oklahoma City for the past two or three years, returned to their home as Rush, Wednesday of last week. Their many friends are glad to have them with them again.

Prof. John COVENTON former principal of the school in this town, but who is now principal of the High School at Porter Oklahoma, spent a day or two with friends in Yellville last week who were glad to see him. Prof. COVENTON has a good position at Porter, and draws a salary of $2000.00 per year, besides he is furnished a house, free of rent in which to live. His friends in Marion county will be glad to know he is getting along nicely.

Miss Ruth NARRAMORE of Ponca City, Oklahoma, is visiting Miss Opal HUDSPETH of this city.

Cal JONES of Peel, was a Yellville visitor last Saturday. He says that crops are rather light in that section, owing to early drouth.

Mrs. J. F. HORNER who has been seriously ill for the past several weeks was able to get down town Monday, and her friends were glad to see her out again.

Sheriff WILLINGHAM on last Saturday sold the 16th section of land on White river, north of Peel. Mr. R. L. BERRY was the only bidder, and therefore became the owner of the land.

Mr. Chas. SIMS who is with Batesville Printing Co. came up Sunday to spend a few days with friends in his old home town. Charley was reared here, and has many friends who are always glad to see him. Aside from being one of the best printers in the State, he is a fine typewriter "doctor" and if you have a sick machine, call him in while here.

There is at my place 2 miles east of Peel one bay, blaze face pony mare, about 9 years old, known as George Payne mare. Owner can get her by proving ownership and paying for feed bill and these notices. If not called for I will post her according to law. Rosco HENSLEY , Peel Ark.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Ed OSBORN on last Saturday, a girl. All parties doing well.

Will KEELING , Joe LONG , and Homer WALLACE of Peel, were business visitors in Yellville Monday.

Mr. J. S. COWDREY was confined to his room the latter part of last week and the first of this on account of illness. He is reported better at this time.

FOR SALE-Some household articles, chairs, tables, beds, stoves, a dresser etc. Also seven White Leghorn hens. H. H. PATRICK

Joe DETHERIDGE of Marshall, Ark., and W. H. FLIPPIN of Joplin, Mo., are holding a protracted meeting at Flippin, having commenced Monday night, Aug. 22nd.

Notwithstanding the extremely hot weather last week, Mr. L. S. WEAST plowed and worked out his strawberry plants, getting them in shape for winter.

Mr. Edward CHAMBERLAIN of Colorado who made the trip here in his car a few days ago, was delighted with the scenic beauty of the country.

ESTRAYED - One white mare mule, about 16 hands high, 10 years old. Also one bay horse 6 years old, three white feet, star in forehead. Notify Tom VICKERS , Advance, Ark. and receive liberal reward.

Estrayed: - One dark bay mare about seven years old, a little dint on point of left shoulder. Notify Authur HUMPHREYS at Mull, Ark.

Mr. Tucker LINDSEY of Fallen Ash, in speaking of his hay crop Tuesday, said he had baled 700 bales, had several hundred lbs of hay in shed ready to bale, and would cut at least 500 more bales. He also stated that he had fine corn.

Rev. KIRKPATRICK pastor of the Baptist church at Walnut Ridge, and Rev. MUNCY of Mountain Home closed a ten days meeting in this town Thursday of last week

On last Friday morning Miss Dorthy FEE and Mr. Echoles HARRISON were married at the parsonage in this city, Rev I. L. CLAUD officiating. Miss Dorthy is the accomplished daughter of Attorney and Mrs. B. F. FEE of this city, and Mr. Harrison lives at Bellefonte. The young couple is undecided as to where they will locate, but Mr. Harrison thinks they will go to K. C. where he formerly worked, and where a good position awaits him. Their many friends extend congratulations and wish for them prosperity and happiness.

On last Monday Mr. John Q. ADAMS and Mr. J. D. SUMMERS purchased the grist mill on the north side of court square from Messrs. Wm. LAY and Massey, and have taken charge, Mr. ADAMS and Mr. SMART formerly owned this mill

Mr. and Mrs. J. N. JORDAN of Mount Carmel, Ill., spent a day in Yellville last week enroute to Gilbert, where they visited friends.

Ab. HUTCHINSON who has been spending some time here with his daughter, Mr. Arthur LAYTON left Wednesday of last week for Coweta, Okla., where he will spend a short time, after which he will go to Kentucky.

Rev. Lee BEARDEN formerly of this county, but now Presiding Elder of the Jonesboro district, has been very low with typhoid fever at his home in Jonesboro, but was reported as being convalescent a few days ago. which will be good news to his many friends. He was first stricken with swamp fever, but later typhoid fever developed.

Marion STONECIPHER who has been assisting in operating a thresher in Boone county, says they threshed a crop of wheat for Mr. James MAYORS one and a half miles from Harrison which averaged 20 bushels per acre.

Fresh Jersey cow for sale at a bargain. On J. H. HAND pasture. Mrs Roy HAND

On last Monday attorney Sam WILLIAMS traded his car to Mr. W. M. HUDSON for his house and lot on Main St., where he is now conducting his jewelry business.

Mrs. James MORROW who has been very low for the past few days was reported as being some better, late Tuesday evening and her friends hope she will soon recover.

Mr. and Mrs. A. A. THOMPSON went to Memphis, Monday to attend the Southern Cotton States Merchants Association and while there she will buy a lot of dry goods for the mercantile firm of A. A. Thompson & Co.

Mr. and Mrs. YORK of Atoka, Okla., who are interested in the Silver King Zinc and Lead Co. spent a few days here the first of the week looking over the country. They expressed themselves as being well pleased.

J. M. STONECIPHER of near Pyatt who has been assisting Jas. BELL in the operation of a threshing machine in Boone county for the past several weeks was in Yellville Saturday, and said they had finished the crop and run the machine under a shed until next season. He said the wheat crop in Boone county was fairly good.

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